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It’s Thursday and you probably have seen these snaps before so let’s do a TBT for fun’s sake since the server seems to be acting rather alright, shall we.

Ms Teboho Lerole, Khanyi Mbau at the MetroFM Awards after party.

There she is again serving.

I stole a moment of Ngcebo feeling himself ko aftetparty.

Another stolen moment was Mshoza with her man.

Look we spotted your queen doing front row things…Bonang was also shooting her reality show. Does Bonang ever rest mara, girl is working shem.

Who can forget the Skolpad lady. LMAO

A very proud moment for me was chatting with Amanda-Black of SA Idols fame. She walked away with a couple of gongs, I remember how mad I would be on her song choices while she was still an idol’s contestants but look at her now…

Mr Cashflow , Jabulani Ngcobo.

Song-star Vusi Nova!

Doctor akulalek’ xa unemali back stage…I mean after the show.

Lovers, Thando with Frans.

I have never been a fan of Quitteria & George’s fabric but they seem to have improved immensely. Big Ups to the duo!

The talented Jaziel brothers with Mrs Africa 2017.

Looking fresh is Deejay Merlon with Mondli.

My SA Idols kids looking all grown up manning the black carpet *weeps* From left, Valentine,  Noma, Karabo and Sanele.

Cute lad right here, actor Mlungisi Mathe.

Nomzamo Mbatha looking extra hot in that dress… rumour-mill says if all goes according to plan Nomzamo will be Mrs Maps Maponyane by no later than this year… We believe and we shall wait, won’t we?

Ladies, ladies ladies please stay away from lace wigs they often loom awful as they require precision from start until the end. This beautiful Isibaya star looking like a black Durban Barbie in an ugly dress.  Fire your stylist nana vah. Linda Mthoba.

Sanele Mkhize from SA Idols fame looking dapper and grown.

One of my favourite SA Idols runnner-up Valentine… okay I know she is new at this black/red carpet thing so I will forgive her mess that is her hair… what is it with me and hair though.

S.A. Idols season 12 Winner Noma… looking good.

Omnye of abantu who stood to benefit from MetroFM, Lebo Guguluza.

actor and businessman Nhlanhla Mdlalose

As awkward I find Karabo , winner SA Idols Season 11 he looked good.

Someone needs to tell Kid-X to eat.Or is KO’s stable not paying their artists? I don’t know he looks rather unhealthy or maybe he going through the same transition KO undertook or it’s something else. Asazi.

My latest crush!Just Buckz.

Goodbye R-E-A-S-O-N hlala no-LootLove wakho and Hello.

Sihle looking all kinds of yummy !

Abahlali bebedikiwe they brought their A-Game and their REAL plus ones. Dumi mkokstad and his een.

Katlego Maboe.

Rapper, Areece. Cute boy could easily pose as a lesbian chick.

Actress Natasha Thahane.

This boy is working hard. I know I have not listened to any of his work and I doubt I will anytime soon kodwa there’s no denying his hustle. Work bhuti sikujongile!

Major league deejays.

Ntombi Ngcobo-Mzolo of the then whose show is it anyway.

Mr Loot-Love.

Ms Reason.

Black Motion duo.

In full.

Lulo Cafe.

Comedian Skhumba.

Andizazi ezi zihlangu zinxitywe nguMastermind.

Duma Thando.


Lawrence Maleka.

Actor, Vuyo Dabula.

Presenter, Sandile GQ.

boys looking delicious.

Mr Thando Thabethe.

Ms Frans. Aaron’s look is fresh, is ubrothers engaged? Journalists phandani.

Zandi Khumalo.

Kelly Khumalo.

The Khumalo sisters.

Mr and Ms Khuli Chana.

Presenter, Sinazo Yolwa neduvet yakhe.

Andiyazi le-bed spread inxitywe ngu Brenda.

your Girl.

Dr Malinga before the show.

Deejay Tira.

Kings of the weekend.

On screen couple, Phindile Gwala with the yummy fellow actor Zweli Dube.Jimmy Dludlu.

jah neh.

another jah neh moment.

Actor, Musa.

My lover Mel Bala.

When I’m old I want to smoke what this boy smokes.


Clement Maosa naye uze nowakwakhe. LMAO


Zeeba (c)





  1. Sinazo’s dress reminds me of my moms curtains, Shem it seems like she can’t get it right.
    Khanyi Mbau is just beautiful I love her body konje wenzan kulamalanga?lol man I love Mtee actually have a crush on him

  2. The hips on these men ..
    Mr Loot is all I want , all I need .

    Mhle la boy eduze ka Queen Bizzle .
    I had a lot to say , now I forgot gotta scroll up to check the pics and remember .

    Abanye bebe bahle .

    Kuthwa ” Do you ever look at someone and wonder how they moan when having sex ” LOL

  3. @ZeeBar: that boy who’s name you don’t care to know is Mlungisi Mathe: he plays Emkay Biyela on #SkeemSaam.Put some respek on his name.
    And the guy who plays the character of Mazwi on Generubbish is Musa.
    Yazi putting people’s full names and then their character names (if possible) is the best thing that a blogger can do ke noba iArticle iyabanda.
    Thanks for the THAT pics.I enjoyed viewing the pics 🙂

  4. Kwahahahah maramZeebarlicious you are so spices Shem,sikuthanda for ukuba nguNomthinzi umama kaMaAsi kiiiih
    Uthi wonke umjwi ebezithe +one #Ngamandla?!?
    Abantu bazityela tyum Shem *Tlozeth for who?Where?How???

    I laugh when peoe say that mang mang is in the closes,and I’d be like Phi na bheyps?Like kae,merely because… *Ndizikhohlelise kakhulu*

  5. These female celebrities are yet to appreciate the importance of picking the right shoe.

  6. the 90s kids aren’t here for amakhabhathi namawodrophu yazi…

    Only on JC! Haaaaaaaa! Haaaaaaaa!


    Mr & Mrs Kuli Chana *side eye Reason* that’s how it is done. Get in the game w/ her and stay in the game w/ her.

    I have been saying Katlego from Expresso, uyableacher. He looks like the men from French speaking countries khona lapha eAfrica.

    People looked lovely.

    Frans ka Thando looks a bit like Stevie J.

  7. So much to say but I did not charge my phone.

    Labhuti we bhulukhwe epink uyababa!!!

    Aaron serving us ikliveji.

  8. Mrs Katlego Maboe’s highlighter/contour 🙁
    Khanyi Mbau and Mshoza make me sad
    Nhlanhla Nciza has that “i know my husband is cheating and i have a ben 10 to keep me warm at night” kinda glow.
    The Khumalo sisters look rachet/lokshin bioskop
    Zeeba stop dragging people out of the closet. Thats if they are really gay. Ndiyanazi nina. You act like underachievers who always want to drag people down to their level

  9. Lmao! Blackhalls, yena akusiyilabantu engibanakayo ne but as I was scrolling I paused a bit on his pictures. He looks like a Congolese man lezazandla tltltltl. You find these guys with pink, ashy faces and then izandla zimnyama bhuqe! Maybe ufuna ukumesha nomkakhe who knows, looks weird AF.

  10. RE: Nomzamo Mbatha, there is nothing she wants more than being Mrs Maps.
    I wonder what happened to her mom.

  11. LMAO!! @Mama ka Kimberly ave u saucy!!!>>> “Nhlanhla Nciza has that “i know my husband is cheating and i have a ben 10 to keep me warm at night” kinda glow.”

    Aaron wenzani nge cleavage ka Lupita Nyong’o?!

    Phindile Gwala uyafosta yaz! She never dresses to impress. una this ghetto childish thing about her that makes her not likable..well to me, that is.

    The way I love Thando Thabooty! koda lendoda yakhe angiytholi nje ukuth iskhath sini!

  12. Akhomntu unexesha le negativity ngathi ngu Lerato Kganyakgo always responding to every negativity out there, she is busy responding to this old picture yakhe noB.

  13. How is that you can post old pictures and not be affected by the server issues but unable to load new content?

  14. LMAO at the facial expression of the lady behind Skolopad
    Lootlove’s shoes 🙁 ayingeke
    Katlego Mabe naye ufaka I “foundation?
    Phindile Gwala skepsel she tries yena but akana “that thing”
    I agree indoda Ka Thabooty ayimfanelanga hle, but I’m sure ba happy
    Khanyi and Mshoza I wonder if they look in the mirror and think “ukube angiqalanga kodwa”?

  15. Momager says:

    The Kings of the Weekend give me Sipho Pityana vibes

    Posted on April 6th, 2017

    😀 especially Dj Naves

  16. Labhuti we bhulukhwe epink uyababa!!!
    I love him too , what his name again?

    I can have him for breakfast anytime *drools

  17. @Momager … Nomzamo Mbatha could have been Mrs Maps a long time ago … She delayed it … think she was still dealing with herself

  18. @Blackhalls – lol. Saw your comment on MG. Ndithule mntaka Mhonci before I’m asked to explain the “exotic” illness.
    I love Vuyo Dabula nam. He looks like the type that could chow you from all angles. Lift you up in his strong arms and do you goed.
    UAaron looks like he had just had sex.

  19. What is the name of that another jah neh lady on top of Actor Musa and that one with white hair?

  20. Doll Face I’m guessing her show was wack nhe, katlego ufake iponds, Khumalo sisters would make a good trio with Skolpad included.

  21. Khuli Chana loves meat neh!
    I love me some Aaron. I know he is gay but cery private ngepersonal life yakhe. Zeeba unabani uAaron? Seeing that you have a list of gay couples.

  22. Phindile Gwala shame man that thing looked terrible

    Are these men curvy or are the pants too tight

    I loved that pink gown on mbau she looked gorgeous

    The Khumalo sisters- is it the pics or are they losing their yellowness?

  23. I feel pity for Mantashe … he sounded so stupid yesterday … Nobody’s father should allow another man to humilate him like this infront of the world … 702 was playing his last weeks interview clip Vs Yesterdays conference … Its sad shame .. Zuma has them by balls

  24. But guys Nomzamo was very adamant that she NEVER wants to get married. That she does not believe in that institution but would love to have kids. I think it was on Nicki Greenwall’s tv show.

    @Dollface; the way I laughed when Uyanda said she wants to be an INTERNATIONAL reality tv SUPERSTAR! I dont even know how to describe last night’s episode. I dont think those adjectives exist. Words truly elude me.

  25. Yes @Yoza …. thats why i was saying she was still dealing with herself … her issues … the Khaya thing real broke her … Maps has been wanting to wife her for sometime now and she has been saying NO.

  26. ” Dumi mkokstad and his een.” —– so Zeebs is that Dumi Mkokstads Person?

  27. U Maps no Nomzamo bayachaza in some of their interviews , no Maps comes alive nyana..
    But Nomzamo in a recent interview said she has no aspirations of marriage & even while with Khaya Mthethwa ebezoshada ngoba enzela yena not because its what she wanted..kodwa ke asikho apho

    Sisese kulabantwana be 90s, xa betyeka Nomi mabatyiwe siflourishe .

  28. Lawrence maleka and suits that dont fit, i saw him with some girl e mall of africa this past weekend, regular pretty girl they looked extra cozy,
    unrelated: mihlali ndamase is a walking flame.

  29. @mohato Yes Mihlali is pretty, she gives me chinless Draya vibes. Mayihlome should donate islevu

  30. @Yoza @Lala2 it felt like I was watching *My World* never was I ready for UyandaItsOn to be a UyandaItsOff hahhahahhhaha Lol in 2017, umbhedo onje ayikhona sbali

  31. Khanyi Mbau uvuthiwe!! Phindile Gwala has a nice body i dont know why she decided to wear that mess is she engaged to that hot model? She is another one who is about the TTT life with a man at home

  32. Someone pls help me, why are these MP’s resigning instead of staying and voting against Zuma in the no confidence motion? Nx

  33. @Mohato says;unrelated: mihlali ndamase is a walking flame.
    That Gwala girl’s S deserves to be pounded. and I can detox and weeks leave for Mihlali.

  34. yhuuuu Lala2 i am exhausted on her behalf ke tanna! forever addressing haters! MamakaKimberly soze ulibone izulu wena! LMAO! lawrence maleka can get it all day everyday.! However way he wants it ! Nomzamo Mbatha is predictable 🙁 let me go and stalk Wendy’s instagram

  35. DJ Tiras wife needs to be prosecuted for letting her man leave the house with those ill fitting pants, surely they could have approached a tailor to do something but ke amacherrie akwa zulu azange anaso i style ,so what did i expect . andiyazi le inxitywe ngu zama wakwa isibaya ,looks like she was there for an audition yaka black cinderella

  36. You’ve been hinting wanting to be a Ben 10, a side to those gay men and now these hot chicks.

  37. You take words out of my mouth @Cutie Vuyo Dubula has That Thing. Dubula! Dubula!

    That comment @Senzangakhona @Cutie was just shady especially from site that doesn’t address PVZ issues. As for contracting the ‘exotic disease’ on IG,I just thought of Buhle…LOL

    @BlackS and play this in the background

    I thought the citrus in me was brewing. This chick ngathi she doesn’t need a blanket when ateteta umtwana…uvele azihlalele. *walks away with my medium rump*

    LOL @Babes We Intergrity

  38. I am slowly developing a crush for u Vusi Nova ..ever since i saw his D print brothers looks like his packing and he is becoming more butch by the day ….

  39. @Homewrecker – why is it Tira’s wife’s duty to ensure that he looks good. Surely there are mirrors in that house. Uthini xa ezijongile? It’s also possible that he didn’t wake up from home

  40. Lol @Cutie you would expect oTeddie, Nomi,HomeWrecker,Theo to be one with women clearly if you have dique your Patriarchy Membership is still intact.

    One wrong move ku Skolopad it’s over.

  41. The guy with Clement aka Kwaito is Oyama he was/is a writer for skeem Sam and he’s very much a ‘close’ friend of Clement and Oros Mampofu. Rumor has it they have ‘parties’ and it’s a celebrated thing naye uOros likes dicking others nje. Hi Lawrence.

  42. Wayaphi Fezokuhle, Justnje how do actors get paid please break it down for me like where do their salaries come from ?

  43. As for Uyanda’s show last nite. Lost for words….me thinks we’ve seen better reality shows. He show is about me me me me…no substance nje. 1st episode was hella confusing…no intro to her life, we were all flown to Dubai and to do what exactly? Look at her swaying her feet in the pool, because her weave. Then she goes on to say she wants to be International star – Thixo. Bese aboMinnie na boQueen B e ba eng bona?

  44. @Mathaz reminds me a bit of Nas and the influence also comes through in his songs. Reason is hot.

  45. Lala2
    Apr 6, 2017 at 11:12 am
    Wayaphi Fezokuhle, Justnje how do actors get paid please break it down for me like where do their salaries come from ?
    ukhona uFezo saw her a few days ago.. Still pretty as always.

  46. I know Linda is obssesed with being a Disney princess, that mustve been her inspiration.
    Katlego really layered on the pressed powder hey? He must have used Thando Thabetes make up bag.
    Khuli and his partner are nicely dressed, simple and fun
    Melanie wearing her best Parkhurst housewife dress!

  47. Karabo AKA police bae,Mlungisi Mathe and Lawrence Maleka can gang up on me anytime

    U Sinazo looks like mannequine yakwa HomeChoice LOL!!!!

  48. Guys, this exodus of MPs, why are they leaving before the motion of no confidence? Makes no sense to me. Former Energy Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson also just resigned..

  49. These MPs are such cowards! They would rather resign than vote in support of the motion of no confidence! Sad

  50. Hlaudi’s is pulling the 3 witches zaku McBeth…’when shall we meet again,in rain or in thunder’

    @MamaMethod how is Method? Any milestones.

    @Hamilton how is your little one doing?

    LOL @Mamonger even after 35 we still feel iheartbreak? Ayijwayeleki this thing.

  51. To say ishow kaUyanda was disastrous would be a gross understatement! Self indulgent, narcissistic mess. She talked about herself the whole time and her shoes and her shoes, her shoes, they are authentic, her shoes…. I couldn’t finish it, it was torturous, her shoes *sigh*

  52. @girliegal … I think they are in a difficult position .. They are there because of ANC and after the NWC decision to back JZ, ANC will put taps on them and how they vote on that emotion. SO for them, rather than voting for someone they dont belive in, they are opting to rather resign ….
    This is not easy … their entire livehood is threathed … Zuma hooligans dont play …. watch news tomorrow and see what will happen with the AntiZuma matches … sisenjeni

  53. hello bloggers!while still in the spirit of through backs…
    can somebody gps me to a post where a site to download books was shared.

  54. @Cutie Apr 6, 2017 at 10:40 am Say: Kutheni ingathi unobizo nje @Blackstallion?
    Alwantoni ngoku.
    @BlackHalls: Please check out Losin Control by Russ… You have a strange taste in music; your palate is similar to mine.

    @Girliegirl: The exodus is promoted by the fact that these politicians are seasonal career politicians who do not want to be left out in the next gravy train. They can see that the one they are on is so blatantly stomach politics and history will judge it harshly. Bhuti Mcebisi is aware that SA loves him now for refusing the 600bars and the other ANC guys view him as a guy who upholds the true values of ukhongolose. If he votes in parliament he will be viewed as a traitor in by both factions. As for the vice president his balls are in the President’s Jar because he did not want to suffer the same fate as our less devil former FM. I am not surprised by this exodus….

  55. @girliegal….I wouldn’t call it an exodus just yet, cause the people that are resigning are the expelled minister and deputies, so it could be a case of ‘sour’ grapes

  56. Lol @Cutie!

    Damn!!! @Black Stallion…good thing I am immersed in G.L.O.W I would be weeping like a MF *in Samuel L Jackson voice* it’s not a strange taste but a good taste. I am glad I keep meeting people who like the music I like and it helps checking the Lesotho Raw Boys, I love their taste in music.

    I wanted to respond regarding Katlego looking like a Congolese man! Clearly he did not get the memo about dark skinned men @Senzangakhona

  57. Got it way after, multitasking isn’t for everyone, rendered me slow a bit there kiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  58. That kiiiiiiiiiiiiii is suspect @Senzangakhona are you also a bloggitude like me.

  59. Thando Thabethe opens up about her man

    Media personalty Thando Thabethe told all and spilled the beans on her man, Frans Mashao.

    The Generations: The Legacy star told Bona Magazine she and Frans met on a yacht at a media event four years ago and he made fun of her toes. She said she found him funny, and after that, it all fell into place. “I gave him my number and we met up in Johannesburg and have been together ever since.”

    Thando says just because she’s a public figure doesn’t mean she’ll hide her man and attempt to keep him away from the media, she added that she’ll flaunt her relationship fearlessly because she wants people know she’s happy. “I don’t put myself under too much pressure. I’m not going to hide my man just because I’m in the public eye. When I feel like posting his pictures on social media, I do. Everyone wants to show off their love, and I’m no different just because I’m a public figure.”

  60. I like Thando..she seems very girl next door. Unlike others who are confused on whether they want to be private or not

  61. Isn’t an open secret that whoever runs Treasury and Defence actually runs the country? I can’t believe that JZ was touched by that article…so.petty! Unbelievable

  62. The girl who’s with Lebo Gunguluza (Lebo Jojo Mokoena, I went to the same high school as her) has a baby with Cashflow Ngcobo and they live together at his house in waterfall city but she’s always with Gunguluza, he’s always in her insta stories and they travel together a lot. I know Gunguluza and Cashflow are friends but I find this so odd. This TTT lifestyle is so confusing

    Who’s Lerato K’s baby daddy? I’ve always wondered

  63. Luella says:

    Who’s Lerato K’s baby daddy? I’ve always wondered

    Gayton is her baby daddy.

  64. Guys, did Shimza break up with that lady? That one with the skinny nice body.. Her handle start with Mgwa something(that one that used to date Yengeni? And he is now with Knaomi? BATHONG!!

    She is going to show him flames! Yhuuuuuu!

  65. @paidoffdoll I’ve always suspected, are they still together or they are also team co-parenting

  66. You know guys I actually enjoy reading the political comments on JC. At least I can also shine when I’m out and about nam!!

    Thank you to the #IntelectJC

  67. Luella: They are co-parenting. the hair salon she runs he owns some of it or something… The last I checked he was married to Moloko but appereantly Moloko is studying to be a preacher under Pushie’s wing and she left him cause she couldn’t deal. But I see them together at times around

  68. Amehlo kaFrans aka Mr Thabooty ngaweCrook
    Any tea on Pearl Moody’s relationship status?#NdabazabantuJC
    @Priska and @Annalise khumbulani ekhaya

  69. Momanger- Pearl is so back with her fiancé guys… It’s been about a month now well at least so says her stylist. *hides*

  70. Moloko will never leave Gayton! He is with them both Lerato and Moloko. It will be a long time before Moloko leaves even under the influence of her sisters in christ.

  71. luella dont u have her mixed up with someone? cashflow is with keo, and his baby mama (s) are old

  72. @paidoffdoll
    You mean Athi Geleba? another ANC deployee who is a celebrity wannabe, same tendencies as abo Lupi and the Gigabytes.

    IT will be a cold day in hell before @Athi leaves Shims, he is probably chowing both of them at the same time. Anyway these celebrities seldom practice monogamy.

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    MyBroadband continued its investigation, testing numerous Full HD TVs which were sold at Game, HiFi Corp, Sounds Great, House&Home, and Takealot.
    The findings were damning.
    Our EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) testing showed that multiple Telefunken and JVC Full HD TVs sold at these retail outlets did not appear to have Full HD panels.Following MyBroadband’s investigation and questions to major retailers regarding the issue, certain stores started to remove these televisions from their shelves.
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    “We have quarantined the stock. We, like other retailers, now await the outcome of discussions between Nu-World Industries and the National Consumer Commission regarding the next steps,” said Massmart

  74. @Impostor yes Athi.. oh wow! I thought they broke up.. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen Shimz with Naomi. I just saw them at Morningside an hour ago, they came in his Aclass together…

    He probably still with Lerato too cause that salon, he helped her to finance and the c-class. He has always taken good care of her. I just thought they were not together anymore and co-parenting *shrugs*

  75. @paidoffdoll

    Athi is very obsessed with Shimz, she is very much team bekezela, he cheated on her countless times and she stayed, but maybe this time around Shimz just decided to dump her to be with k. Shame poor thing I feel for her.

  76. Khuli Chana’s wife looks at least 15 years older than him!?? Yes I’m being spicy??

  77. @Mohato just did a lil research, it seems she’s with Gunguluza not Cashflow. For some reason i thought Gunguluza was married

  78. MsChoc says:

    Knaomi doesnt have a type. all things go

    That is the truest tru!!! Hahahhahahahahhaahahh!!

  79. Gunguluza divorced ages ago!! He loves them skinny and young! Why do women fall for him? He will promise you the world than one and then nothing!! “This deal! That deal!!!” Ahhhh man!

  80. ‘ First Witch
    1 When shall we three meet again?
    2. In thunder, lightning, or in rain?: It was thought that witches could create their own weather. 2 In thunder, lightning, or in rain’

    Hlaudi’s mum really did call some old favours from Benin from the islands. This rain with thunder that came out of nowhere! Mxcm!

    LOL @Mamonger bloggers can see amehlo we crook.

  81. I will never understand why Athi left TTT for Shimz!! Ai!! She had a good life before him and he was just a downgrade!!! Now you have A Nothing Of A Naomi chowing your man! Aaaaaahhhhh!!

  82. Apparently gunguluza is all hype and isn’t as rich as he makes himself out to be. Guys who know him will tell you that he is a crook of note.

  83. Ijoh! I honestly had no idea Moloko was married to Gayton. Where is her twin sister?

  84. @paidoffdoll he bought her a merc and she’s always attending events and award ceremonies claiming to be working so it seems gunguluza is empowering her in some way. i just hope he’s serious about her, that girl is too sweet @adriana i wouldn’t put that passed him, phela even his bff (cashflow) is said to be a crook

  85. Hello Momejala sthandwa saam.

    Saw’bona we Theology s’nqandalyzer saam somqino.E-mail me kalok,lo 2017 maybe ngowethu.I actually want us to spend time together this year.I intend on changing ezindawo ndiphola kuzo ngoku and go to new places.Wena Shem ndikuthandela ukubaWoke,ubaneStyle neClass-nyana and always looking for the best and finer things in life even though your wallet is not Motsepefied yet.You are the kind of Ozband material that I have been longing for.

    Model of the story?Masitshate Ngqangqa,ubengowam,naam ndibengowakho…

    Client updates be done on Loki’s in the news 🙂

  86. LeloCafe is so cute kodwa.I wish that she was a with our MsLeloB azomfundisa istyle-nyama.His outfits are always dull for a beauty like him.He must also consider joining gym to up his game abukeke appetising.

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