I always think BIG,think CRAZY, think SUCCESS.

Last night it was all fashion, fun, food and action at the #SABC3TheStageIsYours big reveal in Melrose Arch. There is a lot happening on TV at the moment and it’s really amazing how the channels are going all out to push local talent/content and they are doing it oh so well.

Before we look at the pics of the famous faces we saw there, let’s have a look at the new shows and new time slots below.









I am glad they have moved Anele’s show to 5pm. Hopefully more people will be able to tune in. The morning Soapie Block (Monday -Friday) has the Bold and The Beautiful @ 10am, followed by 7de Laan @ 10:30 and the Muvhango at 11:30am.

Now this is who we spotted last night……..

Katlego Danke


Chris Jaftha aka Mr Bond Lite…. *runs*

Pabi Moloi hosted the night with Chris


  Isidingo in the building. Khabo and Tlatsi

Only Khabonina…

SAFTA Nominee, Runate Stuurman

Ausi Bassie gave us her signature pose. Hehehehe

Makgotso M was also there.

Big congrats are in order for Ayanda Thabethe who has joined the Top Billing family.

Her star seems to be shining lately. GROWTH!!

7de Laan’s Melanie du Bois aka Felicity

Aaron Moloisi

Ntombi Mzolo

She really looks like her mom hey. Such a beauty.

LMAO…..I am not laughing at her. I am laughing at what I had to go through to get this picture. Yhuuuuuu! She was like ‘Do you really think it’s ok for me to pose for pictures today…I look like sh*t?‘ I told her she looks stunning she mush just pose. Tltltltltl. Actress Patricia Hoyer from Lockdown will be playing a lead role kwi new show called Soap On a Rope.

Uyanda Mbuli is back y’all.

I am looking forward to watching her show; UYANDA: It’s On.

Wandile Molebatsi was rolling solo last night

Zakeeya Patel and Tlatsi having a ball….


Thank you to SABC 3 and your PR Team for hosting us. We look forward to experiencing all these shows with you.

Bahlali, which shows will you be watching? 🙂


By @KikiMarli


  1. Abantwana bakwaNgcobo.ngivele ngingazi noma bafana nobaba or nomama ngoba kwabona bavele befane nje.

  2. Kodwa uNtombi bantu her style ayikhona mami those shoes Lol uyathandeka kodwa ke still.

    What the f is Uyanda wearing he he he too much details ngeke sbali.

    I always wonder ukuba uthini uAndile Ncube lol Ayanda is florishing u just can’t not love her Shine Ayanda Shine

  3. I can’t with Katlego Danke and white bra. Yhu! I saw Ayanda Thabethe in Burgersfort shooting at this big wedding, I thought it was for Opw, I later learnt it was for TB. Iam going to wait and see before I judge.

  4. lol I think Ntombi looks like her mom, well atleast in this 1 pic she does.
    Congrats to Ayanda. I don’t watch TB much lately, I would watch the repeat but won’t be paying attention. Ayina that thing anymore.
    I want to watch old episodes of Anele’s show. Can I find them on YouTube?

  5. Can’t believe Thembisa is leaving OPW…Papil looks like her mother; the older she gets.That white bra on Katlego and y’all say she is dating Patrice SMH.

  6. Shem… incence kaMam’ Patricia iputshukile. Dinny (Katlego- she will always be Dinny) looks dodgy.

  7. Mathaz Tembisa is not leaving OPW, she is just on leave and she will be back. She confirmed this on twitter. I’m curious about Uyanda’s show. I see they changed Real talk’s timeslot but for me it doesn’t have that thing anymore. It doesn’t even trend on twitter anymore.

  8. Ai guys I don’t know… Ayanda is pretty and all but I just don’t see her for Top Billing or maybe I have never paid attention to her. But I guess the show lost “it’s thing” long ago.. and that guy she is dating not sure! Or maybe I like men that look like they can actually pick you up at home 🙂

    She reminds of Lerato KG and KNaomi. Like they are pretty but that’s it like there’s nothing there… No presence for me there. Like they get jobs but they get second grade ones, I don’t know…

    Whatevvvvvvsss! LOL!

  9. Someone tell me about Thalente Kubheka n his nyatsi Anathi Zinja (Xhosa from the Cape).Apparently she is driving his NDE cars claiming it’s hers and living in his house in Midrand.

  10. My best friend I’ve known since 2003 has turned on me. This has been eating for so long .she started acting up right after I gave birth. When I gave birth my child stayed in hospital for two months during thst time I was not myself sometimes I would call her judt for comfort but she was very cold.the other day she told me kids don’t excites her to think she would be happy for me after I had been pregnant for four times with no baby and when I finally have a baby I lost a friend .I don’t know why I’m still in to her maybe is because she’s been part of my life for so long .I stoped following her on social network I couldn’t bear it.I’m too proud and angry to make a phone call .my problem is what if I run in to her at the mall her child knows me very I was her Godmother .I find myself thinking about her all the time it’s driving me crazy.I don’t know what to do. I’m maried and she’s a single mother. I told someone about our situation they think she’s jeleous but I don’t understand this woman has every thing can afford anything Exept a man .I don’t think she’s jelaz though.

  11. @titi Please let it go. if she really valued you and your friendship she would’ve made contact by now. clearly she’s fine with you not being in her life. If she really can’t be happy for you for having a baby that you have always wanted; then you don’t need her. enjoy your baby and your marriage. Let her go.

  12. If I look at that photo of bassie she looks a lot like her sister for a second there I thought it wasn’t her

  13. I make up Ka Makgotso M idinga uJesu

    Katlego D what was she thinking ngale white bra underneath that sheer dress 🙁

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