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This past week I was going through some images for JC, I came across a very old image of someone whom is deemed a legend by some people of today then I thought why not have a THEN & NOW so that we can see that not everyone woke up like that. Without wasting anytime lets get to it.Then.

Then this, but we’re not there right. Mogadi, Somizi and Bonang.

Now, he sommer looks-like this. Somizi Somgaga Mhlongo with bff TT Mba… Somizi Mhlongo is now an esteemed choreographer,  radio jockey at one of the country’s best station, a presenter, a brand , businessman,  actor and and and… You can catch Somizi on his reality show Living The Dream With Somizi Wednesdays on Mzansi magic and also on your favourite radio station MetroFm breakfast with Dj Fresh… I had a listen at Fresh breakfast the other day, Somz is bubbling under shem but like most of you said he just needs to learn from the amazing Fresh.

Eish Bonang wabantu with a razor cut peacock like ntoza.

And Now she looks something  like this. Queeening!.. Bonang Matheba is one of South Africa’s loved IT girl because she slays bank, presenting;  radio and television, a brand, philanthropist. Girl is reaching for the stars… You can catch Bonang on Top Billing and Afternoon Express only on SABC 3.

Thomas MsenganaIn 2010 Unathi Msengana looked something like this.

Now she looks more like this! A mother,  singer, presenter,  wife, judge, money making machine, producer ndibal’ntoni.

Then Dineo Ranaka

Now. Dineo is a proud mother of two, radio jockey, tv presenter, mc, mogul in the making… what else? Dineo is on two reality TV shows, The Ranaka’s and Dineo’s Diary recently moved to Metro FM mornings weekdays.

From Dineo R to Dineo M.

Dineo Moeketsi transformed from being a 2.0 to a 1.3 right in front of our eyes but that transformation  did not leave me stunned her acting did. She is just killing this acting thing, I never pegged her for an actress I thought presenting was her thing but I was wrong. Dini, acts,  sings, presents and and and… This other Dini I catch up with everyday on The Queen (sometimes weekends that’s how addicted I am to the soapie).

Kabelo of TKZee fame.

Not so recent but brother man transformed. From a druggie to a preacher,  philanthropist,  father, husband, businessman nezinye nezinye.

Andile NcubeOur man Andile Ncube no-Roro Rosette…yazi I can’t stop thinking of what I envisioned reading comments over the weekend *Roro being chased around the mansion* bloggers know things.

Now looking more like a gentleman. Presenter, musician and what else? mmmhhh this will do for now.


Kudala wabamhle kodwa uMinnie

This child Mara! Hot, sexy, businesswoman, actress,  Presenter *chokes* but jah whatever. Slayer! .. You can see this beauty on Tropika Island on SABC 3.

Metro AwardsThen

Not so recent but TIMELESS. Claire Mawisa HAS been slaying even before the term slaying became famous. Model, presenter,  mother, mc, producer, businesswoman.

Then Lerato Kganyago.

I’m not sure about the shoes , this is LKG peepol ! Beauty queen, presenter, deejay, hostess and businesswoman. LKG is on Mornings with Dineo on Metro FM, Live AMP on SABC 1 Fridays.

Kelly Khumalo.

Kelly K, mother, singer and MC.

CleoThe duo. Now! Bricks and Deejay Cleo.

Khaya Dlanga with then girlfriend Boity.

Creative, writer and businessman, Khaya Dlanga… Khaya released a book in 2015 To Quote Myself: A Memoir

I love love loved this Mshoza.

years later this happened  *sad face*

Now  you can barely recognise her.

Thando Thabethe back in the day.

*deep.sigh * now she looks something like this. Actress,  Presenter, MC, Philanthropist,  radio jockey businesswoman… Thandi is on 5fm and on Generations The Legacy.

Then Loot.

Presenter, jockey, MC, Philanthropist.

For a lot of reason visible for y’all to see I feel Khanyi uzimoshile yazi.

umntu nowakwakhe, businesswoman, actress, presenter, jockey in training Khanyi Mbau.

Some transformations were good and some were better. What do you think?

Zeeba (c)







  1. Money does wonders Shem and they all became lighter or is it filters. Lerato wayembi and where did she get the boobs mhh. Ubhala kakhle ke Zeeba I enjoy reading your stuff

  2. Was listening to TKZee the other day, drugs are not always bad yaz’. LOL

    I still can’t over that comment yaka Roro being chased around the house.

    Imali iyagezana, we ain’t ugly we just broke.

    @Nemo here is your person. Khaya Dlanga. All of him.

  3. Zeeba that Bonang pic where she documented her injuries from when Euphonik beat her was so unnecessary. There are many old photos that you could have used. This is mean spirited. Be blessed.

  4. Bonang akathandwa ngempela kulekhaya .zeeba was that pic necessary though ? where is mbau’s pink picture ?

  5. Why did she drop charges and went back to him if he really beat her up? And even to this day he still denies he ever laid his hand on her.

    I was watching Scoop Makhathini interviewing Themba on Monday. He still calls her crazy and denies he beat her up! Hay le queen madoda.

  6. @Zeeba the battered picture of Bonang is truly careless of you. I don’t see its relevance here.

    @Teddie wrote
    Why did she drop charges and went back to him if he really beat her up? And even to this day he still denies he ever laid his hand on her.

    Just because he denies it to this day doesn’t necessarily make him entirely innocent. Have you never had a friend/ relative who was a victim of domestic violence? If not you are blessed.
    My mother was a victim of it from her then man friend. That man broke her down emotionally and physically and guess what she always took him back until that one day when she had had enough. I remember how it was breaking us (her kids) but her main concern was fear for her safety. She stayed alone and she feared for her life should she leave him. She had to run away from her home for 3 months for the bozzo to go away for good.

    Don’t ever discredit domestic violence because “perpetrators” are smooth tongued.

  7. Zeeba wrote a whole article about different celebs,and just one picture transformed the article now it’s gonna be about Bonang the whole day.

  8. Zeeba. I agree with the ladies who say tgat B*s pic was not necessary. Abusive men are liars, manupulative and they will call the women crazy etc to discredit the womans claims. We live in a violent society already. Lets not perpertuate please. Dont be an ass just cuz u dont like yo gal B.

  9. Somizi is living proof that God is a God of not only second chance but of many chances.At some point the country waited for the announcement of his death(based on his physical appearance of course).But look at God now.
    I don’t see anything wrong with Bonang’s physically abused pic,if anything,it depicts her past/before.That’s all in the past.People,never be ashamed of your past,never forget where you come from,that’s your testimony.Look at her now

  10. Haska wethu!Amanqina transformed your girl B*,deal with it!
    She has probably made peace with the Themba issue,nizobaStrong!

    Do not delete nothing mZeeBana

  11. And Zeeba captions it “then there was this transformation”. Iiscars ze abuse yi transformation??
    Zeeba you seem like a person who likes to ubalisa/ncokola but your writing is trash. Is there a writing course you can maybe attend so you can write better, well rounded posts?

    There are various aspects to these changes. Not necessarily bleaching and surgery. Cameras are not the same. Iphone 7 doesn’t take pictures like your e250. People are putting on better hair instead of 100% and Yaki bulk. There are better makeup techniques like baking/contouring instead of pressed powder, eyeliner and lipgloss. Then the aforementioned water, expensive products etc, etc

  12. why is it necessary for Zeeba to sho pictures of gravely ill Somizi and skeleton looking LKG and not B’s bruised lips.Haaai sukani,you guys can be overly sensitive it’s even up

  13. Totally unnecessary, if you wanted more comments for post, this is not the way to go no matter how much you hate Bonang.Teddie are you Zamani by any chance?

  14. Where is this picture you guys are complaining about?
    Ingathi the term businesswoman is being thrown around quite carelessly.
    I love MaDlamini but her toenails on the Then picture are not giving me peace.
    Nice article mZeebana

  15. Life must be tough though for broke unemployed gay men out there.Most gays live lavish lives…MY observation

  16. Did anyone see Bonang’s interaction with SAA? She does her diva tendencies. She was asking when they’re getting iBoeing A340. She’s tired of uBusiness class weSAA thanks to Emirates.

    Also, remember when she promised to pay that tweep’s balance of outstanding fees back in Feb? Apparently she hasn’t done so as yet. She’s probably still working on sponsorship. Its a weird situation cause girl is telling tweeps that Bonang hasn’t paid so ngoku it seems like akana nyani which is unfortunate cause Bonang responded that she has people working on it

  17. Themba is giving us his side of the story and she is not. She withdrew charges and never really said her side. What do you expect? He publicly said he never laid his hand on her and she does not dispute that. You remember what Sindisiwe Manqele did after stabbing Flabba? Please do not tell me these are different cases because the idea I am bringing is that people are capable of hurting themselves to satisfy their motives. She found it cool to shut the f**k up and let the bastard get away with crime. These are consequences, the society making their own conclusions.

    You and other people knew about the violence against your mom. Other than B* herself who can testify she was once subjected to domestic violence?

  18. Zeeba, why did you put in that pic ya bruised Bonang I feel like you wanted to be spicy so unnecessary, that pic has nothing to do with this topic. Anyway LKG looks weird nje look at both pics ngathi she’s disabled. On a now pic she has ispejeje, someone must tell her to stop with these ugly shoes amagqomoza phela was awagqokile. Somizi isimumu on that breakfast show, he hardly speaks even Mpho Roundy has so much to say and she’s not even a Co host. On a positive note all these people imali ibagezile buka nje oLootlove. Than do got her lemons done looks at both pics. Minnie has ????????? body.

  19. @chantal, I was being nosey as one should be. I called the lady to get clarity, because dude started being shifty in February.

  20. I am Pearl.

    When I woke up at 03:45 and logged on JC, I just concluded this post was about Bonang seeing we had more of her photos than others. I also concluded the bruised face was unnecessary seeing we are talking about then and now, otherwise we would have those of Somizi and Unathi when they were sick. But still I stand by my comments about her. She let all women down ‘promoting’ such a punishable crime. They always preach “I am here to inspire all the young girls”. Girl how, when sell them out like that? How? I will never forgive B* for that mess. She doea not owe me not apology, I don’t care.

  21. Bonang definitely bleached, it’s not a matter of money or filters

    Happy Bonangs Day bloggers

  22. My YR…watch somizis intrerview with Anele. He says that he was very hurt when a person he knew published pics of him during his worst times and made fun if him publically. So this is not just a B issue. South Africans love that. They will take out the files during ur flourishing times to try and remind u that u were once nothing. For the why???. Surely there are better “before” pics that could be used to demonstrate transformation…. not a pic when u where going through physical/emotional/psychological ailment…

  23. I think money improves skin complexion Mina I was darker before I dated my blesser bae but now I’m yellow bone obviously I’m hardly on the Sun and I don’t use taxis any more And the products i use for my skin also helps.So I do believe money contributes coz now even the quality of weave people are using adds in beautifying them.

  24. @Deutscher and 125ddd, you are so right about abusive men being smooth talkers, manipulators and liars. This wildebeest I was dating was abusive. When we’d get into heated arguments and I’d say “you abused me etc” he’d say , I don’t know what abuse is, and I’m crazy to make such accusations, a slap is not abuse. He’d then ask me if I told anyone about it. You know it’s only now that I’m speaking about it do I realise I really was dating dirty nje and what does that say about me. As I hang my head in shame.

  25. Thanks Zeeba for removing that pic. Violence against women is not good regardless you like the woman in question or not. 100000 likes for Deutsher and 125ddd comments.

    Before they starting saying Dineo Moeketsi bleached, no she didn’t. It’s just a case of bad make up and poor lighting.

  26. Zeeba removed the bonang picture, calm your tots! Don’t make this a bonang post, uyasobora tina abanye.

    LKG’s boobs aren’t bought, they are anything but perky. She happened to gain weight and filled out which is what a lot of women go through as they get older. In 10 years time watch all thick girls of today , they’ll all be fat. It’s how the body ages.

    Khanyi’s make up on the “then” picture *howling*

  27. During my acne days I used reaccutane but now I’m using hypoderm serums it does wonders for my face its nots even an expensive brand and I look yellow but I’m hardly in the Sun and I drink water .

  28. I can’t fathom how a woman over the age 18 can stan over another human. How? Where do you get the time? When does your brain allow you to transition to adulthood? Imagine being 25 and logging in everyday to talk and go on about a person who doesn’t give a hoot about you EVERYDAY?

  29. What I like about Ms Mbau is her honesty. Khanyi reminds me of Lebo Mathosa/ Brenda Fassie. So ratchet in behavior but so hypnotizing. Khanyi admits to having injections to rid herself of melanin. Your favorite girl B, also gets these injections. It’s a course of 10 injections that cost R1000 each depending on how light you want to go. You have to take pills as well. Most girls will lie and say it’s for hyper pigmentation on certain parts of their body or for “chronic” anaemia, but it’s for people who really just want a lighter skin tone. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be lighter, I don’t understand why people look down on that. Some people have features that would look better with a lighter skin tone. I hardly ever see people talking down on tanning, so relax really. It’s not your body they’re doing this to. It’s 2017 and most of us still look like “then” now.

  30. MyLifeThixo
    Apr 19, 2017 at 7:38 am
    @chantal, I was being nosey as one should be. I called the lady to get clarity, because dude started being shifty in February.
    Where did you get her number? I am only interested in your story because it recently happened to me.. When i started reading your story i actually thought you were her.. except she is an ex gf (they broke up in 2003/2004).. me and him were going through i need a space in February but it never happened, when we resolved our issues he told me that he was talking to an ex (obviously lying because it looks like they were already sleeping together) so she was on stand by .. but for some reason now she is acting as if 1. she didn’t know (been dating him since 2008) and we have that #CoupleGoals (social networks) relationship . the have been “friends” all this years. talking on whatsapp.. i never bothered to read their conversation when snooping. 2. At some point she even called herself his wife(lol) until i told her i know who she is.

  31. Ayicace bekufunwa le post ibe about Bonang, jonga the 20 pics ezifakiweyo …ujonge ooUnathi esingababoniyo nobabona..Go on wena Zeeba with your badself

    beyonce you cant fathom ppl defending and showing love to someone, but you can fathom you always hating on one particular person? ifathom yakho isweet nana

  32. Hahahaha BeyonceIsComing:you need to get real girl.Even newspapers are always talking about Zuma.Yoy shouldn’t be loging in here or reading news papers nor watching nor listening to radio with that kind of thinking.

    Sibasa ngamalongwe Sana kwelikhaya,kulanjiwe kuDry,we have to find our own spices lol.

  33. Happy Bonangs Day bloggers

    Like!?! even our boyfriends/ ex boyfriends/ husbands/ ex husbands calls us women crazy but that does not mean we are.

    do you really expect Miniloaf to ADMIT to the public that he hit her? if anything, he is the one who is unstable by continuously talking about someone who doesn’t not even care about you.. few years later. It’s in the past, let it go and keep it moving.

    I will wait for Karma to serve Euphonik like it did with Dj Zinhle #LookAtGod #KarmaIsaBitch #LetGodFightYourBattles

  34. @chantal, I got her number off his bank statement. There was one particular number that he kept sending airtime to, so I saved it, and looked who it belonged to on WhatsApp. What upsets me most is the fact that he made me an “involuntary” side chick, had I known that he was with someone, I never would have dated him. His money is not long enough for him to have 2 women in his life.

  35. LKG and Loot Love!!! hahahahah ayi I am sure that they themselves do not believe their own glo up.

  36. Hayini bahlali Roro was not chased around the house!. The blogger with the scoop said Roro getS told to leave the house and she does – goes to Jozi. Then me and another blogger started saying Roro must not leave without a fight that Lunga should have to chase and catch her kicking and screaming. We had other advise too, that she should dive into the swimming pool to run away from Lunga etc but these were all scenarios – not facts. RORO IS NOT CHASED UP AND DOWN AND AROUND THE MANSION

  37. Thank you@qhamisto. Hatred is a negative energy and it drains you emotionally. @BeyoncéisComing Your hatred for Bonang is just on another level. You even create multiple usernames to bash Bonang. This can’t be right dali!

  38. But guys Bonang has never been dark, please look at that primary photo of hers when she was a little girl she was not dark.

    Somizi is not looking too good without make-up, that scene in the hotel room he looked like unama dark patches or is it my eyes?

  39. @Chantal engathi sidlala ngoKarma apha. How did Karma serve Zinhle? The only mistake Zinhle made was ignoring all the warning signs kulomuntu wakhe omtsha. Zinhle had every right to act crazy after finding out about the affair. If anything silinde uKarma to serve our queen. I don’t believe in Karma though.

  40. @MLT: were you living in together with this person?If yes,uyakuqhela.
    Nditsh’ba lento yoba use ukwazi nobona amaxwebhu ebhanka tltltltltlt,andihleki s’hlobo saam ndiyanyuba.
    What I like about you is the fact that as we comment on the issue,iyavuleka ingqondo yakho.People are so complicated.There is a client that is testing me now and I will not write this test shame because I do not want any of us to fail.Krkrkrkr.I will deffer it with immediate effect.

    “Andath’ukulwa, ndifuna uxolo nokuthula”

  41. @Teddie abusive men are really manipulative and sick…never defend an abusive man….most women withdraw the charges due to family pressure and the man begging her to forgive him and drop the charges. Because of love and hope that the man will change, the woman goes back and drops the charges.

    Abusive men are sick….Euphonic will do it again one day until he goes for therapy….

  42. @qamisto, who am I hating on? What did I write that shows hate towards a certain person. Quote me if you will. I’m waiting

  43. How did karma serve Zinhle? O_o

    Zeeba you should’ve removed Somsom’s sickly pic

    Isn’t there a book Bonang is working on? Let’s hope she will tell us her side of the story regarding the domestic violence saga

  44. MyLifeThixo
    Apr 19, 2017 at 8:05 am
    @Deutscher and 125ddd, you are so right about abusive men being smooth talkers, manipulators and liars.

    Funny how they always believe the abusers..

  45. @Teddy

    Apr 18, 2017 at 7:53 pm
    *Random thoughs*

    Zinhle and Co. Made sure that Bonang’s name is being dragged in the mud every single day after the break up.. now, hers is being dragged because if Brendon. #Karma #LookAtGod

  46. Ndu, this is my only handle dear. Please state what it is I said that depicts hate? I have no problem with Bonang at all but I can’t read about one person all the time. I understand she’s your God but it would be refreshing to read about other people too. You guys bash DJ Zinhle and hail Bonang which is fine by me. I am just exhausted from reading the same stuff, maybe if it were new information about her, like she’s starting a clothing line or something. It’s the same story you talk about everyday. I’m just as tired of the Kardashians, but you won’t be coming at me about the 5 sisters now are you?

  47. Is that Nomakula at the back on Minnie’s “Then” pic? She still dresses the same. I love the way Thomas is looking at Unathi Love!

    That Calvinandfamily guy is 28? How old is his wife?

  48. Sanibona. Someone is looking for a funeral plan for their granny. Is there like a hippo for such? Any leads on the best plan please holler.

  49. LOL… Yes it’s karma.. Bonang will get her karma for dating a someone’s bf/baby daddy.. so is everyone else.. kana some girl also claimed she was dating Brendon, so Zinhle will get her karma too.. and every one else who corobricked someone.. your day is coming.. *sigh*

    Unless this karma thing is selective.. B had to even to threaten to sue her if she doesn’t stop dragging her name..


  50. I think Zeeba likes putting salt in a wound. I mean Somizi recently shared how hurt he was when his picture at his worst was published. But look at this article now! Well, on the writing tip, Zeeba is a gossip monger and no writer. If we have peace with this life will be easy.

  51. @Nombie I saw that too, ingathi he got burnt or urhawukile . He looks terrible without make up!

  52. Your favorite got a clap back from flySaa. I can’t believe how rude someone can be. If you don’t enjoy food served on an airline, change brands or better yet, buy a private jet, oops to broke for such

  53. Chantal, are you telling me what to do? Why don’t you grow the hell up and focus on yourself than someone who doesn’t care even if you were to die? Please, keep to your lane and don’t mention me, I don’t recognize you, low life

  54. What a trashy airline? just because she asked a QUESTION.. lol

    they even deleted their tweet because i cant find it.. people must stop losing focusing when they are at work…

  55. Lesilo Rula? @kay_mahapa 20m20 minutes ago
    That response by SAA to Bonang’s complaint is all cool & funny for Twitter but that’s not how you treat a paying customer

  56. Little girl, please disappear! I don’t remember asking for your 2cents.

    Moving right along… I don’t think flySaa cares what that girl thinks.

    Pea brains though *sigh*

  57. @Chantal That response by SAA was very unprofessional. Customers can be annoying but you hold back , address the issue professionally and curse privately…..they should have said “your comment is noted”

  58. @Nomi, nah. He was just very open about his finances. I had his pin even and would use his account info to buy things online. He blindsided me completely shem.

  59. fans are fascinating……I don’t have an attachment to any celebrity to defend them passionately…some of the responses here are written with so much passion…as if you know the person personally….I’m always amazed…

  60. So something that just took place and is factual happens to be about someone “hating ”
    High school kids are sooo draining

  61. If you look like “then” right “now”, you need to re-evaluate your life, if anything you should be rocking a new signature hairdo atleast and have updated your makeup and skincare regime.
    If you are still the same person you were 5 years ago, you are not growing inside and out

  62. My life, you should have emptied his bank account when you found out.. i am sure you can still make fee credit card purchases online using his details… teach him a lesson. Buy yourself airtime to last a year.. evil laugh

  63. Wow… for someone who just wrote that thy are so tired of talking about the same person etc… u surely are a private fan…. u cant even stick to ur own statement minutes apart. “Bonang ing tired of writting and reading about you…but let me just go to ur ywitter handle to read the latest news about you”…. okay!!!!

  64. Posh, some people forget to grow up. I remember how in early high school my sister was so passionate about one direction. She’s in first year now and even laughs at her stanning back then. To see a whole adult do this, I wonder if everything is okay at home

  65. 125, I was responding to Chantal. It’s cool, talk about your girl. It’s a free country.

  66. If I were Bonang, I would cancel that bursary altogether and replace her with another kid. The nerve of that girl to go around divulging such information on Twitter. Yhoo I would be seething.

  67. Something is wrong with you if you think that is how you respond to customers on a public platform.. small or big business.. it doesnt matter.. its okay to LOL about it obviously.. but eeeeeuw…

  68. Sometimes your comments are scary, when you walk away from the keyboard are you guys mini-psychopaths?

  69. JustNje
    Apr 19, 2017 at 9:50 am
    If I were Bonang, I would cancel that bursary altogether and replace her with another kid. The nerve of that girl to go around divulging such information on Twitter. Yhoo I would be seething.

    and lets see if her followers will atleast donate R10 into her bank account for fees as fast as they RT it.. unless Bonang has been ignoring her?

  70. Khanimeni! what kind of sugar mama uses airtime? Let alone it be bought by other people? Imagine going around being a sugar mama ethengelwa iR5 airtime, yhu!

  71. Its definitely Bonang day today! is that the official SAA account? bakwethu ningathi when you dislike people and write trash about them in a blog then carry it to your cubicles nizoxoshwa

  72. Karma doesn’t work especially when you desperately wish some thing bad can happen to a person who did something you don’t like lol .

  73. Exiled khawume ngo sawuti wethu Lol

    Everyone uses airtime njena, unless ndisemva. Ikhona into ereplace I airtime? Even kwi contract uyakwazi uyithenga.

  74. Its okay beyonce. Ur statements were just a bit hypocritocal and contradictory. All im saying is that u spend quite a lot of time on the same person u are tired of reading about. You are the one with a personal attachment or else u just simply skip any topic to do with bonang without commenting…but alas… Lets allow u to indulge in ur contradictions…like u said, it is a free kawuntry after all…

  75. Bey uyandihlekisa , didn’t you say you you starting enye topic kwangalomntu udiniweyo thetha ngaye. Lol

  76. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @Exiled. People do use airtime and it was amounts of R275 here, R500 there. She is employed and has these 2 other businesses which are run by this guy. In essence the money is still hers. Maybe he was the one handling the finances in their relationship. Their would be large sums coming into his account and going to a trust account.

  77. Anyway lamntu who responded there is so trashy, you don’t respond like that no matter how annoyed you are yi customer. Xa endiniwe yicouscous yabo athini ke? And there’s actually a whole lot of places complaining abt saa food on that thread

  78. Sendtshba Impish, if hlawmbi ebesithi ubhatalelwa icontract sana hlawmbi bendizawyiva kancinci. Kodwa iairtime ye R5 ntombi, hay sana.
    My point is just because you were hit by a brick by a 50 year old it doesn’t mean uba she is a sugar mama, sometimes she is just an old lady dating your boyfriend nje, akana necent kwayena.
    I am turning 35 this year and my crush is about 25, andimfuni! andimfuni!!! He probably has more money than me so am I still a sugar mama?

  79. @Nomi, what will you do with him when his lady finally gets tired of his philandering? Are you willing to take over financially? He’s tall, with broad shoulders, good looking with nice eyebrows.

  80. Hello guys! Long time.. I am looking for someone that can help me, i am looking to host my birthday party but i need a good events person that can give me that sweet station.. also i am looking for a fun photographer for my photoshoot. not too pricey.. i want to bawl on a budget you see: please assist me thanks in advance 🙂

  81. LKG needs a stylist. Her shoe game is just not happening. I love Tabooty and Minnie. I love som som but he gives me phathological gossip monger vibes. For instance, he will say to Minnie…so and so said such and such about u…then go that person and say…so and so…Minnie said this and that about you. Ke lephiqiphiqi basically…. but i just love his dont care attitude anyway…

  82. “Karma doesn’t work especially when you desperately wish some thing bad can happen to a person who did something you don’t like lol .” @azuria never wish for something bad to happen to another, no matter the pain they caused you. If you do, you are just like them. Free yourself, forgive them, wish them well. When you do, you wish yourself well too. God I love reading my kinda books. Such teachings!

    @MLT your story though, so when “reading” his bank accounts no lightbulbs lit up when you saw no car/bond repayments and all? Phela @exiled is correct, how do you maintain a cub then ask for airtime or the mama wanted to feel good nyana by transferring him money so he can buy her airtime? Weh! #CubTrilogy

  83. lBIC you’re soopressed it’s not even funny, i mean there are people on this platform/blog who doesn’t give 2 cents about B or her shenanigans, yet they do not expend the energy you’re expending right now..Talking about high school kids and staying in your lane you really sounding like an 11th grader

  84. @thecurator, he’s a foreign national, and I wasn’t even looking at that. Didn’t even dawn on me, because that’s not what I was looking for.

  85. @bae900 … No lying with confidence nana
    Bonang DID PAY for that girl’s balance, the girl even went back on TWITTER to thank her and furthered her studies at Boston, even now she is there. The girl even posted her pic with her lecturer after Bonang PAID.
    Also SAA DIDNT respond to her about A340, They responded to her TWEET sent sometime ago about food …
    hhayi guys if you wanna lie … atleast read, dont take us for fools.

    @Teddie …. question her until the DAY you get ABUSED, abuse is no joke … All ABUSERS manipulate their victims and they never OWN UP. You can DISLIKE Bonang all you want … BUT NEVER undermine the power of the abuser

  86. mylifethixo hahaha a foreign national! I am sorry reading that story i immediately assumed it was! they do that especially men from Cameroon, Nigeria and Congo they drive these AMGs and are kept by the Bathabiles and Nomvula. Sorry love

  87. The nastiness here! It took me a while to accept but some people are just nasty. They give to the world what they are/have.

  88. Guys what does uSithelo does for a living and who is blessing her???? We understand that Uyathandeka is a rich house wife but as for mama ka baby M ngathi uphila ngoku bless(wa).

  89. AKA’s attitude has rubbed off onto Dorothy, SAA tweet aside she is very spicy, akumfaneli 🙁

  90. I will always hail Somizi for making such a comeback into the industry. I remember how frail he looked at some point and he would always joke about how people mock him about being sick.

  91. @youtheboss, and he’s from Congo yaz. A friend of mine warned me, saying Congolese young’ins are gigolos. And my problem isn’t that he rejected me for his lady. It’s the way he handled the whole situation. The lies, the deceit. Some people are happy to share, I just hate the fact that he didn’t give me the choice to choose. He should have just said he’s seeing someone and we would have had a coke and a smile and kept it moving.

  92. Seriously guys no one knows a photographer in the whole of Northern Jozi and an events planner! hhayibo!

  93. Zeeba, can we be a little bit sensitive towards other people. Just last week when Somizi was on Anele talk show, he was not happy about a blogger who sent a picture of him during his lowest moments and le wena you are doing the very same thing to him. Haaibo !!!!!! Off course they chose the showbizz, but they are real people with feeling like us.

    Queen B* has always been a fashionista since vantoeka af, Cav the purple dress and shoes!!!!!

    The girl was on firstclass Emirates plane for VVIP which includes own private suit, shower, Spa, fine dining and Bulgari amenity kit according to Channel 24. Girl be living despite the unprofessionalism from SAA!!!!!!!!!

  94. @St Nori, you’ll think it’s a fable until it happens to you or someone you know. Anywho, I feel a lot better now. Ewuuuuuuu. Going back to my regular name. Thanks for listening. Kisses

  95. I also noticed they replied to a tweet from December about eating couscous… just because she asked about boeing what what.. SMH..

  96. But guys in all honesty, Euphonik looks like an abuser. He is too smart and seems like he like to be in control. The day he said he wants someone who will wipe his mum in old age and yeah, he used the word ‘crap’ :-/ looks like an emotional abuser.

  97. manaileng? @Law_yal 1h1 hour ago
    Replying to @bonang_m @flysaa
    The food is definitely horrific. That bobotie ?
    0 replies 0 retweets 1 like
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  98. Support_Gigaba? @Rise_Africa 18h18 hours ago
    Replying to @bonang_m @flysaa
    Please & the plastic cutlery they feel the need to pull out at times ?
    0 replies 0 retweets 2 likes
    Reply Retweet
    Like 2

    Lele? @LeleNtobo 19m19 minutes ago
    Replying to @bonang_m @flysaa
    @ThisIsBusi Lame food in Business Class too? Starved myself enroute São Paulo coz they served us a bowl full of oil with some lasagne ????
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes
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  99. Leya pparty ka Sithelo has Lord Phil written all over it! Askies Uyathandeka hade sisi

  100. Looks like its Bonang’s day today kwa kiki.

    So proud of one of our own ***ex*** blogger justvuyi just heard her on the radio entrepreneur corner.

    So sthelo is 23,No wonder she is a childish side (Harras the wife type) she is still getting influenced by her friends. I like her sister Missshozi, girl tryna build a brand for herself, she should play far from her sister shengenais.

  101. if you want to see that Sithelo’s pics aint shit please go to the Eyadini pics those look desperate and no class there chipped nails and all! Like who goes to Eyadini for a glam party suka lapha!

  102. youtheboss
    Apr 19, 2017 at 12:21 pm
    if you want to see that Sithelo’s pics aint shit please go to the Eyadini pics those look desperate and no class there chipped nails and all! Like who goes to Eyadini for a glam party suka lapha!

  103. that community manager that responded to Bonang should be fired. that was a trashy customer response, no excuse for it.

  104. Teddie, Shaka, BeyonceisComming & some other blogger (forget the name) the amount of time and energy you put into hating Bonang is not healthy. You seem to be a team with personal vendettas. Any chance you have to discredit and ridicule her you take with baited breath its sad. & please let other people stan in peace please. Why does it press you so much that people love their Queen?? so what. You are either Aurelias friends or Zinhle/Pearl team. Or some gay crew.

    Keep shining Bonang no matter what these haters say. Cocaine/Raki/Diva tendencies/AKA etc who cares, these very people cheat/are TTT/publicly encourage adultery and spew bile and hate 24/7 then they wanna act better than you please. At least you have a very busy work schedule are making money are in love and are successful.


  105. @Nori Quks had a rugby married bae. Sningi ningi bae is ovasi and Quks pays for own ticket to join him. Then same time bae is home with wife and not answering his phone. Something of that sort wethu.

    Ladies lets speak beauty regime, before makeup application. What products do you swear by? Oh, add your favourite perfumes while at it. Winter is among us.

  106. The day they named her “Bonang” was the day her parents prophesied her greatness. Add to it, she named herself QUEEN and she tripled that dose. Call good things unto yourself and watch the universe!
    Eyadini did the damn thing with that camera, now thats differentiation. A chesanyama with >200K insta followers. Bam!

  107. Nelly or Paidoff_doll may i pls have ur email address, there’s a guy i wanna ask yall about.

    I don’t wanna ruin imizi yabantu by name-dropping here,i suspect he is married.

  108. @BH nikhokha malini (roughly) for lama photoshoot? I want to do it but not sure if its out of my budget. does any one know of a good photographer in DBN?

  109. @sofia saw the response…rude and unwarranted…especially since Bonang is a need to respond like that to someone that; famous or not. Could have easily referred her to complete a suggestuon form.

  110. Somizi made fun of Karabo in front of millions of mense. A re he has a dishwashing soap personality or something like that. A amogele when they make fun of him too.

  111. Lol ifans zo Queen B ngothanda uba touched. The Beehive is like that worldwide even here at home. I didnt know the pucture that Zeeba posted would cause a stir. I’m one of them by the way.

  112. @Mathaz – these kids don’t want to keep their jobs. why go through a disciplinary because you have issues with a celeb? it boggles the mind really.
    Guys, I am so uninspired, at work, in my life. I need winning strategies to overcome these bouts of apathy. Where is BBB, Sifelani and others. Yho, responsibilities and winning can be so tiring, I haven’t even made it to the gym in two weeks and my boss`s voice irritates me to no end.

  113. What’s with bloggers and their obsession with this Sithelo girl, I mean she is so bland -_-

  114. the chipped nails are funny though 🙂 Just go with the flow wethu, its a blog afterall, nothing serious

  115. I miss my old Nonhle Ndala yaz, I would stalk her Instagram everyday because It was that interesting because she was all about Jali and family, expensive gifts, overseas trips , gym , friends and her kids. I really miss that now she hardly posts, whatever is happening between her and Andile must be fixed bathong. Sincerely your fan Nonhle.

  116. I loove .. Chad Saaiman’ Dont let go song …. He is very good, im hooked in his music

  117. Apr 19, 2017 at 1:41 pm
    i had to zoom in for the chipped nails…bloggers tho LOOOOOOOOL


    i wonder if Gigaba will visit Bhule while he is in the states 🙂

  118. Hahahahahahaha I was never ready for your chipped nails Sithelo boo…life goes on nonetheless. Just drink your Moet away girl and keep slaying.

  119. Konje Sithelo once tweeted about polygamy being her choice or something to that effect…

    Indoda ka Thandeka isazokhokha bandla.

  120. Bonang Matheba follows Sithelo. Sithelo follows Pinky.

    Momager’s bff Daphney Pasha follows all the Instagram sidechicks

  121. Mrs M it was not Sithelo it was THOT the one from herbalife! Imagine i want to slay my birthday and then skimp on the nails hehehehe. no nail polish nyana and you will find that the Moet was not even hers LOL she just asked to hold the bottle LMAO hahahahaa youtheboss you see what you are making me do! lmao!

  122. tshiamo says
    Daphney Pasha follows all the Instagram sidechicks
    Hahahahahahahahahah! I can’t with JC! Hahahahahahahahahah!!

  123. you will find that the Moet was not even hers LOL she just asked to hold the bottle LMAO
    nelly don’t do this hahahahahahaha hahahahaha

  124. @DontDoIt it’s one blogger using different usernames, probably Sithelo herself wanting to torment the wife and get famous through JC…

  125. @Nombie Good…. their first response was very unprofessional, they reigned in their cheeky social media person or agency managing their social media accounts…… lol

  126. FlySAA Care? @flysaa_care 1h1 hour ago
    Our Queen B @bonang_m We at SAA love you ? ? ?. About our previous response ? ? ?. We are so sorry.
    106 replies 97 retweets 53 likes
    Reply 106 Retweet 97
    Like 53

  127. Nelly I guess they both tweeted such. S tweeted that ages ago before she got popular on these JC streets.

    Nithi she hired the Moet? hahahaha!!!

  128. Check the JC world come alive after the insta dolls are brought up. Niyathanda iindaba yhu!

  129. that was a very stupid response, ngathi they are in a SAA shabeen or something. im glad they rectified the matter, imagine a brand being at the mercy of social managers bantu, haibo.

  130. Bonang was looking for attention and SAA gave it to her,there was no need for an apology now they look silly.The girl knows how and where to complain.

  131. “We had other advise too, that she should dive into the swimming pool to run away from Lunga etc but these were all scenarios – not facts.”

    LMFAO….mara swimming pool???? yuhhh isgezo yimalini kwa JC

  132. tshiamo
    Apr 19, 2017 at 2:24 pm
    Bonang Matheba follows Sithelo. Sithelo follows Pinky.

    Momager’s bff Daphney Pasha follows all the Instagram sidechicks
    Mme Pasha is my favourite side chick of all times*RUNS

  133. @Nombie I was quoted 16 times more for the same shoot. He does beautiful photography. I am not sure about Dbn ones,mybe drop and email and can hook you up w/ a contact.

    @TheCurator I have never been to the Jazz Festival but had an invite which I turned down this year. Will check out the artist you mentioned.

    Death by ‘mini pyschopaths’ kikiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    @Mamonger wathula kangaka,still chest paining? Phela u must snap out of it,I miss u.

  134. OMG lmao! you guys.. look at this

    Do these ladies *said losely look like they would shell out a couple of grands and some for a bottle of Moet for their friend’s birthday.. and also maybe Eyadini was doing a promo kwaaaaaaaaaaax most of those bottle i could bet my measly salary they were never opened. Uyithathaphi imali uSthelo uPhil kwayena cant even buy her a polo vivo to put baby M in… lengane idlala ngathi

  135. That pic where Som Som is biting his lip,you know it’s rough when u start biting the lips like that.

  136. Nelly *inbrutaslaugh* that’s where your grooming begins moss. uyaphi with moet and chipped nails bantu benkosi 🙂

    She really does have them feet, zezo xhensa sana, you guys notice every damn thing

  137. I always have nail polish and remover in my bag. Next to hair,chirped nails ruin an outfit.

  138. eyadiniloungenuz
    Eyadini Lounge
    Happy birthday @_sithelo #MondayTherapy
    eyadiniloungenuzHappy birthday @_sithelo #MondayTherapy
    vee_beko@mbalisita nawe ngizokwenzela my F eyadini LolsS
    mbalisitaLol umehluko ukuthi sophuza amaJuice namaDrinki. @vee_beko ??
    vee_bekoLolsS avuh ngena Chill shame my F @mbalisita
    sthu_ndaba??? pop it
    Delete Commentkammoh_s#MoetForRental LOL

  139. Nomie and Teddie you are both apathetic in the most cruel way. Nomie you transform into another person when Bonang is being vilified on this blog. Your pro feminist views and humanity fly out of the window. Be blessed.

  140. Chipped nails and rented Moët lmao. But guys how’s this Sithelo an every day here. Her Instagram is tired. I feel like Nelly,thought she was hot for a brief minute but got over it quick. There’s just nothing but desperation there.

    Norma catch the next flight. That Booslay can’t be trusted to be in the same city with our FM.

  141. Whooo Tsholo – I didn’t even think about that, im sure buhle already knows where the FM is staying. Nkosi yam, uvalo kuNorma must be outer space levels

  142. No i mean girls! you like literally sit down and have your make up artist beat your face! Im assuming here she used a professional face beater (which she could have saved and done her nails instead) i mean photographers filter anything these days.! for a good 45 minutes trying to get that contour right and then you say ja my nails are good now lets do this! Gelish or any other nail polish.. does not peel off like that so its definitely “cutex” and then she rushes to pop over R10k worth of bubbly and whiskey…! It has never happened anywhere..! So she went for a lunch or whatever.. with the little that she had i bet you that is Krone (dont judge me, i drink it) . my bestie has a habit of doing champagne breakfast at her house.. you see her dad is known as Mr Moneybags and she is married to a nobody but still standards must be mantained.. so she buys three bottles of champagne (Moet, Veuve, and just for shock factor she will put soemthing else more pricier like a vintage Dom) and then have chilled bottles of Krone in ice buckets; you will leave her house and still not having had a drop of that expensive alcohol) LMAO zisile eziway! yerrrr

  143. I cry for baby M every time Phil posts a Gucci / LV shopping bag. I mean that’s enough money for the baby to have a car so he can sit comfortably when going for injections.
    Sithelo baby girl you better get a licence and work on your next project. Next time Phil brushes your thighs vele ukhale and ask him how come Uyathandekas baby gets to sit in a car seat while yours must sit on your lap in a Uber? Ukhale kwehle amafinyila umtshele futhi uhlekisa ngawe kwa JC. Bese ucela ne Voucher yakwa Sorbet for the whole year.

  144. Yuuuuuuuu kwa JC always lit…. But ke naye Moet vs Nails!!
    Nelly mtaka dad…..
    Then there the blogger who just commented on the Eyadini pic #RentalMoet Lol andihleki

  145. Sithelo baby girl you better get a licence and work on your next project. Next time Phil brushes your thighs vele ukhale and ask him how come Uyathandekas baby gets to sit in a car seat while yours must sit on your lap in a Uber? Ukhale kwehle amafinyila umtshele futhi uhlekisa ngawe kwa JC. Bese ucela ne Voucher yakwa Sorbet for the whole year.


  146. Noma has her eye on the prize she no longer has time to be confronting all the hoes that the minister trips on . She has bigger things to do. When you are now high up there.. instagram hoes no longer bother you.. You go wena Noma *LMAO

  147. nelley says:
    Mme Pasha is my favourite side chick of all times*RUNS
    BATHONG NELLY! Hahahahahahahahahhahah!! I’m totally done!!

  148. Nelly whose child are you lmao !. I already suspected your whole paragraph as far as that birthday party. Which real it girl would go to eyadini I don’t care if it’s a before or after party

  149. Hahahahahahaha! Will JC bloggers ever see the heaven gates mara????

    “Next time Phil brushes your thighs vele ukhale and ask him how come Uyathandekas baby gets to sit in a car seat while yours must sit on your lap in a Uber? Ukhale kwehle amafinyila umtshele futhi uhlekisa ngawe kwa JC. Bese ucela ne Voucher yakwa Sorbet for the whole year”””

  150. Bonang does bleach her skin, she uses the same doctor her “so called friend”Toke makinwa uses.

  151. But also Northie, B* withdrew serious charges against somebody who abused her physically and wanted to tell anyone about what exactly happened. The perpetrator went on to redicule her publicly. Do you want me to sit here and pity her? She called this for herself. Since I was a child, if somebody older and stronger than me bullied me at school or on the street I will told my parents or older cousins so they could sort the bully out. An influential figure like B* allows that to happen and does nothing about it? There is no heroism there. Sorry.

  152. And don’t let these JC people didisa you telling you about iVivo. Phela Akho Mimma stroller that fits inside a Vivo so makungadlalwa ngawe. You need something small but spacious like a BMW X1. #FebaNgeDirection

  153. Nelly LOL. Your friend is the one. Does she really do that. Do you ever reach for the expensive bottle . How deoa she react.

  154. Akunzima
    Apr 19, 2017 at 3:36 pm
    And don’t let these JC people didisa you telling you about iVivo. Phela Akho Mimma stroller that fits inside a Vivo so makungadlalwa ngawe. You need something small but spacious like a BMW X1. #FebaNgeDirection
    ayikho idirection pha! im sure that Gucci box is empty! mcim that empty headed girl. akakaze afebe ngedirection kwayena Uyathandeka usignile ecourt okanye she is still the lobolad wife… these girls can be stupid yazi. Bayadina.. they expose their infants to such rubbish

  155. Akunzima says:
    Akumnandi! Ukumnandi! Hahahahahahahahahahaah!!

  156. Hayi Nelley uPhil iskhothane sangempela. He stands inside the shop (Gucci and LV) and gets the store assistants to take pics of him carrying his goods. So the boxes are not empty. But I hear you on her stupidity. Usasemncane forgive her she is learning just give her time.

  157. @sofia didn’t think of it until today either and realized Norma would make she posts if she was there.

    @nelly I think Norma should make sure she’s keeps tabs on her man but not start anything that will bring him down when they’ve come this far. I have on and off love for Buhle. I doubt she’s about any hoeing though. You can tell by her posts she has a very nice stable life. Just don’t trust she wouldn’t try to mess things up for Norma yet just to be spiteful

  158. JC is super lit today…dzeadzz dzeadzz dzeadzz…i hope neither sithelo nor her buddies r here otherwise uzokhala……lolest. u lot are super hilarious

  159. Akunzima did you see the picture where Phil had his foot in the bag ?. Still can’t believe my eyes

  160. Loooool tltltl here is a business opportunity for chase to turn a ViVo into a BMWX1 like he turned his Golf MK1 into a Porsche:)

  161. Teddie, we have heard you and your pathetic analysis, relating your childhood has no bearing on this issue, as far as you’re concerned she deserves it because she didn’t speak about it….But of course i didn’t expect anything from a man like you, society has given you all the power and privilege for you to say crap about abuse..

  162. “She called this for herself”
    Shayizandla, you are the strong black woman, umbokodo, exemplary. Everyone needs to be like you. What would we be without this practical viewpoint?

  163. @Sebzy didn’t she pay for the whole show too ?. Why is this woman so desperate at her age

  164. This Phil guy disgusts me! What an eeewwwwww!!! His insta! Yuk! I’m actually blocking him even if he doesn’t know me!! Hahahahahaah!!

  165. Tsholo I was going to use that pic as Chapter 2 of Skothane 101.
    A whole leg inside a shopping bag. LOL. I still can’t believe Uyathandeka and Sithelo. They must teach their man decorum.

  166. Please who else have had their nails done at Fancyclaws?? i don’t know why good customer service is a myth with black businesses.

  167. Black-something, let me reapond to you to. Themba says it did not happen, B* is not saying anything. What do you say? How do you know?

  168. Northie
    Apr 19, 2017 at 3:38 pm
    Nelly LOL. Your friend is the one. Does she really do that. Do you ever reach for the expensive bottle . How deoa she react.
    she is a kind of new bestie like a year or so of friendship but we have settle into this very nice bestication… so initially we thought argh nothing of it , and then the 3rd time she invited us we brought it up; thing is she hates this whole *bring your own alcohol* she insists on being the sole host in everything… when we brought it up she said we would drink it on a special occassion! meaning end of discussion! So one of the girls once brought her own bottle of champers and shoved it into the same ice bucket with the Krone sparkling wine LMAO since then nathi we follow suit! There is a very reasonable champagne from Woolies i buy that one after all i just mix it with orange juice for breakfast !

  169. Blackdiem, uTeddy and his mentality scare the hell out of me. Sad part is there are many people who think like him in this world. He really believes that she deserved being abused.

  170. She did not, Northie. Nobody does. Why did she withdraw, went back to the jerk and allowed him to treat her ku media the way he did (and still does)? Who does that?

  171. @BlackDiem Fancy Claws service is terrible. she used to be better when she was starting out at Musgrave, now her and her girls give you funny looks whne you walk in, size you up before they help you. Miss me, ngcono nginike amandiya ase Musgrave business

  172. I heard Uyanda Mbuli one Saturday morning im not sure i think it was 2 weeks back! She sounded so empty in the head.. Trying to prove to the haters! and kept referring to her friends that are richer than Beyonce in the states and she kept calling her show unique bringing something to SA that has never been done before? I was like is she even hearing herself ! She said it was produced overseas i was so confused and embarrassed on her behalf.. Talk about a degree’d woman as she called herself.. She sounded so sad! She kept talking about the people that she helped and they turned on her How she wants to show them! Who else listened to that rubbish? I was driving and had a WTF moment!

  173. hahahaha Nandi Mgoma’s interview with Anele.. Makes me think of what Just Nje once said about her “my sister is a doctor, she is just gorgeous that she can model too” LOL

  174. A little detour guys, just for a second!

    Does anyone know anybody here personally?? I always wonder yaz. Or are we all in our glasshouses LOL! Like me..

  175. Nelley I listened to that interview and was so shocked and fascinated. It was fascinating in the same way a train wreck is fascinating. Something’s broken in that woman, her need to prove to haters is just so so so tragic.

  176. I did Nelly yeah it was a Sat on metro, she doesn’t forget to mention the red bottoms Hahaha Lol, Uyanda though…… yazi sengiyikhohliwe kwasho yakhe ukuthi exists.

  177. Uyanda must just go to Nigeria and get herself those “Naira Billionaires” maybe she’ll be happier there…. it’s just not working here for her… Sorry!

  178. So Knaomi and Tshepi Vundla are not friends anymore. Tshepi is so petty, jealous and naive. Some friends are wolves dressed in sheep skin. Now that its Knaomi`s time and things are popping for her Tshepi is not happy at all. shes`s pregnant stuck with a guy that does not want to commit and claim her has his girl. she has to kick and scream before JR makes time for her or the relationship. she had to force JR to go on her week vacation with her to Zembali. Her mother had to intervine and beg JR to come with them . He paid nothing cause he didn’t want to go on the “baecation”. Now she claims Knaomi wants her man and she wants to destroy her relationship. Just because she was being and honest friend and trying to protect her from being hurt. JR has been cheating and having sides ever since they hooked up.
    That time Knaomi is happy in her relationship and in love with her bae.

  179. LMAO , eish JustNje wayenza into…I also always listen to Nandi with that ear , yoba uzozixhomela athini.
    She was dragged the other time when she was in NY, athi “Im here in NY and Helen Zille said” something along those lines .LOL
    And when she saw Pearl Thusi photo , it was funny

  180. Northie says:

    Kemmoh_s Sithelo’s stans are calling you a rat on Instagram:
    That was quick!!! Hahahahahahahahahah!!

  181. Who is the target market for her show exactly? And what is she providing in terms of entertainment. Honestly her IT girl time has passed, she should find a nice agreeable business venture to settle into.
    Norma is what Uyanda could’ve become if she focused on more constructive things.
    She even invested the childs trust fund in this vanity project of hers.

  182. @KholeMoney I suspected that Tshepi is preggies. JR pho 🙁 bloggers said Shimza cheats on Knaomi so where is she flourishing?

  183. @KholeMoney their friendship was never going to last. They have a love hate thing for each other. They call each other besties in front of the camera but as soon as one turns- hot tea is served!

  184. Teddie now you are going to ask me why Melb (Scarry Spice) stayed with her abusive husband of 10 years. I can’t . Please go to the graves of abuse victims and ask that. Better yet, ask Patrick Shai’s wife why she stayed. While at it ask that actress who was abused and humiliated and abused why she stayed. Forgot her name. Her husband gave them chicken bones to chew after he ate the chicken. ..
    You and I both know that there are many reasons why abuse victims go back to their abusers. The bastards play mind games with their victims. It’s not a class thing. The pattern is the same.

  185. Bloggers lets not be harsh on sthelo she is 23 years old, she is still a baby, still finding herself ,still living to impress her fake friends, you can tell from all her insta posts and insta story.

  186. Baby M does not have a Mima bawethu. uhamba ngenye iBounce yase Babies R Us. So iVivo isn’t a bad match.

  187. I’m interested in the Uyanda story. Someone please point me to where she was served, I can’t find anything on twitter.

  188. While at it ask that actress who was abused and humiliated and abused why she stayed. Forgot her name. Her husband gave them chicken bones to chew after he ate the chicken. ..

    ngu Shoki Sebotsane . The chicken bone feeder yila giant ingu Sello.

  189. I think i know Khole Money.. i think i once said here that some of the things we say here can only be known by a particular person.. I have noticed even when you were discussing politics with Mathaz the things you wrote mntaka Dad i swear!!!!!!! but ke i love reading your comments on here! they always leave this dejavu moment

  190. Lord Phil liqaba sana, I cant stand it, why do fools attract money vele?? issajoke!
    Sithelo better be studying and pursuing something for herself. age and poverty wont be kind on those lips

  191. Nelly you remind me of a blogger. Her name username was Sxlyn and later Shycandy. She use to pay fees for other bloggers. But somehow they turned on her. Wonder what happened to her. Also who or what chases Fatima Mnono away from Instagram? Her page was popping. Think she even had an apartment at The Michelangelo towers

  192. KholeMoney I meant in a relationship with bae, bloggers were discussing that relationship. not her work sorry

  193. What a tea @Kholemoney. As I sit and sip away…

    Are Tshepi’s parents still together mami? #JustCurious

  194. Northie-Fatima! She was a sexy beast that one hey! She has a baby now…. Her baby daddy is good friends with Vanessa Matsenas man.. Still living a nice sicdechick life with no stress! LOL!

  195. says:

    Are Tshepi’s parents still together mami? #JustCurious
    Just yesterday someone was asking me if TV dad is worthy yaz, cause he asking her out! He told this lady the divorce is in the final stages. *claps* now that I think of it! Life!

  196. I honestly believe Sithelo and Missshozi purchased Instagram followers.. Bafuna kabi ukuba ama brand ambassador.

  197. Guys did you see Kwenzi Mngoma efokofisa umngani ka Sitholo lo muhle koda omi kambi? Bamubiza ngo mandy.. Yooooh Kwenzi wayisho intombazane yasala ikhemile.

  198. KNaomi is dating Shimza though @KhloeMoney
    So Tshepi really is expecting JR’s baby? I thought JR and Tibz were good friends *baffled*

  199. I withdraw Madam speak. I swear to not make any comments about Queen Bonang Matheba again in the future.

    Thank you

  200. Paidoff_doll tell us more. Is Fatima’s baby daddy the same guy who would take her to Island vacations and stuff. Or go see a soccer game with her in a chopper. Is she from Berlin or Mdantsane she is Xhosa right?

  201. I withdraw Madam speaker. I swear to not make any comments about Queen Bonang Matheba again in the future.

    Thank you

  202. @Northie actually the guy with the helicopter is the one with VM. He was with Fatima before though but she Left him for his best friend who is now the father of her baby… Now they don’t even cross paths! I’m not sure which part of the lali’s shes from doll..

  203. Who gives a fuck about your opinions though, you say whatever you want to say , don’t just hide your hate under the mask of another woman saying she deserves to be abused…

  204. On another note
    Where are the following people
    Siater act
    Sisi wendawo aka Balance Me
    Miss Priss
    Malaysia pargo, later 2.0
    ladyscott and so many others i cant even remember…
    kHUMBULEKHAYA…We miss you guys..we have new servers, kiki promised us a new website too…

  205. @Northie: See those places that VM has been to.. Fatima has been to the same spots with him, years ago if you remember. He does these annual basket ball games, uefa games, Wimbledon etc… But as you can see VM hasnt travel much nowadays cause business hasn’t been great. But I’m sure he will bounce back cause of his surname of course..

  206. LOL

    Can we still catch Anele’s show on YouTube?

    @Blackdeim @Curator how amazing is’s album? Wasn’t convinced a few weeks back when I heard Humble. but it grew on me.Ithe dawned on me that all his songs are just one word and dot(full stop)

    I feel like cutting my hair…

  207. Can we stop with this thing yoba bani bani i know who you are next thing these streets will be dry people will be scared to serve hot tea if you know someone chances are she knows you too and we are not interested to know who you are keep it to yourself #AsYouWere.

  208. What does Mbali Mkhatini’s (Aurelia’s friend) husband do, the way they travel it’s so beautiful.

  209. A woman who is educated and/or financially secure who still stays and/or go back to the abusive partner after all the women abuse awareness campaigns raised in 2000s deserves to be shot in her ass.
    Uze udle amathambo nje awusenamali yokuthenga ngisho ne hotwings 6 deluxe? Niyazenzisa stru!.
    Mind you we are not talking about some random Nomkhosi from eMsinga here but women staying in Joburg will all the information available at hand to report such cases.

  210. Y’all shouldn’t get so excited about Lord Phil’s life. Him, Mrs Phasa’s husband, Thulani Majola and the like, are all indebted to a very wealthy Pretoria based tycoon. I use to know Lord Phil’s brother Barry Maseko(R.I.P) aka Yung Money. If Lord Phil is not careful, hmmmmmmm.

  211. How do i search Fatima’s EX bf now Vanessa Matsena’s bae pha ku Google sins we don’t name-drop anymore ?

    Like that EL-JHB bisexual multi-millionaire suger daddy SN who is in property, it was easy to search him.

  212. @MyLifeThixo- hlwip! Hlwip! Teeeeaaaaa! I’m here for Mr Phasha.. I like hearing words like tycoon and stuff! Keep pouring doll! LOL

  213. Amberjc this is so hard. Paid doll give us a clue. Is Fatima still friends with Patty Goxo?

  214. Well paidoff_doll, (as I whisper). Mr Phasa was having some financial difficulties and things were looking bad, I’m talking about properties being seized type of bad. So, he went to this short little man notorious and feared even by some politicians. They gave him the money and he’s having trouble paying it back. There were things throw around by the short tycoon about “at least he hasn’t asked to sleep with his wife, unlike another rich guy, who apparently sleep with your wife if you are unable to settle in time”. These people in big house have very big closets for all their skeletons. Never envy them.

  215. @amberjc – you know I drop names, but I hear the wife camps here.. I don’t want to be the first to say it cause apparently she doesn’t know after all these years. Askies doll!

  216. What does Angell_mk (Angel Mkhize) does for a living ? Girl is living it up she’s originally from Durban but relocated to Joburg ? She has travelled all over and lately she hangs out with Nisa Moseki ? Angel is so pretty love her but what does she do for a living ? Tea anyone ??

  217. No. Not anymore. Patty is big friends with Rene now and she doesn’t want anything to do with the Fatima crew from back then, they crossed each other bad during those Julius days!

  218. We expected no less from you Chase. So predictable No surprises there. You can go back to playing with your pubes now.

  219. @MyLifeThixo Yho!! What a wow! I thought they had it good. Daphney should stay off insta yaz! She is exposing to much of their lives! imagine sleeping with people wives!! Kunzima!! *claps*

  220. @Nomi, if we were still living in the 1950’s and the victim here is some uneducated, poor woman who depends on the abuser for roll on and sanitary pad then I would understand.
    Here we are talking about people who know very well what abuse is, have ran campaigns about the issue and they still decide to stay with abusers.
    What is their excuse for staying in these relationships? Is it money? Children? Love? None of these are worth your life.

  221. LOL @ little short man,sounds like a night time story.

    But guys what’s better. Doing the same stuff these people do for cash or same stuff but for free? I am statting to think the former is better.

    Thanks@Teddy will check and episode.

    @Paid_off yeah. I am cutting. It’s a closing of a chapter. A transformation. A rebirth.

  222. @Chase abusers 1st break down the self-esteem and confidence of their victims they don’t just start by beating them up. We have heard and seen enough stories in the 2000s to know abusers first finish the mind and esteem of their victims then the beatings starts. Be easy at times.

  223. Mina I’m just curious nje ukuthi where these Gucci /LouisVitton/Moet guys on instagram get the money ?

  224. @Blackhalls, since you know this about abusers, what would you do then when your partner starts breaking your self esteem?
    Would you wait till the beatings start or would you leave immediately?

  225. @Chase before the beatings start,would organize my mum’s uncle ongenalihlo to sort him out. But on real,abusers usually know how to spot their victims and it is usually women that are looking for validation or acceptance. We all go through that phase st some point but some are constantly living there. I will never ever be with an abusive man. Ever.

  226. “The married guy with the helicopter is the one with Vannesa Natasha and he used to date Fatima”

    Bloggers we can’t abuse PaidOff_doll ngofuna itea kuye everyday, let’s connect dots bcz it was evident that Vannesa has a married bae – her lonely trips, basketball frontrows etc

  227. Yes Northie someone said the same.. I remember the shy candy username.

    @paidoff doll Have you seen Fatima’ s baby? *runs! I am sending you an email now!

  228. Paid off doll Tshepi is not TV dad”s kid… her father is PV the brother and yes amanzi angenile endlini! I know it’s being a hypocrite I find it weired discussing adult marriages but no remorse when discussing Rakgadi Daphney Pasha!

    Fatima, patty and that other yellow bone Lee were heavy thots hanging with those boys from kwela tebza they have since hung up their hoe shoes and had babies… Van should follow suit

  229. Anybody else think msizi nkosi’s ziryt i girls…inzipho senziwe? facebook post from today was aimed at the famous eyadini pics discussed here earlier…hahahahhahahaha

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