I always think BIG,think CRAZY, think SUCCESS.

The magazines are out, so let’s take a look at the cover girls and cover guys for this month and April.



Not really a local mag but our girl Minnie sizzled with IK on the cover of a Nigerian mag in preparation for AMVCA

Designer Gert Johan Coetzee representing BELLE.

Actress Jessica Nkosi gracing BL. She really looks good, I am seeing a lil bit of Beyonce and a lil bit of Ciara.

Ncoooo, look at Makgotso.

Bona always makes sure that they go all out. Mokgotso is young and looks her age on the cover – from makeup to wardrobe. Nice one Bona.

Cosmo taking us to the Kardashian household. Blac Chyna baring it all. 

These Goliaths have taken the comedy field by storm. Simple but cool cover.

I am not feeling this cover of Zoe. She looks weird. I don’t know if it’s the pose or the outfit. Something is offish.

Lovely one by Essays this month giving us Simphiwe Dana. STUNNING!!!

The fit mummy Letshego Zulu is on Fitlife.

Songstress Seyi working it on Glam Africa.

The Weeknd looking all kinds of yum on GQ.

MaDlamini killed it on KickOff. This is the magazine that caused quite a stir with people complaining why Minnie graced this cover when we have Banyana Banyana ladies. Yekani uMinnie.

Mrs Bredenkamp aka Elana Afrika showed off her baby bump on Mamas & Papas.

MAN with Maps Maponyane.

Super Mom graced by Letshego Zulu with her bambino Lelethu.

Good to see Rami on a magazine cover. thank you Successful Woman. I am in love with this cover. Not too busy, cleans and fresh. Rami’s makeup is on point.

Mam’ Daddy aka Dineo Ranaka covering True Love. I am not complaining.

That’s it for this month. Which magazines caught your eye?

By @KikiMarli


  1. Can you please support Nkosinathi Manganyi he is walking from Giyani to Cape Town(1887Km). He is now in three sisters. Nkosinathi is doing all this in order to raise funds for poor kids in Limpopo. To know more about how to donate and his journey follow him on Facebook

  2. Beautiful covers. I love Essays. Ms Dana is killing it. Dark is beautiful, I don’t understand people who bleach their skin. anyway asikho apho. Dankie Kiki.

  3. I don’t know if it’s just me but Minnie doesn’t have that ‘thing’ anymore. I hope they are at least paying Letshego for all these covers because she was in the newspapers talking about how difficult it was getting for her from time to time financially.

  4. Morning guys.I have been applying for jobs on the indeed.co.za. website.Some of the jobs sent emails directly to the company,for others I applied on the website system.I received 2 emails this morning from brilliantjobs.com and careerworld.com telling me I sent them emails applying for jobs,they don’t specify which positions I applied for.In the emails they say I must fax my CV with a photo and supporting documents in the next 24hours.Is this a scam or is this legitimate?Thanks

  5. Yes Jessie! You look radiant and that bowdy baby YES! The way I find the Goliaths people unfunny though! But then who am I, clearly some people do ngoba naba on the cover.

  6. @qwen what is the name of the company?
    Again there is a group in facebook called I need someone who …job. if u join that group and ask that q u will get an answer pls join and ask and thanke later

  7. La Makgotso M!!! Her features are everything. Her lips, her eyes, jaw line. Mhle, mhle, mhle ubaby girl.

    I like the new look on Simphiwe Dana. Hair style suits her. Useyabukeka shame.

    Dineo looks oookay-ish. TL is struggling to create its own identity. Dineo’s cover could’ve been more whimsical (think Connie Ferguson’s TL cover). Right now it looks like Destiny Lite and if you page inside, Dineo will be sharing tips on how to make it in the mining industry.

  8. Its a scam.. they make money from you resending your cv and other documents to that 086 number.. why cant they aak you to email them? Logic..

  9. In certain photo angles Pearl Thusi of late reminds me of Letshego Zulu. Letshego’s daughter reminds me of that twitter tweleb baby from Cape Town

  10. Also love Makgotso’s facial features and her acting. But eish ubuhle- I can’t see,just me

    Jessica- yep Beyoncé vibes

  11. @ Ms R, the walking guy, how long does he think he will take to walk to CT? He has no job or he works while he walks or its a case of his money is working for him? I dont understand some charity stunts really.

  12. @HBIC, tell us more dali.

    I love Minnie on that cover with IK. Beautiful indeed..i wonder when her wedding will be. I love weddings!! Cant wait for the pictures.

    The yellow bone chic is just yellow bone. *runs*

  13. The Zulus are so nunus. May God be with them. I cant imagine life after the loss of a spouse for young couples.

  14. @darkroom he was funding de journey with his own money for food n so on but now people r helping him with food and accommodation. I’m not sure if he has or job or not hey..he plans to walk for 40 days n now he is on day 33/40 if I’m not mistaken

  15. @Senzi; bhetele wena you find them not funny. Mnah I find them annoying. Especially lo o… eish how do I describe him without being accused of body shaming. Let me say, the more “meaty” of the 2 is the one I find the most annoying.

  16. @Ms R – this guy is done moss. You should have said this before he started or when he was in city 2. Do you know how much he has made so far? Good initiative though.

  17. I’m sure IK’s wife had chest pains shame from that cover. It’s so beautiful, happy and romantic. Especially with IK’s rumoured roving eye.

  18. Wanted to share dis a long time ago but dis page was not working de tym j found out about it ….sad part is he has raised about r15000 xem,it’s like ppl r just following his story but dey r not donating hey

  19. Mrs R, i had heard about it on the radio. I think the noise about it caught on too late. The thing is you need corporate sponsors from the beginning.
    If he was raising money for blind dogs or something, he wouldve had a billboard. But his effort is not in vain

  20. @gwen please register your cv on pnet and stop with this shady recruitment sites. You’ll be doing yourself a favour.

  21. Re:Elana, oh, she is the side chick that won the round. Good for her. At least she married him and they now have babies to seal the deal. Eish, imagine if ex wife ya Bredenkamp couldn’t have kids. It would be too painful for her. Lets hope she has her own kids or at least she getting spousal support just for control.

  22. For a mowment i thougth Jessica ngu B* waphesheya, Bona Good, Simphiwe Dana looks good Letshego leyo Figure mtaka Mur. Elana Afrikaiganpiki kant

  23. Makgotso M is a pretty girl hawu!. Musan nje ukuba nomona. Her features ayafanelana.

  24. Makgotso hmmm….she actually looks better on that cover….Her face reminds me of Thando Thabethe’s and hmm i dont like. eyes nose mouth are too “open”…dunno how to explain it. Bottom line they r not pretty at all

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