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Helloween Bahlali, We hope nibuye kahle and that you had a pleasant pass over weekend with or without loved ones. Its yet another short week let’s slay!

Sunday World reports Pallance Dladla of Isibaya fame was caught smoking marijuana at Monte Casino complex. SW sources say the soapie star was put on holdings cell of Friday (06/04/2017) , appeared at Randburg Magristrate court the following day to be released on R500 bail.

Tjoe this story reminds me of when I posted a photo of myself holding the good stuff, I was reprimanded by a woman I adore dearly she politely asked me to take the image down because in as much as I was having fun with my friends what I was doing is/was viewed illegal by society and country… Back to Pallance’s story ,Now Pallance you and I know you and Sdumo HAVE  been smoking that good stuff for centuries which is okay in my books however, smoking dagga at public spaces in Johannesburg is still illegal. I know you’re a cool dude and we learn from mistakes can this not happen again please kind sir.

A nice commendable story on page 2 of SW talks about Christopher Netshidzivhe, former Black Leopards and University of Pretoria midfielder that when soccer spit him out he sought for other REAL employment means. He is now working for an engineering company. SW says Chris joined the company because he had no other source of income after he was discarded by clubs due to his age.

I just love this story yazi, if something doesn’t serve you any good even after you’ve tried all (relationships, family, work, friends etcetera )change the form or walk away. Big ups to you Chris! I hope other soccer/tv/music stars will learn from this story *side eyes Jimmy Tau*

So the naked skolopad lady is getting the attention she has been asking for. SW says there are major recording companies as well as a liquor brand have allegedly been hounding the aspiring musician  and deejay hoping to sign her. According to Skolopad’s manager Teboho Mofokeng, they have been in and out of Joburg meeting with prominent companies who have shown interest in working with her… Tebogo goes on to say “They are all offering what we cannot accept, they think we are stupid. They all want to Or hoping to have a 360 deal. He went on to say a 360 deal would mean that the record company owns all artistic work…they will only sign a 50/50 deal.

I say a clever team this Skolopad lady has for not giving in to the industry sharks, no-one wants to be ripped off by recording companies in 2017. Nonhlanhla Qwabe aka Skolopad is working as a nurse allegedly earns R7000 which they (her manager and team) use on travelling. W-E-L-L I have a question for you mister manager, mister negotiator Tebogo Mofokeng, why are you using Skolopad’s R7000.00 hard earned salary to travel back and forth, WHERE IS YOUR MONEY? Are you going to account for travelling on your retainer fee once you guys get a satisfactory deal. huh-huh?

Nonhlanhla, I don’t know why you have chosen the name called Skolopad and word of advice, you will be taken for a ride by companies and brands either you give in on a better deal or pick up a number ume emgceni. But my concern at this stage is your manager, he needs to step up by refraining from using your hard earned cash to find ways to transport you to meetings. Abantu bangaphela, Nxa!

Should Nonhlanhla Qwabe make it as Skolopad, I assume a*se seeing is what we’ll be subjected to.

Congratulations to Khanya Mkangisa for scoring a new TV role on an drama series Harvest.  She will be playing a young trophy wife who becomes a widow.

I don’t know what hack was going on with Sunday Sun printers , I think their printers were running out of ink or something  but I just lost interest in reading the paper… there were some clean pages but I had already lost interest then I thought of you guys.

Sunday Sun reports on fake death news on the Malema family (Julius Malema’s wife Mantwa Matlala and seven-month-old son Munzhedzi) by global news. They say it is all a lie!

Fake stories are not good people are not good at all.

SS rumour mill has allegedly linked Dumi Mkokstad with Crown Gospel Music Awards project manager Zama Mkhize for an affair they say has been happening under G since 2014.

When SS probed Dumi about the affair his response was “I’m a born again, my sister, I’m single and don’t even have a girlfriend. This hurts, as people voted for me” and when Zama was probed she referred SS to Crown Gospel Awards publicists.

All I can say about this story is, even “born-again” people have d*ck and a*se in fact time will tell.

Congratulations to uncle Bob Mabena on his appointment as MSG Afrika Group head of Programming.  Bob will leave his breakfast radio show 180 with on Kayafm at the end of April, says SS.

The June 16 Soweto blood shed of 1976 students will be captured on film. Mzwakhe Mbuli and Tebogo Mahlatsi are said to be the brains behind the upcoming movie. SS also says the cast will be 100% South African.

Thando Thabethe together with Skhumba, Dj Shimza (my someday’s crush) and Twins On Decks have reportedly ditched gigs they were supposedly booked to be on due to double bookings and others just went AWOL. At SS’s printing time only Thando Thabethe had managed to pay back money for the gig she ditched.

*Dee sigh* That’s it! Tell us what stories caught your attention this long weekend.


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  1. Zeeba you need to learn how to summarize, I mean you wasted time writing about Skomplas like she was a thing… Anyway thank you for the news… Someone throw Aurelia a burger please uzacile. Saw Kefiboo haibo a 27 year old onjeya ,she looks like a 37 year old.. I’m back in Durban and not ready for work 🙁

  2. @Tofresh: Also back in Durban. I must say, I missed the weather. This long weekend wasn’t long afterall

  3. Pallance and S’dumo must share with Akhumzi. Nigga needs this ish! Ngiyadlala.

    Zeeba wamngenela uSkolo-what-what wabantu. You are following on Timesliv, SW and SS footstepps, I see.

    Is that how little nurses earn? Wow!

  4. No shade but uKhanya akakwazi uacta usisi, I suppose when luck is on your side…
    Lol at the Skolopad story, I enjoyed it mna yhazi Zeeba.
    All the other stories are…
    Black twitter has no chill yho, poor Khanyi 🙁

  5. If Khanya is 30, Kifi is definitely not 27. In my opinion she looks like a really hot 40year old.

  6. @Teddie bathi uthathe imali YAKHE* ayisebenzele wayoblacha isikhumba SAKHE* saba pinky ngathi isalmon steak.

    caps for emphasis *for operative words

  7. Teddie: uKhanyi posted a picture of herself, it looks like her skin coloring has gone a tad bit over, she had the colour of a Barbie doll, she isn’t light skinned or dark or whaterver, ingathi ngunopopi (if you know that off pink colour kaBarbie doll. The hands are still so dark. People went in on her and she tried to come back and things were going downhill for her that she ended up posting a black and white picture. It was just sad to watch.

  8. guys nibonile kuTwitter? bathi mawunezinqa ezinkulu futhi unsundu ngokwebala ungahlala rent free in London, Paris and Dublin and and and. wena nje kumele uthi hugs and kisses few times a week or whenever the landlords like. one landlord is 63 lives in Oxford ufuna umuntu ozojabulisa his old little man who’s a submissive no condoms.

    now my question is, say after a month of rent free living, you’re chucked out wenzenjani? uqhubeka ufune another landlord? these people want students_obviously those women are vulnerable.

    apparently it happens a lot in Jozi too just that they don’t advertise on Gumtree like their international counterparts.

  9. OMG! I just checked via google. Somebody posted a photo of hers when she was still “darker”. Kuyadabukisa, kwazisholo uDibhora Freyza!

  10. Khanya Mkangisa is 29yrs (1988) & Ayanda Thabethe 31yrs (1986), they both look young for their ages.

    One of the the things that contributed on kefiboo’s old looks is Her style. Even God knows kefiboo ukwi top5 of the most stylish women in SA but most of the times her dresscode or outfits are too old for a 27yr old gal.

  11. Yaze yamnandi le weekend guys!! I am fun hungover..not alcohol hungover! Oh kumnandi eGoli!

    I have a new crush! My Whatsapp is so lit these days. Kumnandi uku cheater yaz!

    But what will KayaFM be without Bob Mabena shame!? Whoever they’ll get to do breakfast nkosyam, I just hope they do not team them with Kuli. I don’t see her surviving with anyone uNomakula. Bob lifted her!

  12. Poor pallance I’m sure he ddnt think he’ll get into trouble. I’m also happy for khaya the girl is pushing

  13. AmberJC, you are right. But she still looks younger than that. Take her 1988, Bonang 87, Pearl Thusi 88, Hulusani Ravele. Those ngontanga (same age group), she looks way younger than them.

  14. At @Amethyst: I feel so sorry for Kuli and S’khumba,they worked so well with the Uncle of The Radio Nation,malum’Bhobhotyane.
    I think I saw an online article that stated that Bob will be replaced by some white guy.Forgot his name.

    Thanks Zeebar for the spices.

    Saw’bona Teddy

    NgiseThekwini aka Durban yall.Please intertain me,my client is busy with school hle,akanasikhathi to spend with me the whole day.Missed my flight and it feels so good!

  15. Palace will be fine.Intsango is legal now as long as you do not sell it (commercialise),but vele ke you have to use it at home… Google this bakithi.
    I did not read the whole judgement so as to find out about the finer details of this,mara uParlly must be left alone,there are izidlwengu outh there who need to be given more attention that abantu abazidakelwayo or qhunyelwayo.

  16. What’s with South Afrikan Christians and this nonsense of pulling the “I am born again/saved,I do not do ABC”?WTF?
    Since when is dating illegal endlwini yeNkosi?I thought that you were allowed to date,but ningalalani until nize nishade.Unlearned Religious people are so exhausting though.

    Zeebar,fonela uMzwa umbuze ukuthi iKhrash yakhe uDumi ijola noban?Phela I do my homework when if comes to finding out who my crushes are Puurnyakosing with 😛

  17. UKhanyi ubumoshile ubuso bakhe! I saw her kula show ka Somizi, OMG she looks scary ingathi yinto yokrokrisa abantwana 🙁

  18. “Nomi_Super_Star says:
    Palace will be fine.Intsango is legal now as long as you do not sell it (commercialise)”

    I don’t understand. Siyithole kuphi ke if ingadayiswa. Are they saying we should plant it in our gardens?

  19. I saw a pic Minnie uploaded Sunday,the caption was sooo deep bahlali she even said she never wanna be that skinny again. Am happy her troubled soul is finally at peace. It’s a 2013/2014 pic

    Wena Itumeleng Khune usezophendula am telling u- udlale ngengane yabantu olahlobo nxaaaa

  20. Khanya hasn’t changed from her YoTv days. Boity is another one who looks old but Boity tries to appear old ito of her style but she just looks like a child trying hard to look older (if that make sense). Her most recent hair *face palm* and they both have those high pitched voices. Imagine shem

  21. Im not against Khanyis bleaching, it was well done up to a point. But now its not even a natural colour. And she filters hersef sooooo much. I mean if i spent all that money to have flawless skin, i wouldnt need filters

  22. Khanya is 28 turning 29. She was born in 1988. 80’s babies all look way younger than 90’s and 00’s kids. I honestly think it’s hormones in the food sold these days.

  23. Can we not be subjected to Khanyi’s bleaching another day. Twitter has already let that ship sail. It’s 2017, Khanyi still hot topic? See your life

  24. Hi Nomi

    Sizolinda iGauteng High Court to rule on this one. From the Western Cape High Court ruling, they said you can use it at your own house and he was at a hotel/club.

    We will wait and see

  25. none of you watched Special Assignment last night when they were exposing Pastor Tim Omotosos’s victims? and i first read about it here two weeks JCers know things LOL

    I hope none of y’all ar into these new age churches led by foreign nationals in shiny suits. otherwise nizobhebheka ninganakile

  26. To be honest I’d love to have flawless skin like Khanyi, I’m light skinned but my knees are a bit dark and I have stretch marks all over my bums. Which blesser can pay for my treatments Bathong?

  27. Kuli wont survive breakfast alone , Kaya fm needs to team her up with Thomas (Bad BoyT) seeing that he has a slot on weekends plus he’s had a breakfast show before…… and a successful 1
    …. My 2cents

    Kefi 27years O_o where?? I refuse

  28. Pixie you say “flawless skin like Khanyi”……IF your skin is no longer in its NATURAL form, and you must depend on pills and portions for the rest of your life AND you must avoid the sun more than ordinary people, you must AFFORD to take care of it ..
    IMO thats NOT a Flawless skin.(without any imperfections or defects; perfect)………its a FLAW isnt it? (a flaw being a feature that mars the perfection of something; defect; fault: – bleached skin is no longer the natural skin with normal melanin levels you were born with?

    when one goes the skin lightening route, you should accept and acknowledge that your are changing your natural make up, and chances are you will have side effects from it, if not now may years later. its a choice yes, but its also not something that should be glorified

  29. I hear you Mje.

    Lol Teddie, you just reminded me of when Kelly Khumalo started. There’s a pic where she has her dark arm on her very light face. Tragic. ?

  30. i wonder why the hands are resistant to the bleaching movement..ziyagoloza bo izandla. mina ngingaqala ngazo nje for 2 months ngilwe nazo LOL

  31. I think that these celebrities at e taking this surgery thing waaaay too far!Is actually scarry and worrying that they do not see that they are doing more bad than good to their beautiful bodies.Mshoza and QoB were never ugly: they were dark beauties who didn’t even have acne or worrying/visible pimples.Khanyi was so cute when she was with Mandla OMG,I always search for her pics on Gugile,wayemhle Shem #uKhanyiAkasafani

  32. Sithelo’s birthday pictures on the gram…super beautiful! I just wish she didn’t have that tattoo on her thigh. It looks ghetto. But I like this girl

  33. I have learned to embrace my some features of my body that I didn’t like when I was growing my up.

    My dry lips that turned red because I used to bite amaxolo up to a point of bleeding 🙁 … Now my lips are the biggest asset in this clienting industry.

    I inherited my mom’s poor hair.Mine is worse because ndineMpandla esafufusayo,but cutting it regularly makes me feel better.Wish I could have had storing healthy hair (and hairline).

    Used to be too thin,yhu oku ngathi ndine8ts,but I have since gained kancane and can now full size 28 chinos and amakhwenkwe ndiyawanyisa with my skinny jeans and skinny chinos tltltltltlt.

    Also used to be insulted ngeSkin some esiDark 🙁 *lento imnyama le* but now… I attract yellow bones ngesiSkin.They like darkies these yellow bones hey.

    The point is,let’s dig deep into our inner selves and know that there is more to life than stressing too much about our imperfections!Khawuzithande mntomnyama!

  34. Wangikhumbuza uSimphiwe umntaka Dana weNomi xa eesithi “Ndimhle namanxeba ami”

    Konje kwakuthiwe ibleach kaKelly malini? R25 or R12? Lol. It was around that time when she was broke, had just returned to her mom’s two bedroom how koSpruit with her Hummer! She has been through a lot yaz uKelly, over and above bleaching.

  35. People are still bothered by Khanyi’s skin, its her choice, her money, her body, her happiness/satisfaction it has nothing to do with me and you. Dumi ihad to reply to every comment on drum magazine to prove that he is not gay, he is “Born again” Shem maan.

  36. Even your queen bleaches her skin moss but in a very professional and beautiful way. Many dark skin people are not happy I wonder why I need explanations. I know most will say they are happy but almost everyone on social media uses a filter that will make them look lighter than normal. Break this down for me Dark skin queens

  37. @Loccollilly: we are concerned citizens moss…siTyhuriyasi futhi!
    Khanyi bleached her skin for the public wethu,let’s not lie to yourselves,Siphi na apha?

    The only thing I have been fighting for is to have a smooth skin now yazi.I love my dark self.My skin is dry and the face gets oily in summer.I still struggle to find a facial moisturiser that works for my skin,yazi.For now,I have been going back to basics: sunlight bar soap,dawn body lotion,vaseline and iiOli zikaBongi eziNtlanu in winter nditye tyum.

  38. Rocco, dark skin people are generally seen as not pretty. White people came and told us we (with our dark skin) are ugly as fuck. I think we kinda believed that (as a race).

    To answer your question, it is not easy to bear discrimination from other races and at the same time your own people (who are lighter in complexion). That is how these chemicals were introduced.

    We thank God for people like Alek Wek and Lupita Nyong’o.

    What Nomi mentioned above is very serious. Being called “mnyamana” or “lentemnyama le” akusimndandi neze. Kodwa as you grow old and start making sense you learn to love yourself and all.

    If you are a parent, teach your kids to own up to who they truely are. My mom and my aunt (from my father’s side) always told me I am handsome. They told me about all good features on my body. It was important to try and erase what other kids, even in the family, had to say about my skin color.

    Bonang, Kelly and Khanyi were never so much dark, I do not understand the motive behind their bleaching.

  39. Special Assignment got me shook last night. I cant believe we are so gullible as people, that man looks scary nje umjongile, why would you trust to be within 5 feet of him. Desperation is something else, we have truly failed our young people if this is what its come to. I feel so sad for all these young girls.
    Do you think those Idols twins were also raped and molested by this man??

  40. Hope everyone had a great long weekend. I feel tired still.

    Well. Hello K.Dot loving his new album.

    I am feeling nostalgic. So many years later Illimatic still sounds good.

    Nduduzo Makhathini is the business if you like jazz. Man is damn amazing live! But was upset he did not perform King Fela 🙁

  41. mrs messi says:

    I see Omuhle joining the bleaching squad, UGirl is obsessed ngobuyellow

    Posted on April 18th, 2017

    That time she is such a dark beauty.


  42. @blackhalls
    Illmatic got us both…i cant delete that album from my playlist ever….Illamatic, Ready to die, Reasonable doubt, Enter the Wu tang….got me shooketh all the damn time…

  43. It’s been a while sins i last saw Minnie Dlamini and Bonang kwaye babe dark shame osisiza 2015. Sometimes i wonder if it’s not the camera/filters/makeup/photos that make y’all to think they have bleached?

    Question: when was the last time yall saw Bonang and Minnie ?

  44. I dont see the darkness mna @ Sebzy, they’re all light-skinned now..even boity
    khanya is not dark
    knaomi used to be dark, maybe its the filter of her pics that make her look light
    even our resident DJ is about 2/3 shades lighter
    Ayanda thabethe is not lightskinned
    Tshepi isn’t dark
    The mdoda sisters are not dark
    sinazo yolwa used to be dark, i don’t know anymore i haven’t seen her recently
    so many others are undergoing transition

  45. But guys complexion iyatshintsha as ufuduka usuka ezilalini usiza eGoli uhlamba ngamanzi angaselwa zinkomo ayithethi uba ba bleache bonke, nemali ke iyahlamba udibanise ne filters . Khanyi asimnali ke kwesi sicatshulwa

  46. @St Nori echoed and true, imali iyagezana. I don’t think Bonang is bleaching, she probably visits spas more, for face masks and treatments, uses expensive products and sunscreen lotions, eat well and drinks lots of water, that improves your complexion or remove all the sun burn you got while you were a pedestrian, attending lectures and taking taxis to point A to B. My skin complexion and body has certainly improved since I started using better products, drinking lots of water etc

  47. But this bleaching is dangerous, I have a young colleague who actually bought the stuff, we begged her not to use it…she is the type that does her hair where Khanyi does it and pays lots of money…I learned from her that these celebs have huge influence for real….

  48. Khanyi mbi. i wonder if this was the final product/look she was going after. kufana namazinyo, she went and got veneers that are bit too big making her teeth unatural! where is Queen B off to? i could do with a holiday im physically drained. What Mayi and Zizo have is beautiful (rumours aside), i love young couples who are still so rooted in culture, they havent fallen into the glamourous IG parenting lifestyle.

  49. What about Minnie Dlamini is she bleaching or it’s just the good life that makes her look light?

  50. Hahaha Posh: what shocks me is these bleaching folks who end up looking like they have been hit by a truck.Their lips start looking thick (Khanyisile Many and Nomasonto Maswanganyi) hahahaha.Yhu and their facial cheapest started changing.We don’t even recognise their ziqhitsi (chick bones) anymore.Like you end up being something Catelyn Jenner(rha) so. tltltltltlt

  51. Minnie is dark and beautiful but uses filters that make her light because she believes she is beautiful when light but they later blame the society uba they called ugly because ba dark mxm!

  52. Can people leave my Kefiboo to shine. Let her be 27 all she wants lol. Amber I agree with you. think her style is way older than her age so that might be it.

    Is the Ayanda Ncwane lady becoming a fashion blogger with outfits every day ?.

  53. Ow Hayi guys senizothi everybody is bleaching now jhuu, look at your pictures 7yrs back you will see that you were a bit dark especially high school or varsity celebrities are not an exception. You will notice that nawe you gave changed then kube be filters

  54. I repeat ukubleacha kwehlula uMJ with all his $$$$?? people want to learn from their own mistakes I guess.

    I know that when all else failed and I didn’t have a comeback I would just say lento emnyama ngathi ilahle and boom fight won just like that as the other kid would just burst into tears. iyalimaza that thing and yes as kids we do scar others for life that is why it is important to teach our kids to do better. I always hang my head in shame just thinking at how we would laugh at other kids for being too dark, too skinny etc.

    I agree with @nori imali iyagezana umuntu ubuye ahlube ke so cant say all is because of bleaching

    isono ngoMkokstad bantu, he probably thinks that amakholwa will stop buying his music if he comes out and he is probably right. So muyekeni in his closet bethunani coming out wont pay the bills.

  55. As for Khanyi we may well pray for the girl at this point. Speaking of skins I must admit Booslay has flawless skin. Thought it was edits and filters until I saw her Instagram live last week. Flawless but she must stay playing far for our Mrs Finance.

  56. Omuhle just loves that Snapchat filter that makes everyone look lighter and smoothed out, same as B

  57. Hayibo Minnie is dark?? Maybe I don’t understand what dark skin is.
    Not all these ladies are bleaching people, a new environment, money, expensive make up can make you a shade or two lighter then what u used to be.

  58. @St Nori: clienting is in my blood Shem.I will never ever put my eggs in one basket.This eater was my clienting revival period shem…
    Started in London,then KSD,then QTN and now mDurbanA.

    Siyahamba manje… *Ey’nquntsa…*
    Umanejala bdimxelele uba andizi Shem uyakundibona ngomso, nguyamlaya nomnganakhe for refusing me leave last week.

  59. I think a lot of women got into being light skinned when men started associating having a yellow bone lady with their wealth status And women fell for it, as if light skinned women only have nice life problems

  60. @Nori uqhamukaphi? Good to ‘see’ you.

    @Nomi did you get lucky with phusi? LOL

    @Blackdeim I wonder when I am 70 I wo still be listening to those albums.

  61. @Tsholo I am worried about Ayanda I think she is trying to get back into ‘normality’ angazi I just get sad when I see her pics ingathi she is not coping.

  62. Cerebos has not religious discrimination.

    @Nomi do you know Mondli Ngcobo? Such a beautiful song something along the lines ‘ izinkanyezi sisemkhathini, ilanga lisaphuma empumalanga, abantwana balala badlile ‘ so lovely!

  63. Khanyi was never dark too-saw her siblings they are all light personally I think she was really pretty then.

    Her and mshoza have some sort of disorder

  64. Minnie might not be that dark but she is definately not light skinned and no one said she is bleaching.

  65. @Tsholo Booslay believes in using skin oils – mixing them, eating healthy and exercise and Yoga. Its possible she cheats with an injection there and there – her body is too good.. that figure!!! and booty!!! too perfect

  66. I love Omuhle but she filters her snapchat pics, so her pics are always filter on filter. I wish she could stop. She’s gorgeous without the filters. I don’t think Bonang bleaches but she has had some work done, you can tell by her cheeks and nose. Speaking of which, AKA’s skin is a bit bad. Saw it last night on Vuzu, he needs to do a bit better.

    Any news on DJ Zinhle’s Mr Bond? Has he been granted bail?

  67. I like that fact that no one is challenging me nor denying this filter thing meaning that we all want to be lighter than usual to look ” beautiful”.

  68. I always wonder if Khanyi tells her child that she is beautiful,seeing that she looks exactly like her before the surgeries (rabbit teeth and all)

  69. Black Halls, thats very true. Omuhle is beautiful dark dindi girl. But why are we complaining about people using filters on the Gram, its their choice and their business to mind.

    Posh,I agree with you. The use of spas, drinking lots of water, eating well and use of products that goes well with skin tone plus environment and age do wonders to one’s skin. For example, my Teen pics, student pics and my early years of working are quite different to how I look now. Lets get on with the program.

    Those who accuse B* of Nose Surgery are liars, B* still have Mafikeng nose when not under heavy make up, a kere lere ke contouring or wharever!!!!!

  70. The day i posted a comment about Omotoso here, i copied it & i also uploaded it on fb too, ive never been so attacked in my life. People wishing me death, wishing my family poverty & shit, saying we were the devil blah blah & now he is finally exposed, im at peace yazi. People i know were calling me names, threatening me & shit because i spoke the truth. There is an older woman who sent me a message saying that she was praying for my downfall, praying ill die poor & die from uncurable diseasea & shes giving me a day to apologize to God & their pastor. Imagine. That devil brainwashed those people & I cant believe his church in PE still gets full after all this. Intsindiso iyandixaka sometimes…

  71. Aroma – but everything we discuss here is other peoples choices and business to mind, not?

  72. Hello makoti @BlackHalls, JC une moods kaloku today the site is okay the following day ayikho right so ndadikwa ke mna…LOL @SisBae ibi serious mos indaba ndaba. @Troll yonwaba noKwekwe undincamisele uTheo wethu umheza wepeto yam, former modlara

  73. mawu yi Pick n Pay smatsatsa,and above ke kopa karabo. do you experience that because you are pretty therefore considered dumb until o bola molomo ? those on the other side of the stick,do you make assumptions that pretty people are dumb?tjooooo i experience this a lot & ne ketseha b4 but haai is genoed.

  74. Okay Kefilwe I believe you 27 MNA sana lwam.I had the same problem growing up.was Tall and a bit chubby. When I was only 16 old men would shela me thinking I’m 25 or something.
    Grend Grend being Tall is a problem,u can’t wear heels and and and..

  75. Bond is out on R60 000 bail…That’s someone’s monthly salary. Goodness Gracious. I’m happy for you Dj!

  76. Nori uxakile, isigezo siku maximum Lol

    All this time ndithi u Minnie is a yellow bone kanti she is dark *claps hands* I need to see an optometrist ngeke!

  77. Fundi Kumalo is 33yrs (1984) & what about Melody?

    LKG doesn’t behave like a 35year (1982) old, always addressing her haters.

    If Kefiboo is 27 then Thembi Seete isn’t 40yrs…

  78. Ricky Rick kuthwa uzirhuzule nge Ferrari vha… I wonder ithini Mabala Noise.

    Impish lover *wink* awugezi Nori utwezekile uthini amakholwa atheni?

    Shame I hope the Dj didn’t fork that bail money.

  79. Shame I hope the Dj didn’t fork that bail money.

    Don’t worry about that, Brendan will refund Dj Zinhle nje nge siqhelo Kiiiiii

  80. Melody will never separate from that Lali, how old is she by the way and when did they got married? what does Lali do for a living?

    LKG yena akanalo ugazi yazi.

  81. hahahaha @ Impish uthi the Dj is very generous and ke kuthwa sistas uyaybiza imali yakhe back endoda. Sesibona nge receipts nomdade.

    Weeh Nomi sana ndim lowo ufuna ukuqeqesha ubaas kule veki izayo uzakundazi

  82. @Blackdiem I am having a mini party in my cubicle. Lupe. My gawsh. 2006 was a great great year 🙂

    @Nomi makoti where? You did not get the memo. No naJeremani for me.

  83. Maybe Top Billing is sending Bonang overseas phela kudala agcina ku khwela indiza at topbilling expense usisi. Maybe uMother of the tribe ubeka dikiwe ama Diva Tendencies a your girl B…..

  84. Good to hear that Brandon is out, now Zinhle needs to dump him and keep focusing on her career and scamming people via furniture sales on Instagram. I’m joking about the latter.

  85. Xa uyazi Nori uzubuye uzokutsho uyeva nana ka Itu.. LOL amaphepha ndaba athi ku Nyovest ochazileyo le ndaba yale moto intsha kiiiiiii

    umyeni ka Janethi ubhale ileta eshoqololo for umkakhe kodwa esithi ebeyinto yonke kuye. Ndatsho ndacinga la ngoma ka Ringo, hee bethuna imali sisihogo kodwa ndinayo into ethi la myeni ebethanda yedwa phaya u Janethi ebeyo kwemba igolide yodwa. Akunzima Yesu!

  86. LKG needs to get a pet and have someone else manage her Twitter account. She can keep the Instagram but she must disable comments on her page. That’s bound to give her some peace of mind but she knows all of this, so I think she lives off the so called haters. She LOVES the attention.

  87. Tu Noristo ndiyathemba ukuba uyihlawule imali ye Mabala otherwise amagqwetha ka Nomvula ayakuza ebhabha alok. Lonto lamakhwenkwe ane mali Nori uyayqonda R16m ye Mabala… ncncncncnc

  88. SKV posted a pic ka LKG on Insta i commented uba shes a beautiful girl but that pic doesn’t do her justice,she blocked me

  89. Lali has been married before, this is his second marriage to Melo…
    LKG is childish. She must learn from B, keep it moving

  90. April 18th, 2017
    St Nori-Itu Khune is my Nana says:

    Andisozeli ngathi ndiyintombi eqala utaka, ebitakele uTroll nalapha emadodeni…

    Posted on April 18th, 2017


  91. Happy Tuesday. I hope you all had a great Easter weekend. On Friday after church I met up with some friends in some chisa nyama. We were there the whole day, one guy we were with left an hour before us… As I was pissing before I drove home I noticed the car of the guy who left early parked in the dark when I checked, maybe he passed out, I saw three naked guys and my friend was sucking D. I got nervous, rushed to my car and the guys could see I was shocked. They ask what was wrong, as I was about to explain they saw the guy’s car they ran to car (Maybe they thought something had happened) needless to say they were shocked to and one guy suggested that we wait for them to finish and then we knock at the window. However, we all agreed to respect their space. YO! As we were living they were pounding the friend. Now, do we let him know that we know or we should just let him be. I prefer the latter

  92. @St Nori and res q me ha ha ha ha ha…..@Nelly tell me about it.. Dude is married with kids, grootman late 40s..

  93. tjowe andiwakhuphe amehlo @BlackStallion ndim lo unentliziyo ebethayo. Well I you guys decide to tell your friend that you saw what had happened then nizothini. Ngoba ke asiyo ndaba yenu moos.

  94. I wonder if @Black’s friend sucks on the family jewels and swirls them in his mouth …LOL

    A lot of men are sleeping w/ other men for business contracts. Bayafebenza.

  95. Ya @posh that’s what she was teaching on her linstagram that day how to mix the oils but I also think she cheats in some areas. Maybe shots for her butt. I’m in love with her complexion and skin tone and the fact that she’s proud of brown skin. She’s giving away expensive perfumes today I’m so scared to comment lmao. I wasn’t too nice to her on this blog in the past .

    Bonang hasn’t had nose surgery guys. At I don’t think so

  96. hahahahaha waze waqenda ngam wena Nomi uyezwa… kunzima eGoli akuxokwa xa kuthiwa kukwanja zoth’ mlilo. Nanga amadangatye ebonwe ngu Stallion.

  97. i just read Blackstalis situation out loud for a straight colleague of mine ,his only response was “ngumjita other lo ubhalela u sis dolly ” i have never laughed this hard. he thinks just curious is some Aunt susie blog that girls and gays spend their time gossiping …oh well south Africa is the greatest countrayyyy int he world so diverse and fun of interesting individuals ..

    Dont confront ur friend blacki let him blow those horns LOL

  98. @Blackstallion, if it was a babe he was busy rolling his tongue and being gang banged, will you also be this shook???
    or it will be a normal high five and (can i join) moment for you.

  99. Life is too short Stallion I say tell him what you saw and tell him that he’s still your friend then ask if he’s ok and if he reported it to the police then wait for his reaction and come tell us what he said

  100. I don’t know whether to start by asking further questions or by giving advice.

    Maybe I should wait and see if nobody ask similar as I have in mind.

  101. @Blackstallion it’s none of your business, don’t do anything about it. just continue with life like before. I don’t even understand what shocked you and your friends!

  102. Hahahahaha @NonoGirl: what made you come to a conclusion that this was a “gang rape” case (Vs gang bang) …Tltltltltlt zange ndayihleka.Laphi umngane ebejabule yena ezidlela imipipi,because that’s what he prefers.I am not sure why the other blogger thinks that this was done as a way of making money.Hehehehehe hayi nuyamangaza.Yazi MSM are spontaneous people and when they want to eat or be eaten,abamoshi sikhathi…Bheka phela they never drove away from where veryone was to shagg,bashegele khona lapho bebeParke khona krkrkr

  103. blackdiadem says:

    Illmatic got us both…i cant delete that album from my playlist ever….Illamatic, Ready to die, Reasonable doubt, Enter the Wu tang….got me shooketh all the damn time…

    Posted on April 18th, 2017

    Not sure if you know this soundtrack. Oh man! The movie was playing in the background and I was SHOOK by the score…Kanye kill the hell out of song and the rest of the songs are great too and well produced.,,various%20artists%20the%20man%20with%20the%20iron%20fists%20songs,H4sIAAAAAAAAAONgFuLSz9U3yLM0SDIsU0Jia4lmJ1vp55YWZybrJ-YkleZaFefnpRcDAN4qGikxAAAA

  104. @BlackHalls: I am sorted apha kwiPuurnyakos.But the client is busy with school work,so nami I will go with them to do my work.Luckily I came with my USB.

  105. Yoh Bahlali ninjani? I’m an old blogger just changed my name and Gravatar my experience is too much to use my regular name. Shuuuuuu I’m having serious chest pains. The guy I’ve been dating for almost a year now, dumped me in the cruellest way possible. After I discovered that he’s been lying to me all this time, he says this is my fault. This biatch of a man has been living with an older woman, the car he’s been driving around in, that I also used belongs to this woman. She supports him financially. The businesses he told me about belong to this woman. Kanti amadoda anjani? When now we both found out that he’s sleeping with both of us, he ran to this woman and apologised, read me for filth to her, then blocked me. She’s out here telling me that he’s cheated on her before and that he will never leave her for another woman. I feel so lost Bahlali, what is this life. I can’t deal, I really can’t.

  106. Eish I’ve been in my gown since this happened. I even took “compassionate leave” at work, because honestly this feels like I’m suffering a life-threatening illness or injury. And I see he unblocked me on WhatsApp, the raging lunatic in me wants to cuss him out, but the lady in my says “get it together, to let him think he you care”.

  107. @MyLifeThixo at least you know the truth babe.. Leave him and his TTT ways. Uzolimala himslef. Sorry babe!
    He unblocked you cause he wants you to say something. Don’t give that. He will limaza you even more. It’s hard right now but uzoba right doll!

  108. Hahahahahahaha. TTT ways. I’m a serious mess, but you are right Paidoff_doll, ngizoba right. I think into that limaza’s me the most is the manner in which he handled this whole situation. I mean he came at me guns blazing saying I ruined his life. After all the sacrifices he’s done for me. I mean I was just as in the dark as his sugarmama. Can’t believe he was spending her money on me. What is this life mara. Some men though.

  109. Finally out of silentville whoop whoop
    Been a silent blogger for close to 5 years if not more

  110. Lol @MyLife how old is the sugarmama? Let’s not have double standard wethu,we encourage and rally behind cubbers…kiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Oh man! Finally found Umbhedesho. Reminds me on the trips to church w/ my granny and she would be rocking her black,red & white uniform…I feel so damn nostalgic today…

  111. *Random thoughs*

    Zinhle and Co. Made sure that Bonang’s name is being dragged in the mud every single day after the break up.. now, hers is being dragged because if Brendon. #Karma #LookAtGod

  112. Ziyatyelwa ke ibloggers ngaba mama bangolwesine. Kuzolunga ntanga…vuthukula imirhaji yakho uyephambili…kuthiwa zimandi ke ezi young’ing I mean kwatsho u12bd something…la blogger ezivalele ngala nokwica ona 21.

  113. Where is @MrRight @Chase when you need them? Loooool!
    @Kefiboo’s sunken eyes on unfiltered pics tell a sad story.
    @PaidOffDoll hello Mrs Birkin…how art thou you mono-blogger? Looool!
    @Nori’s back ya’ll krrrrrrr!
    @P-wo how are you, how is the nunu’s? Update nyana?
    @Halls @Diadem did y’all go to CPT Jazz? How was Andra Day’s performance?

  114. @BlackStallion if your friendship really means that much to you then support his choice.Be honest and open about what you witnessed.I can only imagine how he must be feeling; being married and having to keep a secret can’t be easy.I hope you really become a better friend to him.

  115. @ thecurator hey hun pls balance us ngo hubby ka Sarah, is he really not Farah’s ex hubby???

  116. @amberjc you are a soldier! Loool! Hayi nami angisazi manje! @Doll brought receipts so lets trust her version now. Seems i was deceived. I guess someone close to the situation and whose name i wont mention was lemony and lied.

  117. @Blackhalls, she’s closer to 50 then 30 that’s for sure…. I’m so over this life. I’m just going to stick to older guys.

  118. thecurator @amberjc. I snooped around. They were married. There was also a pic F posted when her little girl when they were going on vacation with her grand parenta and I can promise you those people on that pic look exactly like the ones that appeard on Sara pic with her in laws…

    Quite recently she tweeted how people alway get her name wrong and someone sent her an email reffering to her as Sarah hahahahahahahahahah! Love her sense of humor though!! LOL

  119. Lol siyabonga thina- we want facts only here *wink*

    I don’t wish to be Bonang,DjZinhle, Norma Gigaba, Nonhle Ndala,Kefiboo &Tshepi everyday kudliwa igama lam kwi gossib blog…hayi ngekhe sibali

    Am sure Lizelle and Pearl Nxele bayavuya apho bakhoyo saphuma kubo.

  120. @MLT: there’s nothing that kills amaxoki, decievers and liers more than silence from their victims (or survivers,rather): keep it moving girl and do not ever think of cobtacting him.Learn from this and move on.The problem here is not his age,it’s him nje nobuxoki bakhe.All men of different age are capable of doing this,do not lier to yourself.Older man are even more complicated,they pretend to be single and widowed,only to find out uba they are married,have children bakudampe unye xa bedikiwe nguwe.

  121. There is no harm here.. he is what he is… it’s 2017 ones sexual orientation can not be of significance.. what shocked me I thought he was straight and they were naked in a parking lot..Damn he had a threesome… @Mathaz I do not know him that well to discuss such things

  122. @Nomi, I just going to take time off and concentrate on me. I’m so over this. Feel better now that it’s in the open.

    @chantal, their were a few red flags but you when you think you’re in love you try to trust your partner. He would answer my calls anytime, come in the middle of the night if I needed to talk. I would go to his apartment. Nothing weird, or maybe he was really good at his sneakiness.

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