I always think BIG,think CRAZY, think SUCCESS.

First things first, we have decided to give you a temporary fix while the original site is being sorted. Apologies bahlali but at least for now you’ll be able to access the site via desktop as well. 🙂

Now let’s move on to our dramatic and action packed coWntry. So the reshuffling of ministers is still trending, a lot of people are unhappy especially where the minister of finance is concerned. The rand has been holding on to dear life since then and it’s really messing up everything.

To be honest, I was happy with Mr Gigabyte kwi Home Affairs, I think he has done a fantastic job there. Among other good things, it now takes a few days for one’s passport/ID to come out, and we don’t wait forever at Home Affairs like we used to. Even when you are there, there is a proper system that is followed that makes everything flow smoothly. I for one, salute Malusi Gigaba for that. Let’s just give him a chance and let’s see what he will do kwi finance. We have been through worse, and right now I think we only have ONE problem, the minute that ONE problem is out of the way, we will be ok or should I say better. Opposition parties say they will not stop their mission because they are doing it for ‘the people’ so let’s wait and see.


And then there was the postponing of Uncle Kathy’s memorial service. I don’t know what to say. We live in a sad world shem. Yhuuuuuu!

Lol, there is nothing that involves Penny Penny that doesn’t make me laugh. I really can’t take him serious. Don’t get me wrong, I have huge respect for him and the day I meet I will probably laugh my lungs out in front of him and explain later. To me everything he is just a funny person.

Anyway, Sunday papers report that Penny Penny almost moered a station manager of Munghana Lonene FM. Bathi Papa Penny was booked to perform at an awards ceremony the weekend before but when he arrived at the venue, security refused to let his band in because they were not accredited and that made him angry. Sunday Sun says things got so messy that day that he threatened to hit Arthur Mafokate for trying to ‘bulldoze his way into performing before his scheduled’. Papa Penny denies the allegations. LMAO

Still on Arthur Mafokate, it is said that he has decided to hang up his music tools and retire. His 999 artists have been handed clearance letters so they can sign with other record labels. One of his artists Cici has moved back to Durban and is living with her sister. It’s a tough world out there. People seem to be worried about Cici, I am worried about Chomee. It’s late for her!

I had a ‘Hayi maan’ moment when I read a story about comedian Skhumba and Bonang Matheba. According to Sunday Sun, Skhumba was supposed to be interviewed on The Front Row but when he got there ‘Bonang felt he wasn’t good enough and demanded someone better’ so the interview never happened. Skhumba is said to have called his manager while he was still at the station but didn’t give reasons why the interview was cancelled. Bathi ‘It’s unclear why Skhumba was turned down. Maybe he once made a joke about Bonang.’ If this is true, I just wanna know how these interviews are set up and by who? Don’t the DJs get told way before who their guests will be so they can prepare? Skhumba showing up for an interview and being turned away is kinda weird. Why didn’t they call him to cancel the interview ke instead of him having to waste time going there for nothing? I am so lost.

Tbo Touch seems to be winning you guys. Who would have thought he was gonna see his dream through after his dramatic Metro FM exit? I came across a video of him at his event saying he is on a mission to poach all Metro’s good presenters until they give him his last show. Athi he is still upset that soon after he handed over his resignation letter he was refused a chance to bid his listeners farewell. Hehehehehe, Touch is dangerous hey. Look at his line up? Wow!!

DJ Fresh has left 5FM to do Metro FM’s Breakfast Show. Fresh takes over from Glen Lewis who has moved to Touch Central. Unathi Msengana has also left Metro FM and she announced it on social media on Friday. Jah neh!!! On the other hand, Zama Ngcobo continues to annoy Ukhozi FM listeners waya waya and it seems nobody’s been listening. The latest is that she allegedly said; ‘Gospel music is the music for those who live in poverty.’ TJO!!!

Guys, I am a huge fan of love and I am one of those that were happy when DJ Zinhle found her prince. But Sunday World has crashed me with their report on Brendon Naidoo. According to the paper, the handsome Mr Bond has been scamming people, of millions and millions of rands in the name of forex trade. People invested their savings through him and he would send bank statements and they thought all was legit only to find out that the bank statements were fake. I am shattered beyond words and I hope my Zinhle hasn’t been financially played too. This is a mess. Brendon seems to be in the papers for the wrong reasons, 1st it was that lady claiming he played her heart and now this? I hope there is no operation mess up Mr and Mrs Bond campaign out there. Ok, I don’t know how far true all this is but the way things is going I don’t know. *Coolio voice*

Sunday World is clearly playing guess games with the people this time. They have a story about a top Jazz Artist who for 4years has been separated from his wife of 14years. They have no children together. The wife is now based in the USA, and is said to be jobless. The court has ordered the Jazz muso to pay $2800 spousal maintenance a month. He is supposed to pay her this until she remarries or dies. This amount will rise by 5% every year. Akumnandi!! Forget everything, I am just wondering who the Jazz muso is? No names were mentioned for legal reasons I assume, but SW’s clues didn’t help me either. Bathi the man was previously married to a well-known singer. *scratches head*


What else has been going on? It’s a new month….Let’s catch up!!



By @KikiMarli




  1. Satafrika is busy shame! Papa Penny yena has temper issues, even on his show he gets easily annoyed and snaps. Shame Cici, what is Chomee up to vele lately? Is there any truth though to these allegations zika Mr Bond? People also and not doing their research on this forex trading. Could the artist be Hugh? Oh well….guys come back yhu iJC ayisafani….

  2. I’m happy for Touch and DJ Sbu. True examples of –>When One door closes the other opens. I felt sorry for Zinhle,things that people say?… I don’t think B is that dramatic,nah fam. I don’t find Papa Penny interesting. Politics tsona I will leave them for Mr Right.

  3. I liked bae of the nation more when he was still a minister of HA. His current position is disappointing since he was strategically put in it to accomplish envelope deals.Wish I could say I look forward to him being MOF but sadly he holds nothing that shows he is more efficient than PG. I hope this move doesn’t kill his career if things don’t go according to envelope plans.

  4. Mrs Gigabyte is going to sly us on IG

    Papa Penny is always angry, ona le problem ntate oo. He has anger issues. Can’t take him seriously nami
    The 999 story is sad, poor Cici, i think she is talented maybe Mabala Noise will sign her and release Khanyi. Girl can’t sign to save her life and her song is wack too

    Tbo Touch is winning 🙂

  5. Thanks Kiki for Mzansi news. The Mr Bond story was broken a long time ago here on JC. People were going on about Zinhle and her choice in men but I was left scratching my head because to me other than the fact that bayajola this story has very little to do with her. In fact the people who keep bringing Zinhle in to this will do the victims a disservice because now instead of this story being covered and hopefully resolved it will turn into random celeb gossip and eventually die down. I heard Unathi is replacing KCi on umhlobo, is it true Kiki? Apparently Khanyi Mbau is on the radio now, I hope they didn’t fire Nothemba.

  6. I don’t think ikhona into yeforex uBond ubefaka lemali kumaPonzi scheme akhe. Lamaflowers no chocolate baZinhle bathengwa ngezinyembezi zabantu. I am glad Zinhle found out about this before amuzalele. JC peeps bethi uMr Bond is a business man, where?

  7. I’m praying for DJ Zinhle and Naido’s relationship. Hay its enough now for Zinhle.

  8. I wonder ukba iza fikelela kwi blog kaZinhle eyokba Bond Issa is a fraudster?inserts *mboro’s meme*

  9. Yey inesidina sekhala lenja uZama Ngcobo kuKhozi uyezwa!!! I truly believe the bloggers abathi she’s sleeping with someone laphana ngeke hau kunini insulting listeners bt dololo ukuxoshwa?

    Metro already having issues with their newly launched website? Been trying to view line Up from 5am with no luck. Anyone who knows of the BIG changes lol pls share

  10. One blogger mentioned a while ago that Brendon is involved in ponzi schemes 🙁

    Fikile Mbalula and his hashtags fighting crime lol

  11. I remember In this blog you exposed this guy longtime ago. I’m sure Zinhle knows about this thing maybe it’s just a misunderstanding.

  12. So DJ Zinhle can’t afford to buy herself a house? @JustNje unesidina Shem esika Zama Ngcobo singcono kunesakho.

  13. Good morning

    Bahlala bethi when I was doing my research I found out this and this, so definitely presenters know before hand who they going to interview.So sanudlala ngo B, yizani nesinye story

    Zinhle wasn’t even bothered by all these allegations wasibonisa ijean yakhe ethi am so happy with you, athi the msg is for Brendon…I think she already knows uba umntu wakhe wenzani

    Tabitha khawuze nale ka Lorna indaba.

    How was Som som when paired with someone else ?

  14. Being married is no child’s play. Uyathandeka had to be #TeamJBS this weekend as Sithelo and LordPhil celebrated their sons birthday. Why couldn’t he just pay for the party and not go? Shame the wife had to relive the embarrassment all over again. Sithelo is will make sure that she rubs it in Uyathandeka’s face. Sidechicks have no shame. Now the wife has to be dragged into this circus be of the husband stupidity.

  15. Zinhle is in on it. It’s impossible not to know ukuthi yenzani indoda yakho. Uthenge ubhestazi ngemali yogogo babantu. Think Apollo and Phaedra RHOA.

  16. True Nori , but bahlali if possible can we not entertain this please, let’s not give Sithelo what she wants, that whole party was never about the kid, it was to give Uyathandeka chest pains and to show off.

  17. I’m just happy that I won’t be subjected to Unathi’s screaming and Khanyi’s whispering on weekdays. Yeeeer!
    Where is Kat (Katlego Mohoaduba) on that line-up ka TBo Touch?

  18. The new look JC is cool. Thanks Kiki. Aaheee *Papa Penny’s voice *
    Feels good to be back…and like they say, alikho elingashoni nendaba zalo. Unathi on Mhlobo Wenene??!! Adonbilivit!
    Touch HD is the Future!! I never thought Glen Lewis would ever leave Metro. Halalaness to TboTouch. His station must be doing really great if he can afford to pay Glen…on a Breakfast show futhi!!
    @Thabitha woza nazo oe…uthi wenzeni uLorna??

  19. @Lukho….isn’t Kat on Cliff Central?
    I can’t believe Sithelo posted Lord Phil!! Like she could have just posted pictures of just the baby. Ihloni akalazi lomtwana sherm!

  20. @SaintNoriWest, Sithelo is not right in the head shame….she’s been absent from IG for months, and conveniently reappeares in time for the son’s birthday. IG is the devil, I swear.

  21. But what you don’t mention is that Lord Phil posted a pic ya Uyathandeka with “I MISS YOU caption”. That tells you that he was there for his son (which is not wrong by the way) and not the nyatsi. I just wish Uyathandeka can chose nicer shoes, seeing that she has the money to buy expensive pairs.

  22. The way radio changes used to excite us bandla! Gone are those days. That Jazz muso story is about Hugh Masekela. Didn’t know that he got married again after Mirriam Makeba. Mr Bond’s shenanigans were mentioned here eons ago

  23. @Impostor – There are rumours doing rounds that a new nucler deal has been signed by Malusi and Khubuluse’s company is heading it. I’m so inclided to believe this at the rate things are going. NT has come out denying. Can you please give us the inside info?

  24. Are you Romantic or Gingatic?????i havent laughed this hard in a while thixo wama zulu….it feels good to be back…
    IG will be the death of many ppl

  25. Are you Romantic or Gigantic *typo*?????i havent laughed this hard in a while thixo wama zulu….it feels good to be back…
    IG will be the death of many ppl

  26. omakhwapheni be MILLENIUM aba hloniphi nxobo….abanawo umthambo wokuhlonipha

  27. This nuclear deal…were requests for proposals issued? Is it not an idea for now since it has to go tender? Or am I behind with information? With that said who prepared the submissions for approval by the Minister if not the DG? Lungisa was Nene’s DG and he said then we cannot afford to spend so much on it…with PG as well.If the Nucleur deal is to happen Lungisa must leave Treasury first.Ministers are just political heads just appending signatures on submissions prepared by the administrative.

  28. @Cutie…I agree. I think she’s just obsessed with Gucci, perhaps Gucci shoe designs are not for her feet type. She just insists on them though just so we see she can afford. Ku thafu!

  29. I think Uyathandeka has Lord Phil’s password so she posted her pic by his IG and captioned it “You are missed” while he was in that part because of chestpains. hehehe

  30. Maybe she was also “missed” when sithelo got pregnant….

    Hehehehe Shaka order!!

  31. But Mathaz, don’t you think that Lungisa would be pressured to sign it, by his superiors?
    @Cutie, I honestly don’t believe that the nuclear deal has been signed. Apparently it is due in 6 months. Because I saw a tweet from Thuli saying that it can be taken for review if it has been signed, as the Minister would not have had the time to apply his mind on the matter.

  32. Thanks Kiki, now I can log in from my laptop. Some of us can only access the site from work network, cellphone coverage hear at work its so bad. Missed this streets.

  33. @Mathaz- if the deal hasn’t gone through yet, it will not go through the normal tender process (citing security reasons etc). But they will need to get permission from NT to deviate. Guess who’s now heading NT! Malusi will approve that deviation without questioning it.
    @Phetholo – that would be great. I just don’t know what to believe anymore. I believed that Zuma would not be reckless enough to fire Pravin. But he did.

  34. So now because pinky bani bani blocked you,you found a new obessions ?who is sethlelo any way I hope she blocks u like pinky hahahahah I can’t be lost in conversations again.

  35. @muntukatreysong me too I almost died laughing it hurts to laugh like that I had to stop my tv for a while I was still laughing 30minutes after the show . No those girls were high on something I tell.u

  36. Uyathandeka is taking this expensive brand too far nezinyawo ezimbi lol ,she need Sithelo to teach her how to dress classy .Sithelo is definitely giving Uyathandeka chest pains tjerrrr.

  37. Im dead, Fikile Mbalula and his hashtags #WanyaTsotsi. Im failing to take his serious

  38. OMG someone commented on Sthelo’s pic wathi “Niyathandeka”. They look good together thou

  39. Even if you deviate you must tender @Cutie…I am assuming they will invite limited bidders which also requires deviation from normal SCM processes.

    @Phetolo I don’t see how Lungisa will change his mind; if he convinced PG and Nene that we cannot afford the deal what would have made him change his mind now? I read that he was appointed on a short term contract so perhaps he will leave.Besides what makes us think that Gigaba wants to keep him?

  40. Ndu, to a point where people started saying Zinhle did her self good by dumping ugly AKA, but when you look at Kairo, she is spitting image of AKA. Beautiful kid with AKA’s lips, hands doro yonke into

    Mr Bond, we know him through uZinhle because she is the one who introduced him to us. Thats why he will always be referred as Zinhle’s boyfriend. If he was just a non entitiy like the rest of frausters, the media would have referred to him by his name. And his frauster news would not have carried weight. Bare he defraustered a News Cafe owner millions of rands, retired teachers and pensioners. Itjoooo Tsotsi!!!!!!!

  41. Come to think of it I think his scam was working why would ppl kept on investing with him if they were not getting anything .it’s probably a misunderstanding with one of the investors all these times they were chowings money in peace and quite lol
    Hai something is fishy. I know a friend of mine invested in forex trading with someone one and she’s has been chowing moola but this month’s her withdrawals had glitches it came late but she recieved it .she has been withdrawing non stop even the money she invested with long finished .so sometimes they do work but have problems

  42. If unathi goes to umhlobowenene then where is KC going ke or maybe he’s ban fired.I was so disappointed ukuzwa I voice la zama in the morning the girl is full of herself hle.I was so hoping ukuthi she was going t be moved to another slot

  43. Feels sooo good to be back mayne
    I dont know bout ya’ll but i’m willing to give Gigaba and Mbalula a chance in their new portfolios, no matter how much we despise msholozi and his fellow party crooks, these two (Gigs&Fiks) did well in their previous posts.

    As for zinhle, i know i wont get to read about how her haters are trying to pull her down in a blog post or open letter and frankly i never cared for her even though she’s doing well for herself, i feel Brendon’s name is just being dragged through the mud and its a misunderstanding which hopefully will be cleared up, the guy doesn’t really give me any tsotsi vibes.

  44. The Front Row#askaman will never be the same. I am going to miss abo Naked DJ. There is no need for LKG to be on the Front Row, Lootlove is even much better than her. Pity bo Loot does not have Surname mperekele thing!!!!!!

  45. Hai le rona batho ba bantsho ra lapisa weitsi. For how long will we fall victim to these kinds of frauds vele. The alleged victims of this Naidoo guy are educated. Greed really does cancel out reasoning in some people. Everyone’s hopping on this forex bandwagon and I just hope people are researching before committing with their hard earned money. There’s a way to do it right.

  46. Most white collar criminals look the part of someone you can trust. They pay special attention to their image e.g. Raffaello Follieri who looked the part and even dated a celebrity (Ann Hathaway) to give off this image of prosperity kanti jiki jiki he’s a fraudster. The way I see it Brendon used Zinhle the same way.

  47. We are ready for photo Kairo and Bonang, tl tl tl
    Saw Bonangs hand on the tab where Kairo was playing with “Snow jelly” in Kie’s insta story

  48. @Mathaz I believe Gigs would want to keep Lungisa, because he has no clue about the environment. At least for now. Having a new Minister, Deputy minister & DG would be detrimental to NT me thinks.

  49. qhamisto says:

    We are ready for photo Kairo and Bonang, tl tl tl
    Saw Bonangs hand on the tab where Kairo was playing with “Snow jelly” in Kie’s insta story
    OMG! i just saw it. i wonder what she calls her.. Aunt B? LOL

  50. Kade bazana u B* no Kairo , same as B* and AKA’s mom …. and AKA could have posted pics a long time ago .. but B* doesnt want that … Z knows all of this

  51. So Gigaba chose to attend a press briefing with Moyane..PG’s nemesis over a briefing and handover meeting with PG…and you say we must give him a chance @blackdiadem? Priorities; why snub such an important meeting with PG?

    @Phetolo the Gupta’s wanted Lungisa gone I don’t see how Gigaba will still retain him.

    How is Norma on IG?

  52. Zinhle neh and Mr Bond …. I kinda feel sorry for, even though she didnt do anything, its kida embarrasing that you introduces a con artisi to the world as your boyfriend ….

    Twitter yesterday were saying, they are waiting for the blog, since thats how she does the introduction of poeple who betray her 🙂 Ba re never trust someone who always ost inspirational and entrepreneurship quotes Kwaaaaaaaa….

    I feel like she didnt do proper background check on this guy, she was just moved by the “man in suite” who do Michelangelo drinks ….

  53. Yoh SA our beloved country…
    Let’s support the march on the 7th… Zuma can’t even hide this greed. We are doomed.

    @Aroma they have killed B’s slot. Lerato is so annoying; and not bright at all, and #ask a man without jj.. now I can listen to moflava. And yes loot love is way better than lerato

  54. Mathaz, Noma is there ko IG. Ke mosadi wa thapelo!!!!!! I haven’t visited IG today but her last IG post was a video about thapelo or something. Did not bother to listen!

    Chantal and Qhamisto, order ladies!!!!

  55. @Mathaz…..wow, I had no idea the Guptas don’t want him. Tjo
    Moflava must be in heaven that Lerato is no longer his co-host.

  56. Flavoured, apparently Zinhle asked Brendon’s younger brother to service her computer and saw Brendon and maybe liked him at first sight. She then ask him out for coffee and he obliged. Its not easy to do background checks when you are taken and maybe she did not see the need since Brendon is of colour and look decent.

  57. I feel for Uyathandeka, she is stuck with sithelo for the rest of her life. And sthelo is not about to leave anytime soon girl saw a gold mine and she gotta maintain the lifestyle.

    Thuli Thabethe, tbo touch and nandi situation I never thought such situation exists, I feel like am watching a movie wow. Via their instagram The kind of relationship they have. Its rare.

  58. Thandaza, Thats very true. Maybe its out of spite since B* is absent most of the time especially towards the end of the year seeking and marketing her brand out of SA. Thats why they thought of putting LKG who always replaced her when away. I still prefer Loot, she impressed a lot of us last December.

  59. Norma is a different person lately – i see she no longer calls herself MrsGigabyte but Norma Gigaba even started her own foundation . I hope she has put Buhle Mkhize behind, where is Buhle?

  60. Someone sent this to me ……. Eugene van Wyk wrote;
    The following organisations wants pres Zuma gone : DA , other Opposition Parties , Helen Suzman Foundation, Freedom Under Law, SaveSA, AFRIFORUM, Corruption Watch, R2K, Zuma must fall campaign, sone “Veterans / Stalwarts ” , some church leaders.
    The reasons
    Under pres Zuma :
    1 SA joined BRICS. Meaning the Western Governments will loose economic control over SA.
    2. White businesses are challenged by Zuma’s Radical Economic Transformation.
    3. They are defending their business interests.
    4. They lost control over Treasury.
    5. White Monopoly Capital will loose their grip on the SA Economy. They negotiated to keep the Economy and ANC could have political power at CODESA.
    6. Pres Zuma is reversing this.
    7. Black people will have excess to the Economy.
    Their Strategy :
    1. Create Fear through the white controlled media.
    2. Spreading propaganda .
    3. Scare us with the Rand that will fall.
    4. Scare us wirh “looting of the state”.
    What are they causing :
    1. Uprising
    2. Anarchy
    3. Dividing the nation
    4. Instigating Civil War.
    5. Innocent blood will be spilt , because of DA greed and hunger for power.
    What should we do:
    1. Do not believe the lies of the DA ; media and above mentioned organisation.
    2. Stay calm.
    3. Give the new Cabinet a chance and see how they perform .
    4. Do not adhere to uprisings.
    5. Pray for peace

  61. Uya nyeleka shame uZinhle wabantu

    Kefilwe Mabota AKA Kefiboo will be featured on Top Billing soon. Power Pussy right there.

  62. I am against white monopoloy capital same way I am against Gupta and selected few monopoloy capital while our brothers and sisters suffer in the name of pretentious radical economic transformation. We all know what happenes in ANC run municipalities and recently at Eskom.

    I am going to March on the 7th of April. Tired of these monopoly capitalits.

  63. What’s the name of Zinhle’s blog? I wanna see if she’s posted an open letter. Akuve eshesha ngalapho.

  64. @Thaz-thaz- I have a feeling that this transaction won’t go through normal tender process. 1) the actual transaction is with the Russians and they are probably the only ones who could do it (single source). They are allowed to go to the Supplier directly under these circumstances.
    2) Regarding Khubuluse’s company being in the forefront. I’m just not too sure about his role but that needs to go on open tender because anyone can “consult”. But we know the outcome moss.
    @Blackdiadem – yhaz we don’t dispute Malusi’s capability as a leader. The crux of the matter is “WHY”. After the nuclear deal is done he’ll probably do a good job, but after selling this country.

  65. qhamisto says:
    We are ready for photo Kairo and Bonang, tl tl tl
    Saw Bonangs hand on the tab where Kairo was playing with “Snow jelly” in Kie’s insta story
    Bonang gives me evil step mom vibes. I can imagine nje ebusy speaking Setswana le Kairo emthuka hehehehe

  66. JustNje says:
    What’s the name of Zinhle’s blog? I wanna see if she’s posted an open letter. Akuve eshesha ngalapho.

    Zinhle won’t write about that on her blog. She’s doing a reality show.We’ll see her reaction there. SOON ?

  67. @Shaka I have seen this being circulated all over social media but has JZ actually said that is his plan or its just his supporters who are saying that is the ‘big plan’?
    How is he going to ensure that he outwits the white capital monopoly? If they are so mighty and powerful and will cause the rand to be worthless how is he going to prevent that from happening?
    lastly how long until we see the benefits of this radical economic transformation?
    anybody care to explain? I would also like to be part of the “asinavalo” camp and just relax knowing that the economy is in safe hands but what is lacking in most of these posts is the HOW

  68. Sego ya Norma is a different person lately. I’ve always liked her and like her even more now that she’s starting to behave calmer. I wish she’d stop being all over Instagram IT girls too that’s all.

  69. Shaka says:

    qhamisto says:
    We are ready for photo Kairo and Bonang, tl tl tl
    Saw Bonangs hand on the tab where Kairo was playing with “Snow jelly” in Kie’s insta story
    Bonang gives me evil step mom vibes. I can imagine nje ebusy speaking Setswana le Kairo emthuka hehehehe

    Busy saying: Mmago are kemo tseetse monna, kemo thubetse lelapa.. right? RME

  70. Norma will be different of course…she is aware Malusi stands a good chance of being President in the near future.We don’t want to accuse him of buying her flowers using public funds.

  71. Greetings to Y’all

    I can imagine up to this day how Mrs Gigabyte is feeling after Hubby’s new post, all happiness around her!!!!!!!!

  72. Mathaz

    Apr 3, 2017 at 12:52 pm

    Don’t the Russians need to sub-contract with local suppliers @Cutie?
    Yes they will have to sub-contract to a black owned local supplier atleast 30% of the contract value. Maybe that is where Khubuluse’s company will benefit. And remember these foreign nationals aren’t properly monitored. They may agree to sub-contract 30% to a local but only give 10%. But in this case they may give Khubuluse the full agreed upon % without robbing him because of Zuma’s connections.

  73. Sithelo has had a rough couple of months. Phil dumped her around Jan (hence the IG break) maybe the party planning brought them back together and reignited the spark.

    Zinhle probably knows about Bonds shady business. Maybe she knows her man is a con and she loves her con man. I mean Zumas wives are still happy with him. I have to agree with Kiki though, someone is out to destroy Bond and shame Zinhle. We’re still gonna hear many more stories about this man.

  74. Shaka what Eugene Van Wyk wrote is the reason why my head is spinning I don’t know who and what to believe any more

    I do believe that the white media is manipulating us and everything that is happening for their own benefit,they want Zuma gone for their own reasons not for us black South Africans.

    But I don’t believe that Zuma has our best interest at heart either,he has a Compound that is worth R200mil,his family and friends are swimming in tenders worth hundreds of millions,what did he do about fees must fall? E tolls?

    He has been in power for almost 9yrs now that he is about to Exit ,this radical Economic transformation has to go at 300/hr,.

    Velevele implementation of this radical Economic transformation ithini?The DA asked him to summarize it in parliament and to tell us the steps of this “Radical Economic Transformation “wahluleka

    How was PG&Mcebisi blocking it? I was listening to Winnie Mandela yesterday she is so against what Zuma is doing I doubt that woman would want to give our country to Abelungu.I don’t wanna talk about Cyril I don’t trust him,I don’t count him among black people But I find it hard that people like Jackson,Gwede,kgalema,Mcebisi are against his doings to give izwe kubelungu

  75. My Monday AG: The blogger who keeps on posting about Sithelo and Lord Phil, you are obsessed with them or if it’s Sithelo herself blogging you are sick and psycho, go get help. Yhu I have been observing the posts, thinking mental illness comes in different ways guys, we must know the signs….

  76. Sithelo is a beautiful girl and it’s nice of that guy to be there for his child but her putting their so called family picture in public is disrespectful.

  77. Velevele implementation of this radical Economic transformation ithini?The DA asked him to summarize it in parliament and to tell us the steps of this “Radical Economic Transformation “wahluleka

    @Jayonce – The issue is corruption in SA but radical transformation is very much doable. Government and State Owned Entities are doing a lot in that aspect (sans Guptas). For example, the new National Treasury Regulations speak about sub-contracting atleast 30% of the tender to black owned and youth entities. The term is referred to as pre-qualification criteria. What this means for example is that if Eskom has a tender worth 5 billion, 30% of that MUST go to black people or the tender will be disqualified. Pre-qualification criteria refers to the first gate that determines whether your tender will be further looked at or not.
    Then there is this whole thing about socio-economy. Companies that do business are forced to assist SMMEs, employ black people, have them as their shareholders etc. For example, Woolies has a very good story about pet food. They used to import the food. Then someone there said they could develop a local supplier for that purpose. A black lady in Cape Town was given an opportunity to try it. At first the whites at Woolies didn’t believe that she could be capable. They first gave a task to supply about 20 -30% of the pet food. They saw how they cut the cost and now is the SOLE supplier of pet food at Woolies. She created jobs and provided families with food on the table.
    The problem is that we were groom to think like employees and not at entrepreneurs.

  78. Amen @Jayonce. ANC allegedly gave the Guptas 3 farms in the Free State for free. IDC gave the 250 million to buy Uranium mines. Guess who sits on the Oakbay Board of Directors- majority are whites. This Radical Economic transformation is just a farce!!!!

  79. Amen Jayonce, ANC, allegedly gave the Guptas 3 huge farms in the Free States for free. Again IDC allegedly gave the 250 Million to start the Uranium Mine. And they are telling us about radical transformation, to benefit who exactly when majority of board members are still white at Oakbay. This radical transformation is just a farce to benefit bona their and those close to them

  80. I am following a story on FB page where there is a lady being evicted(legally) after not paying her rental for 10 months and apparently she has done this before.. and this morning she was coming from Gym driving “her BMW”.. just waiting to see her face(they will publish after the eviction has been completed) she was busy loading her personal stuff in her car not knowing they will take it as well. maybe she is one of the Insta models. Did you guys see a before and after picture of Faith Nketsi?

  81. Don’t forget Eskom; SABC; Denel SAA and and and…@Aroma…what is the difference between Radical Economic and BBBEE @Cutie?

  82. chantal pls share the link! I am also trying to evict my tenant this process is taking so long! She has not paid in the last 2 months and i want to nip it in the bud.. I have sent her numerous emails and have not gone to see her as advised by my lawyer. Tenants are a problem i just want to sell the stupid place

  83. UBooslay must unblock us so we can talk about her and reignite Malusi’s interest in her 🙂

  84. Rental agents are the way to go Nelley. They don’t play. When the tenant doesn’t pay rent they change the keys fast fast or arrange with metering company to switch off electricity.

  85. On the other News Andile Yogie has disappeared with weave money from her clients.Apparently she is broke as duck her pussy is no longer bringing her income

  86. Mathaz

    Apr 3, 2017 at 2:16 pm

    Don’t forget Eskom; SABC; Denel SAA and and and…@Aroma…what is the difference between Radical Economic and BBBEE @Cutie?
    @Mathaz – I’m not a B-BBEE specialist but my understanding is that B-BBEE is a framework through which Radical Transformation can be achieved and measured. Radical Transformation is an amplified “existing” Transformation. Its amplified by introducing “drastic” measures to ensure that black people benefit in the economy of the country. New programmes/legislations that “amplify” Transformation are the New NT Regulations, Dti’s Black Industrialist Programmes, New B-BBEE increased thresholds. I hope I make sense.

  87. Lmao Exiled. I can tell you one thing Booslay is a real slayer. Who knew she has Kefiboo levels of fashion sense. I knew her for thirst trapping until now. I also think she’s a blogger here. Its JC who called her Booslay way before she changed her name.

  88. Exiled
    Apr 3, 2017 at 2:30 pm
    Rental agents are the way to go Nelley. They don’t play. When the tenant doesn’t pay rent they change the keys fast fast or arrange with metering company to switch off electricity.

    They are no longer allowed, the tenant goes to court and the agency is ordered to switch the lights back on and the water! You cant touch a tenant lately! I feel sorry for this woman hey, she is in the UK and her rental has been R20K per month and the tenat hasnt paid for the past 10 months like !

  89. Somebody from the Eastern Cape just told me that some grant beneficiaries haven’t received their money yet.

  90. @Nelley – Mina I directly went to the Municipality and ordered them to switch water and lights off. The landlords case should be strong and let them know that she cant afford to pay water and lights when the tenant defaults…
    The balls of a defaulter that goes to court while they are at the wrong.

  91. yoh Cutie go and read this one posted by chantal she is hectic.. i never wish to come across such a person!

  92. Some people though! Failing to pay rent for 10 months? If you can’t afford why not downgrade?
    Or is she trying to keep up with aboKefiboo ko Instagram

  93. Thanks cutie for sharing the light im definitely inspired by that woolies story

    Why is this Sbongile_k disrespecting uyathandeka on instagram now esthombeni Sakhe,Ay ichomi zasthelo 🙁

  94. Some tenants know their “rights” you cant just change locks or switch off electricity because they did not pay rent.
    i know someone who is actually going through the same thing, its worse because the ex tenant is now offering very little money to settle his debt. using his disability (that he doesn’t have enough money to get by) as an excuse..
    @Nelly search for “eviction” on the same group, you will see shocking stories there..

  95. Chantal can you possibly share the page where the story is. Mna Nelley ndingalanda abantu who would just move in while those tenants are there, people are crazy, how can you go to court uzazi awubhatali.

  96. @Chantal – thanks for the link. I still say the law is very wrong to only consider the tenants and not the landlords.
    Unathi Msengana left because they wanted to pair her with Kanyi Mbau from 08h00 to 10h00. It was going to be a serious downgrade for Unsta’s brand. Good one girl. And Bonang is teamed with LKG….I don’t know how I feel about this. But I didn’t like Mo Flavour with LKG. He undermined and belittled her.

  97. Exiled
    Apr 3, 2017 at 3:19 pm
    Chantal can you possibly share the page where the story is. Mna Nelley ndingalanda abantu who would just move in while those tenants are there, people are crazy, how can you go to court uzazi awubhatali.
    exiled its against the law all this nyan’ to even come and knock on their door its a crime.. its called harrassment.. there seems to be professionals that do this for a living hey. This lady seems to be one of them.

  98. Check Treasury’s website @Cutie re BBBEE…new directives have been issued.Radical transformation will have to be addressed through BBEEE level in the public sector…at least that’s what I think.

  99. Is it true that Masechaba is joinging Metro to co-anchor with MoFlava? If so; what a waste of talent.

  100. Fresh’s show is everything and I am loving Mo flava and Masechaba. Bonang can’t share, niyamazi she wants to be the only woman who gets the spotlight, nothing new, she’s so selfish usisi, sadly only a select few listen to online radio, so she can kiss her ” I’m on a station with 6 million listeners” goodbye. In fact instead of growing she’s paddling backwards ugirl we ego

  101. Well Touch give your moon that well-deserved bonus iyabekera ayidlali hahhahhahahha lol

  102. Hello. I need a baby sitter who is around Durban preferable Umlazi cos they won’t be sleeping in just yet. Email me on nondumiso underscore k at gmail dot com.

  103. Well , the moment i saw Teddy’s comment i knew it was coming.. i guess bo Unathi are allowed.. if she is not happy why pretend?

  104. Hi Guys
    Good to be back.Can someone please refresh my memory on which websites I can be able to access/download academic books?
    I will listen on the radio for the answer.

  105. THE FIRST OFFICIAL #MCM from Norma Gigs
    norma.gigaba#MCM????…Firstly I want to congratulate you on your new post. I know it’s a huge task that comes with a lot of responsibilities and sacrifice but I believe in your leadership and your undying love for your country. Nothing glamorous about it but it means a lot of sacrifice for us as family as you will be away a lot from home, miss a lot of school activities for our beloved kids and I know how much you love being part of everything they do. But with the work you do you need to make a lot of sacrifices. With greater responsibility comes greater sacrifice. I want to assure you that I’m here to support you and the choices you’ve made. Serve our country with the dignity, be a good leader and excel in your work as you always do and know that this is not about you but it’s about our country. Follow your destiny; I am praying for you and fully support you.??

  106. The reshuffling at Metro FM are nausetting. I don’t blame these seasoned DJ for leaving the station that was once mighty. Now its losing the listernership all in the name of what exactly. Once your talent gets undermined be in the Media, Corporation, NGO or whereever, it means its time to GO.

    You GO B*, Will be missed by us who listened to your show religiously. Big up to you Touch..till they give you your last show. Next is MaRAWA…

  107. Chantal O stout, wonder why people cannot be brave enough and use their regular names if they have a different opinion. It must be tiring to create a new user name now and then!!!!!

  108. You clearly don’t like Bonang. Unsta resigned for the same reasons but you don’t call her a bad person! What did Bonang do to you?

  109. Yazi Cutie! They are like this vele… its a good thing she couldn’t care less what people who don’t pay her salary think of her..

  110. Are people assuming that B* decided to quit after the first show with LKG? I was under the impression that presenters knew of the reshuffle way before the public, so if that was her reason for quitting she would have done it earlier

  111. Phumza Nohashe says she was only informed about the co-hosting bussiness an hour before the show. I think I also believe the stories about her evil self. Imagine how LKG is feeling right now! Skepsel!

  112. What a lot! Satafrika is a lot. Thanks Chantal but that group is closed sana. I will reserve my comment on the B* saga. I’m so proud of Norma she seems very ‘grown up’

  113. Metro FM, had a plan to get rid of her. Imagine being told an hour before the show that you will be Co-hosting with so and so!!!!! I am glad she left the station with the her big sponsors that she brought to the Front Row!!!! Their Loss and Touch’s gain.

  114. @Nelly where is your place? Get rid of that tenant I will gladly move in I promise I pay my rent on time. If I haven’t paid by the 27th my landlord starts sending texts, that time I am like haibo I have until the 7th to pay by law.

  115. It is the President’s prerogative they said…look now.Political instability…the West has long waited for this opportunity.Zuma has sold us.

  116. Yeah there will always be people justifying and defending the indefensible. Of course its his prerogative but clearly people are aware of why he really did it. The stuff of having a young cabinet and radical economic transformation isn’t even a good smokescreen. The brazenness and shamelessness of it all is just facsinating….. from the nkandla scandal, and this entire gupta web and all this scheming and plotting.

  117. @Chantal Bonang is a man snatcher remember? She “stole” a whole man wa mashishi thats why these aunties are bitter…zintle has since moved on Mara bo Nkgono ba they refuse to move on!!

  118. Gigaba after the reshuffle called the rating agencies and assured them of business continuity…like why did he do that? Perhaps economists here can shed some light as to why he thought it proper to call the agencies.

    Today he explained to anyone who cared to listen how Treasury is not dependent on one individual and the department will be able to stand. Treasury and Home Affairs are two different departments.Gigaba must contain his excitement; do the job; limit press conferences; get his wife off IG.Surround himself with good advisors and learn as much as he possibly can about Treasury from people who are already on Treasury’s payroll.But No; Gigaba decided to attend SARS’s presser instead.We are leaderless.

    Zuma has sold the country.

  119. When u Touch tweets tommorrow is His birthday and all he want is a Queen B, touch uzoqeda nya ngeMetro.

  120. Metro got rid of Your Girl B nge style vele she was absent most of the time on metro and they wanted to gudluza her. They know she was gonna quit that’s why they told her an hour before her show. Your Queen is not that important. hehehe

  121. Imagine being told about the changes to your show an hour before…smh!! I feel bad for LKG, no one wants her

  122. @Cutie I would cringe each time Mo Flava would say shady stuff to LKG or say these snide comments. Very sarcastic uMo, so that won’t fly with Masechaba. She will read him the Feminist Riot live on air.

    @Mathaz I guess it’s a good career move for Masechaba but her talented is not for that drive time slot.

    Who actually listens to Touch Central? I personally don’t think Touch is talented just had a good music compiler on Metro and amazing doses of confidence.

    Good riddance to 1st Avenue stopped listed to that show and never looked back.

    Metro isile! People like Maryln *sp* and Carol Ralefeta *think she left* kept being over looked for aboSomizi. Mxcm. Good thing most loyal Metro listners no longer bother w/ Metro.

  123. To be honest, I also think Metro did it on purpose. There is no way in hell they’d do something like that to someone they want/need under their belt. That is disrespect 101. They wanted to get rid of her but didn’t know how and didn’t want a case in their books so they did this knowing she was gonna walk. I can’t keep up with all these radio changes people are talking about, I stopped being hooked to radio donkeys years ago so nje no reshuffle affects me.

  124. Before y’all celebrate, all DJ’s that were given renewed contracts were not told who their co-hosts were going be or any details for that matter. They were just told when to arrive for duty and they would meet with their co-hosts before the show started. It didn’t happen to B only. But I get where she’s coming from, she’s the most affected by this change and therefore should have been consulted. And whoever did this, knew that she wasn’t gonna take it well. And I guess Unathi and Glen left for similar reasons. Moflava must have been so happy with the LKG decision. He hated working with her.
    Poor LKG must be feeling so sad! I feel sad for her

  125. @Phetolo, what is this I hear that Metro scheduled meetingS with Bonang to discuss the show but she never showed up for those meetingS and that’s why she was told an hour before her show? I don’t know if it’s true.

    Who else found out an hour before? Did they tweet/complain about it? GPS tu, I’m doing research.

  126. “@Phetolo, what is this I hear that Metro scheduled meetingS with Bonang to discuss the show but she never showed up for those meetingS and that’s why she was told an hour before her show? I don’t know if it’s true.”

    People should retire the idea that Bonang is unprofessional. How many times have they been proven wrong? Like, think about it. If she wanted to continue being the sole host on her show, then why wouldn’t she make time for ONE lousy meeting? *rolling my eyes*

    Unathi quit. Glen quit. Robert quit. Everybody was okay with that. Why must there be a story linked with unprofessionalism when it comes to Bonang? Y’all be tiring AF.

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