I always think BIG,think CRAZY, think SUCCESS.

These past days have been something else. While we were still trying to come to terms with #ORTamboRobbery we heard that an innocent baby had gone missing during a hijacking. People united on social media and #HelpFindDurbanBaby trended the whole of Saturday.

Yesterday morning the baby story took another route. People went from being happy that the baby was found to cussing out the mother after it was reported that she and her boyfriend were involved in the kidnapping. So this woman was in a polygamous marriage, had a boyfriend who she staged the hijacking with? Way too much! We live in a sick world.

The story that got me sad and all emotional is that of actress Shoki Sebotsane. Shoki had an interview with Drum Magazine and revealed shocking stuff about her marriage to Actor, Sello Sebotsane. She told the magazine that she is now out of that marriage because Sello used to abuse her.

When I read this nje I was picturing a tiny defenseless Shoki with this giant sitting on her lap and choking her. That part about chicken and bones?? OMG!! How petty and heartless can someone be? Their kids need counseling shem. They can’t grow up with those visions.

Sello is a big man bantu. It’s a miracle Shoki made it out alive. This is too much. I am happy that she finally took the step. What I respect about her story is that she takes responsibility for the decisions she made and the part she played in the failed marriage, i.e choosing to stay this long allowing the abuse to carry on. With that said, never ever take blame for someone abusing you. That is on them and has nothing to do with you.

According to Sunday Sun, Pepsi and Machere Pokane are having serious marital problems. The paper says Machere told other people that yena no Pepsi are separated but Pepsi denies that. Apparently Machere is always travelling alone or in the presence of her kids. Yazi sad love stories are depressing.

Remember the Ambitiouz vs Artist drama not so long ago? Well, apparently the record label sent letters to radio stations and TV channels instructing them to stop playing Fifi Cooper, A-Recee and B3nchMarQ’s music that was released under the record label. This is due to the fact that these artists are no longer signed to the record label and there are legal battles involved between the artists and the record label. This record label is very ambitious. How are they going to stop the artists’ music from being played? Even the companies that were told to stop playing the music are saying they will not stop because they are about the artists and not record labels. YFM Programmes Manager, Tshepo Pule said; ‘We are not in the business of pulling out songs, we are in the business of playing music.’ Lol

Last week we were ‘dealing’ with Minister Bathabile Dlamini, and this week it’s another one, Commissions Minister Faith Muthambi. Bathi uMinister was advised that she didn’t meet the requirements for the Journalism Masters at Tshwane University of Technology but she played Ray Charles to what she was told and has been attending classes even though she’s not registered. LMOA!! This pure comedy stru.

Yazi our Ministers are all kinds of special. This is the same person who asked people to guess the lifetime achievement winners at the Metro Awards a couple of weeks ago right? Mayivalwe!
What else has been going on? Let’s catch up!! 🙂


By @KikiMarli


  1. Please give me names of over the counter weight loss pills that are not too expensive.

    Please bahlali

  2. Shoki’s story got me to buy Drum magazine after almost ten years of not doing so.MY heart is saddened by the news of their messy divorce.It’s true when it’s said,”not everything that glitters is gold”…

  3. SoFleekingEveryday says:

    Please give me names of over the counter weight loss pills that are not too expensive.

    Please bahlali

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  4. Thank God Shoki made it out alive. Some aren’t that lucky ey. It’s indeed a sad story to read about, Imagine begging the love of your life to beat you to death?*Sigh*

    The story of that Durban baby got me really confused anyways @least utholakele u-nana.

  5. @AvoAddict: leave your e-mail address here (create a new one if yours has your personal details)kaloku sthandwa and ask her permission first. I can intervene if she wants me to. If usemSouthern,as you said, I can even do the visits myself in the evenings 🙂

    Thanks for your comments guys.I am a firm believer than we are here on earth because of (and for) other people: to build each other and support each other. If I only had my family to worry about my being,I would not be where I am today.I would probably be smoking dagga and drinking umtshov’alale/umayi-mayi (cheap Sorghum Beer)in my village.I cry every time I think about how far I have gone.And how many bullets I have dogged …

    I am about to lose my job now because of abantu abandenzela amayelenqe unnecessarily emsebenzini,but I promised to retaliate as well and do it for Bantu Biko,Chris Hani and Mandela Bo Babes.Kuzakunyiwa macala.I am not going down alone,if ngiyasola ukuthi I am about to lose the fight,I will lose my teeth,ndilume inkunkuma kaSathana.I am pulling a Sihle Baloyion my superiors soon! #TheyWillNeverBeReady krkrkrkrkr.

    Am I the only one who finds the baby story funny?Yhu hayi eMzantsi nineziqebheyi kiiiiiiiiiiih.
    The funny part is the involvement of Twitter people and changing emotions as more information gets revealed. It reminds me of the Dineo Ranaka and Miss Mnisi story,azange ndahleka kangaka!

    Yhu,the Shoki Sebotsane story is so heartbreaking.Angcolile amany’amadoda Yheeeeeer.

    Kwahahahahah at the Ambitious records story.
    Andahleka at “asikho kwishishini lokutsala iingoma,sikwishishini lokudlala umculo”… kushota bathi #Masinganyeleki Kaloku bo-babes.

    Dearth by the Muthambi story.She is trying to be Babes of Peach kwahahHHHhh.UPhitsha nakumaKlass angavunywanga kuwo.You gotcha love ANC polotishenz yeeeeerrr!

    Kiki,you have nice come backs for days.Enjoyed this article!Iyabulela ilali.

  6. I would also love to know gore Lira Kganyago o date(a)na le mang.
    She was DJing at Univ. van WesKaap this last Saturday.Yhu bo-babes.,zange ndonwaba olahlobo!!!This was by far,the best weekend of 2017 for me ?

    I am now laughing at people who were making her DJ tittle,she is so amazing and her playlist got everyone losing their values.and oh… I cliented strong there,ndabulawa Kaloku,ndilisela leeNtsula!

  7. Finally! We like crack fiends ze JC. Let me pull my own archives since @Annalise has gone AWOL. Somalia is messing with me.

  8. I hardly watch TV but the times I saw Shoki on Skeem Sam’ she did not look well at all, must have been all the marital stress. This man is pure evil,imagine eating chicken and giving your family bones!

    Nami this missing baby story confuses the hell out of me.

  9. Whooo. My @Annalise skills are failing me.

    Finally SA realises the talent that is Warren Masemola! Beeeeeeen saying this guy is talented but underrated . He kills all his roles. I was so happy that he won *though I did not vote:-(* I even clapped when his name was called out. I may not be MoonLee what what, Warren if you reading this,don’t go to Generations,Mfundi is going to kill your talent and fire you.

    How shady was Choppa when he received his award? Hope Mfundi doesn’t blacklist him.

  10. For the longest of time been asking what Machere means. I love this name and Marang.

    Somalia has me.

    Those pills are called Duromines.

  11. I am really having a soliloquy *yeah,had the same English teacher @Yoza* Haaaaaaa!haaaaaaa!

    Let sleep.

    Thanks Kiki for the article,kushoda epiece on Warren Masemola.

  12. Yoh bathong dessert ya Millicent?! What a wow!
    It doesn’t not even look appetizing hle.
    @BlackHalls mina most times I struggle to sleep if I go to the loo. E mbora jwang?! I would have to read to fall asleep again.

  13. @V.Becks what happened to good old jelly,custard and peaches. Those smarties *claps once like Zeeba Mtongana * ngathi,wheh she invites you for a meal you must go there with a full stomach because you never know what awaits you. Yey’ Millcent’s IG account had me in tears.

    I don’t struggle to sleep just had a very painful lower back and slept most

  14. Guys, annisifonela phela uma isite seyi up and running. Nina nivese nithule nje. Hayi man!!!

  15. Then someone says “pap, cabbage and a bat”!!! Hahaha hahahahahha chill was never there

  16. BlackHalls says:
    @V.Becks what happened to good old jelly,custard and peaches. Those smarties *claps once like Zeeba Mtongana*

    Hahahaha dude!!

  17. Yho haysana thank God JC is back, i was getting lost at Tolah. Bayaloqa lonto abasisi, the threads!?! I couldnt keeep up.

  18. Teaspoon says:

    Then someone says “pap, cabbage and a bat”!!! Hahaha hahahahahha chill was never there

    Posted on March 21st, 2017

    LMAO! Konje it’s called mankgang kgang in Sotho. That dish looks scary,not even dog eaters from China would touch that.

  19. Dololo says:
    Yho haysana thank God JC is back, i was getting lost at Tolah. Bayaloqa lonto abasisi, the threads!?! I couldnt keeep up.

    Yeyi! I went into their website this one time. I just couldn’t deal. Logged off same time. In a way I’m glad that there is no reply option lana coz those comments are all over the place!

  20. the addiction is real

    today is my dad’s birthday, lit a candle at 4,will keep it burning all day. ubabawami loved music,we’d sing Beyonce’s you’re my rock and we’d dance around, nigger had moves for days mxm death be not proud. lala ngoxolo Mehlokazulu *yes I’m crying*

    there’s a funeral enext door, a childs,he was only 5,knocked down by a car,no wonder I’m feeling defeated,couldn’t bring myself to go. I want to be cremated

  21. @ZamaOkuhle ngiyacela bandla, can I have your email address, I’ve been trying to find it kuma past posts

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  23. Sello yinja strue!!
    The part about him giving them bones had me lolling a bit though *runs* my over active imagination played out the scene in my mind.

    Nothing annoys me ngathi ngabantu who go to tolah univited then come back and complain here, same as those who come here from there then go back there to badmouth people from here.
    I unashamedly enjoy both blogs because I don’t compare them.

    That being said I am glad JC is back!

  24. @ enigma…hahaha nice 1 u made me laugh.thought it was one of those posts by “ghost bloggers” and u would not respond.good 4 u next time server is down u know what to do *wink*

  25. Rayray says:

    Sello yinja strue!!
    The part about him giving them bones had me lolling a bit though *runs* my over active imagination played out the scene in my mind.

    The irony of calling someone who gives his family bones *says my 7 Hail Marys ‘ *wink fellow bloggitude*

  26. The irony of calling someone who gives his family bones *says my 7 Hail Marys ‘ *wink fellow bloggitude*


  27. I didn’t realise JC has such huge effect empilweni yam..I felt like something was missing heeee. I need to get a life lmao.

  28. SataFrika truly is a God forsaken country.

    The events that have been happening of late.

    Robbery at Chief Justice Office.
    Robbery at Social Grants (ex)? DG Zane.
    OR Tambo Heist
    The Spur guys rant/almost assault.
    Metro police caught on video taking bribes (as normal lol!)

    We as a nation are tired demmet.

    The racial tensions are high people are hungry/frustrated/want jobs etc.

    Then how unfair was it for the African delegates that were denied visas to the Aftican Business Summit in the US?? Eish if anything says we dont need you to do business in ur own countries this is it.

    Anyway nevermind my rant. Happy Wednesday!

  29. The irony of hosting African Business Summit and denying African leaders entry!! Colonialims at its best…@Spring you forgot Helen Zille and Ntlemeza *deep sigh*.

  30. Thank you for fixing it Kiki. Today feels like a Monday. Grateful for health, wealth, family and JC. (“,)

  31. Ya ne! I have lost all respect I had for this Sello guy, domestic violence has no place in this world. So glad Shoki managed to walk away from that mess!

  32. @the one,I’m also hooked on locked down hey.Im also glad that JC is back.sello’s story is unbelievable hle some men are just dogs nje

  33. Sun-poo-9ny Bangan’emakhaya!
    AvoAddict,ndisalinde iMeyile yakho lavie.Gxabha-gxabhisa #Masincedane #Masakhane #Masixhasaneni create a JC email ad,Google mail makes it so easy to create an email ad.
    Audio:fix the comment section on your post.I am struggling to get in and give y’all client and praying moon (uMthandazeli) updates.

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