I always think BIG,think CRAZY, think SUCCESS.

Halala Terry halala…..

Mzansi’s own girl Terry Pheto won BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS at the National Film Awards in London. The award ceremony was held last night at Porchester Hall in West London. Terry was nominated for her role as Naledi Khama in A UNITED KINGDOM directed by Amma Asante.

There is no dimming of her light any time soon. This star keeps shining brighter and brighter.

Terry is pictured here with fellow NFA winner Kate Dickie who won for her role in “Couple In A Hole”

Her fellow A UNITED KINGDOM cast member Arnold Oceng also went on to win a NFA for his other film BROTHERHOOD. Talk about a bunch of winners!!

Terry was dressed by Thula Sindi in a black sequined strapless dress beautifully accessorized with starburst vintage earrings.

Look at her glowing. Congratulations to you Terry. Keep shining!! 🙂

By @KikiMarli


  1. Congrats Terry

    I also don’t like Terry’s acting skills but maybe we should watch a United Kingdom- clearly it must mean she upped her game hence the award

  2. I’m no Bonang fan- but she’s not overrated
    She’s a hard worker and really good at what she does

  3. It’s a good thing abo Terry don’t listen to the naysayers tsa mo JC…go get your awards girl. Grace our screens and make bank….Hell, even Ayanda Thabethe will be working with y’alls Queen despite what the critics say here on JC.#LetThemTalk

  4. Oh…and didn’t Anele also get an award? For her talkshow? Where she irritates a bunch of JC bloggers with a interviews style?

  5. Don’t chop my head off. is just the way I see it.people stop behaving like this is fb or twitter .I’m just expressing my view ke eng kgante.she overrated in my eyes those Americans are lazy to look further than her we have too much Talent here. the only problem is that they are not well marketed.and I think u Bonang is very good at what she does even though she’s not my fav and yes u Nandi Ngoma is overrated hahaha.if u think they are not good for u.

  6. Ayanda Thabethe has a really good PR agency. New salon, Top Billing and a new endorsement.
    She beautiful.

  7. The only movie that she starred in where I watched the entire thing from beginning to end was Tsotsi. All the others, I would only catch highlights and snippets of her acting here and there.

    So based on what I have seen thusfar, her acting was average at best. Maybe since then she has really honed her acting skills. I dont know. I would have to go see this particular movie that she won an award for to make a fair comment. But all in all, ‘grats to her!

  8. Posted before reading comments but Nono you summed it up well. I share the same sentiments, maybe she has since upped her game.(operative words being MAYBE and SINCE)… this movie

  9. Jonga Matebese says
    Yes hahahah I was shocked that people voted Anele achi it’s shows how much they love her life stories man wow!!

  10. @yoza I also loved her in Tsosti shame but now I know better I’ve seen better actresses than her .it’s true what they say first impressions last.it is because of Tsosti that she was noticed good for her .

  11. Congrats Terry. I’m glad she broke up with DJ Sbu. He was going to use her shine for his business interests. Bloody ncukuthu!

  12. We hope she will stop dating married men for money now and being poured with Champagnes. She has her own moola now.

  13. @Titi; I found Tsotsi the actual movie (storyline, production, etc) to be good BUT her acting yena kuleyo Tsotsi leyo was not impressive for mnah. The hype around the movie is what got her the hype. She rode on those coattails and it worked out brilliantly for her! Smart move! I wish Presley Chenweyagae (sp) had done the same. Now, HE CAN ACT!

  14. Terry is one smart girl. She definitely has this career thing on lock down! Halala to her!

    She most certainly doesn’t come to mind when I think of top South African actors. But ugirl keeps winning. Clearly she understands the industry and what she needs to do to stay relevant.

  15. He was going to put Terry’s face (read without her permission) on those Mofaya drinks and claim her star shone because of them. Or when uTerry goes on stage he was going to tag along and grab that mike from her and sell Mofaya. Laa Sbu* etyityimbisa umnwe *

  16. @Yoza it is heart breaking yaz about presly. Eish ge doesn’t love himself that boy mcm. About TerryThats why I say I know better now she’s really not that good she’s in the same level as Pearl Thusi they have that thing.but that thing is not brilliant actresses 4 sure.

  17. I still dont understand why Bonang is still in South Africa… Why she is not flourishing naye in Hollywood.

  18. This is what they mean when they say “Favour is not fair” When it is upon you, things won’t make sense to others. Flourish wena Moitheri. This is your time and season.

  19. Congratulations to Moitheri. #halalalaness to you girl. I have seen powerful Mzansi people congratulating you, but haven’t seen Minister Wodumo’s congratulatory message to you, maybe I have missed it or its still coming. Anyway, still agree with those who says, you aint the best talent that has ever come out of SA. Re leboga Ntate Morena to give you his favour.

    Jonga Matebese, Ntate Morena will take B* to Holloywood when its his perfect timing. For now, he still wants her to finish what she has started her at home. I mean she is not doing badly at all. Last year Drum Mag told us she made about 7.2 Million and her gigs have not yet run out. Just yesterday, you said, she aint on Mag covers and she does not have that thing anymore, then Boom, when I checked her tweets, she was busy doing a Cover shoot and we aint clear for which publication as yet. Lets try to practice patience in our lives and other people’s lives bearing in mind that You might want to do ABC but when its not yet time , IT IS NOT.

  20. The National Film Awards, in their 64th edition
    this year, counts A-listers including Michael
    Fassbender, Daniel Radcliffe, Eddie Redmayne
    and Catherine Zeta Jones among the nominees
    — now they can add our very own star Terry
    Pheto to that list as a WINNER.

    A-listers neh? okaaayy

  21. Congrats to Terry.
    Maybe B* doesn’t want to go to Melika. Maybe she just wants to make at home.

  22. MaSga – Google her ‘200 questions’ interview with Grazia Magazine. She WANTS to go. W. A. N. T. S.

  23. Vele what is Bonang busy with for her to miss afternoon express hosting so much? I haven’t seen her even once on that show! I also think she should move to Hollywood now, I mean she won’t be getting much hosting gigs here when aboNomzamo are 10 times cheaper

  24. Khalozame, You are coming out guns blazing for the Queen of our Kingdom I see. Well, If you want her to go to Hollywood, force Ntate Morena to grant her the favour as in now, so B* can board the next flight.

    Vele, B* aint in the same prize category as abo Nomzamo, she has passed through that stage in her early tweenties. Thats why she is the highest paid female host in the country # MAMASR500.000. You see, B* ‘s career if not personal life, is been discussed almost daily here and its tiring. YES, Our Queen wants to go to Hollywood, And its not yet the time. And le ena herself tweets about it hore God does not say NO, but he says NOT NOW, How many times must we say it ?????

  25. The Afternoon Express part neh, Ke bhorehile, from what we gather neh, she has brought it the sponsors to the show,and MAY BE, she does not need to be there. Some of these things are being discussed behind the scences, us none entities wont know the going ons kao jwetsa, so why stressa ka tsona!!!!!

  26. Where is Kokolet? Did you finally get info on Forex Trading and all? I have recently begun with another broker, maybe you could check them out.

  27. Shaka, baby ya Nandi, B* has people that really like her. And we cannot fold our arms, when people cast doubts on her career or private life in fear of been labelled stans or whatever.

    Today, I am missing Priska, the most hilarious blogger on JC. Hope she is fine whereever she is.

  28. LoL @Folding arms. @Aroma today you got this! No wonder @Just Nje is not involved.

    People must just accept that B* is in a league of her own,alone. Her personal life,etc might not be perfect *like all of us,as per AGs * but she really took after her name. Bonang Mohlolo.

    Luck goes all the way. Terry might not be one of the best actresses in SA but luck and focus got her where she is. Congrats Terry. Even corporate people that know jack about their positions head departments.

  29. Blackhalls, You see Just Nje wa bantu said almost every thing to defend B* ukhatele umtwana bantu to say same thing over and over again. What I like about Just Nje, she loves exellence and she is not scared to voice it out when its attacked unnecessarily. E.g Bonang, Babes Wodumo and Pearl Thusi.

    I think, she once said in this blog, she has been a victim of umona herself and she know exactly how it feels when people have negative emotions towards you unnessarily.

    Anyway, nam ndi ngu Sis Wendawo namhlanje in Just Nje& Favoured’s absence, hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  30. The day I watch TV. Nayi iGreed & Desire, and Shoki’s husband uyavela. Guess what I am eating. Succulent chicken with those soft bone….ngivele nganyanya.

    @Darkroom I don’t think she is w/ child, just weight that’s ON/OFF

  31. Congratulations Terry! I think she is the type that works smart and not hard. Good for you. Now all that’s left is to handle that baby looking bump.

  32. Congrats Terry mhle ke losisi, usazoba muhle wayevele emuhle, Sanibona e JC but ke baphi abantu???

  33. Teddie, She defended her on Mzansi News, March the 6th, think the article about Pearl allegedly showing Diva Tendencies on Lip what what Show. Just Nje at the time believed she should only take gigs that are aligned to her future plans not coming back for small shows of that nature when you are already doing big things in Hollywood.

  34. Can we just love winners without skepticism … TP has lost that sex appeal for me and she is gaining that power appeal which is double sexy. Nice

  35. kahle kahle what is B good at being an MC,radio host,cover girl,brand ambassador and what ????? does Hollywood needs that nah i dont think so…hence why she is still stuck in SA….

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