I always think BIG,think CRAZY, think SUCCESS.

We have shared the winners, now let’s take a look at the fashion at this year’s Metro FM Music Awards.

The Glitz, the Glam and the Oops!!


Amanda Black

Buhle Samuels

Brenda Mtambo

Brian Temba

Bonang Matheba


Cassper Nyovest. He looks really good

Arthur Mafokate

Dr Malinga looking ‘normal’ for a change. Lol

Dr Tumi

Emtee….I am worried about him. Something is not right.

Jaziel Brothers

Jessica Nkosi

Phat Joe nento zakhe. πŸ™‚

KB Motsilanyane

Kelly Khumalo


Back shot

In an outfit she performed in.

Khanya Mkangisa

Closer up nyana

Ms Mbau


Lelethi KhumaloLKG with Ntando Duma

Ntando was my best dressed. Simple but stunning.

LKG – The Queen Of Suits

Loot Love


Naked DJ and LuloCafe




Radio legends – Nothemba Nodumo and Melanie Bala



Not bad at all shem. And I enjoyed her performance. She still got it.


Nadia Nakai

Nasty C

Ncooooooo. I have a soft spot for this young man

The host….Pearl Modiadie. Did you guys see her dancing? She killed it.

Prince Kaybee

Raphael Griffiths

Sinazo Yolwa

Physically fit





Thami Ngubeni

Thando Thabethe


The Soil

Thuli Phongolo

DJ Tira and Sox

My fav…..Vusi Nova

Vuyo Dabula

And then there was this lady. Talk about being brave. Yhuuuuuuuu!!

Pics Credit: Metro FM, RGB & Neo Motloung

By @KikiMarli


  1. But LKG’s shoes are always the most:(. As for usisi skolpad I really admire that confidence. I think I have outgrown award shows.

  2. Shaka I’m with you but I will put Khanyi second. Thando looks nice but her dress has been on the red carpet too many time. Its a common dress but it looks good on her. I don’t like the sleeves on Bonang’s dress, they were unnecessary. I liked Loots dress until twitter compared it to a laundry basket Lol. Jessica has the best makeup for me.

  3. And Sebenzile dedicated 5 minutes on Power Breakfast to discuss these awards “deep sigh”.

  4. Molweni bahlali, Ntando Duma slayed she took the cup… Can somebody plz staaap Amanda Black she looks like a vodoo doll now…hayi she needs to tone down, I still love her nonetheless

  5. Oh Lord
    1. Lulo looks like a mfundisi
    2. Peal Mod looks like a drag queen in that green dress
    3. boity is fresh but she looks like that very thick wors only for it to shrink when beeing cooked.
    4. Khanyis dress beautiful and Duma Ntando and Thando Thab
    5. Lerato looks like my primary school teacher in that suit, my MEM back then didn’t care about fitting suits back then she just wanted to “slay”. In this case the suit ended up wearing lkg
    6. Mo flava looks like wallet wa ko Skeem’Sam with his colors

    An ofcourse, Bonang was dressed nice and classy. Theres no way you can hate this woman hey. She makes it so hard. Her dress designs might be similar to previous ones but we all have a signature style and she kills it everytime.

  6. I have a feeling that Brian Molefe will be sworn as Finance Minister this week. I’m already depressed. I’m not familiar with how the MPs are sworn. Can you please shed light? I’m asking this question because some ANC members such as Blade Nzimande are complaining about not being consulted about Brian’s appointment. Is Zuma willing to further divide ANC and risk our economy by appointing Brian? Guptas are still highly involved in the running of this country

  7. Le nna, I cannot believe that Brian M is willing to throw away an excellent track record he acquired over the years just so he can put his corrupt means above that of the people while at the same time pleasing JZ.

    We can all secure a good future for our children without corrupt gains while at the same time not forgetting the children of our neighbours who still goes to bed with empty stomach even under a black government.

    JZ’s government has worsed always rewarding corruption and under perfomance.

  8. Is this Amanda Black’s true style? Like, her actual vibe? Or did they just make her “appropriate” la vibe yoo Simphiwe Dana/Thandiswa/Camagwini as another Xhosa musician? Because ayimfaneli. Brian Themba is dressed like Ranthumeng

    @Cutie Julius tweeted “it looks like she will be sworn in as Finance Minister. Family affairs”

  9. Lerato must fire her stylist IMMEDIATELY, siyam sabotage-a qho

    Hahaha @Loot’s dress comparison. Twitter people are funny.

    Ntando looked really good..

    The men are all below average, bafakanga kwa effort

  10. Ntando and Khanyi stood out for me. The rest look ordinary. In fact, some of them look like struggling up and coming celebrities, so forgettable.

  11. Bonang’s dress is not GJC’s best work. It looks okay because it’s on Bonang. Had it been on another woman, it would have looked like those matric dance dresses that Truworths had around ’07/08

    Does anyone know who is the hoodrat in a yellow dress?

  12. @Aroma and Bae900 – my heart is already bleeding. I think Brian accepted the MP post because he has nowhere else to go currently. But Finance Minister?

  13. The lady in the yellow dress is Nonhlanhla Qwabe from Qwaqwa and goes by the name Skolpad or Queen Skolpad. She has a following pha eQwaqwa

  14. Style determines one’s personality. Like for instance, Khanyi’s personality is dramatic, hence most of her outfits are dramatic. I can never wear most of her outfit. I will go for something classy and a bit conservative to suit my persona.

    What works for A might not work for B. Its as simple as that. I said LKG’s suit was the worst outfit for saturday night simply because I don’t see myself wearing that for carpet.

  15. Cutie from the look of thins NDZ will be Finance Mister and Brian will occupy Jonas’s seat. The move is going to further divide Khongolose.

  16. NDZ is a good leader but it would not be a wise move to accept this offer. This will taint her image and excellent leadership record.

  17. Those who argue Mabala and Ambitiouz bought the awards over the counter at Auckland Park SABC, can you enlighten us how it’s done? How do you buy awards, what’s the going rate? And Nomvula Molonyane is loose ke, if last year she was dating Mabala Noise owner, this Luvo.. u busy neh! Or he is dating both cubs…

  18. Cutie we are screwed, I curse the day Zuma was appointed our president. He is Sickening and the fact that he is doing all of this right in front of our us shows how Arrogant he is. SINYILE

  19. Cutie, that letter was well written. So spot on. But Brian will obviously ignore its content. Because his eyes now are on big things and it does not matter who will get hurt along the way.

    When Malema talks and reveal the files, some people don’t want to take him serious because they feel he is bitter since he is not longer in the circle. But one cannot call a press conference to reveal such things without evidence to back it up.

  20. And now there seems to be a nice smear campaign about Jonas brewing, so nice so convenient. New brooms sweeps clean!!!!!!

  21. Re:Zuma, we are dealing with someone with nothing to loose anymore. His term is coming to an end…we are indeed screwed! Maine is the Malema this time around, this exactly what Malema did… the now ‘angel’ Malema

  22. Brian will replace uJonas as DM: Finance

    Jonas acting all fresh kanti naye he has fraud skeletons

    Gigaba to replace Blade Gravelface Nzimande. Blade uyalwa ke uthi nje bona beyiSACP abamfuni uBrian unamacala he even resigned at Eskom yiwo. He is a fine one to talk when he also f*(ked up DHET

    Unfortunately uGigaba will be replaced by Thoko Didiza…there goes all the hardwork that went into fixing DHA
    Uyodidiza laphana manje.

    In other news uPres Mbeki uyagcotshwa as Chancellor wase Unisa.

  23. I’d really like to know how awards are purchased. How much did Mabala pay for Metro award and how? Can those who say they were bought answer?

  24. Black Stallion your question is a bit baffling ngoba mhle lamama and you can see uba she proper performs. Sukoyika imali vele uzifake ziphelele iinzipho once you get an opportunity. I’m sure you are 10 times hotter than that Reggie guy as well as Luvo. And when you get rich don’t forget me.

  25. How did Blade F-up the Higher Education Dept? Implementing fre education is beyond him, it’s a political decision that must be taken by the Predident and the ruling party, who then instructs a Gordhan to make money available. The FET colleges partnership with Government departments has been a huge success…lots of FET graduates whom Corporate wouldnt dare touch are employed by the state and the 18 months training has seen some even going to the private sector after acquiring the 18 months experience… Blade’s delivery…

  26. Amanda (my fav artist currently) – worst dressed.

    Ntando – Best dressed.

    Vusi Nova – Coming out of the closet on MMA Stage (black/navy nail polish)

    South Afrikans pulling Dr Tumi out of the closet. One facebook user on Siyanda Ndawo’s post spilled all the details (unnecessarily). Poor Doctor. That was just after he dedicated his award to his son who turned one on Sat.

  27. @Exiled tltltltltl stop corrupting @Blackstallion innocent mind! The thought of a blumas traumatizes him

  28. Metro fm is an SABC radio station. SABC is state owned. State owned means its controlled by the (ANC) government.
    Mabala noise is owned by the alleged Ben 10 of a minister (in the ANC government). AmbitiouzEnt is owned by the brother/relative of NW Premier (in the ANC government).
    So with the common denominator here as the ANC government, is it impossible for the awards of certain artists to be bought? In the case of Ambitiouz, awards = prize money and the label boss takes half

  29. I for one wouldn’t mind Brian Molefe as a deputy finance minister or even as minister. His absence is seriously felt in asset management. All the hard work he put in ePIC has gone down the drain under the current management.

    The PIC made great strides in transforming the industry under his leadership. If he is DM, the board will be reporting to him and thus be forced to eat, sleep transformation. Asset management could do with it’s own Hlaudi.

    Another reason I’d be happy is the fact that we would have a suitably qualified finance minister for a change.

  30. Dr Tumi is gay ???? how when im shocked. These awards sucked i feel for Vuyo Dabula he became a meme.

  31. A qualified Minister will allegations of corruption still hanging over his head. Whose handlers are known to be corrupt. It can’t be!!!!!

  32. If you understood politics you would know the term propaganda as well. If Brian was guilty of anything he would have been charged. An allegation is just that – an allegation. It’s not a verdict or a finding. Just because you haven’t read anything about Pravin or Mcebisi, doesn’t mean they are clean. You only read/hear what journalists want you to.

  33. Bebabukeka babahle abantu but u Amanda black Hhai cha.as for mtee ngathi he’s taking something

  34. I have read the state capture report where he was implicated. If Brian was really honourable, he would not have agreed to sworn as an MP until his name was cleared.

    South Africa is suffering from a rampant corruption and the poor are suffering even more under this questionable characters who only put their greed above the people.

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  36. titi_nana says:

    Boity has lost that spark.

    Posted on February 27th, 2017

    I couldn’t agree more. I am leaning toward the idea that celebs date for status. The last time I noticed her was during her time with Casper. She has faded into the background.

  37. On today’s AskAMan, Anonymous fell pregnant by a soapie actor. I couldn’t helo but suspect Anga with all his baby mama scandals

  38. So guys, Litha & Tsholo vele!!!!!!!! Mother fucken goals!!!!! She looked so beautiful & he, so handsome!!!!! They truly a gorgeous couple…….. looking at all these videos on my explore like, I need my man to be obsessed with me as Litha is with Tsholo!!’! What a WOW! Bahle!

  39. @Posh and Exiled lol… I would not know where to start, maybe after two rounds of alcohol you start seeing differently

  40. ItsBritney, Oh WOW, I went in to snoop, beautiful wedding. Tsholo o Motle tle!!!!

    So, they have connections with the Ruperts hehehehehehe eish, ditaba tsa batho!!!!

  41. Yazi mina I see Zuma’s vision, it’s just that people have decided that they hate him and won’t look at his plan logically because of white media … Angimtheleli uZuma bakwethu, don’t attack, he’s also very corrupt but even the people that highlight his corruptness are equally (if not more) corrupt

  42. @MrsM – I for one don’t doubt Brian’s excellent leadership skills. But the issue at the moment is not his placement purely for his skills but rather to loot state resources. As a leader Pravin’s credibility has not been questioned including the previous FM. Under normal circumstances we wouldn’t be questioning Brian’s placement as FM but with Gupta controlling our country we should be worried.

  43. Echoed @Cutie…. he is now parachuted to parliament. Why was he not elected to the NEC in 2014? Or made a minister? No one is questioning his skills, it’s the motive behind his appointment that is being questioned. His appointment will further divide the party which might lead to total loss of election in 2019.

  44. 1…Skolopad is a nudist….just went through her IG…and she has liver.some of those naked stunts look like they were performed at public places
    2….my heart breaks at people calling Dr Tumi gay.I like him so much and think he deserves the big break.Just one of those where bcoz u like sum1 so much u can 4give their shortcomings…well thats if its even true..

  45. Skolopad lady…all the squat pictures are helping. Her bum looks toned and firm. I see nothing wrong with her :-)muhle

  46. @titi_nana that time boity is slaying she is really gorgeous but that thing ain’t there….no more

  47. Nandi though ?so Shaka made it to the Metros & dad has to baby sit @ the hotel while she was presenting the award….?

  48. Bretix, did they take turns to baby sit Shaka??? Zakes also presented the award. But naye nje akasenayo that thing uZakes, I was his fan until what he did to Futhi puts me off plus the stories of Rubber penis doing the rounds here.

  49. So being gay is a short-coming? Oh my fuck!!! Long walk to freedom. Kusho ukuthi niyozikhunga when you find out your boyfriends fuck other men. Married to short-comings.

  50. @ Aroma It was said here that Litha is sleeping with a certain Rupert… I respect bloggers shem they spoke of this wedding and how a certain Mr Rupert will pay for everything months ago…

  51. Lol @ Boity being that fat vors that shrinks! I do admit that there is something thats just not there.

    Sinazo, LKG and Jessica Nkosi, soo much potential yet they never quite hit the mark, I just dont get it, especially Jessica and Sinazo.

    The lady in the fuschia dress walking with She who reigns supreme ke mang, Favoured is that you?

  52. Ralph Angel, thanks, It must have been discussed while I was not here more especially on Anything goes, that I don’t bother much with. So it explains their presence mos. In the circle of the super rich and the powerful go monate mos!!!!

    Brokefleur, I think I saw this lady with Bonang’s mom during Bee’s Ipanema launch. I again saw them driving to Mafikeng ko di jazzing and she was also with her ko East London ka December. Lebitso la hae ke Tebogo.

  53. SKOPOLOPATA is a nurse in Bethlhem(sp).Sisters is a nudist doesn’t give a damn. She got what she wanted her pic all over social media.

  54. Lol Aroma so Teboho ke friend or what? And B amo tlogela a apare okare olo reka borotho?

    Is this Sjava guy serious? hahahahahahahahaha

  55. Oh! Thanx @ Aroma, an auntie I guess, that Skolopad lady is very very brave!! And here I am, ke tshaba le go apara di hotpants fela, even at the beach!

  56. Cutie Brian has never looted state coffers either. He is vilified for standing for transformation noma sekunjani. It is well known amongst budding black entrepreneurs that treasury has long frustrated government’s transformation efforts. Pravin represents the same white capital we are trying to fight.

    Brian is the man to sort that out. At some point even Blade blamed treasury for the lack of adequate NSFAS funding which in turn gave rise to the student protests.

    There is a reason why men like Brian are ridiculed by white media. Not only does he constantly deliver, he also stands for black people unashamedly.

  57. Yhu hay isikolopati guys. Akazonityela kula maou enu anemali. She’s a struggly version of uMshoza phela so she is looking for a come up usistaz. Nursing uniform fell and bills must be paid

  58. What is Sjava doing in that second pic?
    That lady behind Bonang (in the red dress) was seated beside her at the awards. Cc *blogger who asked*

  59. Where are the JZ intellectuals today??? Mathaz, Monochrome where are you guys???

    Mrs M, Cutie and Posh shed some light on Brian’s issue, its not because we overlook his abilities to lead.

    The Public Protector implicated Brian and the Guptas in their corrupt dealing. Brian even cried on national TV and made many people believe he was remorseful kanti niks. Those where just crocodile tears. Now JZ took the matter to constitutional court for judicial review which will take about six months.

    In that six months, May be Brian will be occupying the treasury and what happens if the court finds that indeed they captured the state. Brian is not being targetted because is black, lets not undermine the PP and her office please!!!!! Thuli is someone that we hold in high regard. She did her Job exellectly and we wish Finance ministry could be occupy by someone of her calibre.

  60. Sjava ke mang mara? I saw his name on the Awards Live blog post. No man hahahahahahahaha

  61. Aroma I am not one to care for sensationalism because often times stories are sensationalised to discredit the leaders who are good for us as black people in order to further the white agenda. We then get so caught up in the media hype, we forget to interrogate the facts.

    To me Brian is innocent until a court proves him otherwise. Recommending a further investigation is not the same as guilt. It means the public protector didn’t have enough evidence to reach a conclusion hence the commission.

    My take is the Guptas have done nothing that white business people (and possibly black people) haven’t done in SA. White people term it ‘business development’ when they spend massive budgets on clients. By clients I am referring to the state. There are many who have been to Wimbledon and FIFA games abroad but didn’t pay a cent. Kukhokha your JSE listed entities in an attempt to get or retain government business.

  62. What would be of more interest to me is looking at all the contracts that Eskom currently has. How were they awarded? Are they in line with what we are trying to achieve as a people?

    The last time I checked, Eskom had over 97% of its contracts with white companies, some spanning over 50 years. Now Indians, Africans and coloureds were sharing the remaining 3% I would assume.

    I don’t care for Brian’s relationship with the Guptas but I am all for consistency. Until the public protector issues a report looking into all the tenders surrounding coal supply, I will stand by my thoughts. It’s just another smokescreen by the former oppressors who do not want other races to participate in the economy.

  63. Mrs M, nobody denies the fact that White monopoly capital has done a lot of damage to this country. The issue is not to compare which wrong is better than the other. Wrong is wrong nje. And our focus should be, what does the country deserve now .

    Surely, we deserve credible leaders not people who have corruption clouds hanging over their heads. The country can no longer tolerate one family and its cronies putting their corrupt means and greed above the bona fide of its citizens.

    Factionalism is destroying this country. So many comrades qualify to be on that seat. Dr. Makhosi Khoza is one of them.

    She has been seating on the finance comittee and if the ANC was serious about grooming its talent, she would also do a good job. She does not have any smallanya skeletons that will threaten our tresuary and we need such men and women of her calibre, not questionable characters like Brian.

  64. Lol I give up. So I went to check the guy’s FB status and I must say the Khaba guy is so condescending.anyone could say they know Dr Tumi personally, does that make it true? The reason people are saying that being gay is a”shortcoming” is because of the way most gay people make it sound.Like in the gay community is’the more the merrier’.It’s not funny anymore hey.until he comes out and says”I am gay”, he’s a straight man whose sin is having a soft voice.

  65. And how do you know Dr Khoza hasn’t been captured? Do you know what goes into her family trusts? Do you know how her finances are setup? Just because you didn’t read something it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen and just because you read it or heard it it doesn’t mean its true.

  66. Did you read the “State Capture” report Mrs M?If you did what do you make of Brian’s conduct during the Tegeta/Optimum deal and how he was betrayed by the same Guptas he went all out for?

  67. The South African public is very easy to fool. Not so long ago Julius was the scum of the earth. During those days he was calling out white capitalists on the daily. I remember how he made more headlines for his Limpopo drama and lavish lifestyle than the politics he was speaking.

    Black middle class people rejected his utterances, didn’t want to be associated with his line of thinking at all. Jiki jiki now that he is calling out Black people, he is suddenly the media’s star. It leaves one yo wonder whatever happened to the Limpopo corruption allegations? There are many examples of this and South Africans fall for it all the time.

  68. If bending the rules to support black companies is corrupt then I am all for that corruption. The ever so clean finance ministers did not take us anywhere as far as transformation is concerned.

  69. Mrs M, She could also be corruptable. But for now, nothing came to our attention that will make us question her character. She has not been found in a shebeen near Saxon World so far!!!!

    Coming to Juju, is there any court of law that found him quilty of corruption???

  70. Aroma your last question proves my point. Brian could very well be the victim of a smear campaign just like Juju was. The opponents of transformation don’t care whether Brian will be found guilty or not. All they care about is stopping his power as far as transformation is concerned. People will still see him as a corrupt individual, same way that some bring up Limpopo whenever we discuss Juju politics. They have successfully discredited Brian in the eyes of the public. It was a card they could use now and they used it. I could also ask what if in a year or 2 we learn that he is actually innocent?

  71. Yes, that Gcwabe was most probably lying just to get some attention.

    Dr Tumi does not need to come out of anywhere/thing.

    Short-coming was used loosely in this instance. In actually fact it is very much patronizing.

    Abazalwane ave be under pressure bandla. I mean, get married to a woman knowing very well you actually want the opposite. I am saying this because shem I have seen things, I have spoken to people. I am a former Mzalwane myself and still connect so well. Lusizi lodwa.

    Dr is either straight or gay. Chances are equal. Do not tell me about kids, wife and church. My friends are all like that.


  72. I guess you didn’t read the PP’ report hence you not sure what you talking about and busy peddling “fake-news” @Mrs M.

  73. Mrs M, Brian and Juju’s cases are totally different. If my memory serves me right, Julius was in the good books of JZ and his faction when they led the political battle against TM.

    JM and his youth leaque wanted to support Motlanthe for presidency and the numbers were not on their side. They lost the conference. Things started to be shaky between himself and his youth leaque because they were most vocal in the battle for Economic freedom in our life time. And he started blasting the Guptas etc. Do you know that Juju did not leave voluntarily but expelled, he begged them to stay but they would not let him. ANC charged him for Botswana regime change and he apologised, but did not want anything because JZ wanted another term of office till the NPA charged him with corruption.

    Coming to BM, I don’t want to say much this time around. But Public Protecter is one of our respected Chapter 9 institution and should be respected by all of us. He was not charged by white monopoly capital unless you want to tell me something that I am not aware of.

  74. Of course he doesn’t need to come out of anything, simply because there is no closet to come out of. And yes he is straight, that’s what we know.

    Dear gay people
    Your sexuality is not a curse……unless of course there is something you wanna tell us.

  75. Correction, ANC charged JM for Botswana regime change comment, he was desciplined till he was expelled.

    BM, was not charged, but implicated!!!!!

  76. That time Brian left Eskom so that he could be afforded an opportinity to clear his name but alas!!

  77. I dont get your last paragraph Aroma. Anyway my point throughout our conversation was the media tell you want they want you to believe. I am not sure if Brian has been charged by anybody…..if he was he would have appeared in court by now.

    I used Juju as an example of how the media use an individual to further the white agenda at a certain point, Juju has been on both sides, favourable and unfavourable. Often these allegations are proven to be untrue and by then the public are often not too concerned about the outcome. Chances are they would be onto the next scandal. Meanwhile the individual’s charactet has not been redeemed.

    I still maintain that I am one of the people who look forward to having him in the finance ministry. I have no doubt that he will bring about much needed change.

  78. Lol at contradiction…..never!!!!!First of all I didn’t say it was neither a shortcoming nor a curse……but then again it doesn’t matter what I say,anyways. That’s how you feel and I can’t help you with that.once one accepts themselves then it doesn’t matter who is in the open or closet,they live their lives freely with confidence.I am not an enemy hey so chill,yeah?

  79. Mrs M, I meant to say, implicated by Public Protecter not charged. Why are you dwelling on the white media???

    Anyway, BM is a parlimentarian now and we will watch closely his next step. But should JZ put him on that seat, I forsee disaster, and a lot of us we will have our say in our little corners in the voting booth in 2019. Have a good night.

  80. Tebogo is B*’s cousin …
    . Yeah I wonder is Mrs M is aware of the report that Eskom hid about the manufacturer shedloading …

  81. Hayi usisi we the soil, next time angabeki la clutch bag kulandawo look the way isisu sakhe singayo manje

  82. but knowing someone personally does not mean they are gay or straight bathong. I sexuality yakhe yaziwa nguye qha and ke gender and sexual fluidity idla phezulu these days

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