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This past week Idols said goodbye to my homie Bevin Samuels, I am yet to meet a youngster who is In love with creator. Bevin is a Jesus freak, He trusted the Lord in this journey and was more than happy to have made it to this season’s top 6.

dsc_0234The theme for the week had two rounds, How it should have been done for firat round and songs from music Icons was round two.


Lucia opened round one with her golden husky voice, I loved how she opened the show, I had goosebumps throughout her performance.  I enjoyed how she did a quard voice interchange. It was magical. R. Kelly If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time was in good vocal hands.


Thami, sang Enrique Iglesias’s Hero, I feel Thami is one trick pony, I’m still waiting for him to disaply a different octave. He is certainly a strong vocalist and he sang the hell out of hero.
Noma chose to sing You Raise Me Up ka osh Groban. My first thought was “why is this girl choosing to sing powerful songs that swallow her up” . I listened with disinterest as she started the song but when she bridged the “You raise me up!” part I immediately found myseld at the Methodist Church in Johnson Road. She dlakazad that song. I’m speechless… she needs to look at her low notes.
Ed Sheran Thinking Out Loud was remade by Tebza . I did not enjoy his first verse but later caught on
And ran with it. Talented lad is this Tebza.
Terra sang Adele’s Hello, he wanted to show case his authenticity by his version that I enjoyed. Again he stuffs up the song by jumping his cueues. Terra’s head is definitely not in the competition anymore, the pressure is really cracking him up to pieces. I really really feel sorry for him he might be leaving us next week. I felt sorry for him as he is the most talented this season, the whole state theatre was not feeling his rendition people just looked at him. Shem he tried to restore himself.
Round 2.:


Songs from music idols Lucia chose to sing Lira’s Phakade my mind went straight to this year’s Stabndard Bank joy of jazz. It was perfect!
There’s no doubt in mind that Lira would love Lucis’s  rendition.


James Brown I Got You was properly done with sugar spice chillies honey and everything nice. Best ever performance by Thami he was in some fierce zone he looked delicious while dishing it out too. Completely blown away by the song choice as well as the perfomance.
Heaven Couldn’t Wait For You by Beyonce felt like Noma was dedicating the song to someone.  (And she was)I could not connect her performance, it  was definitely a downa from her first performance. That’s all!
Asa Fire On The Mountain, was redone well.smooth smooth operator is Tebza.
If It’s Over by one of my ultimate favroite artists of all times Mimi… Terra neh
A well deserved round of applause.
Zeeba (c)
Images supplied by TladiPhotography


  1. Hi Guys, I’ve been a silent blogger for atleast a month now.. I’ve been (watching, listening & learning) you guys are really insightful… *sorry for an essay*

    *Durbanites* I’ve a dilemma here. I met this guy about 3weeks ago now & I’m really enjoying his company –

    We get along, we talk all the time during the day & night & we’ve been on a couple of dates. He seems decent enough (appearance & mannerism) – however, I can’t seem to shake the feeling that something is off with him.

    In the times I’ve seen him, he’s fetched me in a silver G63 the other times its was a white Porsche, he says he has a ”engineering consulting co” but I assume he does tenders, he seems pretty (young) too – Mid 30’s maybe…..I’m really enjoying his company & seeing that I wanna quit my job & pursue my business full time. I’ll “NEED” someone like him to cushion me up here & there. I really like him too, as a person, I just don’t wanna be in a position where I’m clueless – ya’ll know men can create a whole damn new identity right?!

    I’ve tried to get scoop on him, even asked my friends who party alot & ‘know of’ these kind of guys & they had no idea who he was. He’s dark, ‘tallish’ & says he stays in Kloof. His name starts with D. (lol I don’t know if I can say peoples names.)

    If anyone has any info of his ‘real’ job & marital status ( hadn’t asked cause I thought it was too early). Even tho I suspect he is married. He doesn’t wear a ring. Please help a sista. I need a financial injection in my personal & business life. Lol.

  2. I’m just curious, as to how someone who seems so ‘legit’ in talk wouldn’t be known by anyone? (Durban is way too small)… I party too but not as crazy as I did in Varsity & when I met him I’d never ‘heard’ of such a person. Anyone with info. Help a sista. Help a sista. Lol.

  3. I love the fact that Terra is the “most talented “according to your opinion not that its true. I’m Team Thami but I choose Lucia instead of Terra not u Terra ocula ngomqala.

  4. And Tebogo goes and redeems himself.. but I’m still team Thami.. to the bitter end. Poor Lucia. How I was secretly wishing Terra goes home.. Mxm

  5. I don’t know how Terra is more popular than Lucia…she was the best singer we had in a long time.

  6. Anybody watched #Theinterview on eNca last nite? Our President guys……I’m just lost for words!

  7. No, Vesa, I didn’t watch. Summary’nyana? Will check for repeats, I hope akhona

    Hey, @Annalise! Saw you on that post but I keep getting some database error when trying to login.

  8. My summary – Zuma and Hulley (his lawyer) basically attended the interview and answered none of the questions. The lawyer was the one doing all the answering, until Thuli instructed him to shut up. You can listen at the link ht

  9. Vesa it was clear that he went there knowing very well that he was not gonna answer any question, all the delaying tactics were just a strategy to frustrate the PP. I think his lawyer is good and he (JZ) is not as stupid as we think, ngutsotsi omdala.

  10. Hulley has been raking millions out of JZ for years. The joke is that he charges him for advising and then withdraw the charges a few years later. To think that I was at varsity with that guy at Dbn westville, get into the same bus with him.I never thought he’ll be so connected.

  11. God dammit our President is dodgy AF! 😆
    Hulley mentions the President has “flu” then immediately afterwards JZ starts coughing uncontrollably. Jakop is special shem. Mme Thuli’s patience and calmness is on steroids. That interview was just pure frustration and comedy at most.

  12. @Hamilton, but their strategy didn’t work. I think that they were applying delaying tactics, knowing that Thuli’s exit date was near. So they planned to delay her, hoping she won’t finalize the report without JZ’s responses, and soon it would be time-up for her. Also, they hoped that interdicting the report was gonna work in their favour, and SA would never get to see the final report.

  13. I hope the court grants the parties that opposed JZ interdict their request that the President be made to pay the legal fees personally. Cause amongst other things it became clear as the case unfolded that he never intended to argue the case and it can at best be described as a delaying tactic to the release of the report and also most worryingly an abuse of court processes.

  14. “Hulley mentions the President has “flu” then immediately afterwards JZ starts coughing uncontrollably. Jakop is special shem. Mme Thuli’s patience and calmness is on steroids. That interview was just pure frustration and comedy at most.”

    hahah hahah hahah hahah haha you guys are joking!!!! did he really do that? tltltltl

  15. Vesa I think it worked because the report was not as explosive as everyone expected, only just because JZ refused to answer the questions. No one is implicated of anything hence the PP felt the need to leak the interview so that people could hear for themselves that she tried but JZ could not cooperate. Phela people are disappointed that she found nothing against him now she is under pressure to prove that she did not fail but Hulley made it impossible for her to question JZ. Yingako ngithi Hulley is good and JZ is no fool like we think.

  16. @Hamilton I don’t think it worked. By refusing to answer the questions privately between him and PP, he will now be forced to answer them publicly in front of the Commission to be appointed. His delaying tactics forced Thuli to make the decision she might not have made…now, we will see people testifying publicly…what they did was a bad move, the Gupta’s might be called too….

  17. posh lets wait and see, I still believe that if his strategy did not work the recording would not be leaked by whoever leaked it to the media. It worked for now, the plan was to delay it until Thuli leaves. Now they are strategizing for phase 2 which is the commission, we will see.

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