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Firstly Congratulations are in order for the new Finance Minister,  Mr Malusi Gigaba. For a  minute I thought to give the new Finance Minister a chance until I watched a repeat of last night’s news coverage this a.m when the Minister together with  SARS boss Tom Moyane held a media briefing.

I liked the fact that Malusi is aware he has BIG shoes to fill I crashed myself so hard when his office released a statement over the weekend highlighting that he is aware of the magnitude of his new role as Finance Minister mentioning his predecessors Trevor Manuel, Pravin Gordhan and NHLANHLA NENE as people whose work as FM he respected. For the latter I was like b*tch please sudlala ngathi apha, Nhlanhla Nene’s two seconds stunt does not deserve to be mentioned as a FM at all.

Back to what disturbed me, Malusi was probed on the decision to axe PG and on the possible ratings downgrade fandor our country, this is what he said.

…I am not the President,  I don’t know the intelligence report I have not had sight of it I can’t comment on it, emh where I stand I GET CALLED  and INSTRUCTED as to changes that are going to take place I DON’T ASK QUESTIONS , I SIMPLY COMPLY and I certainly think there’s so much more going on in our country for us to believe that changing a single individual can cause a ratings downgrade…” (and it did)


Now that silly arrogant response right there made me think Malusi is definitely not the man for the Finance Minister’s seat just YET. I’m aware of the fact that we should be given chances to prove ourselves kodwa for him to say he gets instructed and acts on instructions provided to him translated to him saying everything and anything Jacob Zuma asks for or wants as President  he will get without any questions asked.


What do you guys think?


Zeeba  (c)


  1. Zeeba I think you meant to say Des van Rooyen.Nhlahla Nene was a Deputy to Pravin a while back before he was appointed Minister.He is a seasoned Economist.Please rectify.

  2. San’bonani bangan’emakhaya.
    This article le seems incomplete taZibar,kodwa siyabonga nge effort and perhaps it is a good way to open a conversation.
    Yati,le cown’ntry ibanga isidzina nyalo.Ngikhatsele.

    Malusi has a Tshatshalaza attitude,arrogance yokuthi I am not gonna intertain your “exposing ANC failures” tendencies,hlukanani nami phantsi
    Oh,I find the man so hot Shem.OoBuhle bethunana babesitya kamnandi.I want him to go back to Booslay_ shem,just to up his Instagram page ibenaThat Thing.Have y’all seen how hot Booslay_ is in 2017???Kuthi mangikhale…

  3. Mzeebana, when you post a political article I just cringe sthandwa sam. Even posting about the new radio lineups as well as drama would have probably been better.

  4. Let’s blame the time. LMAO

    Ujesu ifik’ ekuseni sebethi baqedile ngawe ebusuku. Ufika ekuseni ezokuph’ amandla amasha.

  5. Hands off Zeeba if there was no post here….. You would be sobbing on Mzansi news asking for the post. Now yall can start gossiping and discuss current affairs seeing you know better……

  6. Whenever i Zeeba’s name, i expect to see a one line article l (o zamile shem) or pictures.. love yoi Zeebs..
    Who decides on this ratings thingie? I also agree with Malusi.. something is fishy… i hope he proves them wrong!

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  8. Before I’m labelled an ANC hater, I want to see what Moodley’s rating review comes up with. P&G is a reputable agency and for ANC’S benefit I shall wait. They blame the media and white capitalist for the rating. OoMomager

  9. @chantal there 3 big rating agencies and they are based in the States. Countries, investors and companies use them to know the creditworthiness of a country.

  10. Zeeba have some respect for Mr Nene please, on the other news Litha Yaya posted his #MCM yesterday Mr Rupert. Sithelo, LordPhil & Uyathandeka triangle andikho sithi money buys happiness that is why they are in that mess it’s money they seem to be happy but LordPhil uyamnyela one uwife wakhe shame. Guys I miss Lolo in these streets and her stories.

  11. R13.83/$ looks like we free falling… What was that thing about Zimbabwe’s situation being a process and not an event?
    I think we were already heading to junk status- the cabinet reshuffle just accelerated it.
    On the other hand I wonder how true the conspiracy theory is – credit ratings is manipulation to force gorverment’s hand… either way we are heading for challenging times.
    Last night, I prayed for JZ’s resignation. But I couldn’t decide who I would prefer, I DON’T TRUST Mr Ramaphosa.

  12. The downgrade wasn’t because of a single individual as the ANC would like people to think. The downgrade is because of what that cabinet change signified which was self- intrest trumps country.

  13. Like you Zeebs, I was so shocked by that statement. Even had to rewind to make sure that I heard him rite. And hours later, we were blessed with a downgrade! Makes me wonder about what he said when he called the rating agencies on Friday. Because at that time, he hadn’t had time to consult with the previous minister and the DG. He jumped the gun, and probably sunk us in his discussions with ratings agencies

  14. I have a soft spot for my Zeebalicious, I get touched nje when people criticize him. Leave my baby alone hle

  15. The dj moved our of her old home. she shared an emotional insta story…. can she just show us her new already lol.

  16. Julius Malema should be given a chance sibone ukuthi kuba nentuthuko Na. IANC clearly iyahluleka, the way I detest Zuma now nx! In other news, that Malusi looks like he can lift me against the wall with ease afeze inkonzo passionately #izinkanukozenyama

  17. malusi Gigaba is so yummy!!! His my everyday crush. he can get it everyday all day and especially on Sundays.

  18. Cry My beloved country …. We are in for a rollercoaster ride …. survival of the financial fittest.
    Gigaba is a amoeba there is no spinal cord there hence Zuma put him on that position … Since Nenegate Z has always wanted someone he can control hence 3 min noodles Des Van Rooyen . Now more than ever he has to get rid of PG, time was running out for Z interms of that Gupta Bank, Nuclear deal and every other thing that Guptas want ….

  19. Akamubi naloMalusi,hay umbi shame makes me wonder ukuthi anjani amadoda wenu. Bhwahahahaha.

  20. Hi Bloggers.
    Hi Lolo 🙂

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  21. Morning Bloggers

    Malusi Gigaba was good as the Minister of Home Affairs, him now being the Minister of Finance, am not sure about that but he seems to be determined to prove to everyone that he is surely the perfect Man for the job.

  22. Moddy’s not Moddley’s….we discussed Zintle’s Brandon a lot and my mind is still in the Indian community.
    I hope uMalusi zips his pants this time around….we can’t afford another scandal about his womanizing again. He must realize that he’s a Finance Minister and our money can’t be spent on expensive bags and side-chicks. Besides, if he wants to run for President, he must me very careful with his health. We need his health in a better condition.

  23. Context and Content

    *opens dictionary*

    Zeeba, Thanks for sharing that song. Ndizoyimamela kak’hle ngo12.

  24. @Queen_Tee (@I wonder ukuba anjani amadonga enu)
    Hewethu sus’tuwela ntombazana ndithi!Awurhudi uyatywatywaza.
    Mal’Oozy is so hot,but ke amehlo awabonelani (not “awaphakelani” marhanuga ndini amaXhosa aseRhaw’tini naseBhayi).

    Yazi umphathiswa wezezimali, uMal’oozy is a male version of Lupita Nyong’o. When a dark skinned person cleans up so well and dress up appropriately, chitha utyiwe,there is nothing you can take away from them,bababahle.

    I am a mubiza of note (the Dr. Musa Mthombeni kind(a) basic mubiza), but when I decide to clean-up so well and rock my formal attires, kukhala ngisho namaCEO enkampani, athi “hehake Myirha,what’s the occasion?” ndithi “yazi yintoni maNgwanya?If you want to be the president of this cowntry, you must look the part: you cannot be in some blue overalls 24/7m as if you have a plan of being emakhitshini nasezigadini forever. Have y’all seen how these modern cleaners dress-up?They only wear amaApron at work,but once kufike isikhathi sokutshayisa,they go to the bathroom and change to their hot outfits and do make-up…hey ndandixakwa ngomnye um,ama,angabimhle maan before and after work!Ndide ndimrhalelele uYihlo wam,I send a hot step-mom phela,my current one is so rural!

  25. Eish I’m ‘just curious’ and cannot wait until Friday…Guys, have you ever heard Anele’s child ‘speak’? Like cooing and baby talk? That child never says ANYTHING! There was a video of him driving his toy car and he made no sound (very odd for a kid his age)…the other day he was dancing to a song on TV, and NIKS! Ke curious…

  26. Better late than never: My comment on these radio changes and whatsapp in Mzantsi News:
    ‘Bonang felt he wasn’t good enough and demanded someone better’

    Wow. I would not put this past Bonang. But on the other hand, Bonang takes her job very seriously, so I would really be disappointed if she really did utter those disgusting words. Skhumba is the hottest thing in the raw kasie entertainment industry right now, makangaqheleki.
    The Bonang that I know prefers porch/sh, Top Billingy typ(a) artists for her shows: but she never gives me those Mode And See (Model C?) attitude vibes. I like it when she speaks in her own language, you really get to know a different side of her. With that porch English of hers, ngumntu ozilungeleyo shem uGherl. I troll her most of the times, but… hayi akuvumi shem.

    About T-Bo Touch:
    What I have gathered through his interviews (Anele one, especially): is that this guy is very ambitious and knows what he deserves, and is never apologetic about ukuzazi,ukuzithanda, and ukuzithemba. He might appear as a person who is very arrogant to the public, but he is so business minded that he would never approach such situations with the #Tshatshalaza attitude. Unembeko uT-bos,uyabahlonipha abantu ayaziyo ukuba bangambeka kumanqwanqwa aphezulu. Remember how annoying he was with his Hlaudi praises (at the last Metro Awards)???
    He will continue to flourish sithe gqa amehlo. Big up Gcwala!

    Hellowini bahlobo.Akumnandi ukhomenta ngeDesk Top.I am back with my Thigh Sies.

    Heee as for Unathi Nkayi-Msengana joining Umhlobo Wenene FM???Hebanna!!!

  27. Mathaz he looks very hot.
    My heart bleeds for LGK shame. I know Queen B* felt disrespected and did what she had to do. LKG may act like this whole situation does not bother her, I think shes low key bothered…. she tweeted that she blocked alot of nosy people on her whats app who were acting concerned and that she protecting her space . My feelings would be a lil hurt, imagine a whole Queen quitting her show because she paired with me. Whoa!!!

  28. Ma-loser Gigupta seem to be gatvol of being used by the Guptas,he was quoted as being truly shocked after learning of his appointment as FM as he was not expecting it.(remembet that he was not even a second choice for Zuma)It looks like the classic case of having a pact with the devil and you want out.

  29. phetolo

    Apr 4, 2017 at 8:53 am

    Until you see his lips live @Mathaz…..eeeuuuuu!
    krkrkrkrkrkr…@Phetolo – despite his fragile state of health, he’s quite hot. His tailored suit game is on point, he has a nice body and seems like a nice person as well. His lips sometimes look bad but they look better now…or ugcoba something kuwo ama lips lawo that make them look better on TV?

  30. Hahaha Nomi yall mazumba may dress well to “compensate” for ubuzumba benu but still nibabi,I can never say KK muhle but yena he cleans up very well so chaaa mubi uGigaba! And those lips? *pukes*

  31. Mr Anti-Chauvinism

    Apr 4, 2017 at 9:04 am

    Ma-loser Gigupta seem to be gatvol of being used by the Guptas,he was quoted as being truly shocked after learning of his appointment as FM as he was not expecting it.(remembet that he was not even a second choice for Zuma)It looks like the classic case of having a pact with the devil and you want out.
    He was quoted hinting that he could leave National Treasury but I doubt that he was unaware. There is just no way that he didn’t know this. Futhi he knows WHY he was appointed.

  32. Now we are talking Queen_Tee: yabona your example is on point.
    Cleaning up so well is the only thing yall deserve in a man + his pocket.
    What are you gonna do with a broke and useless pretty-faced Tyheli-Mathambo??? Mnxim,sudika apha.
    Unyile futhi: tall, dark and footsome is what Malusi is and his cleaning-up so well tendencies and his pocket got him Booslay, the hottest chick in the world right now.UBuhle kalok nguFleekiswa okula level kaKim Khandashisa.

  33. @Mr Right – Futhi we haven’t forgotten that VFS (Visa what-what company) which issued visas on behalf of Home Affairs was linked to Duduzane and Guptas….asilibelanga nix.

  34. Haaa @QueenT he has a nice body for someone his age and that dark skin *Lord have mercy*…Malusi is hot.

  35. Futhi wena Queen_Tee: abantu ababona ububi apho bungekho khona babababi mselufa yazi.
    You strike me as the type efana noSponono kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhh. NDlela enise ngayo.
    That type that likes being part of Cool and Hot chicks squat, then pussy blocks all those broke niggers who are after the HOT girl-friend in the group. The type that can’t even complete their homework coz ibhizi iyametshisana neethsomi zayo,ayina-life: doing all the PR,Marketing and Brand Management (and pimping) of their HOT friend. kiiiiiiiiiiiih.

  36. ‘Bonang felt he wasn’t good enough and demanded someone better’

    Wow. I would not put this past Bonang. But on the other hand, Bonang takes her job very seriously, so I would really be disappointed if she really did utter those disgusting words. Skhumba is the hottest thing in the raw kasie entertainment industry right now, makangaqheleki.
    The Bonang that I know prefers porch/sh, Top Billingy typ(a) artists for her shows: but she never gives me those Mode And See (Model C?) attitude vibes. I like it when she speaks in her own language, you really get to know a different side of her. With that porch English of hers, ngumntu ozilungeleyo shem uGherl. I troll her most of the times, but… hayi akuvumi shem.

  37. @Queen_tee, for me it’s not about looks. He has that manly quality I like, besides I can be gorgeous for the both of us ngoba shem uSmakade has blessed me in that department *ruuuuuuns to Saxon*

  38. About T-Bo Touch:
    What I have gathered through his interviews (Anele one, especially): is that this guy is very ambitious and knows what he deserves, and is never apologetic about ukuzazi,ukuzithanda, and ukuzithemba. He might appear as a person who is very arrogant to the public, but he is so business minded that he would never approach such situations with the #Tshatshalaza attitude. Unembeko uT-bos,uyabahlonipha abantu ayaziyo ukuba bangambeka kumanqwanqwa aphezulu. Remember how annoying he was with his Hlaudi praises (at the last Metro Awards)???
    He will continue to flourish sithe gqa amehlo. Big up Gcwala!

  39. Well when you’re used to tall,dark,handsome pretty faced rich men ooMalusi bakha phantsi,like ngooZero hence the 0.0 at the generous complements towards him.

  40. hahaha@Queen_Tee – Remember there is a huge difference between hot and handsome/beautiful…a huge one. Malusi ain’t handsome at all but hot. Mcebisi Jonas is very handsome but I can’t call him hot…uyabona
    Buhle Mkhize is hot but far from beautiful
    Terry Pheto is very beautiful but she’s not always referred to as hot (beauty is way more than skin deep while hot is just an appearance that is usually admired from afar)…some can be both…think Minnie Dlamini.

  41. Then you have those who have none…think Gwede Mantashe, Blade Nzimande, Bheki Cele etc

  42. Heee as for Unathi Nkayi-Msengana joining Umhlobo Wenene FM???Hebanna!!!

    Nomi-Super-D is back y’all,lungisani ukuhlala and get your Gastroenterologists ready to mend your faint livers!

    Zolani, we are not gonna cum here and praise your mediocore articles lovey.ITuwa yiTuwa kuthi, it doesn’t matter who you are. Aiscenganga solalaphi thina asityi kwakho. Mabaxole aba bathi masiyeke ukukhalaza.Sinala love ibethisa ngombhobho obomvu omanzi thila like the old high school teachers. Siphi na apha?

    The lady who has experience in Marketing must apply to do their Masters so long. Do not do Masters in your field. Try a general masters like MBA or Development Finance or Programme Evaluation. Do not sit around at home focusing on finding a job, it might take longer you expect and the next thing you will have 5 years of experience in Lali/LoKasie Management.

  43. Lol Senzangakhona ngiyakuzwa.

    Nomi I’m not one to blow my own horn but shem ngimuhle yezwa? Awunobhiliva,I’m the Beyoncé of my squad. Hahaha.

    Mathaz mandiniyeke guyz maara yheey yimbi leyandoda!

  44. Mtshele @Cutie! Inelevels this thing. There are good looking,handsome,attractive and beautiful men. But abomnyane and laying pipe *inserts Zuma meme*

    This is the day the good Lord has made. I FEEL DAMN GOOD. Imnandi ilife.

  45. @Julius Malema should be given a chance sibone ukuthi kuba nentuthuko Na.
    You can’t rectify a wrong decision with a wrong decision again. When the ANC members wanted Thabo Mbeki out, they didn’t think long term, they just wanted Mbeki out at all costs hence the appointment of Jacob Zuma whom they knew very well was not qualified for the position.
    Concerns were raised by those with logic highlighting the rape case, lack of education and corruption cases. The ANC members assured us that Zuma will not be running the country alone and won’t be taking decisions in solitary as the ANC is run as a collective and is not a one man show. Should he misbehave, he will be recalled just like Thabo. Now it appears that you don’t have any powers and can’t recall the man you voted in power.
    I wish Zuma to continue running the country down till we are worse than Zimbabwe so South Africans can learn to choose parties/ leaders wisely. Just waiting for him to fire Ramaphosa and Gwede now.

  46. Also, work on your linked in page. Copy and past your CV on linked in: it has worked for me before. I get recruiters in-boxing me offering junior posts in my field.

  47. LOL@Senzangakhona! BS knows how some of you look like. Bloggers are hot jong, nabo laba abaku exile…I believe you!

  48. Malusi looks sickly guys.. Those lips? Eeeuuuwwww *pukes*

    The downgrade is so deep guys, funny enough we were told by the giggling one that the reshuffle was in the interest of increased efficiency and effectiveness, and to aid radical economic transformation kodwa what we have now is a situation that will only further strain the middle class financially, and worsen the situation for the poor. Rates will go up, food, petrol. Some of us are hovering just above poverty line, I don’t even know how I will make ends meet *cries*

    So who is winning here?

  49. Hahahahahaha QueenTee: the samething that people see in Malusi Gigabais the same thing that girls see in Siyanda Magazi Xulu *inserts zuma meme*….tall, dark and the benjamins….lmao

    @Cutie: lol mina ngikwi category ka BOTH

  50. Awukahle ukuba Gigantic Queen_Tee hahahahahahahahaha ngoba i DMF will be the end of us

  51. Nami I don’t think Juju is ready to be a president. He has to many rough edges that need polishing. I like him a lot for keeping ANC on its toes but not for Presidency. At this stage I think a better candidate is Cyril. Education plays a huge role one’s decision making, reasoning and leadership. Besides, he has less scandals than other potential candidates. If there were more credible leaders I wouldn’t chose him, but who do we have?
    DA is totally out of question. Hellen Zille has never tried to mask what DA is all about (racism). If the leader is as racist as she is, how about the followers?

  52. Blackhalls wazi bona, say he’s already dressed in the morning all suited up and smelling good, ehlise nje izipper yebhulukwe nje angibeke obondeni and work. That makes for such a great day!

  53. I know right @Mntukatrey?!!LOL.

    And yaz ke Cutie,xa uqhele uboth hot and handsome veske umgive laLook ka “awuseBasic” uMalusi. True story.

  54. @Queen Tee : you might not think that Mal’oozy is your type. It is ok,but do not say that Mubi.Just say that he is basic, nothing to write to Saxonworld about. But please, do not mess up with us uthi mbi,akambanga,same as that popular blogger that is on Maplaas’ Level in their career nimane nisithi mbi.Sies uMona yikofu, ningabaqhubi beBhasi yeLamuni nyhani nabonwa ngabalandeli bakaLelo (read: Makho Elephant).kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhh

    But I do get your point about your type. I also like pretty little things,but most of them are just that, pretty.
    They are good for my profile: think Dineo vs Kenneth relationship. And ke ndijongeka kadana,so I would never date a Malusi mna,I need a pretty little matured baby-boy on my side.And oh boy, do I make sure that as broke as I am… I lay that pipe so well such that everything else get compensated.
    I do wonders in my match-box mkhukhu single bed shem,soze ndingazincombi,akutsho mna,kutsho ii-reviews.
    As for ubuhle bakho Queen_Tee: andikho sure.Saw’bona mhla ligqithayo and we find your insta-handle kiiiih.

  55. muntukatreysongz

    Apr 4, 2017 at 9:25 am

    Hahahahahaha QueenTee: the samething that people see in Malusi Gigabais the same thing that girls see in Siyanda Magazi Xulu *inserts zuma meme*….tall, dark and the benjamins….lmao

    @Cutie: lol mina ngikwi category ka BOTH
    hehehehehehe….we are waiting for JC party thina Trey hey, then we will judge you. But I believe you

  56. Queen_Tee

    Apr 4, 2017 at 9:29 am

    I know right @Mntukatrey?!!LOL.

    And yaz ke Cutie,xa uqhele uboth hot and handsome veske umgive laLook ka “awuseBasic” uMalusi. True story.

    Lucky you Queen…that combination mntase is gay nowadays…bambelela ungayeki. Thina we settle for one.

  57. @Cutie: I want Mr Rama-Pose-Ah holding that position. He has a bit of qualities that uMandela and Thabo Mbeki had.And has a side lika Patrice Motshepe as well (money cleans people up hey)…abantu abasendlaleni bangcolile. Yhu guys, I do not even give Zoomer too much airtime undidikile.Like you will not find me bashing him on my social media pages, unesidina nemikhuba yakhe.Mna zange ndamthanda since ukubhukuqa kwakhe uT-bos with his partners in crime (aboMalema, naye uJuju I lowkey hate him, but I like that he has decided to be the enemy and does not care anymore about aboZoomer).

  58. @Cutie: that Siyanda Xulu (just googled coz I do not care about following soccer stars, I am clueless), is actually my type.He has a good body.I like them skinny as well,kwenzele kubelula ukubabhequlula abhedini.
    Hey mankazana: kaloku ubuhle bendoda abufani nobuhle benkazana. Ingathi niyalibala. Zinimoshile ii-Yellow Bones. You cannot be expecting to be taken seriously as an Afrikan Chiquita from the village or LoKasie ube uPuurnyakoswa ngooMaps Maponyane ii-pwerry boys.Sizakugxotha thina uyohlala emaSabhabh’sini.

  59. Lord Phil has a message for you guys….
    I love Thuli Thabethe and Tbo Touch’s co-parenting. the message she wrote for T-Bo is so sweet, you’d swear they are still together.

  60. I am surprised that there are JC bloggers who find @TeeNice hot.La ndoda ingathi iqatuywe ngezirhama ebusweni?
    Tyhin thiza.Ewe yena unomzimba omhle,and that neds there.Otherwise naam bafethu I am planning on joining gym as soon as I am done with my research. Kiiih

  61. Hmmmm, dont want to panic yet about this downgrade. But then since Zuma’s tenure, we’ve been saying dont panic. Sigh

  62. What’s the message @Cutie? I saw bloggers huffing and puffing about ibirthday yombtana wakhe with the side

  63. Cyril used to be my fav…until Marikana happened.I even delayed watching the Markikana documentary cause I was hurt that the image I have of him will be dainted.I was seriously hurt and have never looked at him the same.That was something else…Zuma should have been recalled then.He has a cloud hanging over him; he blew his chances.

    Kgalema on the other hand is quite a statesman…he is principled and has no known scandal.Zweli Mkhize is also someone the ANC could consider.

  64. @Sebzy: “do not panic” nonsense will not work.This country has been a sinking titanic ever since we allowed crooks to remove Thabo Mbeki before hios term ended. Why couldn’t they wait just a couple of months before he leaves then bamphathise ke loZoomer wabo?Bubukhruku nje kwaObo.Banobugebengu bobukiringwane abatata.

    Gwede Mantashe’s commentary makes me sick as well,busy insulting our intelligence bamane besithi “there is no crises.Media is fucking their party image blah blah blah and we must not fall for it.Siphi na apha?” SiyiMedia kwathina kuqala aph’eJC.Siziphaka ziiShushu why bezosenza muncu nje???

  65. Bonang did well by handing her resignation … The contract she signed for The Front Row has been aligned to her Brand hence she could take time off to go and attend her brand stuff and also not work on holidays. That was what Metro agree on with her.
    They didnt notify her in time nor give her time of the day to negotiate with the new terms … hence the last hour stunt they pulled, they were putting her in corner where she cant have options or challenge them … little did they know.
    After Tbo-Touch left Bonang’s show has been the show that attracted MOST advertisers (Who also extended their adverts to other shows),hence you always heard her saying “New competition on TFR ….”. AskAMan trended on No1 spot almost everyday and attracted a lot of people .. ask MP Phumzile Van Damme :):).
    Even before Hlaudi could read 90%, it was already there on TFR and people enjoyed it, the introduction of many SA artist happened on that show and people continued loving it even though they have been resistant with similar approach on other shows.
    She did well ….. you teach people how to treat you

  66. (Below the famous picture) – This is an innocent picture deliberately taken out of context and now tainted by Instagram gossip. The love I have for my son is strong and more resilent and nothing can change that, I take care of my own. My marriage will not succumb to this deliberate attempts to destroy it. There is nothing going on between me and Sithelo. She’s just the mother of my son. *looking at Jayonce and co*

  67. Ma-loser was not Zuma’s first nor second choice @Cutie.Maybe he expected to be moved elsewhere other than Treasury.Kuthiwa Brian was first choice and after being told off Zuma settled for the Buthelezi guy.

  68. And Juju posted a picture of his family (wife and kids) – caption ithi – the other day with the family, my fellow fighters. My everything (with a heart).
    Waiting for my beloved bloggers to say ooSthelo nooMantoa hacked their husbands phones and posted these…lol.

  69. @Mathaz – Yhaz I used to like Mothlante as well, but he was waaaay too quiet for my liking. I don’t know what he stands for, what he likes/dislikes, what kind of a leader he is. I just don’t know him at all. When Zuma was tried for those rape charges, there was more spotlight on him as a leader. He strikes me as a man with no backbone who wants to please everybody. I can’t trust someone whose head is forever under a iqokobhe. Whether people agree with your decision, you must stand for something.

  70. Mr Anti-Chauvinism

    Apr 4, 2017 at 10:03 am

    Ma-loser was not Zuma’s first nor second choice @Cutie.Maybe he expected to be moved elsewhere other than Treasury.Kuthiwa Brian was first choice and after being told off Zuma settled for the Buthelezi guy.
    Ok Mr Right…yena he’s not a bad Minister at all. Its the timing of his appointment that we question.

  71. They brought in Dineo Ranaka to replace the Queen. They pulled off all this in one afternoon. D says she got a call from Metro yesterday afternoon only LOL. Sphithiphithi at Metro honestly

  72. @Chase….I agree with you! I want Zuma to remain in power till 2019. We’ve been saying this, and with each passing year, he’s eroding the voting base ya ANC. Surely we can hang in there till 2019. There’ll be a better outcome
    In all honesty….Gigs looks hot and yummy. His lips are getting better I think

  73. So happy to hear Dineo on the radio again.I know she says she doesn’t love radio as much as radio loves her but hey,I’m happy.
    how spicy of LKG and Dineo to play ” nobu ungahamba ngeke ngilile….”

  74. Dineo is a good replacement….the shade ka Lira’s song. they’ll probably play Irreplaceable ya Beyoncé next… Lol

  75. @Chase are you hacked?
    No Mathaz, i’m just tired of you people and the rest of South Africans who voted ANC acting like victims now that Zuma is doing what any grade 2 pupil would do.
    Zuma is not the problem here but the ANC is, him stepping down will change absolutely nothing as another corrupt cadre will be appointed, continue where Zuma left off and reshuffle the cabinet once again.
    The only solution would be the dissolution of the ANC.

  76. @Cutie what you mean is you wanted him to fight wrestle with pigs when he was nominated as ANC President against JZ? He is a very principled man who follows the ANC constitution to the tee.May I also remind you that he mentioned a number of times how JZ was/is not a suitable President.We are so used to having leaders who play dirty and when we have someone who is grounded we question what they stand for.The ANC really has good leaders.Kgalema should be given a chance.

  77. Buthelezi has always been Zuma’s preferred choice for Deputy Minister.It is Brian that he wanted as Minister.I believe if Zuma has his wo/man in 2017; Brian will be Finance Minister 2019.

  78. Oh at least Naked and JJ are still on TFR, so #AskAMan remains. Dineo is a natural on radio, she is obviously a great replacement.

  79. 1h
    lord__philThis is an innocent picture deliberately taken out of context and now tainted by Instagram gossip. The love I have for my son is strong and more resilient and nothing can change that, I take care of my own. My marriage will not succumb to this deliberate attempts to destroy it. There is nothing going on between me and Sithelo. She’s just the mother of my son.

    kissleratoBeautiful picture though??
    pennymkamPeople hate to see hate to see happy families,do you. ??
    anitasicwebuNaze nabahle kodwa ???


    kingmvubsNo need to explain yourself to people. We forever wanna see people not being happy. To Mam’Maseko @uyathandeka do not let people decide what’s great for your marriage. Pres do what’s great for your family thina bantu sohlezi sikhuluma. All the best in your marriage and in raising your kids the way you want them to be raised.
    mginaroRespect my man I know how much your marriage and children mean to you, I have the privilege to see that all the time#reality is wrong but dreams are for real…I know the dream you have for your family??

  80. @Mathaz – Nope I also want a good leader like the rest of the people. Infact I want the opposite of what is happening right now. For example, you know the likes of Vavi, Blade, Cyril, etc have been very vocal about the state of the ANC. When the results of the recent elections came out, all the other relevant ANC leaders were vocal about their views (different views offcourse) and some even mentioned that they need to do something. I haven’t heard anything from Motlante. I like him and if you were to see some of my comments a few years back I rooted for him a lot. He is dignified and has no known scandals yes…but too quiet for my liking. He seems like the type that likes to keep peace and as a result not changing anything but rather maintaining the status quo. ooMam Winnie, Tatu Archbishop Desmond Tutu etc are very vocal at their old age about what is happening in the ANC.

  81. asiphe_bebezaYou don’t owe anyone an explanation at the end of the day?@lord__phil


    sophie_pettBut with all due respect, you need to control your baby mama Sithelo. She is posting the photos on purpose, she needs to respect your wife. She knew that utilize wife has and will always be there. But she is clearly gunning for the number one spot And big up all respect to you for taking care of your child not a lot of man do that. We respect you so much much for that. Bt talk 2 ur baby mama to keep her mouth shut she tell anyone who cares to listen how you do this and that for her how you and her are still sleeping together. Ur woman is a human being she has feelings consider that.

    sophie_pettI am sure there are a lot of pics that were taken but she chose to show da one showing affection rubbing. Shoulders together. Again control your baby mama ur wife has been embarrassed enough!
    kisslerato@sophie_pett was it necessary for him to post this picture?? Who is victorious in this matter?? The baby mama is happy her picture is posted ?? and poor wife??shame I feel sorry for her. He could have written a message and not post this beautiful family picture ??????????
    slik_k@sophie_pett thank you that Sithelo must know her lane and stay on her lane period, such disrespect can’t be acceptable.

    sophie_pett@kisslerato that’s my issue it’s like he is condoning this girls behavior. She is doing all this on purpose she and thandeka might have blocked each other but she knows this pic will get to her one way or the other. It’s enough that this poor wife accepted his child and now she has to deal with a childish baby momma who would do anything for a pic or her and Phil. Girls have no morals these days why do we bring each other down like that when we are all woman? This girl has no respect for Uyathandeka at all her friends have come after her attacking for no reason she never responds to the shade thrown at her

  82. sophie_pett@slik_k it’s too much ! Phil can put an end to all this he needs to sit Sithelo down period. I mean everyone can see how she is always in this poor woman’s face. We are not saying she should hide the child. They have a beautiful baby together but pics of them together are so unnecessary she can keep those in her personal album for her son. She has a personal vendetta against thandeka and it’s like the husband allows it. You should see her snap chat she is not even scared to say the guccis she is posting are bought by Phil. Such ratchet behavior !

  83. _sithelowhy they mad though ?- she wrote this on her IG as a comeback…

    THANK ME LATER….lmao

  84. Happy Birthday @Blackhalls..may you see many more years. I hope you get a massage from a hot and handsome somebody tonight.

  85. Yhuu guyz idrama engaka! But Phil shouldn’t have posted that picture naye nje. The side is having a jol,the files taken out about her are jaw dropping,kunzima.

  86. Hahahaha aku burd man kulento yo Phil no Sithelo. I think she deliberately posted those photos to et attention and some mentions and irritate the wife. Phil yena should have let this slide nje because ke we will talk a lot about things we are not sure about. Shame damage control nyana yakhe I genial more water endlini

  87. @He is a very principled man who follows the ANC constitution to the tee.
    Mathaz, it’s funny that all the principled men starts talking sense only and only when fired by the ANC. No siyambonga uMotlante nentshebe yembuzi.
    Zuma’s role model is King Shaka and he will rule this country like uShaka. He may agree to step down and go back on his word on the eleventh hour. He is just taking after his name, Gedleyihlekisa. Akakanigedli usazonigedla.

  88. *ingenisa more water endlini (kanti who do we have to kill for an edit button bo 🙁

  89. I agree with you @QueenTee:uLord usevele wenza izinto zaba like watching a movie out of HOLLYWOOD

  90. @muntu someone tagged her in one of the comments, so ebesith ‘stop tagging me in this nonsense!’ Lmao, Sithelo must be having a blast, the wife is touched shem. U dom lonto lo Phil wabo

  91. @Chase principled leaders use internal processes to air their grievances.Motlante is a capable leader and deserves a chance.

  92. hahahahahahhhahahahaha @Dololo eyi kunzima e-santafrica…i was never ready for her to fireshots…

  93. Hello family, its been so long.

    I wish it was Friday already, I have a pressing AG. My sister hurts me shem like nje sometimes I wonder if I was not adopted *I’ve seen my birth card* so its probably just her being bipolar. I’ve been taking her emotional abuse for too long, now I’m starting to worry because my son is turning four I don’t need all that negative energy around him… #sigh

  94. ANC will still govern post 2019 whoever becomes president is of concern to all South Africans; whether you vote for the party or not.

    @Cutie Motlanthe has always been vocal about JZ’s bad leadership…google it.

  95. whhheeee!!! fosho Uyathandeka is in her feelings, I would be too. Yeerrrr!!! uDOM DOM DOM nyani uPhil. He is tiring . Sithelo must be walking on sunshine,vele this is reaction she wanted. she loves drama and being disrespectful to Uyathandeka. I`m sure her whats app is LIT with her friends gassing her up. Will Uyathandeka ever have peace in her marriage? I guess that is what you get for marrying a fool with money. I would tell Phil to deactive IG shem.

  96. Loooooool she said that muntukatreysongz ,yooo kodwa nalo Phil wakhona mxm I doubt sithelo will be that one shame,naye usithelo Akanabangani uzihlalele

    Congratulations to Dineo,I Love Love her

  97. I love u-Unathi and uBonang. I am hacked that they have left Metro. But ke. Leave Zeeba alone.
    @Lala2 and Tish Nana hello babies.
    All those of you who are on some ” yazi there is something about Malusi Gigaba, like una that thing”
    I know exactly the thing you mean. It is called COLD HARD CASH. Yazi nina ni-odd, you like deliberately confusing sexual attraction for cash. Just be honest, say you find the cash attractive, it allows him to get his cool suits. Tshnn thiza!!!

  98. In all honestly, Lord Phil is failing uyathandeka, in this marriage yabo. He is childish yhuuu. Khona what kind of babay mama who is claimed to be an EX, that has so much impact on their marriage. You would swear ayisebenzanga ikrolobela ke uyathandeka, to claim her man back.

  99. Lolo, it’s so good to cyber see you.

    Sithelo uyadelela guys…it also doesn’t help that Phil also seems to have a pea sized brain.
    But Uyathandeka forgave him and accepted the child. So i guess she has to take what ever Sithelo and friends are dishing.
    What’s happening there by PVZ? Pinks seems to be relaxed now that she’s been promoted to MRS, well, according to her

  100. Hi Lolo 🙂 ubukhumbuleka yhazi.’ yazi there is something about Malusi Gigaba, like una that thing”
    I know exactly the thing you mean. It is called COLD HARD CASH’ does he really have a lot of it? I wonder how much Ministers get paid (assuming that’s his only source of income). Naledi Pandoor complained that she was a church mouse with a 3 bedroomed house while her colleagues have 12 bedroom mansion. Khaniyekeni uMalusi guys uNorma uphuma kuBuhle uzawqhelwa nini ngoku 🙁

  101. Hello all in the junk status land! Lord Phil has deleted the comment 🙁 and Sithelo has edited the pic back to Some bunny turns 1 ! I think Uyathandeka told Phil to post that pic to set the record straight and then it back fired LOL no way Phil decided to post this by himself. I missed it because it has been deleted.

  102. Zange yakhe yabakho into enhle ngo Mr.Gigaba, he is just ubhut’ nje whose has a good potential yokubheja,ubuhle bona dololo, not even handsome. Just emagine everything underneath those tight suits.. I cant dzeal

  103. Khona nyan yindoda etheni le isoloko izula nobhaka ogcwele imali? Obviously yinkwenkwe esene fuckboy tendencies. Uyathandeka should just chow the money and get her self a proper man on the side. Its clear akho thando in this marriage. Babambene nje nge timing.

  104. lol @Nelley if you scroll up, i did get a chance to copy and paste some of the comments

  105. Y all still remember when Pravin leaked the Gigaba request for his PA to travel in business class with him? Lol I suppose now that his minister, his PA can be close to him all the time.

    Why do people think Gigaba is sick? He is not guys!

  106. Happy Birthday @BlackHalls…moving on looks so good on you.You really look hot!

    Hello @lolo we missed you.

  107. Yaz who ever said that Gigabas’ health is in a fragile state needs to come back and elaborate further on that statement.

  108. Hahaha Lol.@Dololo IQABA lesiduphunga sendoda that un-Qobable stupid man esiwuPhil angazi babonani maan kuye wuuuuu asoze sana Lol

  109. @IG has led some people to have permanent homes kwa IDIOCY
    These IG IDIOTS do not request anyone to view their IG profiles but some IDIOTS do visits these IDIOTS profiles/pages and then proceed to copy conversations there and post them here for us who don’t give a toss about these people.
    Who’s the IDIOT in this case? YOU!.
    I for one am sick to my stomach of having these nonentity shoved down our throats everyday, if its not PVZ, its Uyathandeka. Yerrrr Yessses in Zuma’s voice.

  110. Hlanza phela *RME*

    Happy birthday MissAN..have loads of fun and have that birthday sex.

  111. I don’t like Gigaba’s lips but he does have that thing. Whiles I’m team Norma I also agree Nomi,the Booslay things makes him have that thing just lol. 2017 is her year for sure she’s gotten hotter. As for this Phil guy what a big foolish tool

  112. @chase never wish what happened to Zim to happen here. Noone deserves to suffer just because of the selfishness of African leaders. Zuma could have chosen integrity but he didn’t.This isn’t entirely on the people. The afterglow of independence usually starts wanning after 20 years when people start realising the only people benefitting are the connected.

  113. I’m convinced Pinki and Sithelo are bloggers here. They are the ones who keep informing us about the going on’s in their lives.

    @ Pinki and Sithelo please follow Norma Gigaba and request to have a one on one session with her, I’m sure she can give you tips, she started off just like you guys. She fell pregnant twice by a married man, so she is better placed to give you proper advice on how to move from being a side to a wife.

    Lol she might as well even write a book titled: How to move from being a side to a wife kwaa

  114. I think kudlalwa ngathi yaz, why does the Rand never moves an inch when Banks collude, when the scandal of Absa stealing money from SA government. Ikhona into engacacanga apha. If its a mission for Zuma to loot the country there drops the rand, and now junk status, but when we are led by the sweetheart FM who take instructions from the capitalists, nyhweeeee we are all in good standing. I refuse to believe this.

  115. @Chase- THIS IS A GOSSIP BLOG and ngisebenzisa i data yami….so please ungathi ngiyisilima just coz i copied and pasted those comments…I am not dating a married men and neither am i forcing you to read my comments…you can just scroll it easy as ABC….THIS IS NOT A LIBRARY WITH ACCESS CARDS….OUR DATA AND WE CAN POST WHAT EVER WE WANT

  116. Kuthwa Satafricans problem is that we don’t know that iRadical economic transformation iqala kwi junk status, then inyuke nathi , ize ize ize ke.. until Jesus comes back.. Ha haa ha ha

  117. Malusi’s press conference is highlighting a lot that he’s not aware of. I feel sorry for him

  118. We are tired of reading about IG love triangles. It’s 2017, the side chick babies are both one this year and the wives have chosen to stay in the marriages while both side chicks have chosen to remain snacks to their married boyfriends . Can we move on now

  119. What is the title of Norma’s book @Impostor hahahahaha?

    Missing the presser @phetolo…please summarise.

  120. Listening to Malusi’s Presser: Uthi Satafricans must not be despondent, , he knows it is not easy getting out of a downgrade, but he remains confident tht they will engage with them…. Engage… so he thinks you get downgraded from investment grade to junk through engagements… hay ndixakiwe….

  121. Ngahle bacifanba yiblog ka gogo wabo le Mntukatrey or maybe they think that sibhejwa ngabo ngedata for ba badictate what should be discussed apha,scrolling past a comment is very easy,they should try it instead of making noise.

  122. @Phetolo – I agree with you. if indeed he didn’t know about his appointment as Mr Right has said, they sabotaged him big time.

  123. all he does is reading a script…you can tell he doesn’t even understand what he is reading.

  124. We want the gossip. if you wanna “engage” about serious things i think fin24 and city press have a comments sections. Or you can camp on Legal Talk on FB. Its too easy.
    Loving the new JC.

  125. @Chase yazi I wrote a comment yesterday that did not go through about this Sithelo & Lord Phil obsession…whoever keeps bringing up these people needs to get help, you have stalker or psycho tendencies, get help…It could be Sithelo herself. Mental illness manifest in different ways….you can’t be this obsessed about people that are this insignificant and be fine in your head. Get a life!!!

  126. @Beyoncé I agree, can we move on toe! anisiyeke phansi ngo Sithelo no Lord Phil, we are not interested….we can talk about Bonang, DJ Zinhle and Pearl at least they have achieved something in terms of making money through the entertainment industry and doing well in this fame thing…..

  127. So what was the point of firing Pravin so suddenly? Because now Gigaba is changing from Radical Economic Transformation to Inclusive Growth, now he will engage with investors overseas?
    Like so he is saying, he will do what is expected of him as a FM?
    I think he must hold off Press Conferences for now, focus for two weeks then come back when he understands what is going on, but noooooo he wanted to show us his new suits. Aaargh!

  128. In all this I have been channel hopping watching ANN7 and other news channels coverage, very funny and interesting angles. In journalism we are taught all media houses have an agenda taken from their shareholders, ANN7 has shown journalism students how this agenda is implemented. It’s hard to identify it with the white media since they are all reporting similar to each other, it’s all of them against the ruling party, with ANN…so bloggers be careful about what you see in the media, read and watch, then make up your mind

  129. I don’t think DG Fuzile will ever allow himself the humiliation of being dragged to yet another press conference by Malusi, such a distater shame.

  130. Some people love discussing Current affairs,some Beauty tips,Some Their families,business+their studies And some IG people &their Love Triangles,Focus&comment on what you like and skip the rest

    Angeke ushaye umthetho kwakho uphinde uzowushaya kwi Blog

  131. lol sorry @re-age I though it did not go through….

    Can 2019 come already. My view is that the Russians had already given JZ & co an advance or commission for the Nuclear deal, therefore, it has to be implemented. Guptas wanted to acquire a bank and needed treasury cooperation but ubaba uPravin was not budging, he also refused to help Bathabile with the CPS deal, Gigaba’s main role is to sign these things that Pravin refused to sign, after date the JZ & co don’t give a hoot about how he runs the economy.

    I want to know if there is a plan to implement this Radical Transformation and if we ordinary citizens will benefit from it

  132. Mhhh but Malusi’s suits are on point. I saw him in Rosebank wearing a Pirates shirt, jeans with nice, casual but expensive shoes, the dude look amazing, he’s got the body and know his fit very well, he looks good in all his clothes….that Green suit was on point

  133. I Love Dineo Ranaka, she’s made for radio…..Bonang ube lova too much…she was away most of the time, on how she got so much leave days approved beats me, maybe it was part of her contract that she is allowed to pursue other projects, I’d agree with the view that she was pushed..after Hlaudi left, they wanted to get rid of her

  134. @ Posh, first PG is not a darling as he is made to be. Do you know that Grindrod, ( a bank owned by Ruperts) banks the Sassa billions, making profits of about 3 billion, in which PG has shares in. . Remember in Parly when PG said treasury pays about R11.2 billion to the Grindrod bank, it stays there for an average of five days, before CPS pays it out to beneficiaries’, that time Grindrod has made milliions in interested for just allowing the money to sit in there banks for those mere 5 days..

  135. Your observations are spot on @Posh,huge bribes have already been paid and Comrades are expected to deliver on their part hence this mysterious stubbornness in defying rules and commonsense.I wonder if Bathabile and Co will return the bribes seeing that they failed.

  136. @Re-age they why would Pravin not sign a deal that will be beneficial to him? If CPS got the new contract, they would have continued banking with Grindrod. Why would he make the CPS transaction difficult then?

  137. Stop spreading fake-news re-age,PG does not own shares in Grindrod.Do you think PG would refuse to sign off the CPS/SASSA deal even if it was to his benefit?The interest earned by Grindrod is returned to SASSA.

  138. As Malema said, Pravin is not an angel but he was a better devil, at least he knew what he was doing…and he was not out to destroy this country in order to be wealthy like others are doing….

    Again though, the truth is even in the private sector, executives have shares in the company and other places. When you reach an executive level, you earn more and can diversify your investments etc. You are offered board positions, Pravin has every right to acquire such things too….we can’t compare this to the looting that is done by JZ & co

  139. The nuclear deal will not benefit the white capital, only the Zuma & Guptas. PG belongs in the old money yabooo Rupert etc. By having him there as FM he has been protecting their interest, now Zuma wants a regime change where wealth is diverted to a new regime, and he chose his crook Indian Guptas, but its in contradiction with what ooParvin, Sipho Pityans, Jay Naidoo et al, of this world wants. They have huge chairs in these white corporations, and now Zuma & Guptas are a threat to their big dividends. If the economy is bad, their shares will worth less, , affecting its growth etc.

  140. People are always going on about the shares Pravin has at banks …If you look at the amounts, they are not that impressive. Most ordinary South Africans also have those shares,. People need to calm down.

  141. @Posh
    We are 2 trillion in debt? Who is responsible for this? It can’t possibly be Pravin right? He is a God and an Economic wizard so…

    But you are right about Sithelo she is the one who keeps cutting and pasting comments about her love triangle.

    @ Mathaz
    I agree with you Malusi needs to stop with the press conferences, they are not helping him in any shape or form

  142. PG questioned the interest and wanted to know who it belongs to @Re-Age. PG is no saint but he made sane decisions and was firm; something we are not sure Gigaba will manage to do.

    JZ appointed Gigaba cause he was from the Mbeki era…respected by all factions.It can’t be true that he will approve without applying his mind.Again Lungisa has more power than Gigaba at the moment.I am tired of criticisig Gigaba; let’s give him a chance guys.

  143. PG’s shares are held through his various pension and investment funds @Posh
    Here are the following FAKE NEWS WEBSITES that confuses likes of re-age:
    .Live Monitor
    .iMzansi LIVE
    .African News Updates
    .Mzansi Stories
    .Pretoria live
    .South African Latest News
    .National News Bulletin
    Stay far away from them to save yourself blushes and embarrassment.

  144. @ Mr Anti-Chauvinism Stop spreading fake-news re-age,PG does not own shares in Grindrod.Do you think PG would refuse to sign off the CPS/SASSA deal even if it was to his benefit?The interest earned by Grindrod is returned to SASSA

    ha ha ha stay with what you believe is non fake news- this is not fake news, just decide which lies you choose to believe. PG is no angel nanini na.. Do you even know the concerns PG had with SAA- they are not what the eNCA media reports… Open your eyes..

  145. CPS did not get what they want,their illegal contract was only extended for one year oppose to the five years they wanted.

  146. Mr Anti-Chauvinism strange enough I don’t look at any of those papers.. I have a much more better intel, that such newspapers… stay on your lane though. Sometimes it helps to be ignorant… less chess pains

  147. Well they got what they wanted in the sense that they are still distributing the SASSA payouts, as opposed to the worst case scenario to cancel it completely, atleast they will make some millions in this 1 year extension.

  148. And you seem to be more that confident, actual puffed up in your ignorance and naivety yourself.

  149. @ Mathaz
    Right on the money! Lungisa will not sign any dodgy deal, he would much rather resign, it won’t happen. The DDG’s will also never let this happen. Malusi is now under a microscope, any dodgy deals would be leaked to the media. The pro Pravin administrators are still at the helm of Treasury so no need to panick
    Malema and co need to stop trying to feed us with their fear mongering false propaganda

  150. Funny how Pravin could cause so much havoc when he was only brought in because Zuma made an uncalculated move.
    You would swear he planned to be FM again *RME*
    Stop reading fake news

  151. There was not going to be any cancellation,unlike you CPS knew that.So a one year contract on old terms is a victory for CPS according to your logic @re-age?My Guard Lol

  152. Bloogers in the know, why does SARS tax Government Pensions 40% tax if withdrawn on resignation? why so much? this is unfair? Our monthly income is taxed heavily, now 40% of my pension must be held back to punish me for wanting my money before retirement? mncmm unfair…..they must let me be, even if I become the burden of the state, I would have paid tax from my income all my life anyway…..#annoyed

  153. Its sad how there doesn’t seem to be any solution to the illegal deductions by Net1 from social grant beneficiaries throughout this whole debacle. Serge and his people will continue to get ill gotten gains. Bathabile should really be ashamed of herself for selling the poor and downtrodden of this country for airplane rides.

  154. And now Gigaba says he has been to the Guptas for Diwali celebrations but that doesn’t mean the Guptas will affect his decision-making.
    A huge LOL
    I really want to give him a chance but unfortunately, he is already compromised. I hope Lungisa doesn’t resign, otherwise deals will be signed all willy-nilly. He did say yesterday that he doesnt question stuff, he does as instructed.

  155. @ Sebzy Zuma was forced to appoint PG, as his choice Van Rooyen was an extremely odd one. He was under pressure and had to move fast, it was indeed an uncalculated move, given what he wants from treasury. **sigh**

  156. Malema does not spread false propaganda or lies,he is always spot-on hence abo Nomvula and his cubs have never sued him,actually he should be the only politician allowed to call a press conference because the rest are time and data wasters.

  157. and how do you attend a private celebrartion, at Guptas if you have no relationship with them. Its not one of those homes apho bathi, invite one- bring all. he is truly compromised.

    I would have preferred Molefe, for this FM position, at least he has the correct intellect for this finance thing… the presser was a dull shame.. None of them are clean though, but sobasathini..

  158. @Posh
    How long have been in the public sector?
    I think you should wait for at least 10 years before withdrawing. I was of the impression that income and pensions are taxed differently.
    Are you aware that people who have been on contract for more 10 years also get pension benefits when they choose to withdraw
    My advice would be to call the GPf or SARS consultants directly, they will be able to give you a proper break down

  159. posh

    Apr 4, 2017 at 2:19 pm

    Bloogers in the know, why does SARS tax Government Pensions 40% tax if withdrawn on resignation? why so much? this is unfair? Our monthly income is taxed heavily, now 40% of my pension must be held back to punish me for wanting my money before retirement? mncmm unfair…..they must let me be, even if I become the burden of the state, I would have paid tax from my income all my life anyway…..#annoyed
    Government is trying to discourage people from withdrawing their money upon resignation. Reason is that by the time we are legible for retirement, the funds are not sufficient to cover your living expenses. Its for our benefit kahle kahle. Remember they initially issued a notice prohibiting people from withdrawing their pensions. After much outcry they introduced the tax.

  160. At his press conference on Friday PG revealed that Zuma begged him to return to FM post during Nene-gate,because he was planni g to retire in 2019 he suggested couple names to Zuma and he didn’t want to hear anything else,PG ended up caving in.If you didn’t spend time swallowing lies from fake news and paid Twitter you would know this @re-age

  161. South Africa doesn’t have money. With what money are they going to transact these nuclear deals etc?
    The only thing I don’t like about PG is his staunch refusal to enable transformation through Nation Treasury Regulations. Remember B-BBEE Codes and Strategies (The framework to enable the so-called radical Transformation) is issued by the Dti. National Treasury has the PPPFA legislation which determines how government and SOCs procure. If there is any deviation from PPPFA there is an audit finding. Dti came up with all sorts of strategies to achieve transformation. One of its enablers SHOULD HAVE been the PPPFA i.e allowing state owned entities to quote that they want a 100% black owned entity as a supplier. For years the Dti has been struggling with NT’s reluctance to amend the PPPFA. It is only now that is amended and was implemented from the 1st of April. Even that is not enough because in terms of the New Regulations you can’t set aside black owned businesses. You can only require them to be sub-contracted.
    Otherwise he’s been a good leader.

  162. @ Cutie
    People withdraw for various reasons, number 1 being debt, if they don’t some stand to loose their houses and assets, some want to send their children to university, Standard of living in South Africa is far too high. The current tax system was recommended by Judge Davis who is a sworn member of the DA. They refuse to tax big business but punish the working class such effury

  163. Mathaz, where are you??? Your ANC in Gauteng wants its branches, Regions, to come up with the battle to fight the state capture. Are you in or still fixated on Gigaba and the ailling Economy??? We want action now, otherwise social media debates aint going to help us with anything.

  164. The finance DG won’t last there, they will get a DG from their camp, offer that DG shares from one of the Gupta companies to avoid leakages and buy loyalty. Current DG will be moved to another department or resign. I think he is helping with the transition.

  165. Gigaba needs Lungisa more than Lungisa needs him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. @impostor and @Cutie it’s 11 years, I have consulted GEPF, it is 40%, only 25 000 is tax free, the rest is taxed. It is heavy….

  167. @If you didn’t spend time swallowing lies from fake news and paid Twitter you would know this @re-age
    But Mr Anti-Chauvinism, you’re also a consumer of these news! Who decides which news are fake and not?
    Have you checked Pravin’s companies shareholdings? If so, which sources are you using? I for one use Lexis Nexis and Bloomberg.

  168. Mamela ke Mr Anti-Chauvinism , nditshilo nje, believe what you want to believe. Each for his own mos, why are you all chest paining now. U believe PG is /was SA’s God of Finance, go ahead, just don’t drag me into that mpambano. Lets argue and differ without ukuqhelana amasimba kaloku.

  169. @Posh, I agree with you there is no way Lungisa will even degrade herself and stay, he knows their agenda, and he is certainly not part of it. He is the one that is firm that the country cannot afford the nuclear deal, and PG believes we can do it gradually, there is no way in hell he will be a Gupta puppet to sign off SA to Zupta.

  170. 4am (Iphone vibrates 6miss calls) ngigcine ngilubambe, ‘Hawu gogo yaz kade ngipager ifone kaBae useneNtombi ect….. ‘ !!! Argh wangiVusela umbhedo … I’m not dealing with those cases anymore coz uwena futhi ojika ufonele ingane uzenze umama bese uyasala!!! nidudwa ukuthandwa yaz iPeace aniyifuni yezwa!! Ithi ikhona iPeace wena uzenze iPI ufune i’war la engakhona bese niVusa Mina Nooooooo please woman musani ukudlala ngo Anyanisi, yeka iPhone ye ndoda, maye ngena endlini eyifaka kuSilent eyibhekisa phansi or eyilalisa kwi Jacket shiya kanjalo usuke esakuthanda esakuhlonipha nalapho. I deal with woman everyday ayikho indoda engcono izwa ngami!!! Izwe lonke!! Uzofikaphi?? Wonke!!! Same story mawuthi eyakho ayijoli #Siyakubongela basoba inabangani ebathanda ngaphez kwakho ( #after9) … hlala cc la okhona bhekezela shayise engathi awuboni uthule uvule ugebezi . Mayingakaku’xhoshi, ingakafiki nentombi emzini wenu or kube iyona intombi enochuku ikufonele, esakondla financially isakunaka ngokoThando usayithola iAttention yakhe nje finish!! Another woman is not a threat if you play your cards right and up your game, cause yena usuke Azi ngawe but wena uzihlanyise uyeke ngisho ukuGeza ushiswa isikhwele uze uxoshwe ngoba usuhlezi unomsindo (court bedroom) engabe uyazi buza ukuthi what makes this dog sleep around ngikhona ngibe ngimnaka, ngimwashela, ngiSexy, iSex life yethu i
    , ngimzalele, ngimhlonipha futhi indoda mawusubona ukuthi ila Vuka , uGeze akubone ushaye esincane!!! Ungazilengisi nje ngoba nakhu uwuMem yikho nikhishwa oSesethu nje fike ingane idlale amaFilimu & trust me it’s always the same story, “Makhosi inoMuthi leyangane” kanti lutho , Gobela wami told me last week “Umuntu uyazifakela isichitho ngomlomo!! !! Yaz I always always say as long as nginakiwe ngenzelwa konke, ekhombisa ukuthi ngibalulekile kuye engakukhohlwa, isakufonela , than the rest mxm angakhululeka masikhona isidingo sokuthi ajole kukho konke engobe ngikwenza ngikwenzisisa…… (Muvula iBaker uthola izinkwa of imvuthu zazo) musa uhamba ufuna imvuthu, dlala indima yakho uhloniphe indoda yakho, uvuthe ekamereni uyeke ukuvusa uKwenzi ngo 4am ngoVivi nami ngixhakwe ezami bakithi!!!!! Ngicela ukulala nami
    #ZishiyanaUmShefezooooo…. #kophelaImithi if we can’t control our anger temper #Skill ?



  171. Check who owns Macquarie & J&J Group- If you are J Naidoo, founded J&J Group, , and have a stake in Macquarie with PG’s nephew, you will not dare sit back when the profit is threatened because Gov. wants to transform the economy… hence the SAA Saga and fights between PG & Myeni– open your eyes

  172. there comes a notice of resignation ka DG Fuzile, for end of April… Sighhh*** hayke imkile I-treasury ke ngoku

  173. @Posh
    Are you resigning or withdrawing to start another GEPF contribution afresh? When my former boss moved to SARB he withdrew and closed all his debt and increased contribution to retirement annuity by R100o,. If you are under 35 you still have plus another 30 years to start afresh, just use the money wisely and also work on increasing your personal savings, that’s if you decide to withdraw. USE the money wisely, close off your debt and every single credit card!!

  174. I don’t consume fake-news @Chase,I can tell facts from bull-shit hence I now read less newspapers than before.I always check politicians declarations on a link appearing Parliament’s website and if lot of people did they will see the mystery of some politicians declaring and some who don’t and their pages are empty/nor updated in years,very interesting. PG has shares I’m all the banks like many of his colleagues in ANC and Its obvious why he is singled out.PIC invest some of civil servant’s pension on behalf of GEPF,If you google shareholder list of most big companies you will find PIC and GEPF there. This is where ignorany Consumers of fake-news like re-age gets confused because they think if PIC or GEPG has shares in Vodacom then all civil servants deliberately bought shares in Vodacom.I never take any publication that report such nonsense serious.

  175. @Mr Anti-Chauvinism

    Apr 4, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    You should rather change your user name to Mr. Chauvinism yaz.. I wonder what makes you think you are not ignorant wena ngale type of news you chose to side with. Just because you google your material kwaaaaaaa ha ha ha , sheiiiiim

  176. Another favourite lie is that PG does not want to take action against banks that were found to have colluded,idiot after idiot were re-tweeting and sharing this lie.Only in South Africa Lol

  177. @Mr Right, who manages this database and how do they collect their information and how much reliable are they?.

  178. Parliament manages it @Chase.The same info you read in media about shares and gifts received by MPs is sourced here.It is also used in factional battles of ANC.

  179. @MrRight I would refer to Parliament’s register as Members could be referred to the Ethics Committee if found to have misrepresented the facts.The register should have updated and the most reliable information.

  180. @Aroma I trust Paul to not support JZ; but Gauteng cannot do it alone.The ANC NEC must recall him since he will not resign on hos own accord.

  181. Not all declares including opposition MPs and claim they forgot @Mathaz,every year ethics committe deals with a few and next year its a same cycle.Even Public Protector made the first finding against Zuma for not declaring even though his is private and not published.I think most have a lot to hide or are scared their opponents will get ammunition.

  182. @Impostor 40% tax is too high for me, not an option, fortunately I don’t have too much debt, a transfer to a preservation fund or Retirement Annuity will do for now…I’ll shop for one

  183. I worked in some department monitoring activities and/or transactions by politicians and this is not the database we were using.
    Any register managed by the government has proven to be unreliable time and again.

  184. So we don’t have ethical leaders who are truthful about their interests…Are you referring to PSC @Chase?

  185. Thank you guys. Been stuck in training! #JC32 LOL @ Mathaz it is called ‘Leaving a F Boy Baby Daddy alone’ glow up. As for eggplant…Giggles likes Zuma.Feminist Twitter needs a Round Table debate on Bomnyamane…

    I am so damn happy for Dineo!Beeeeeeen saying!Next year you will be on the morning or drive time slot! You were made for radio! Halala Mam’Daddy. Need to tune in and listen.

    Still need to warm to Masechaba.

  186. Masechaba and Dineo should swap places. Lerato should move to one of those “doof-doof” Friday early evening slots. She’s a club DJ after all. So awkward listening to Masechaba talking topics like “relationships that have reached junk status”.

    How do I listen to TouchHD? Downloaded the Touch Central app but no audio. Deleted it and downloaded TouchHD… still no audio. Angizwani ne admin eningi. These things are supposed to be simple.

  187. It was really petty of Dineo and LKG to play those songs. LKG really has isikhwalala *when last did you hear this word*

    @Chiedza alot of non-South Africans I have spoken to,say what you are saying. That if SAns don’t act,we will be another failed African state.

  188. @Kiki we need an article on Warren Masemola’s SAFTA award and 5 things.

    @Favoured what do you do for a living? Uyi PA ka Bonang. No ways.

    That pic of B* & LKG trending…kiiiiiiiiiiiiii LKG looked like a fan of Bonang even in 19voetsek.

  189. Melusi is not God’s best work even on the 8th day but he dresses well and looks like he looks after himself.And I enjoy his Zulu IG posts to Nomachule…so cute. Heyi but that pepe he has :-/ I would use clingwrap if I had to kiss him.

    @Mathaz Zweli Mkhize must become president. Azophuma amatender ku JC. LOL

    Where is @BB? @Monochrome?

    But Dineo must focus she tends to be self-destructive.

  190. Mokonyane has gone rogue…mentioning that Cyril was the one who cancelled Karthrada’s state memorial and not Zuma as we may have believed.

  191. Hi. Yesterday I wrote an incorrect email regarding my wanting a nanny in Durban preferable Umlazi cos they won’t be sleeping in just yet. It’s nondumisokay at gmail dot com

  192. Mathaz says:

    Mokonyane’s love for the youth remains unmatched.Why is she at this YL rally?

    Posted on April 4th, 2017

    Cub hunting

  193. Cub hunting Looool…..zuma owes his moon a train+railway,for turning him into a jellyfish uyaphunyuka nje akabambeki

  194. I have the hugest crush on @fvcken_mo .. She is so bae .
    Yena no muntu wakhe bayafanelana kodwa .

    So does intomb’endala yalay’khaya no muntu wakhe …how old is she by the way ?

    Qha siyabonga bakiths.

  195. Kubi… We’re a pawns in a chess game… currently played by the western capture and the eastern capture… vuka mzantsi… Do you! I wish you all the best

  196. @Blackhalls, I don’t have a SAFTA article on Warren Masemola because we didn’t attend. We watched on TV so if I write something it’s gonna be something that’s already out there – nothing more.

    I will try and get his 5 Things. Hopefully he replies. Baninsi bezi ignora iemails ze 5 Things and I blame y’all. 🙁

  197. Hello @BlackStallion…so Ramaphosa and Mhize were made to apologise to the President yesterday?

  198. Hi@Mathaz, yep that is apparently happened… Nowlet’s see who has balls and can stack to his guns..Their leadership is tested…

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