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I was home this past weekend thinking about everything Radio, how it is such mission these days to tune in to any radio station without thinking of being bored. I am one of those people that don’t listen to radio for music but content and entertainment obviously by the host’s and their features.

My memory lane took me to the Grant and Anele’s show on 5fm. I knew my lunch hour was well taken care of with Grant And Anels’s listeners dedication feature. Being a lover of Pop and commercial rock my musical needs for such would be satisfied.

Then there was the breakfast show on MetroFM ka Thomas Msengana, Lupi Ngcayisa, Flo and that sports guy whose name escaped me… the one that couldn’t say THIRTHY.YES, his name is BBK. I loved that show bandla, it comprised of craziness informative and all the other forms. Flo was the more sane person from the bunch, I think she was studying law or something. Thomas le-Lupi bona had that good/bad relationship, you could tell they knew a lot about each other. I would be mad at self for missing the bunch ekuseni… Can’t they re-unite babuye nje for two seconds, radio is a bore without them… ohh this is before the new ANC driven Lupi.

KC August show (minus the extras) on Umhlobo Wenene gave me more than just life. My afternoon’s were always perfection with him kwi-waves. Him with the extras sound so rehearsed yet disorganised that I can’t bare shem I just can’t…I was unable to load KC’s photo I opted for Lupi because they had a nice stint of  dishing out dirt on KC’s show.

Dj Sbu on YFM was more than an inspiration. His breakfast show motivated me to a large extent, through his show I discovered Lelo Boyana of Just Curious.

Ice-T (Just Ice) was another show I miss, his sharp tongue made it more than just unique. (Metro FM)


Bertha and Azania on Metro Fm did their thing as well, as much as I enjoyed Bertha’s show but when Aza took over the spot the show was still relatable.

I miss Gareth Cliff on 5, his unapologetic sharp tongue was what I tuned in for. His opinionated self and not caring much about the world but proving his point attitude was what I enjoyed more. He was working with a nice group Mabale, Leigh-Ann (the reformed alcoholic) as  co-hosts to the show.

Ursula  (Brown Shuga) used to host a top something show Saturday’s,  I loved that show. I really did! I was still in school at that time and I would make it a point I’m tuned in every Saturday.

Azania, Mel Bala and TT were also a cute bunch of intellectuals, much needed stimulation for the head in the morning. Yeah-yah!

What Radio shows/hosts do you miss?


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  1. I use to love Radio. I never missed Gareths show and I absolutely loved Azania on Metro (forgot the name of the show). Now radio has become such a bore. I now love 94.7 in the mornings. Whackhead Simpson makes radio seem so effortless and I’m pretty upset about swapping slots with Anele.Imagine waking up to Anele?ayyy yhuu!!

  2. @BarbieDoll: please create an e-mail address for this [intlekele(dot)dineo(eth)jimeyile(dot)khom]…I will contact you.I have a plan that will be beneficial for the both of us.But it won’t be easy because I have to ask tough questions before I can decide whether to intervene or not.
    You can get out of this mess quickly!Gxabha-gxabhisa,you can sell a car and some furniture items (check how smart DJ Zinhle is by selling her furniture) to save a house,but don’t you ever dare let go of this house *egixa* not without a fight!!!

    I am with you nomJustyJusy.
    Please get back to me!

  3. offramp : I’m 30 WEEKS pregnant and I just want my due date to arrive. I’m so exhausted! yhu! I’m never putting myself through this again

  4. Enkosi for this beautiful piece Z-bar.Uke ume pha kwimicimbi yaseKhitshini if you wanna redeem yourself vah sthandwa?You are getting there now.Ndikuva apha emazantsini esisu

    I grew up in a Xande with no music player: no hi fi or TV until I graduated from matric.
    I would do garden jobs and wash people’s cars just so I could get the cheapest radio stereo to keep me intertained (costed from R30-60) …I just loved hearing nice and new music from radio: from gospel to house to Afro pop to jazz….OMG.Radio is so influential,yall have no idea.I have so many plans for radio,wish I had connections with station managers from Umhlobo Wenene and True fm to give the my ideas,so that they could redeem the fuckery that is their stations.

    Never listened to English radio stations, except for Algoa fm on Sundays (your music, your world).So,I spent more time doing Umhlobo Wenene and I have to thank them for their current affairs work- it taught me proper isiXhosa.The quality of Xhosa news writers ibhabha phaaa neBirds kumhlobo.
    True FM (like no one else) was my jam as well.I liked that I could call in and get to speak to the presenters quicker than I could on Umhlobo.

    I liked:
    1.KC’s show #AfternoonDrive @3pm-17H30pm.Enjoyed his drama/comedy clips (ooThamara,Munda-munda,Aunt Dimpiza)…
    2.Tsidi Jokwana-Monteiro’s show,#EzithandwaNdim (ingoma).Tsidi always had this love for international RnB …love music nje yinto yakhe.Abo Phatha-phatha aka Touch My Body by Mariah Carey ?
    3.Loved all current affairs shows: #Laphum’iKhwezi #AphaNaphaya OMG I was that annoying kid who listens to adult shows.My friends used to be so annoyed!I would leave them for iindaba zika19H30- for uNoxolo Grootboom noZodwa Nogilana noSiyavuya Sineke.
    4.Later discovered 12down when I couldn’t sleep (insomnia).
    That show was informative …Saba kaMbixane,and mamaKaMa-Asi were perfect for that show.I loved my old people!The current 12 down now called #Umxholo with Luzuko Koti is too political for Umhlobo Wenene.Wish they could only have it twice a week only (Mondays and Thursdays).He is another Eusebius Makaiser than one.Uyabhulisha a bit,yiLaType yoo JustNje and Lolo.Banyanzela i-opinions zabo efokothweni lomntu and they are very good at it shem,caba yitalente ekuphela kwayo abanayo.tltltlt

  5. Total Bliss with Azania was the highlight of my day and then to close it off with Eddie Zondi The Obsession- I just loved how cruel he was to the male callers but always nice to the ladies.

  6. Gareth Cliff’s show was great…if I needed a laugh I’d listen to it. Dineo Ranaka and Chilli M were a great combo…

  7. oh@Nomi I loved radio current affairs especially uKhozi Abasiki bebunda(6pm) ezisematheni (1pm) forgot the 5am slot. from ubaba uMthimkhulu to oKhalesakhe Mbense itv was not needed. Alex Mthiyane was also a forerunner I loved his IsiZulu.
    fav shows was Bheki Msane for breakfast, that man could talk you out of bed. and his jazz and fusion slot on Sunday.

    kube umfundisi uNtanzi on Vumelani anantwana on Sunday, he taught me the bible.

    Linda Sibiya on Afternoon drive ALONE. his closing selection gave me life.

    Mroza 12-3 ALONE hers was boss!

    for Music Jacaranda or East coast. P4 AKA igagasi would repeat songs 5x a day yangiphuma

    co-hosting ruined good shows shame

  8. The way I station hop now, I also miss azania on metro. I love just Ice on R2000 now but im put off by music, I don’t like stations that play music. Also Sakina when she was on metro but I still love her on SAFM.

    Im yet to find a station that I will listen to from morning till noon without changing stations. Now its: SAFM 6-9, Kaya FM or R200 9-12, 12-3 still looking for s nice show. 3-6 SAFM, then icing on the top 7-8 mapaseka on kaya fm

  9. Now This is When I used to Listen to Radio, I loved Tbo Touch when he was on Saturday and I was crushing on him even after seeing that nose the first time he appeared on metro awards kiiii

    Anyone remember Bambo Johnson? The crack of dawn and used to imitate ,the voice nkosi…

    I always ask people about Mr L I think he is Phat Joe’s lil brother? Lebo GPS me to his where about I did not sleep listening to him

    And the top 40 by Lucitan,loved the top nton nton with Lucitan,when is he vele?

    Then there was Thomas and his breakfast Family, it was nice

    And I loved Glen when he was doing the drive alone.

    And now I don’t even listen to Metro anymore, I would rather listen to Olifant speaking Zulu trying to duck and dive

  10. Awu Zamokuhle: Ave llngangiluEnjoya uKhozi the first time I visited Joebug.
    Love how the Zulu presenters get excited when hosting a Xhosa musician from the Eastern Cape.Makes you feel like they wish that they could move to EC.Lol!

    Currently, I do Unathi and Glen only if I wake up early.If Unathi is absent,I switch off shem.
    BBE on Umhlobo (not the whole show,just certain parts)
    Then at 8,switch to 702.
    At 10am,change to Metro and switch off after AskAMan (11am).Then I’m done for the day lol.
    I like Tsidi from Umhlobo’s Wednesday show (1/22:00-23H59).

  11. Cutie says:

    What does Thomas Msengana do these days?

    Posted on March 7th, 2017

    The hottest show on Kaya on Friday and Saturday. The music is insane!

  12. When I was a child I used to listen to umama ka ma Asi on a Saturday morning and they’d have Gcina Mhlophe read stories.
    Thomas’ breakfast show was the best. They did him dirty but replacing him with Kenny
    I used to loooooooove Siz n Scoop and Rhyme and reason ka Tbo Touch.
    Paul Mtirara on a Sunday afternoon after church. I’d listen to it when I was gowishing intliziyo yam ibebuhlungu more
    Khanya Gqiyazana is also a nice show on the occasion I listen to Mhlobo

  13. Wake up to 702 from 5am to 7am when I leave the house. I miss miss Azanias total bliss. Still listen to her 702 show if i have my headphones at the desk.then mapaseka, mostly podcasts though.

  14. Radio ayisafani. I station hop nami these days.

    Azania’s show was the bomb,the musi. I hated Sbu’s inspiration talk but enjoyed the house music he played on Saturday when he was on Metro and his guests. Fresh and Thato on YFM were also held it down. I agree,Mam’Daddy and Daddy AKA Dineo and Chilli M were also a fire combo. Thomas,Lupi and Vatiwsa Ndara were also fun to listen to. Grant and Anele as well. Gareth and his crew were also helirious.Thuso Motaung and his dramatic antics. LMAO!

    Now radio is dead.

    The most depressing segment on radio is that part where they announced people that have died. That voice :-/

  15. Radio has dumb down, ayisafani nyani. Andithi they now after numbers instead of quality shows with proper content :-(.

    I listen to power FM but hayi no.

    Lol. @blackhalls, imiphanga used to freak me out. I still don’t get the why they do that.

  16. @Nomi I used to love love KCI’s show, hayi ngoku bayi mosha ngokufaka ico-hosts. Ndamka me Nam. Mxm!!

  17. @bae900 I agree Thomas and Co were played dirty when they removed them from the breakfast slot. They were witty and quick.

    The way the Mokweles like discussing sex ,I always imagine that the sex is lit in that household.

  18. I also loved KCI’s afternoon show (before Zizo) when he used to imitate and troll on Celebs.

  19. So Thomas only works 6 hours a week! He’s one blessed fella to have a wife that hustles like Unsta. He probably has other business interests

  20. I used to love KCi before he got fired but after he got his job back and made to co host with Luks I heard a really horrible side to him and put me off him forever. Now I listen to Xolani in the mornings if I can’t get a good enough signal to listen to BEE on umhlobo. 9 – 10 Eusebius and 10 – 12 tbose after that I listen again only after 3 to Redi.

  21. BEE is one of the best radio shows. I love the atmosphere and imihlinzo. I listen to Metro fm and 702 at times. I hop too

  22. For all those busy-bees who love radio but have no time to listen live here is a fantastic website for podcast(except Powerfm shows)…

  23. JC oldies niyilibala njani i show ka Betha Charumba(sp) she used to host the 9-12 slot on metro back whn i was in primary. She had such a beautiful voice id look forward to school holidays so i can hear her deep bass voice…oh and she loooooved Mary J Blige ALOT usistaaaz

  24. I love radio as well. In the mornings from 5-8am i listen to Metro then hop to GoodhopeFM up until 9am.I hate Somizi and Khanyis show on Metro. Its too much, cant deal with ingxolo yabo. From 9-10 i listen to 702 then hop to Metro at 10am for AskAMan. Then the whole day its back to 702. I prefer talk radio shem.

    How i miss listening to 12down on Umhlobo wenene. Nowadays i dont wake up at that time.

  25. Thanks Nomi for helping Barbiedoll. This is why this blog will never die. I wonder whatever happened to the lady who tyisad the doctor #jccommunity #jcarchives

  26. Bertha Charuma on Metro mid morning.
    Fresh on Thato on Y in the morning..
    Thomas and Lee Kasumba
    Rap activity jam with Paul and Oskido

    Guys 702 Sunday lineup in now on fire.. I’m hooked I don’t even Chanel hop anymore on Sundays!! #Soulconnection or something- they call it!
    Kenny Mestry *spelling
    Paul Mtirara (metro)
    Non Botha (from Khaya)

  27. I can’t stand BEE La ntsini annoys me to no end?.

    @Exiled what dark side is this? please share #tongueOut

    They do blackhalls hey. I also wonder about their sex life.

  28. Breakfast With Thomas
    Total Bliss
    The Ultimate Midday Experience with Penny
    The Avenue 3-6

    And if I was still on the road, I’d switch to Mo Flava on YFM for a little bit because Marawa was not an option.

    @BlackHalls, I even remember the jingle from the Ukhozi FM death announcements. It was so creepy. LOL!

  29. Alex Mthiyane and S’bonga Mngadi (Now Zungu) then Lucky Sefatsa came. That breakfast was everything.

    Drive show, I gotta give it to Linda Sibiya.

    On Total Bliss I love the AA feature, now #AskAMan. Lol.

    Bongi Magudulela Gumbi left a huge gap on midday radio. Akekho obhora ukudlula uMroza on that slot. She did well kwezemishado ngoMgqibelo

  30. Radio was my first love. The morning shows ko Thobela FM while mama prepared me and my brother for school before she left for work. We’d go back to bed while listening waiting to leave. Priceless *hearts*
    We still have my dad’s 19voetsek radio that still works. He used to listen to Mahlakung on Thobela every night. It’s on my mom’s headboard and she continues to do so in his absence.

    I juggle between 94.7, Jacaranda and 702. I also have a radio on my headboard that I listen to religiously.

  31. Is Melanie Bala still an extra on Glen and Unathi’s show? Does she have other gigs besides that? I mean, by now she should be among the media “legends” of her time like Azania and Penny but CV yakhe :/ ingathi uyonqena

  32. @Nomi_Super_Star
    Email created. intlekele(dot)dineo(at)
    I’ll wait for your email. Thank you.

  33. I used to listen to YFM ka di nako tsa bo Rude Paul, Sizwe Dhlomo, Dineo le bo Bonang.

    Then It was Alex Mthiyane le bo Kini Ko Gagasi FM. Now and then I listen to #ASK A Man.

    Favoured, I never said Top Billing was not shooting, I was surprised not to see the crew getting busy there at the POLO but instead I saw Zuri interviewing Nomzamo ko E!Africa and was asking Vergara why it looks like the TP was not shooting as per usual!!!!!

  34. Ukhozi fm died when the ff people left:
    1. Kansas City umfana omuhle kunabobonke abafana emhlabeni
    2. Bheki Cosmos Msane who was playing fusion “ubisi lwento”
    3. Archie Bhengu owayethi “bayidudile bay’thengela izicathulo ayisahambi iyabhadazela
    4. Bhodloza Nzimande aka ingulube encane
    5. VVO Mkhize
    6. Malindi kaNtuli, itshitshi elina 15yrs owayevala ngokuthi wasala Masuku O yami sebeyanguthatha abafana abayisihlanu.

    Bazoze bathi I’m old athi ngiyeke la

  35. @Chase do you remember Vuk’ukhanye Africa? the jingle be like “Monday to Friday, uhlale khala nje engenamali…noma engenamali madoda msizeni ngob’uyabuthand utshwala” damn I miss my childhood, Majoka was the ish

    there was also iTop 20 kaKansas talk about Pioneers!

    how can I forget Muvo Maphalala?

    Zimiphi Biyela(zimdollar) cohosting with Nonhlanhla Buthelezi (mrozar) usigiya ngengema I fell inlove with maskandi.

    pity I can’t stand ukhozi now.

  36. @Teddie, sibadala ngakuphi konje?
    @Zamo, how can I forget Muvo Maphalala uMr Brown inkanyamba yoKhozi!
    How can we leave out Nat Cool Cat Gumbi? Umalume wabantwana ikati lezimanga.

  37. Lol @Just Nje @Bae900 ‘Isaziso. Ngolwesine uJob Makhubo usendlulile emhlabeni. Uzobekwa ngoMgqibelo eZola 9 Dithale Street’ haaaaaaaa! That voice was the same on Zulu or Sotho radio stations.

    Let’s not forget the neighbors who took out their Technics speaker outside and made sure the whole neighborhood heard Thuso Motaung and his moral teachings. LMAO!

    I used to enjoy listening to izitori,I think they aired at 11am.

  38. Chase do you still remember the full praise Malindi Ka Ntuli uses to recite whenever she would start the show?I can go as far as “Siiiiiiiiiiikhulekile ‘khaaaaya yangena intombi”…and she would send a shout out to Mangosuthu Buthelezi,Eish kudala sidla amabele it feels like a century ago Lol.

  39. Troll I don’t believe for one sec that Eddie was bhut’sis… Aneva!

    Kainen I love Mapaseka and crew. Stevel Marc (sp) wa Kiki featured on the show sometime and he was so raunchy and naughty. Mapaseka is a freak! Probably it’s the ZCC tea LOL!

  40. Konje who used to present the popular “Ntetsetse” on the now Lesedi FM and its twin “Zakhala izinciko on the now Ukhozi respectively?

  41. How can I forget the legendary Shado Twala who was on Radio metro! I listen to her segment (Otherwise) on SAfm midday just for the sake of who she is. Her twang gives me chills and the LIFE!

  42. Mr Anti, I still remember it. But yayiyimbi icherie yaMasuku kodwa ivoice iyinhle.

    Wayethi ngoMsombuluko emini bebade, nginibingelela nonke mkhulu nawe gogo, baba nawe mama ntanga nabancane. Bathini abantu phansi kwezihlahla komgababa kwalani kobuzekezeke, siye eGoli kwandonga ziyaduma kwamntanami wendelephi na? Sithole amaspecial five. Wasala Masuku O yami sebeyangithatha abafana abayisihlanu

  43. @Exiled: I streamed live on TruFM sometime last month and I headed Luks Gidane’s voice there!The shookness in me!!!You know that Reggie Solani,the guy that presents with Amaza Ntshanga (Zahara’s person) now on the midday show #Lajik’ilanga was on True fm in the afternoon drive slot with Phetho Soga (3pm-6pm)?So Luks ke replaced Reggie now,he is part of that show and he sounds so calm and collected.That guy has real passion for radio.Its a pitty that he is not an all-rounder like the dreadlocked presenter ….forgot his name…he was on Umhlobo and moved to Algoa fm (was surprised that he would fit in an English radio station).

  44. Hi ladies. Can I please digress a bit. Been trying to search old articles but dololo. Who are the most reliable suppliers on ali express?

  45. Morning radio hasn’t been the same since, I sometimes listen to Justice on Radio2000, but he gets annoying because he has a hint of ignorance, and he even hosts a current affairs show at night, maybe is not ignorance, it’s arrogance thinking he knows everything. I think he is still stuck in the past

  46. I would’ve thought Melanie would be like Redi by now. Or maybe it’s not her vision.
    Thomas is so much fun on Kaya, he really enjoys radio
    Rudeboy Paul! Yfm used to be so good back then, now it’s presenters speaking through their nostrils, twanging their names. Urrgggh

  47. Ohh Zeeba I miss radio now I no longer listen to it.I used to wake up at 5am and listen to Ezanamuhla
    6:30-9am Sbonga Mngadi(Zungu) and Lucky and skip Dudu Khoza at 9-12 and Listen to Bongi Gumbi 12-3pm and Mr Magic Linda Sbiya 3-6pm and Ezanamuhla 6-7pm. Now I only listen to Ask a man at 10:30 and switch off at 11.

  48. @Vergara: that’s the problem with prejudiced people like y’all yazi.Same people who never believed that Luther Vandross and Vusi Nova were actually writing their love songs and/or dedicating them to make versions of AboThandiwe.We will soon find out if Nathi’s Nomvula and Liziwe are really female.There might be a Mvula and Lizo.Otherwise ndithule bhabha andilwi futhi….kiiiiih

  49. Lupi is in Lebogang Maine’s department…there are talks of Lebogang being Premier post 2019 so Lupi’s bragging will be on steroids once he is in the office of the Premier.

    I used to love Just Ice with that brilliant woman her name escapes me.I also miss Touch’s show on Metro…I miss Ayanda; I miss Thato and Thato on YFM.

    But Themba Godi has been SCOPA Chair like forever.

  50. Do you guys trust the self-appointed experts on radio? Especially the ones on Kaya, their advice is dodgey sometimes.

  51. Unathi and BadboyT gave him a place to lay his head when he was down and out and allegedly he would walk around nge panty/gstring around the house when Unsta was at work and it was just him and BadboyT left in the house. Unsta then caught wind of this and wamqosha because he wanted BadboyT to the bone.

  52. Nomi what Frank Ocean did on Channel Orange by using male pronouns in some songs was revolutionary. I thought more artists would follow

  53. One show that used to irritate me was Isigungu but had no choice but listen to it because my uncle uSokelingenankinga was part of it. He made me write a list of his friends who were:
    Always Right;

  54. Sizonya mos nge bragging rights Mathaz.

    Till to this day I haven’t seen Lupi pose in front of his house ala Linda Moeketsi and Bree Hmmmm…

    No prejudice over here @Troll just can’t bring myself to think that of him. The others that you have mentioned can go about their business, except for Luther- he knows the pathway to my heart.

  55. Vergara says:

    Unathi and BadboyT gave him a place to lay his head when he was down and out and allegedly he would walk around nge panty/gstring around the house when Unsta was at work and it was just him and BadboyT left in the house. Unsta then caught wind of this and wamqosha because he wanted BadboyT to the bone.

    Posted on March 7th, 2017

    LMAO! As for parading in a g-string! Thiza!

    @Cutie check Bad Boy T’s show,you and your 40 year old husband will be dancing like it’s the 90s early 2000s.

    I was too young to appreciate Bob Mabena as a broadcaster but he is good.

    Off ramp as well,I used to love Larry King!

  56. The way I used to crush on Rude Boy but was too damn young and Sphiwe Mpye, if I met them in a dark alley…I will pull that gear ala Macroc. I am all grown now…

  57. Lovely post…
    I miss.
    -Total bliss..
    -Tbose metro at night, his Sunday show is lit
    -Bertha was also great
    -Touch metro
    -Thomas was also great on metro
    -Just ice
    -paul mtirara, Sunday music died the day he was fired and after Eddie’s death. Hlaudi also finished it.
    Dineo was also good @yfm

    Ursula Sunday night show is lit…

    This thing of hiring friends etc killed good radio shows. And this co-hosting nonsense is not doing any justice…

    -Moflava is doing a good job, but I can’t stand Lerato..
    -Pearl is doing a good job, Amon though..

  58. “komgababa kwalani kobuzekezeke”
    Yeesss Chase you jogged my memory,I miss her,politics really robbed us of her.Eish but the way she use to suck up to Mangosuthu Lol
    Haseyena Vergara,letsetsa heno Qwa-Qwa obotse please Lol

  59. Just Ice used to bore the hell out of me and still does!

    Konje Bertha Charuma is late?

    ‘Heeee! O siele banna mahayeng,o etsa di up and down le basadi badi rooilips le di Savannah. Banna ha bana dijo. Heeeeeeee! O tlogotlela haye olemasapo o hohlola nkare otruck! Heeeeeeee! ‘Thuso Motaung Haaaaaaa! Haaaaaaaa!

  60. Blackhalls, Siphiwe Mpye, that man though. I used to crush on him until I discover that he is married to Former Minister of sport ‘s daughter. Today its his Birthday. Happy Birthday Sir!

    Where is Nelly today??? Nelly is Zozi still with Tumisho???

  61. HBIC says:

    Y’all said Nonhle is no longer with Jali athi uzophina futhi nge 2 eyeballs LOL!

    HBIC,Nonhle Ndala said that in 2016 way before she found out Andile Jali is sleeping around without a condom….hehehehe…It’s 2017 now,she might have changed her mind after finding out his shenanigans….Jali ke sfebe mara tjo!

  62. Yho Minnie KCi’s true colors revealed themselves during that time. He wouldn’t talk to Luks, he wouldn’t call Luks’ name. He was downright hostile to umntanabantu. It was cringeworthy to say the least. The air was so obviously tense and and as a listener you could feel it. I think he didn’t want to cohost but I doubt it was Luyanda’s decision to join his show. KCi was unprofessional and I lost all respect for him.

  63. Nomi I’m glad Luks got something else he was really good at his job and so knowledgeable. Nonala is on 5fm with Dj Fresh now.

  64. Thank you @Bae 900. I was looking for a more straight forward answer, but I will try that.

  65. @Chase usibulala ngeNostalgia reminding me kwagogo, umkhulu engishayela ukuthi angiwanekanga amab3 and waphuthelwa istory netshitshi la15yrs

    @Cutie now that you mentioned it impela injalo although I’ve hardly used u-Oe

  66. @Barbiedoll email me doll, thecuratorjc There might be a plan to delay the bloody bank for over a year or two. A hella reasonable one. Banyile. In parallel, fix your self. Your ancestors are bloody mad at you. How are u not getting rental nor sale in Bryanston? Nah fam.

  67. Beautiful post.
    I loooved Total Bliss. Bad Boy T, Lupi and Vatiswa(NomaRussia).Penny Lebyane on Metro. Metro FM back then Wilson B. Paul Mtirara. Eddie Zondi. Eddie played my fav song EVERY Sunday Carl Anderson-My love will.

    Then there’s Thuso Motaung LMAO. Monna o kokota ka leoto. Mosadi ha batle monna a antsa re ntlatse ntlatse hahahahaha. Mosadi ke chelete boetie heeeeeee Mora Maine ba jwetse moo hahaha

  68. Blackhalls hahahaha he killed me last week talking about “Fetoha Nnuku” I had to ask my helper what that means. It was hella funny

  69. @thecurator- email sent. Thank you.

    @Nomi_ thank you.

    Guys there are still some good people in the world. That’s all I wanted to say.

  70. LMAO @Tshiamo Thuso is hella funny. Then the callers will call weeping and being dramatic and trust him to add spice. What does ‘Fetoha nukku ‘ mean vele? I must tune in this Sunday.

    Penny Lebyane and Chriselda nee Kananda *inserts Zuma meme* one and the same thing. Rude to listeners who disagree with them.

    @Barbiedoll there are still good people outchea. Good luck.

  71. Yes you’re right @Vergara He has never posted his house! But he post other people houses and cars not forgetting the champagne!! Why doesn’t Lupi ever show his house like his friends? We want to see? Show us uncle Lupi so we can see the base of your bragging? LOL!!!

  72. So my man just said our relationship is dull and asked why are we acting like an old boring couple. I’m so deflated guys I asked what can I do then to spice things up he’s saying he wants me to send him random nudes, make videos pleasuring myself etc thing is I’ve gained so much weight he knows my self esteem is down the drain I struggle to even participate in a doggy cause it’s like he’s watching all this behind I’ve gained and is disgusted. We are a young couple and I really do want to be his flame in bed but I feel so unattractive I can’t imagine taking a nude let alone a video. Please help how do I approach this to him cause now it seems as if I’m lazy and boring

  73. Why is he boring?? immediately uyibeke emahlombe akho *I’m fat and lazy bla bla……. what about him kwamele nje kube yithi abafazi who always try this and that bona benzani asile amadoda maan

  74. Used to looove Mo-Flava’s morning show on yfm. Also loved Mam Daddy and bujy on yfm

  75. Chase says:

    Thursday nights will never be the same without Jozi FM – cheaters uyajola.

    @Chase o motho wa kgale shem to even remember “Cheaters” hosted by Prince Tshabalala le Tshenolo Montshojang, you brought me out of Silentville . That was one crazy feature I never missed, shit went down yoh.

    O lebetse “Mlahle” where listeners would call in to dump their partners on Wednesdays. Thursday nights were lit on Jozi FM I tell you. #BringBackCheatersJoziFM

  76. Makhumalo on Real Talk.. this woman can do no wrong in my eyes. I think she is misunderstood

  77. @barbiedoll do consult soonest. if your parents observe iprotocol yamaThongo, ask your father to present your case emsamo ubekhona nawe, present gifts ngeAffordability yakho and promise in future to do bigger. however if you Dont do ancestors ntoz, bath, wear white, light 2 candles and pray your ass off, let your heart do the talking, when words fail you. it’s not a shame ukuqala kabusha.

    @BH I remember you asking abt owls and I dismissed you. if sighting them bothers or unsettles you, ask a ZCC to give you salt, add Pelo, jays fluid and spirit uchele ngakho. only if asekhaya and you dont have rat problem. you can buy the rough salt

  78. Fluffy says:I’ve gained so much weight he knows my self esteem is down the drain I struggle to even participate in a doggy cause it’s like he’s watching all this behind I’ve gained and is disgusted. We are a young couple and I really do want to be his flame in bed but I feel so unattractive I can’t imagine taking a nude let alone a video. Please help how do I approach this to him cause now it seems as if I’m lazy and boring
    Fluffy baby don’t torture yourself like this, this man never said anything about your weight or behind, he complained about you two as a couple, probably spending too much time in the house eating carbohydrates and getting fat, slow and boring. The stuff about your self esteem and weight gain is an issue you have to deal with, don’t dump it at his door.
    To me he seems like someone willing to try new things. Weekend getaway, when getting ready for the weekend you can tease him with ‘things’ you’ll do to him on the weekend. Try a new energizing activity together – local park run, exercise class, nje things to get both of you out of that boring routine, at the same time helping you get rid of the weight that is eroding your self esteem.

  79. Nothing wrong with being fat fluffy. You being boring as a country has nothing to do with weight unless all the fat people have boring relationships. Anyway when did you start being boring after weight gain or before, what were you guys doing before to make him say you guys are boring.
    Send nudes if you feel comfy just cut your face when sending.

  80. And you can also get yourself lingerie that hide your imperfections…start small and be comfortable with your own skin before you can send a total naked naked picture.It does not have to be sexual all the time; emails; text messages…songs and poems all spark a relationship.Don’t be indoors all the time.

  81. Saniboni bloggers, please assist, is it possible for kids to be taken out of school because the parents cannot afford anymore? A friend of mine was working well and she just recently lost her job and her kids went to a private school so now she obviously cannot afford and her kids are told to stay away from school. I understand this is unlawful because the matter of fees is between parents and the school and not the kids. The trauma the kids are being put through is not fair, or am I being emotional because I have seen how sad they are not waking up like other kids anymore. Please advise guys. Would love to help where I can.

  82. @Mathaz, eish lingerie you say? You see lingerie kinda look funny on a big person, kuvele kube itent nje.
    I’m not being funny but question is, you are size 30 neh. You gain weight to size 32, to 34 to 36 to 38 etc. Awuziboni nah? Or did you wake up one day 5 sizes bigger? Going to the gym at this stage is normally too late.
    If you cant manage a simple thing like your weight how do you expect your partner to trust you with finances?.
    My comment doesnt apply to those who are big genetically.

  83. My partner kissed my FUPA the other night when we were banging and I loved it. He knows how I feel about my weight, he encourages me to workout and even bought me Women’sHealth magazine.

    What I am trying to say is: If the fat bothers YOU that much and taking a toll on YOUR self esteem, then do something about it babe. You won’t make another person happy if YOU are not happy yourself.

  84. Chase says:

    @Mathaz, eish lingerie you say? You see lingerie kinda look funny on a big person, kuvele kube itent nje.


  85. If you cant manage a simple thing like your weight how do you expect your partner to trust you with finances?.

    Haaaaaaaah! Haaaaaaaa!

  86. @Zama I stopped blogging about my owls the day bloggers said they hunt at night. A few days after, one flew right in front of my car,in brought day light.

    The Muffinz did the damn thing on Umsebenzi wendoda.

  87. Haaai Chase stop lying…women of all sizes look good in lingerie.

    “How can she be trusted with the finances if she can’t manage her weight”? Oh but Chase you are trouble yazi!

  88. @Mathaz, size 28 to 32 g-string looks sexy but size 38 g-string looks like my vest.
    People must make peace with their bodies and wear accordingly, this thing of wearing like Bonang when you are Lebo Mashile’s size is not on.

  89. So what do you suggest women who are not Bonang skinny do? Not send nudes? What must we do?

  90. It really is hard as he tries shame now that I think about it, yes we used to go out a lot but I’ve been going through a lot and I just don’t feel like going out and be with people. We’ve never had to use lubricants before but now we do because my body is not coming to the party. I know I have a lot to work on from my side I guess I just don’t want him to think I’m selfish while he even buys me toys to have fun when he’s away on work. I am a size 38 if you must know lol, and I was very aware that I was gaining but I didn’t care. He’s been supportive throughout I just want him to be patient with me.
    Mathaz I have a few items lol hopefully ziyatwebeka cause I’ll try anything now

  91. @Chase waze wamuncu ke kodwa hawu suka

    wena@fluffy I am size 32 top half and I wear those babydolls from Mr Price though. but I’d advise you to buy from Woolworths, for quality and fit

  92. @Fluffy, eish you sound like somebody I know. Skinny guys like myself like izidudla but kutough.
    Person sleeps on your chest uvele ube namacramps the whole side. Put her leg on top of yours, cramps futhi!
    You also like sitting on the edges of the bed, umbhede uyaphuka. Sofas, couches same thing ayaphuka nje.
    You need to change shocks on the passenger side every now and then.
    80% of women I dated are big, most were more flexible than izlender zecatalogue

  93. Goldy your friend needs to enroll her kids at her nearest public school. They won’t be kicked out for non-payment at a government school. Private schools are run like any other business, no payment no service.

  94. Twitter Feminists and Woke Twitter needs to drag CHASE. LMAO!

    @Fluffy nawe you had to be a size 38.

    Nasir Jones is still hot! Damn!

  95. Yes Fluffy can work on her body. That will take at least 3 months. Bae wants freshness today!

  96. That time he says he prefers “big” women but he is here referring to tents? Chase is the type that lies about liking your body and after a few dates start making cruel comments.He is abusive.

  97. Thank you ladies so much I’m getting excited already. Its been a while since I bought any sexy item you have been a great help I just want to show him I’m with him in this as he’s also there for me in many other aspects …lol uChase. Ufanelwe ngu size 38 on your face.

  98. Thanks for this Post, I used to love radio and these were my favorite shows:
    Grant and Anele on 5 Fm
    Wilson, Paul and Eddie on Metro
    That lady (Her name was Tshidi I guess) on Umhlobo
    Fresh drive on 5 Fm
    Euphonik’s show on 5 fm
    Wasn’t a fan of uKhozi but used to enjoy ukhozi lodado (yes that) and some other show engiyikhohliwe, kodwa ke I radio ayisafani

  99. Lmao @chase, fat women have to chance neh?

    Hahaha tell him @fluffy he deserves to be sat on for the cruel but very funny things he said. We need size 38 people, or businesses like miladies and all those shops that cater for the gifted women meat wise would go out of business and our neighbors would lose jobs as tellers.

    Work on your sexiness and prosper like abo thickleyonce

  100. To all the people who miss Paul Mtirara, he is now on 702 on Sundays. Still playing awesome music.

  101. Fluffy sana fake it till you make it.
    Get moving, gum works wonders, download exercise video. I swear when you work out u feel 10kgs lighter even if there are zero results on the scale. And exercise increases your libido, you’like be jumping that man.

    Please hon, your man is reaching out. Maybe this is the wake up call you need. He clearly craves your affection so give it to him. Snap some sexy pics, start with the top, then when you gain confidence you can take it further. It’s extremely liberating.

    If you feel you are depressed get a prescription for some anti depressants and work your way back. The weight will come off you’ll see

  102. Person sleeps on your chest uvele ube namacramps the whole side. Put her leg on top of yours, cramps futhi!

    Buya Jesu hahahahahahahahaa

  103. Perhaps even visit a sex shop together and explore some toys.

    Are you kidding me? You’re a 38 not 48. You can move those curves, squeeze that guava and titillating your man. Thsini thiza wam, snap out of it girl!

    Blow that man’s manhood and send him to his glory!

    You don’t have to be skinny to give great blow jobs.

  104. Well the same chase who fed a woman a burger for the entire weekend she was with him in dubai….doesn’t surprise me that he holds this view.

    A normal guy will tell you what matters most is confidence. And really, you are not obese, let’s get some perspective here. Sounds lIke you just need to increase your exercise routine, drink plenty water and enjoy bonding with your man. I love that he shared how he feels with you. He’s a keeper for sure.

  105. I’m one of people who love or used to love radio so much, kc on uMhlobo back then in fact he was very popular, he came back co hosted with Luks then I hated him since then because he developed women hormones waphath’uLuks kakbi a guy evakala I nice and knows everything (informed). Hay ngoku what is Zizo doing on radio vele mxm they boring. So I start listening radio at 10:15 or so Front Row #AskAMan then I switch offat 11. On Wednesdays at 10pm I listen to Tsidi.But I don’t do this every week I forget most of the time. Every show that Tsidi hosts is nice I just don’t like Bobby Love what what on sundays. Radio is boring me maan these

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