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Cruz Vintage black vodka celebrated its 3rd year of SA Fashion week sponsorship on Monday at Katy’s Palace in Jozi. It was SA fashion week’s 20thyear. Wow….time flies.

Let’s take a look at the famous faces that walked the red carpet. 🙂

Kelly Khumalo dressed by House of Saint Luke

Lira rocking a Gert Johan Coetzee

Gert’s work

Lunga Shabalala

Major League

Nadia Nakai in a Sauvemaxia

Natasha Thahane wearing Dennis Maponya

NickSoul dressed by  Ephymol

Nomuzi Mabena wearing House of Luke

Omuhle Gela in a Touch of Bling

Refilwe Modiselle – House of Saint Luke

Sarah Langa

Sinazo Yolwa – Rubicon

Tshepi Vundla

Gemini and Yanga


Blue Mbombo dressed by Scalo

Bontle Modiselle in a JJ Schoeman

And here he is….JJ Schoeman

DA Les

Dash – Top Shop

DJs Sphe and Naves

Jessica Nkosi – Rubicon

Kat Sinavasan – House of Ole

Kefilwe Mabote

Who stole the show?

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  1. I like the simple and the chic touch in Nadia’s look. In the men’s department, Dash and Nicksoul slayed!!!.

    And then there was Tsepi! #epicfail for someone that’s always talking smack about other people’s styles, she looks awful… ?

  2. Lunga Shabalala looking all kindz of clean.

    Kat halo!

    Lento benilokhu niyibona kuJessica Nkosi sengiyayibona. Intoni le ayinxibileyo?

  3. Oh no guys! Tshepi vundla looked
    Horrible I don’t like that outfit. Anyways is #TouchHD the same cliff central? I’m so confused

  4. Nothing makes my morning’s like taxi maths. It kills me all the damn time, especially umntu ongakwazi ukubala. LMAO

  5. I quite like what Tshepi is wearing it’s very unpredictable. I like a lot. No one else stood out for me.

  6. Zeeba uwazelaphi amabelw ka maka Natasha? Her dress started off well then yangathi igqityezelwe ngu mama othungayo :/

  7. The top part of Natasha’s dress is naaarce inja yebele lakhe liqoqekile but the bottom not sure about it!!
    Omuhle and Sarah Langa took it for me.

  8. Kelly’s breasts may be small but you can tell she’s breastfed they are no more amabele wechichi (sp.)

    Ya Natasha’s breasts are huge yho Zeeba kodwa lol

    I see JJ Schoeman has lost the tender to dress Miss Sa this year

    Lunga looks good, I’m disappointed by Aka, Da les?? Was this the same day as Miss Sa coz he had the same outfit.

    Sarah- nice and simple. Also disappointed by Kefi-too simple

  9. I like Tshepi’s look if only it was another color I think Rihanna once pulled this look

  10. So one of Ahmed Kathrada’s last wishes was that President Zuma be not allowed to attend nor speak at his funeral.

    In other news president Zuma ordered Pravin Gordhan to abandon the international Investors meetings and return to the country immediately. IT is believed that reshuffle is looming. Soon Brain Molefe will be finance minister lol

  11. Tshepi said she pulled that outfit from her mom’s wardrobe. She should stop hiding the pregnancy or maybe it’s too early to show it up. I wish it was Tibz he looks like he will make a great father.

    Yhoo, kefiboo without the instagram filters look basic.

    Omuhle’s hair/weave *insert sick emoji*

    There is that girl who acts on greed and desire as a maid who is dating foloko. That girl is a ttt of note.

  12. What a Wow!! Kefiboo looks different without the Instagram filters. What is she wearing ? When ugly outfits happen to pretty people. I am disappointed Shem. I also wish Tibz was the father Shem. She’s trying so hard to hide the baby bump and she’s been dressing snaarcks lately. JR and Tshepi are such an odd couple. What was she thinking *face palm emoji *Omuhle and Natasha are the best dressed .

  13. Why is Jessica Nkosi dressed liked shes attending Sidumo’s funeral??? She needs to fire her stylists or better yet get one if she’s dressing herself. She always wearing horrible clothes . Ingathi nguGogo. *sick emoji face*
    Moozily hahahaha!!! Is the worst. She’s team too many much. She looks like an adult Chinese doll. Someone should tell her less is definitely more. Her style is wack. That hairstyle is not helping at all ingathi she dragged queen.

  14. Uxolo bahlali. This can’t wait for Friday. What is the most effect way to success-for the less connected; education and hard work, or ass licking?

  15. Your Queen should move to another PR agency. She no longer does Magazine covers, there isnt much fuss about her anymore and akasenayo “that thing”.

  16. Sarah’s age along with Kefi confuses me more and more every time I see an unfiltered picture of them!! Weird!!

  17. Mhhh poor Jessica pretty face horrible makeup and outfit,I wish she could just stop using makeup ayimuthandi

    I Love Tshepi’s look ,Dash & Lunga looked Good

  18. @Jonga jonga mtase uthetha inyani that this is gone Lol , wenzani vele manje hahhahahahhaha lol

  19. MaSga, a combination of both. ‘Everybody’ is educated but not everyone can lick ass. Master the two.

  20. The ladies look like they are attending an award show, the guys look good for a fashion show (well most of them). For the next award show I hope the ladies will dress up and put effort as they did for this fashion show.

  21. @Mojito Sarah is 24. kefi is 27-28.

    I’m liking Sarah’s new curvey body…

  22. I don’t like ukugxeka amalooks abantu but if uKefi is in her 20’s then I’m 7 years old. She’s not ugly, she’s just old looking.

  23. I love Jessica with all my heart, she’s beautiful in and out kodwa lemakeup? Cha ngiyadlala. She has beautiful clear skin, ukuthi why bemfaka ifoundation efull coverage that looks mask like on her and then the heavy, too light concealer for highlighting just boggles my mind. A BB cream and a light, a shade lighter concealer for highlighting would make her look great and fresh.

  24. Phela guys don’t forget Kefi has been divorced twice so it will sho on her face… Life problems will age you! Yhooo!

  25. LMAO @Senzangakhona being 7 years!

    Jessica is a very beautiful girl but this make up just sabotages her looks. Nami with my basic and humble make up collection do a better job with just powder, blush,primer,setting spray,mascara and lip stain.

    I am here for GEMINI!His type of stuff ain’t sold on the streets.

    DASH was supposed to win Best Dressed Male Celeb,3 times in a row. He is stylish NOT trendy. I will campaign for you DASH like I did Warren Masemola *Kiki we still need a proper article on his award* until SA wakes up!

    Lunga looks good.

    Nothing annoys me like twins that are dressed the same even as 7 years old manje lamakhehla! SMH

  26. Jayonce says:

    “I can upgrade jessica ”

    Any progress with mihlali? ?

    Posted on March 29th, 2017

    LMAO! I can’t say ‘Mayivalwe le blog’ ku JC because we will have server problems.

  27. Hehehe ANC comrades aren’t loyal i saw minister of health clapping hard after montlate read Kathrada’s letter for Zuma to step down..

  28. nearly everyone here is overdressed. what a ballgowns doing at a fashion week opening? nothing here screams fashionable. it’s not an awards show man

  29. Gemini nkare ha a hlapa.
    Lunga. Bontle. Blue. Dash. These 4 did it for me. I love Sarah Langa’s dress. She looks like Lebo Motsoeli at first glance

  30. Hey guys.
    Does anybody know much about working abroad and possibly studying.. something besides Au-pair.

    What can you recommend types of jobs, countries to look at? Some agencies to talk to maybe?

    Thanks guys.
    Your help would be highly appreciated.

  31. Nina Hastie is flourishing because of Trending Sa.
    – New TV Show
    – New Radio Show
    – More social media following
    – People now know her more
    – More comedy gigs
    – More money

    Kiki should do an interview with her…?

  32. MONDAYS:
    – Weekend news updates
    – Celeb weekend looks
    – Weekend event looks
    – Celeb interview
    – Woman Crush Wednesday
    – International Celeb News
    – TV show review
    – Movie/ music review
    – celebs in pics
    – Agony Aunt/Uncle (Like Ask Mablerh and similar to the help feature the blog prev. had)
    – Gig guide
    – Food feature
    – Live blog for awards
    – Mzansi Magic Sunday Primetime

  33. I love the look Tshepi was going for. Boxy and oversized suit but the execution is terrible. Boxy does not mean 7 sizes bigger. It would have looked great with a bit of tailoring, ala Rihanna

  34. I love the look Tshepi was going for, boxy and oversized but the execution is terrible. Boxy does not mean 7 sizes bigger. It would have looked great with a bit of tailoring, ala Rihanna

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