I always think BIG,think CRAZY, think SUCCESS.

Ster Kinekor invited us to come experience their Cine Prestige at Cresta Mall. What am amazing night!

That place will make you so comfortable that you want to sleep there. Hehehehe


We watched the pre screening of the movie Almost Christmas that stars the likes of Gabrielle Union, Omar Epps, Mo’Nique, Kimberly Elise, Danny Glover, Nicole Ari Parker, Keri Hilson, and my Ben 10, Jessie Usher aka Jessie T.


The lounge was so welcoming. You end up forgetting that you are there for a movie. As a customer, you are able to enjoy an in-cinema waiter who can assist you with ordering from the Prestige gourmet menu. The menu includes platters and Pizza Hut. Mmmmmh!


Popcorn and Soda for us


We chilled and did some catching up before the movie. That’s Lebza laughing out loud as usual.


Stephina Zwane and her better half




JC Fam…..Audi,Thato,Lebza and Hastings


Stevel Marc and Sebabatso.


Hastings, Lebza (yes he was everywhere), Gugu, Kgaugelo and Dee. We played around…..took selfies with the gang.


And it was time. Wololo!!


Cresta Cine prestige has 2 prestige cinema houses exclusive to less than 30 guests at a time. Ours was very intimate and only accommodates 24 people.


Hastings looking like a boss that he is these days. hehehe


uAudi ka Noristo


My babies, Zeeba and Audi. Yazi these two were supposed to bring dates but they got dumped at the 11th hour and ended up being each other’s date. As Pako would say; ‘abana game odali‘ Lol. Zeeba was the cameraman so he is not in the pictures. This is the only pic I got of him.  🙁


Lebza so relaxed and chilled. I can’t believe how much he has grown.


The leather seats are so wide and very comfy.


I am not going to spoil the movie for you guys at all but trust me you will not be disappointed. I am happy that Gabrielle is not playing her usual ‘I have it all independent woman’ type of character. For a changed, she is the one that needs help. Anyway, Almost Christmas is now showing so make time to go and watch it. We were laughing throughout. Age restriction is 13years but I think they should have just made it for ALL nje because nothing uncomfortable happens there. That’s a family movie shem.

Before the movie, we took a moment of silence to remember our boy Pako. The last Cine Prestige Experience we had, uPako was there with us. This time it was a bit different – his absence was loud.

Thank you to Ster Kinekor and their team for hosting us. I don’t think I can watch a movie in a normal cinema ever again. I am so over that. Cine Prestige is the way to go. You feel like you are in the comfort of your own home.

By @KikiMarli


  1. ‘My babies, Zeeba and Audi. Yazi these two were supposed to bring dates but they got dumped at the 11th hour and ended up being each other’s date’ LOL. Knowing Zeeba and his love stories , there must be some drama about this…haaaaaaaa!haaaaaaaa!

    Have not been to the movies in a looooooooong time. Should actually go watch.

  2. Zeeba sicela wenze uAnything Goes. I have not energy to discuss your server on this post.

    Shem one blogger asked Kiki on twitter what could be wrong with JC. Instead of responding to the question wavele wamtshela ukuthi “Don’t call me that!” Wamshiya kanjalo engaphendulanga. Askies sweetness.

  3. @Teddie, selective reading and wanting to start drama must fall. Since you like to Quote, Quote the entire chat – her tweet, my tweet, her apology tweet, and my apology accepting tweet and the tweets that I posted about JC uyeke ukudla amagrapes.

  4. You did not like her calling you Nomkikizelo. She apologised and you accepted with a cool. Did you respond to her question about JC giving us errors? Isn’t that the point I am making? Akuna drama sis’wam, azange umphendule kodwa udinekile ukuthi ekubize ngegama ongalithandiyo, waxolisa awabe usaphendula.

  5. And the others I responded to???? You chose to ignore those but SHE didn’t because that’s where she saw the JC issue and it answered her question and there was no need to still respond to her. You like drama, so if you know I don’t like being called by that name then why are you tripping over ukudineka kwam? Why didn’t you address me on Twitter if it’s that deep to you? SMH

  6. I actually wanted to but I do not have an account. I thought why not talk about it here? And you see, you just responded, as mad as you are.

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