I always think BIG,think CRAZY, think SUCCESS.

Hope you had a great weekend guys. Let’s catch up on what has been happening.

The Taxi Rape incidents got me all worried, upset and disgusted at the world we live in shem. We are not safe at all. Can you imagine how many women have been through that ordeal and haven’t told a soul? This is heartbreaking honestly. Some of the women that have come forward have mentioned that even the cops chase them away when they go to report. SMH!!

Last night a lot of people tuned in to watch the crowning of Miss SA which took place in Sun City. Every year we complain about how the pageant has lost its mojo but we still watch and have a say.

The beautiful Demi Leigh Nel Peters was crowned Miss SA and she will represent Mzansi in the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants. Congrats to her.

As usual, when something ‘big’ is taking place, everyone has something to say. @ThickLeeyonce’s tweet caught my eye. As much as we want things to go our way, we need to remember that Pageants like Miss SA are about choosing someone to represent us kwi world stage. There are certain rules and a criteria that’s followed for such competitions. This applies to ALL countries and African countries are not an exception. If we ignore the criteria then we might as well kiss that world stage goodbye because they won’t even let us smell it. Yes, African women are said to be known for their curves but not all of us are like that. We are all different, if we have to get into who represents each and everyone of us as Africans we will argue till Jesus comes. Just because someone doesn’t have Sara Batman’s behind and huge hips doesn’t make them less African. If we are going to complain and create our own African ‘Ambassador’ then let’s not forget to strip them off that weave/wig and make sure they got their Bantu knots and Kinky Afros on lock. We can’t pick and choose what suits us and ignore the rest. Nah fam!!

What I can’t believe is that in 2017 we are still reading about Dingaan Thobela beating up women. According to Sunday World, Dingaan was kicked out of the house by his girlfriend after he allegedly moered her. Bathi he also took keys to her condo and is still refusing to give them back. Dingaan denied that he beat her up but the woman and her friends say otherwise. According to SW, Dingaan says the woman was cheating on her and now they have indeed broken up. Didn’t he divorce his wife a few years ago because of infidelity what what? Shame, he needs to seriously work on his trust issues before he can even think of getting into a relationship. Ayikho ke le.

Sunday Sun has a story about Pearl Thusi. The paper reports that Pearl and Terry Pheto were scheduled for a fashion shoot for Forbes Magazine but it had to be called off because Pearl caused a scene about eye lashes. LMAO!! Apparently they were all briefed way before the shoot that they must bring their own make up artists, it seems Pearl missed that brief. Terry went prepared with her make up artist Vuyo Varoyi but Pearl was there with her ‘entourage’ and no make up artist. She ended up asking Vuyo to step in which Terry didn’t mind but then Pearl got upset when Vuyo told her he only had one set of fake lashes and they were for Terry. SS goes on to say Terry was heard saying she didn’t know Pearl could be such a diva, and it was the first time she’s seen her act like that. “A third source claimed Terry kept on saying how well she knew Pearl – who lived with her at one stage , sleeping on the couch.” WOW!! Trust Sunday Sun to throw that in there. I wonder how true this whole story is because at the back of my head, I refuse to believe that those words came out of Terry’s mouth. But ke if it’s true that Pearl and her team caused a scene that led to the shoot being called off then it’s understandable, I’d be upset too and just lash out. If we were both briefed, I come prepared, you don’t and then cause a scene unnecessarily = wasting my time. IT’S ON!!

Love is in the air between Actress Nolly Meje and Actor Neo Ntlatleng. This is according to Sunday Sun. We love love ke apha. So we wish you guys well.

I didn’t read Ayanda’s story kwi Drum Magazine but I am assuming it’s a repeat of what widows go through in general. That life and challenges cycle. Uxolo, qina sisi kuzolunga.

I don’t know if you guys remember this tweet which was supposed to be a DM but ended up on the TL for the whole world to see. It was deleted but obviously not soon enough. Lol

This person was talking about Masechaba being fired and a lot of people didn’t believe it was for real.

Fast forward to March and Masechaba tweets that she has resigned from PowerFM? Mmmmmmh!! You see the key words in this situation are; ‘…..with immediate effect…….Wishing the station all of the best.’ *reserves comment*

I can’t keep up with the love and hate relationship between City Press and the ruling party mna shem. There’s always a statement being released clarifying or denying stuff. Haaai

*In other News* DJ Cleo and Brickz have kissed and made up and they are making magic in studio like they used to. We will never forget their beef where Brickz accused Cleo of all sorts of things including being gay. Then it was back and forth ‘disses’ and then complete silence.

10years later, this is what we have. What a time to be alive. I am so happy for them because these two are very good when it comes to giving us dance tracks. I have been missing ‘This is a DJ Cleo Production…..Ng’phethu Cleo…’. I have listened to their new track and I must say this reunion was long overdue! Siyabonga thina. With that said, Cleo you are a better person than I am shem. I am proud of you. GROWTH!!

Wishing you all the best for the week bahlali. What else has been going on? Let’s chat!!


By @KikiMarli


  1. Hmmm Pearl mara! On Trending SA show, Pearl mentioned how Terry helped her with clothes when she was new ku-industry, I guess this was the RGB time but she didn’t mention sleeping kwaMtherana, so asazi hey!

  2. Vele vele ngeSkhath seZone14 uPhelzin bekagidla eCouchin yakaMtherana

    Talk about ukugidla, vele lecherry igidla nobani kuleIndustry yakho na? Lomntwana uyaflaya Joe, sicale sambona kwiE! Singamazi uvela kuphi, walandela ngeDeal yeLegit manje semaJoina iTop Billing, lomntana ushaya amagig angempela

    uBonang ubuy iferrari vele? Uban I manager yakhe manje I think ngike ngabona igama elingasiwuPhumza

  3. Lomntwana abathi uAyanda, lobekaTrowe naleGay beligidla noSomizi, bathi u
    ban? UMa-A?

  4. Thank you for the mzansi update, all the best Ayanda. DJ Cleo & Bricks big ups for squashing the chicken beef.

    ‘I am assuming it’s a repeat of what widows go through in general’ that’s a bit disappointing Kiks, repeat? general? Until your partner dies & you have to face life alone that cannot be said. I’m am a widow & if it was a repeat & general I would have rehearsed how to deal with & get over it. Sometimes if we don’t know what to say, better we say nothing. That pain is forever and doesn’t go away so easily, you just learn to live with it.

  5. Just want to commend Bonang on the Bursaries she has offered girls to finish their studies. My heart is full of joy just thinking about it.

    Pearl stayed with Moitheri after the Walter split leading into Zone14.

    How fitting for Cleo and Brickz to call the song/album AmaFluit LOL!

    Neo your eyes are the devil’s spawn.

  6. Good morning all. Kiki your comment on ThickLeeyonce’s comment is exhausting actually. Why can we as South Africans not just admit that we are uncomfortable with curves, our natural hair etc. and keep it moving. Other people are saying that Miss SA needs to be a ‘picture of health’ that’s why we can’t have a curvier Miss SA and others are coming with that fitting into miss universe standards bullisht. Now wena you are talking about weaves *yawn*. Sorry to the blogger who lost her hubby.

  7. @Poshla, I feel you my sister I guess that’s why Kiki used the words “assume” and “in general” because akayazi masimxolele… no one knows the pain of losing a loved one but you.

    I’m sorry for your loss @Poshla, if death knew the excruciating feeling it leaves us with bendizakucela ayive naye.

    A close friend of mines lost a loved one and I wrote this to her:

    “…I know no words can take away (nor replace) the loss of a loved one.

    I will let you experience the process kodwa ndifuna uhlale uyazi I’m here for you if and when you need to vent, cry and talk.

    Uxolo kakhulu for your loss…”

    Death is something els shem.

  8. @Poshla, Askies for your loss wethu. I didn’t mean to sound insensitive but what I was saying is that as much as it’s hard for those close to the situation, it is a cycle. What you are going through is what Ayanda is going through and that is something that my mother went through.It’s the same sad role played by different characters. 🙁

    @Exiled,wena uyadika. If you are gonna say only women with curves are a representation of us and you don’t accept that we have evolved then it’s only ok to throw in those weaves we wear while you’re at it. We have evolved with time and that means not having curves don’t make me less African. If we say we want to talk about a true African woman that hasn’t evolved to represent us then bring on that kinky hair that has no chemicals because that’s what an African woman from donkeys years ago was all about. You want an African, then don’t pick and choose what suits you. You wanna live in the past, let’s rewind. That’s what I’m saying.

  9. I dont believe this Pearl story. She really doesnt seem like a diva when it comes to her work. I mean a person who knows poverty wouldnt risk losing her bread… no?. Also, I would be so happy if the queen left that Pumza, yes the queen has been doing very well but she could do better. B should be what Nonhle Thema was, i feel like shes not there yet. Like she hasnt gotten that lucrative deal that would make her the next giuliana/whatever… i mean we all know B is the most hardworking presenter in showbiz & i also feel like this reality show is gonna quickly make her overrated… no? Okay. Enjoy your day, peeps… so lazy to go to work then study after… hate my life ????

  10. All these negative stories about Pearl being a diva every other week…someone is working overtime to see her light dimmed.

  11. Wasn’t it said on this blog that B and Lorna had had a fallout. Im asking because it looks like B is doing the most to prove yall wrong

  12. I kinda agree with the last sentence on @Thicklyonce’s tweet. That long, straight silky hair on the beautiful Iman’s head looked heavy and impractical. She was swallowed by the hair. Then when Lira braced the stage, with her hairdo I was like, WOW, our African hairstyles can also be neeat and beautiful for world stage.

    This comment is not about weaves vs natural hair tuu. It is about practical hair hair extensions vs impractical hair extensions. Both these ladies had hair extensions.

  13. “B should be what Nonhle Thema was, i feel like shes not there yet”

    Hahahahaha kanty what was Nonhle Thema? Dark and lovely and ntoni? Sorry ka ignorance yaka bathong mara wasn’t she an ambassador of a product with Kelly Rowlands’ face, channel o presenter and Fullstop? Hahahaha

  14. The Taxi rapes sent a shiver down my spine. I felt helpless for all the victims reading that story. Sad sad and very unfortunate.

    Pearl story is petty. Is like there’s a smear campaign against Pearl Thusi. Haibo

  15. When we think of soccer players, we will picture a guy with a fit body, who is good on his feet and has accurate coordination. When we talk about a bus driver, we expect an experienced driver, with the special code documentation needed to drive a bus or truck. Now, when we talk about Sumo wrestlers, we expect to see 6 ft tall, fat people. Why must it be different when it comes to modeling? Not every girl from Africa looks like ThickLeeyonce for instance. Skinny girls will remain the epitome of the Modeling world. Valentino even said, he will only always hire stick thin girls because that’s his branding. There are requirements to being a professional model. It includes, Tall, skinny individuals. There are models with short hair, ethnic hair. So the hair issue is drained. Alek Wek has never worn a weave! Back to my point, Miss South Africa will have to abide by these rules, to be tall and skinny because those are the requirements for Miss Universe and Miss World. So if fat girls want a platform to showcase themselves, start a new pageant for big girls. Just forget being Miss South Africa.

    I see the Koketso ( Eskom) story was left out…

  16. B and Lorna’s friendship is beautiful but Lorna has a payslip for it, smart girl! He he he I’ve never seen Lorna’s payslip but I talk like I deliver it, but ke I don’t think we will be seeing this friendship after the reality show

  17. Fat girls can chill yo, y’all want everything that skinny girls do. From crop tops, Bikinis and now to be Miss South Africa? Go join eating contests yo

  18. Hi Khalazome
    So out of the paragraph i wrote, u only read the Nonhle Thema part? U didnt see the part where i said shes the most hard working in the country? & i feel she hasnt gotten that lucrative deal to be the next giuliana? Suba nguDomitjie apha. And im allowed to say my piece andibhejwa nguwe ngeData & yes, i do feel like Nonhle got more opportunities then than B does now. I know B has revlon but i feel like she should be bigger than she is. Also, Suxoka, Nonhle was on d&l products, i even bought the body lotion with her face on it. Ziyadika ezi stans zifuna ugxeka kungekhonto yogxeka.

  19. Yesterday I saw @HulisaniRavele’s tweet about returning to the airwaves..
    Rumour has it that Hulisani will be joining Power Fm

  20. @Beyonce you’re too funny but telling the truth.

    Sorry to offramp, my car broke down over the weekend I took a taxi to work today (still am on a taxi) I see kids in school unifirms (young ones to teens) ko- Joburg CBD and its after 8. Kanti what time does school start?

  21. So Kiki what are you saying seeing that the white girls also had extensions last night. So thina if we keep curves we must ditch weaves? Njani kaloku? All I’m saying is that those girls were hardly representative of an average South African, for many reasons including their being extraordinarily thin.

  22. Exiled, why don’t you start a new beauty pageant for big girls? Do skinny females upset you that much, why must everything be focused on bigger girls?

  23. Exiled, I am saying leave the not so curvy girls who choose to wear weaves and wigs to represent us. Don’t force them to be big built in the name of being African. If you don’t want skinny because it’s not truly African then strip that weave too because it’s also not truly African. Meaning complaining about things we can’t change when the world has evolved this much is a waste of time. It’s 2017 not 1845. That’s what I’m saying.

  24. Of course the Pearl Thusi story has some truth to it. Most of it is exaggerated for sales purposes, but where there’s smoke there’s fire. I believe that she threw a fit. I believe she’s always thrown a fit. It might not have been her fault, but there was a fit. Come on.

  25. Oh SisBae we are there already? Sesiyalwa sesiyathukana? Uwowuuu! Baby girl ayilwisi lento, akekho onguDomtjie apha whatever that is, bendirhalela ke sithethe ngeFacts in terms of iDeals zikaBonang nalaDeal kaNonhle but ngeke sisakwazi ngoku because uyithathe ngoLeft yonke lento, I actually picked that line from yours statement only because yiyo kuphela endingavumelani nayo ebendifuna sincokole ngayo but hey awubhejwa ngeData into xa uyithethile uyithethile neh? And ziyadika iZtans zikaBonang neh? Khoyeke marn, cela sivane marn

  26. Thickleeyonce is just annoying.I wish people wouldn’t hype her especially because she wears a lot of things that are just not right for her body.

  27. JC FBI, please recommend a great gynecologist or more from the Milpark Hospital.

    I always get star struck each time I get an opportunity to take a pic with Kenzhero! No matter how much liquid courage I try to attain 🙁

    LOL @Tsholo you are fat shaming! Hiiiii hiiiii

  28. Tsholo she edits and filters her pics, selling fade dreams to us big girls that we must walk around half naked

  29. LMAO @Nono uthi she is selling you guys fake dreams. I just thought of @Chase’s vests and tents.


  30. Kante what did Iman do that made Twitter people so mad at her that they even celebrated when she didn’t make the Top 5?

  31. Bloggers are funny AF *cool kid in me* really comparing a HAS BEEN celeb to B*? If this is not insanity,I don’t know what is. Nonhle would do ANYTHING to trade places with B*. Only lucrative deal I can remember that Nonhle got during the prime of her career,is the Dark n Lovely one. Mybe the fact that she interviewed American celebs is one of those deals. How many deals does B* have *@Teddy please count for us*

  32. I did say that a prophet live on radio, did say Masechaba will leave Power FM. She did a live consultation before her listners could call in and this was even before the iGroom Tweet.

    Power FM is going to need a unicorn to fill Masechaba’s slot. Her mind is amazing, relates well with her guests, her listeners and the topic were interesting and made you think .

  33. Kiki, that Iman girl is extremely crude, arrogant and she thinks she’s the best thing since sliced cheese! I’m so GLAD she didn’t even make it to top 3. I can’t even fathom how she made it to being a finalist. She is Tshepi Vundla reloaded

  34. Speaking of Tshepi Vundla, there is a blogger who has a crush on her ex,Showbizlove, I think. I did not understand that crush :-/ but u saw him on Saturday, have to admit he is cute and cuddly.

  35. Can we stop policing women? What is being done here is the same as men telling women what to do with their bodies. Women marched for those rights to wear whatever they feel comfortable in. Don’t do this.

    @Teddie are your initials LM? And are you from MP?

  36. Women can do and wear whatever they want but they mustn’t complain when people have opinions about their bodies because people will always have opinions. Some things are plain disgusting and some people will voice it out.

  37. If anything Exiled you are making a reference to yourself. I expect a response like that from you because you’re ignorant as hell

  38. “How many deals does B* have *@Teddy please count for us*”
    Hahahahahahahahahaha I don’t like you Blackhalls

    Hope I’m not doing you wrong by picking only that in your comment

  39. Who’s been watching The Fixer? I was never ready for Abby to be that wicked. Huck tlheng…my heart bleeds.

  40. So I am being referred to as ignorant by a person who uses words such as disgusting to refer to other people’s appearance. What an entire WOW!

  41. Hlukanani negama lami bantu baseJC. Alukho olungihlanganisa neKhwini yenu.

    UPearl Thusi noma ezithulele uyachukuluzwa. Umona.

    I am from MP but I am N (something).

    Kiki please WhatsApp me Cleo and Bricks’ number.

  42. So Ayanda gave drum an interview even after all the dragging they did to her and Sfiso TJO!

  43. Congrats to the new Miss SA… I’m glad gerry daughter and Iman didn’t win…

    Pearl she looks like a drama queen vela.

    Powerfm made a huge mistake, by letting Masechaba go…

    Blackcoffee has made it in life…

  44. The struggle to appear woke is real. Thickleeyonce’s tweet has zero relevance unless of course she is not aware of the Miss World and Miss Universe requirements. Expecting Miss SA to change prior to the above pageants changing seems silly to me.

    Nakhona what’s with fat girls thinking they represent the African woman? Haibo African women come in all shapes and sizes. Some are big and round like bo Thicklee and bo Anele, some are skinny like oBonang and Bonnie, some are curvy like oFaith Nketsi and Phindile Gwala, some are petite and still curvy like Katlego Danke. There’s room for everyone really, except on that stage sa Miss SA and that’s okay.

  45. Pearl had that look yomuntu ongabhedelwa. Ngathi she was the type that would slap a girl just for starring at her during her younger days. I’m not saying she is like that, but that’s the vibe she gives me.

  46. @Thandaza hence I say they need a unicorn to fill her slot.

    @Khalomozole LOL @Teddy is upsetting me by just picking up ONLY that sentence from my paragraph….kiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Thanks you amazing bloggers for introducing me to make up! Each time I add something to my humble collection, I am amazed how I deprived myself from such a good thing.

  47. RE Nolly and Neo. So Nolly and Neo are dating guys. Neo cheated on his gf named Charmaine with Nolly . There was a huge fight. Neo insisted on Charmaine not uploading their pictures in public because it would ruin his profile. She bought the story kanti he was cheating. When she finally found out they have gone on a bacaetion. She was shattered shame i didn’t think she would make it . Tjo. Can’t believe they going with colleagues title

  48. Ayanda Ncwane is such a fame whore. She’s probably shopping for a reality show as we speak. Ngeke ushaye uDecember engayitholanga. Just watch. Niyazike nani how spot on my predictions are.

  49. HBIC I doubt women are being told what to do or wear but if you have an anaconda around your waist and speedhumbs on your body you can wear a crop top or tight dresses all you want but when you walk that Anaconda be dancing side to side up n down people will talk,they will find that funny they won’t lie and say you look good coz it doesn’t I agree with Beyoncé stay in your lane.

  50. “Just watch. Niyazike nani how spot on my predictions are” hahahahahahahahahahahaha wena Just nje iscefe usithwala ngamabhakede nabobhaskidi uze naso la

  51. Beyonce u are radical amd spot on….

    Dear Fat Women…

    Can you all just do ur own thangs without dragging non-fat women into your conversations and lifestyles. Dont be selfish and stop seeking attention from the world. Nobody owes you ANYTHING.

    I personally am so tired of these biased social grous that expect everyone to alighn thier behavioral manifestations with these so called pseudo concious movements. If people want weaves. Let them have weaves. If some women prefer to stay slim… let them stay slim the same way that slim gilrs allow yall to eat your kfc and macdonalds whenever u feel like it.

    I dont like fat people becailuse they have no self control on what they eat and then expect pitty from prople by lookong down on skinny girls. (YES I SAID IT) I understand when it is a genetic problem and thats it really.

    The sumo wrestler eg from Beyonce was a perfect eg.

    Calm down bitchees…

  52. Just Nje… i absolutely love you. You call a spade a spade… I hear you… “Fame Whore”…. wow…BIG WOW….

    I laughed so hard i almost peed myself. Jerrrrr mara…

    So funny…and yet so accurate… hahahahahah. Dead

  53. Kokolet, Oh NO, Why are the Malemas splitting??? Is Mantoa cheating on Juju??? What could be the problem??seems like Juju is more inlove than her with him.Noticed he deleted some of her pics on IG.

  54. Mna shame benzokphendula blackhalls qha esxhoseni i was taught never to disagree/disrespect my elders so ill let u be… for now… enjoy your day, i hope simandi isrhama sikaBonang

  55. LMAO @Aroma why must Mantoa be the one cheating? Yaz’ the way politics are so diiiiiiiirty,for all we know Mantoa might be an NIA spy and was on a mission & her job is done.

  56. NIA, Oh NO, she seem so innocent for such heavy work.Anyway, you will never know, who would have thought Maggie Moonsamy will leave EFF ya JuJu and Floyd!!!!! Regarding cheating, I am just speculating and hoping its not true because it seems like JuJu really loves her and I love them too.

  57. No man not the Malemas indlela endibathanda ngayo.

    Re Koketso Choma and Eskom saga, I am not shocked, if it was not her it would be someone else or the Guptas. I have accepted that this is how things work in our country, corruption & nepotism is such a norm. Us ordinary citizens must just work on generating our own income, forget about doing business with any gov related org unless you are well connected. Masizixolise bantu, kunje!

  58. There is a lot of things that people don’t know about Miss Sa. It’s no longer a popularity contest, it’s a business that is run by former Miss sa Sonia Ricity. She is the one who chooses the winner, well she and her team. What is aired for the whole country to see is just a formality, along with the staged judging on the day, it’s all staged. If you really think about it is Maps Maponyane qualified to judge such an important pageant?!

    On the night of the crowning many are always disappointed by the winner. During those questions which are supposed to determine the winner, ever wondered why the girl with the best answer never makes it. Because it’s all staged.

  59. hahahahahaha, hehake Kokolet, dissappinted, uJuJu and Khwapenis haaibo!!!!! Ke tseo Blackhalls, I miss MissANN though.

    Apologies Mantoa, I thought the other way round, I just hope the rumours are not true. You too are loved by many of us. You have a good thing going.

  60. “kokolet says:
    bathi Juju uyahlalisana with an EFF MP in Cape Town andazi ubunyani bayo”

    Smoke and fire go hand in hand. There’s definitely a story there.

  61. Oh guys no! Not the Malemas. I always thought all the EFF MPs are a bit advanced in age mos or was I confused by those uniforms. There is no electricity in my house so let me go and get KFC and Macdonald 🙂 . Kiki when are you restoring the desktop version of your blog sana?

  62. Each time I see the word uniform,I have a good chuckle!

    @Aroma! JC inzima. See newspapers unravelling the story of Juju’s maid uniform nyatsi roll on and they ain’t even role playing….hiiiii

    Was at the Nickelodeon Fest. Anele is such an easy and real person! So she was going to be slimed as it tradition with the event. So she was wearing a cap and the host said take the cap off, then she is like ‘I am taking my wig off too’ LMAO! The crowd went crazy and laughed! You are star!

  63. oh how I loved leboM s performance of”the circle of life” brought childhood memories of watching the lion king video cassette everyday until my dad smashed it with his car lol

    Shed a tear there , u could feel the passion in his voice n see it through his eyes, shame on mzansi to nvr showcase leboM n his work till thus far

  64. Deadklaar, I know someone who died from taking those devilish pills. Don’t do it! She died from a heart-attack which was directly caused by the pills. I know another lady who collapsed at work because she was also on duromine pills. She didn’t die but it was bad enough to have her hospitalized because her bp had soared to lethal levels. Don’t do it!

  65. Guys Tshepi Vundla is S T U P I D!! Now she decideds get pregnant with JR’s baby??? How ? JR refuses to acknowledge the relationship, he cheats left right and center. Tshepi desperately wants to be main and forcing the relationship. When Tshepi and Knaniom were hosting at JRs birthday party at Taboo the was drama because he invited one of his other girlfriends imagine that level of disrespect. Tshepi was so distraught. That “relationship “is so sad, her friends having been warning about him and this has caused a lot of problems with her friends. They feel JR is a disrespectful fuck boi and downgrade from Tibz. She has been going through the most and miserable with JR. But still insists on hanging on just to prove to Tibz wrong.

  66. @SaintNoriWest Bathong!! Isn’t JR married? Tshepi shem! Why didn’t she just stay with Tibz, he doesn’t tseem like a bad guy or?
    Guys I don’t know if I was seeing things but is Naomi with Dj Shimza now? I saw her instavideo and I swear by my CIA ability that was him kissing her…

  67. @Paidoff_Doll No one was is perfect, so is Tibz but all I know is he loved and respected Tshepi. She was treated like a queen and really worshiped the ground she was walked on. She was spoiled rotten by Tibz shame . People make mistake and cheat , kodwa he was never a douche towards her. Infact Tibz wanted her to be the best version of her self. You know us girls and the love we have for dickheads boyfriends and fuck bois. Tibz wanted to wife her and she wanted to be Baddie. JR is showing her proper flames but she’s Dickematized and she chooses to be #TeamBelezela!! #AmadodaAyalimaza!

  68. Shame man- don’t we all at some stage in our lives put ourselves through falling for douchebags??

    So is Jr married?

  69. Maybe JR is still married asazi. Maybe that’s why Tshepi is hiding her pregnancy and JR refuses to make the relationship public. Soooo… Tshepi went from being engaged to a side chick/baby mama. Life is tricky!! So much for double standards the shit she used to say about having babies out of wedlock.
    Yhuuuu!!! Shem she made a major dick move . JR is still Hoeing around and not giving a fuck about her feelings.
    I’m sure Tibz is saying look at God. * inserts Meme* hahahahaha

  70. I was going through Mpumi IG Dineo Ranaka’s sister the one with dreadlocks . So she’s is married to 50YO white man. They were celebrating her husbands birthday on some exotic island.

  71. Sis Bae girl you just discredited everything you said by saying you use d&l lotion. That lumps you in with the Dawn users of South Africa 🙁

  72. Thickleeyonce needs to stop. I mean girl, you don’t see skinny girls stuffing carbs down their throats but daily, we see fat girls like herself stuff themselves into shorts and skinny jeans. Baby I look at mash potatoes and I think to myself I really want that but that’s not good for me, why can’t you look at a dress 3 sizes smaller than what you are and do the same.

  73. @Nzalama just went through her IG and she doesn’t look pregnant..If she is then it’s still in her early stages

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