I always think BIG,think CRAZY, think SUCCESS.

Last night a lot of people gathered in front of their TVs to watch the annual Metro FM Music Awards. uNasty C uz’thathe zonke and ruffled some feathers.

Our boy Zeeba will give us all the details and pics from the event, for now here are the winners highlighted in red;


Best top 5 African pop albums

Nominee Title
Musa Mr Serious
Amanda Black Amazulu
Vusi Nova Naninina
Soul Kulture Ngeliny’langa
Sjava Isina Muva


Best top 5 collaborations

Nominee Title
Ms Pru Ameni
Bucie Rejoice
DJ Speedsta Mayo
Kwesta Mayibabo



Best top 5 dance albums

Nominee Title
Babes Wodumo Gqom Queen Vol 1
Dr Malinga Goodwill
Mobi Dixon Live The Music
Mpumi The Birth Of Mpumi
DJ Merlon Original Copy



Best top 5 female albums

Nominee Title
Amanda Black Amazulu
Babes Wodumo Gqom Queen Vol 1
Kelly Khumalo My Truth
Lebo Sekgobela Restored
Brenda Mntambo So Much Love



Best top 5 group albums

Nominee Title
Jaziel Brothers Out Of The Box
The Soil Echoes of Kofifi
Soul Kulture Ngeliny’langa
Durban’s Finest Reloaded
Encore Encore



Best top 5 hit single

Nominee Title
City Lyts Vura
Riky Rick Sidlukotini
AKA One Time
Ms Pru Ameni
DJ Speedsta Mayo



Best top 5 hip hop

Nominee Title
Kwesta Dakar
A Reece Paradise
Anatii Artifact
Nasty C Bad Hair Extension
DJ Slique Inayam Vol 1



Best top kwaito single

Nominee Title
Mshoza Abantu Bam
L’Vovo Amatin Tin
Vetkoek & Mahoota Sohamba Ngo 7
Sosha Good Times



Best top 5 male album

Nominee Title
Nasty C Bad Hair Extensions
Kwesta Dakar
Sjava Isina Muva
Mobi Dixon Live The Music
A Reece Paradise



Best top 5 music video

Nominee Title
Du Boiz Dope Dream
Benchmarq All On Me
Khuli Chana One Source
Mafikizolo Kucheza
Anatii Jump



Best top 5 new artists

Nominee Title
Babes Wodumo Gqom Queen
Nasty C Bad Hair Extensions
Amanda Black Amazulu
Sjava Isina Muva
Soul Kulture Ngeliny’langa



Best top 5 urban gospel albums

Nominee Title
Dr Tumi Love & Grace
Lebo Sekgobela Restored
Joyous Celebration Joyous Celebration 20
We Will Worship Mmuso
Khaya Mthethwa The Dawn



Best top 5 urban jazz album

Nominee Title
Jimmy Dludlu In The Groove
Brenda Mntambo So Much More
Thandiswa Belede
Hugh Masekela No Borders
Henry Philemon Man Of Defination



Best top 5 remixes

Nominee Title
DJ Ganyani Talk To Me
Prince Kaybee Don’t Give Up
Thee Legacy Wena Wedwa (Remix)
Bob’ezy Close To You
Thee Legacy S’thandwa Sami Remix



One Africa Award

Nominee Title
Tekno Pana (Nigeria)
Vee Mampeezy I Do (Botswana)
Tiwa Savage If I Start To Talk (Nigeria)
Kommanda Obbs Ke Tauwa (Lesotho)
Patoranking Kissing (Nigeria)



Best top 10 songs of the year



Best Styled Artist went to Mafikizolo. And the Lifetime Achievement Award was given to the legends Mam’ Letta Mbulu and Ntate Caiphus Semenya. The Best Produced Album went to Sjava for Isina Muva. The Best R&B Single was taken by Amanda Black, she also bagged the Listeners’ Choice Award.

Congrats to all the winners. Did you guys vote for your faves to win?

Your thoughts?


By @KikiMarli


  1. No I didn’t vote. I just get excited with the winner. Airtime & Data are too damn expensive.LOL.

    We woke up to some bad news, 16yr old teen stabbed u-stepdad wakhe dead O-O. Mama wakhe says u-girl stole i-cliper(R100) ka-stepdad & when she was confronted u-girl got angry. I’m so scared right now

  2. So sad i couldnt really watch the awards. Only caught a glimpse of Musa’s performance. Uyandichaza ke laMusa usabengathi uyaphiswa ? Anyway, when does the repeat air?

  3. sletterSearchAbout

    26 FEBRUARY 2017 21:14 (SOUTH AFRICA)
    Daily Maverick
    Op-Ed: Xenophobic attacks mask deep fault lines within South African society
    31 ReactionsScary11Hear, Hear!11

    Photo: Police officers hold suspects at gun point after they entered mens hostels following xenophobic violence in the area in Actonville, Johannesburg, South Africa, 16 April 2015. EPA/KIM LUDBROOK
    The xenophobia, as it is simplistically referred to, is an early signal of a social lesion – a crack that later becomes a chasm into which goodwill and neighbourliness quickly vanishes. By MARIUS OOSTHUIZEN.

    Violence has again flared up between ethnic communities in our political capital, Tshwane. These so-called xenophobic attacks are reminiscent of the 2008-2009 national shame where hundreds of foreign nationals had to be housed in tented refugee camps to separate them from violent mobs in our townships.

    The temptation is to call this phenomena “xenophobia” and lay the blame simplistically at the feet of the perpetrators of the violence. These vigilante mobs are of course responsible for their actions, but as with most social phenomena we risk over-simplifying the matter by seeing it in these terms.

    South Africa has been on the receiving end of mass migration for the last decade, partly due to the tragic non-interventionist policies of the Thabo Mbeki presidency during the devastating self-destruction of Zimbabwe at the hands of the dictator, Robert Mugabe. It is secondly the consequence of having almost non-existent border controls. As other African states bled citizens looking for relief from their predatory governments, South Africa became their promised land. Add to this poignant mix high unemployment, scarce resources and increased competition for space in the informal sector and you have a recipe for conflict.

    What the xenophobic attacks do is mask the deeper fault-lines of South African society. Ours is not a melting pot of African ethnicities in the squalor of townships, ours is the imposition of a systemically extractive capitalist minority state in the form of interconnected gated communities, embedded in an otherwise failed or failing state. For a while the former, the colonial-apartheid modernisation project, has funded the latter through a trickling-down of unliveable wages. The gogo gets to buy mieliemeel with her leftover coins after paying the taxi gang and her child’s underperforming school teachers. The “casual worker” gets to buy Black Label and some pre-cooked pap-en-sous at the Spar, before walking the 6km daily to the room he rents from the Ethiopian shopkeeper. We have produced millions of urban refugees.


    As a society, we have become very good at living side by side, deeply interdependent, but without any semblance of cohesion or integration. If South Africa was any other country, one that did not have a Rainbow myth to refer to, we would be a giant refugee camp for mostly African stragglers, presided over by economic and identity tourists who have come here to enjoy the sunlight but don’t intend to settle among the natives.

    In early January an executive team reflected on the state of the nation and what 2017 holds in store. One said: “South Africa is on a slow stagnant path … we need to turn the ship around.” Another said; “2017 will be 2016 with embellishments – more of the same.” My own sense was that we are a society under strain, politically strained, economically strained and socially strained. When a system is under strain, eventually something breaks.

    The xenophobia, as it is simplistically referred to, is an early signal of a social lesion – a crack that later becomes a chasm into which goodwill and neighbourliness quickly vanishes. The way to avert such a rupture of our social fabric is not to calm the nerves and say, “… be nice to our African guests”. The solution is to face the underbelly of discontent, the skeletons of social exclusion and structural injustice.

    What is needed is liberation, but not liberation politics.

    South Africa needs rapid liberation from the socio-economic marshland that it has been driven into. How did it get this way? Through failed policy after failed policy by an increasingly hollow liberation movement in power, who thought that policy statements amounted to policy actions. We got here through iteration after iteration of token transformation by companies who thought that we could redeem the corporate gravy train, by picking up a handful of passengers and seating them as a sprinkling in the first, second and third class cabins of management. We got here by going to sleep as civil society, smiling as we patted ourselves on our backs for the “miracle democracy” that had been won.

    The renewed xenophobic attacks of the last few days are not a crime of humanity as much as they are a warning of humanity neglected. They are the alarm bells of an overdue reckoning. They are a temporary measure, a relief valve which lowers the pressure in the pressure cooker for a little while, while the simmering heat of discontent burns slowly and surely at the base.

    A “phobia” is an “an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something“. No, these are not examples of South Africans fearing or hating those who are not like them. These are examples of South Africans who are angered by seeing others gain the things they want: Shops. Money. Houses. Wives. These are the outbursts of children who don’t think they were given their fair share. We can cry “entitlement” all we like. At the end of the day, the right to a decent life is something every South African is entitled to, and until that becomes everyone’s concern, the pain of social immobility will continue to translate into anger and eventually, violence. DM

  4. South Africans and complaining, MNA I don’t believe allegations with no proof. Mabala Noise “bought” the awards give us evidence kalok, even next year people are still gonna complain and do nothing about it. Anyway I voted my faves Nasty C and Kelly Khumalo if you think they deserve next time VOTE!!

  5. When people stan they stan bakajik. Twitter, Facebook, JC and all going on about how B* slayed. Laark, where guys? Wenzeni le enenza nithi she slayed?

  6. @Teddie there’s nothing special about the dress BUT B* in the dress… MAGIC;her skin tone against the gold, the makeup was flawless, the glow, the poise, so elegant and classy…. Ndibala ntoni na. That is slayage in my eyes; full circle and complete package. Pity amehlo awaphakelani

  7. Bonang looked great but her outfits give that sense of deja vu. Like you’ve seen it before. One day she must just surprise us by deviating from her usual style. If she’s not wearing a mermaid-like dress, she’s wearing those A-line type dresses

  8. When B gives you something out of the ordinary you just DON’T get it… I have seen it happen here more than once. The green BET suit was one amongst the many drop dead gorgeous looks. But anyways??

  9. Bonang’s outfits have become so predictable. Stanning really IS a fulltime job. Ntando Duma on the other hand…now that was slayage.

  10. Lol Bonang plays it safe on the red carpet. She doesn’t aim for best dressed. She just wants to look nice

  11. So, are we gonna discuss how she stole the show from the hosts? I’m glad the Metros gave the other presenters a chance to show us how bland and mediocre they are. Bonang walked on stage, said a few words and left viewers wanting more. Who does that? The SAMAs need to do the right thing.

  12. Gert and Bonang are a match made by abaphansi. Even la stylist yase Melika ayiliboni elidlalayo. Gert never disappoints shame. No surprise why Bonang always tops the fashionista lists and gets awarded every single year for her style. Siyabonga, bemuhle uBonang bakithi.

  13. These awards were boring. I feel all awards azise nayo that THING, sekwenziwa just for nje.

    Kwesta was robbed shame, he deserved at least one award.

  14. OK I loved Ntando D, Boity and Lootlove kwiblack carpet. Jessica got the make up right this time around. The rest were just OK.

  15. Hayi justnje the least said about those two the better, sigh.. ngeku ncono nje if Khanyi and Somizi hosted.

    Bonang was her usual self, nothing to write home about. :-/..

    @Luko Ntando looked good…

    Lerato Kganyago bafethu!!!!!! This child needs devine intervention ngeke. How does she get it wrong all the DAMN time??

  16. Also why did Riky accept the award? He would’ve made a stronger statement by saying he wouldn’t be taking the trophy home. I feel that his rant was more of a stunt than a serious concern.

    Come to think of it, it was a stunt. Why would an artist from a money laundering, racketeering “record label” that buys awards be so pressed? He should’ve just dropped the new album he was promoting a few minutes after his speech.

  17. Is the dress all you can hate on? Let’s hate on Bonang’s presenting skills at the Metros. How did that go, guys? Was it so bad that you’d rather focus on the dress? *giggles*

  18. “bae900 says:
    Oscars for Viola Davis, Mahershala Ali and Moonlight”

    Audi got this one. Back to how horrible Bonang was on stage on Saturday night.

  19. Bonang was nothing to write home about. Before we talk Amon and others, let us talk about Lebo Segobela’s performance nearly getting B* repenting from all her darkness. Lol. Lebo is powerful.

  20. Are we going to discuss Litha Yaya’s wedding, it was so beautiful guys Tsholo is one blessed lady nhe I think she got everything she wanted for her wedding.

  21. SO, Nothing about Pearl and Amon? No open the industry? I thought y’all said Pearl was underrated and better than Bonang. HAHAHAHAHAHA… Nicabanga ukuthi uBonang usuke edlala umasgcozi.

  22. Bonang is the best it was she does. She slays all the time. The sun is the bigges star. We know that. You want us to be stating the obvious?

    We love Bonang but we are not as obsessed with her. Hai sana you should make a tribute documentary about Bonang

  23. Litha Yaya and Tsholo went to chicken licken still in their wedding attire. #ThingsThatMakeMeGoTJO!
    Its gonna be a very long day kwaKiki. Childishness trending!

  24. Ninyile shame! Teddy you started this…
    @momager I loved the chicken licken idea…. too many weddings this weekend! Litha and Tsholo’s wedding is proof that they have a whole lot of fun as a couple!

  25. I’m glad Bonang didn’t host the Metros, they are beneath her. However that Amon guy was so dry, he looked out of place. No personality whatsoever, Pearl did fine I think she just needed a better co host. Mabala noise should have let song of the year go. They didn’t need to buy it for Nasty C, he’s talented by his song was nowhere near song of the year. In fact it shouldn’t have been nominated.

  26. If Bonang is always dressed in a mediocre way, doesn’t that mean you were “stating the obvious” in your previous comments? Then Continue stating the obvious by discussing her talent. Why is stating the obvious so difficult when it comes to her talent?

  27. Why was the wedding at Rupert Estate? Does the groom work for him or something? The wife is stunning

  28. I hope the SAMAs recognise Babes Wodumo. If the awards are not on Mabala’s and Ambitious’ payroll, then things should go well for that girl bandla.

  29. LOL! Wayitya neengcambu

    Anyway, does anyone know where to get the velvet dress (or similar) that Boity and Tshepi wore? Kefilwe also has it

  30. Pearl is pure talent. I wish she was paired with someone as good as she is. Yes, she is not on Bee’s level of presenting as yet . Otherwise she could have done much better job with or without Amon.

    People’s style are different.What works for you might not work for the next person. As for me, Bee do it for me all the time. They way she carries herself nje, she exudes opulance and massive confidence. Off course people get tired of her gowns because they see her more often in them because of her job on Top Billing. But for others its refreshing to see their outfits because they only get to wear them during big events only.

  31. Kefilwe got it from BlueChic and it was R1300 and ayiphumi on my student budget. Boity and Tshepi also tagged their designers. So I’m asking here hoping to find a cheaper alt since JC bloggers are generally the plug

  32. bae900 your best bet would be at a vintage store or make your own.. go buy material DIY

  33. Amazing how you all jump for Bonang,if ebenxibe kakubi for wena why une chesties when abanye saw her differently. Talk about the ones that did it for you , and leave ppl who loved the woman of class alone.She slayed qwaba, others that slayed were Ntando Boity noKhanyi

  34. I am here to hear about Mabala Noise as most of the staff was discussed on saturday night.

    Ricky Rick is such a hypocrite, if Mabala had bought him more awards than Nasty C was he still going rant and threaten to expose them??? He is hurt because Nasty C has occupied No.1 spot at Mabala.

    I can’t wait for the day these boys will be investigated, pity Zuma’s camp will still be there even in 2019. Otherwise di poppe sal dans.

  35. Lol @Aroma uthi he is hurt because he ain’t the chosen one.as we wait for Juju to release the files

  36. Nhlanhla Nciza slayed too. Talk about how great she looked. Their obsession with Bonang is so tiring.

  37. @Munkie are you serious!?! I logged in for mgosi I was never ready… Someone killed a child for R100. That woman must slice that man’s balls with a razor. Do men know what we go through to give birth???? For R100. Lemme grab a cup of coffee.

  38. I wonder if the artists who won care that their awards were purchased. They look really happy holding their gongs. Maybe I should be worried about the people who voted for nothing. Konje how much did each SMS cost?

  39. Qhamisto, lol, nje what else explains his outburst.

    Juju already realesed files as per another Mama action’s new Ben 10 aka Luvo. Didn’t you hear that her department lack funds to carry its duties

  40. Why are people worried about stans? Le tsena kae moo? Let us do our full time job in piece mos

  41. @Croc’s Mom engathi it is the stepchild who killed her stepfather.
    @ Munkie please come and explain to us. Was the girl detained? Will she be going to juvenile prison?
    This is really sad

  42. I suppose those files are expensive. I am camping here thinking someone will drop the Bomb and shut it down but NIKS !!!!They never even challenge Juju regarding the allegations levelled against them @ qhamisto.

    I enjoyed Mshoza’s perfomance saturday night. The babe is just gangster. She do it for me nje!!!

  43. Andiwazi la vobe ubuzi Metro Awards. What a waste of money. Babes must not get 1 SAMA even, azoyeka ubayi late comer

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