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When the head of the house is away it then becomes the kiddies role to ensure the  house is well kept, without wasting any time let’s get ezintweni from our favourite weekend tabloids.



Starting off with Sunday Sun as they report L’vovo Derrango (Thokozani Ndlovu) is now a Sangoma. SS says L’vovo heard the ancestors calling and he jumped at it, he finished his five-month spiritual journey Saturday with the traditional graduation ceremony of Ubungoma.

For many reasons I not question izinto zamasiko because sonke sifuna ukuphila if being a Sangoma is ones calling, so be it… I was only curious to find out if he will be practising and I  got my answer “…I came here in June, to find out my wa of life and finding myself in it. This is something from my granny. it was suppose to be done by my mom and sister until it bugged me… so it had to be done. The process of being a healer and what i did is the same, JUST THAT I WON’T BE HEALING PEOPLE…”

CONGRATULATIONS! Are very much in order, I believe the training ain’t no walk in some grassy park.

SS reports about prophet Shepherd Bushiri from Malawi known to be living large in Mzansi. Bathi the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) prophet is not only living large in South Africa, he is linked to a 23 year old Lebo Nemasiwana whom he allegedly bought a house worth 6 million with BMW i8. Bathi the congregation is also complaining they’ve been emptying their pockets to build a church in Midrand… some church members alleging they pledged over half a million to a million towards the building of the new church and that they feel their money is being wasted. Moreover prophet has a wife back home in Malawi, alleges SS.

Here’s my two cents on this, bayalekile labantu pledging ridiculous amounts of money on prophets  bafana naba be-Doom, Petrol and grass eating congregation members. Where are these people coming from, where do they get this mOlney from, khona don’t we have sufficient churches la- eMzansi? People be wasting money on churches whereas there’s plenty of people starving…nxah!

To you Lebo gurl, it must be nice to have an understanding with a prophet blesser.

SS says Mshoza (Nomasonto Maswanganyi) has found love in the arms of KZN businessman Thuthukani “Thuthu” Mvula of Umgumule Consulting and allegations of wedding arrangements underway… to be wife number 3.

A close source an uncle rather said “…I hope Thuthu treats her well, the same way he does his two wives. I also hope Mshoza treats him with great respect. We don’t want to see them all over the newspapers with negative publicity”

Uncle source shurrup ! You’re already talking to the paper’s abantwana bengekashadi. haska!

Guys the new Mshoza is tiring to me, she looks nothing like her old self I would imagine she does not even look at old photos of her dark very beautiful self. I am scared of this fame thing if it drives people to do horrible things to themselves… Siyababongela ngomshado.

Still on wedding rumours one part of Major League deejays Banele Mhere has allegedly engaged long time girlfriend  Mihlali Ndamase.

Congratulations to you Banele… kanene which one of these boys was rumoured to have  a thing with Zinhle Mabena or was the rumours untrue? nonetheless siyababongela.


I skipped this story of K Naomi fighting best friend Tshepi Vundla over married Shugasmakx because I read about it first here on JC. #ThankYouBloggers

A third mshado rumour is alleged to be be made known by Bhekithemba Mthethwa, father to Idols winner Khaya Mthethwa. “…The first failed marriage attempt broke my son’s heart…I know he’s in a relationship, but we’re still waiting for him to introduce our makoti” …So unnecessary if you to ask me. I think Khaya is going to be in some arranged mshado because of the pressure he is getting from his folks. I also see that he is no longer tight or taking photos with abo Akhumzi nooLunga I wonder.

This other comment by Bab’ Mthethwa sent me straight to bed. SS asked Mr Mthethwa snr to comment on Jessica and Khaya’s rumoured relationship his response was ” As a family head and a pastor, I can’t talk about others. My position doesn’t allow me to do so”

Mr Mthethwa snr,  why are yu talking to the paper’s about your son’s (other) relationship but can’t talk ezinye. I don’t get it ! Anywho I doubt Jessica’s got time for small boys anymore our JC sources claim she is livin’it up with amablessers empela.


I must agree with Boss Lady Kiki Sunday World looks very different I nearly missed it at the shops.

I enjoyed ” your world in 60 seconds feature” it just summed-up everything.

Congratulations to the Madinda’s, Zakes le Nandi welcomed their first baby on Tuesday. Eish these two are good at keeping their privae life private. On some spicedup note, caba lezindaba zika Zakes being with a string of other girls doesn’t bother her shem.

Actress and producer Connie Ferguson is set to reprise her role as Karabo on Generations The Legacy next year. *sigh* I’m tired of this, who still watches Generations anyway?

Okay I’m done, it’s time to hit the sack.

Happy Monday Bloggers!


Zeeba (c)




  1. Hay sana ubuNgoma buyatrendisha busefeshinini. Next thing sova ngoBeyonce naye kuthwa uyathwasa.

    I demand a report back on Simphiwe’s show bhut’Zolani. Hope you took lots and lots of pictures.Did you go to Thandiswa’s and/or Zamajobe’s show?

  2. Andy how is the little one nana?

    Okusalayo idlozi lomvuka ephezulu kwe groupie uL’vovo ugangile bakithi lo bhuti.

    Zajika impilo zabantu abazi lobhuti ozothatha uMshoza as a 3rd wife peace just left their lives especially the TWO WIVES.

    I miss my ex the s*x was on steroids ngok ndinyamezele ukufuthanyiselwa sisidudla mxm

    I’m wishing everyone a productive and blessed week!

  3. K Naomi and a married Sugasmaks? She must not know how pretty she is. Thank you for the news Zeeba

  4. Zeeba the article about the prophet says his right hand man has an affair with Lebo and not the prophet himself.

  5. Hey @Kokolet, baby is doing well, he is now 6 months…he has been showing signs of teething for almost a month now but dololo ukuvela abantwana. People are suggesting teething beads I don’t know if the beads will help. enjoy your sdudla uyezwa sisi..Lol

  6. Lmao Kokolet isdudla in this hear,yhu unesbindi ntombi kiii.But at least you’re getting some 🙂

  7. in other news pearl modiadie has is no longer engaged…….kunzima in the love department for celeb’s yaz

  8. heheheh @Nomalizo…..that Mara Louw vs Gareth Cliff saga is juicy! But I doubt the details around it are as they were made out to be cause there could be legal implications for Gareth if he really spiked Mara’s drink and caused her to lose her job.

  9. That Mara Louw vs Gareth Cliff saga is juicy! But I doubt the details are as they were made out to be in the newspaper as there could be legal implications for him. But can’t wait to read the book

  10. @gingermary I was hoping for a happy ending for Pearl. Shes a sweet girl and I was really hoping that guy would be the one for him. This love thing is hard hey. I guess you can’t turn a blind eye on a person’s past

  11. Ibimbi nyhani shame lalokhwe, I was confused, coz Sinazo is normally fairly stylish lady, why such an ugly dress.
    Anyway ubumhle wona umtshato shame.

    Guys do you watch u’it’s complicated’?
    I’m enjoying the show. That Nqobi is creepy. Samela is such a beauty though!

    Shame sorry Pearl. Whirlwind romance…

  12. @Solo yaz ingathi kune curse on celeb’s and their relationships , once you go public ngayo your relationship wont last for a year. The only people who managed to make it work and keep in under wraps its nandi and zakes , maybe pearl mele abuyelane no donald Lol

  13. Re:it’s complicated, how I want Thato to find out the truth about Nqobi and Ntando. So Thato can end up getting married to Ip’s… Yesterday we nearly had a break in so I’m guessing the tsotsi’s were trying to open the door when the alarm went off and shame red alert was so efficient,within a min besebesendlini Nama torch lol. I couldn’t sleep shame, kube kuya ngami ngabe ngiyathutha shame..

  14. Nandi nje is team bekezela, I hear Zakes family doesn’t like Nandi because she is all about herself. She won’t Zakes pay black tax all of a sudden.. Kuthiwa Nandi is very competitive with Zakes eldest daughter (anywho bacishe balingane) and shame Zakes Daughter is the sweetest person bakithi. Heard this at a party on the weekend.

  15. I’m with you Zizi on Sinazo’s dress. I see what she was going for, but the execution was bad. She should have just gone to Pronovias, they would have sorted her out and brought her vision to life. Otherwise, everything else was hundreds

  16. Sebzy Nov 28, 2016 at 6:28 am

    Isn’t the prophet dating the girl with the immature shoes?


    @Sebzy Do tell us more ntokazi…

  17. I didn’t watch the first season of its complicated so I am team Ntando nje, she is so hot and so is Nqobi. when he put her on a table last night *licks lips*. He is my kind of crazy.
    These news are so ‘cold’ bathong. UMshoza again, they even call her a faded kwaito star. Congratulations to Noma. I watched in time to see my fav uMbhishop last nite.

  18. That dress looked ill fitting on top, but I loved the skirt. She’s such a classy beaut that Mrs Masina

  19. I am a huge fan of its complicated. I really want Thato to get back together with Ips, it was so sweet how Ips was praying for him and sending through positive healing energy. It’s also sweet how he woke up to Ips’ calling. Thato’s mom will love Ips forever for this

  20. Even me I want to be a Sangoma ke manje.can my Ancestors gift me with healing powers ngilaphe nami.

    Lol @kokolet bulela lomfonyozo wethu.andisayazi noba yenziwa njani mna nalo sex.

    How can one get bigger breasts without going under the knife na bethuna.I just want that great feeling of having a cleavage.yazi I’ve never had a cleavage oko ndaba ngumntu.I go crazy with joy when they’re full ( but sore AF) and I”ll feed my baby then they’ll go back to looking like used teabags. *eciphiza inyembezi*

  21. @Ginger mary. Do you know what went wrong with pearl and bae? I wonder why last week she was posting bae on video.

    Eish they look good together.

  22. Yhuuuu that crop top that sinazo was wearing on her wedding day, nooo EPIC FAIL.

    Mrs Gigaba looked good as always, but the hair angi’kho sure.

    Congratulations to Nandi, Yazi I feel sorry for pearl modiadiadiadia etc but then that relationship was too perfect to be true.

  23. The fact is 99.9% of women are team bekezela including us here, we just don’t know it, just like Nandi doesn’t know about Zakes because he hides it, just like our men do….

    As I’ve said before Pearl Modiadie’s engagement failure is not a surprise. The challenge for successful women nowadays is getting a guy that spoils you rotten, you fall for him and overlook his ‘suspect’ past, once the honeymoon is over, he reverts back to his old ways, you are heartbroken…

  24. Mrs Gigaba looked amazing ..I love Nhlanhla Nciza’s dress ,that woman has style. Eish as for the bride kunzima

  25. @Sebzy are you saying Prophet Bhushiri is dating Allegro?

    She just bought a house, has a new car but we know she owns a PR company and many others.
    Yiza neendaba sis

    @Priska when are you and your dog titties getting back to work? Uzodliwa uFaku eGoli ulibele kuhlala ebhayi. uzomshiya umntana?

  26. They way I laughed when I saw Drum mag tweeting that Pearl was wearing her ring last nite at the Crown gospel awards! I only thought of you bloggers. I was finished

  27. @GingerMary, you and your rumours, please don’t kill us so vroeg. Pearl is so sweet, on and off camera. What happened?

    Prophet Shepherd Shiburi has illegitimate kids all over the place with different women. He’s a Major Womaniser. I feel for his poor wife, the man is such a douche bag of note. He reminds me of Chris Oyakhilome in the women department, at lease Chris uses condoms.

  28. @Priska to grow a cup, buy Fennel seeds , soak them over night in a glass of water and drink the water in the morning and thank me later.

  29. Do people find Dr Tumi hot? To me he looks like those guys who would ask you if it’s painful when doing the deeds by that time his d is tiny. I enjoy his music though

    I want to be a pastor’s wife in my next life. These pastor are making money out of people.

  30. Happy week ahead bahlali..Dr Tumi is everything, the track “no other God” gives me life. I stopped watching idols when Keegan left, that boy is an epitome of a talented idols package but sadly we vote not based on talent but on who we like. In my opinion, Mmatema was and is still the best female performer that ever set foot on idols stage.uPearl did overload us with her private life, if you inflate a balloon beyond the threshold pressure it sure wont stay inflated for long and thats pearl and bae..hope she learns from it,and that is if the rumours of a called-off relationship are anything to go by…am not leaving #Silentville anytime soon, no need to fake a happy relationship or even an O

  31. Last night was epic, NOMA WON!! A Black Female won Idols for the first time in the history of SA idols.


  32. Lol @Momoger masiy’yeke leyo mntase,in Dj zinhle words “I’ve been humbled”

    @Tambolenyoka enkosi mhimhi,but ke ndisa ncancisa ngoku

  33. I am not so happy that Noma won yaz, she has a great voice and all but she didn’t want it as badly as the other 2 guys (Thami and Tebogo) She was good at the start but she didn’t perform her heart out for a few weeks in the competition neither did she grow as a performer like the 2 guys did. I feel like the country wanted a female winner at all cost and she benefited because many felt Matema was robbed. lemony rant over!
    I missed half the show, how was AKA’s performance?
    I don’t know much about the Bushiri prophet but I generally do not like pastors that are praised by their congregants as if they are God.
    icrush ka @Mathaz owned the crowns yesterday #halalaness

  34. Hhay a lot of women are #teambekezela hey. My brother is pulling a zintle/victor/pinks situation on my sis in law. Ngiyamzwela yazi. He is taking care of the girl’s ENTIRE family. I suggested ukuthi she should visit a “gogo mkhithi” and sort this out real quick. But ke she prefers to fast and pray ngoba she “doesn’t believe” in that. Usazolinda, usazokhala. And she won’t leave futhi so asazi. Men are trash kodwa yazi .

  35. YHU Sinazo Masina was a mess of note ke kodwa the ceremony was beautiful. An entire crop top as a wedding dress? Ububanxa nje.

    CONGRATS TO NOMA!!! Bathi Thami was caught by the ‘curse’ of Kelly Khumalo LOL!

    DR. Tumi deserved every award really. Is he really a medical doctor? If so then what a humble soul.

    Maumela aka Susan wa Muvhango has a gospel song named Yahweh and the music video is beautiful.

  36. Has anyone else noticed? Pearl Modiadie has even lost a lot of weight! She must’ve been stressed, I wonder what happened. Does anyone have juice?

    She did a stellar job at the Gospel awards last night, would like to see her more on stage. She hides heartbreak really well. Unlike abo Zinhle.

  37. I saw Pearl at the Thandiswa Mazwai gig, in fact I took a pic of her cause my friend was waiting with her to buy drinks. I have a sense that Pearl ended things on her terms, she looks strong. I saw uNomzamo Mbatha at the show, wearing a pant suit. She is very pretty , with nice teeth. It must be so annoying to be a South African celeb, cause you are forced to take pics with abomangcoli-ngcoli, cause if you do not, they tear you apart on social media for being uptight and unfriendly. Speaking of abomangcoli-ngcoli, I asked for a pic, angazi why, she smiled and said yes, her teeth were prettier than her face, her make-up, her bum(so you know her teeth are awesome) Her teeth are pretty shem. I watch that Dope movie with ASAP Rocky, his teeth are lit.

  38. That AKA’s new track “the world is yours” is everything and more,this guy’s music is always delivered!!

    Kelly Khumalo has pipes umona phansi. it is so unfortunate that her sins have overshadowed her talent.

    Than Unsta sang nkosi yam, laark u can’t be laughing at other kids kuma auditions uze ikhale impela than go on stage and sing like a dying goat. ah.a

    Somizi is such a breathe of fresh air bakithi, this gay is living his dream. imagine being paid for just being your crazy self nje. must be nice.

    Idols season 12 wasn’t thaaat nice, but I am happy with the final verdict. I wonder who is going to replace Gareth, I hope it another mlungu. Let them witness black excellence at it finest lol.

  39. @HBIC was that a croptop? I thought it was a brown belt. Nomachule SLAYED, thanks to GertJohan Kutsiye. I don’t like Nhlanhla Nciza’s dress

  40. UNathi noNoma bambile shem. Kelly and Thami slayed!!!

    I love Noma’s single.

    Unathi is a Bhimbist of note. Welcome back Mzolisto

  41. Momager says:

    than vs then

    Posted on November 28th, 2016

    I don’t owe you proper English lovie.

  42. TheOne Nov 28, 2016 at 8:52 am
    “I am a huge fan of its complicated. I really want Thato to get back together with Ips, it was so sweet how Ips was praying for him and sending through positive healing energy. It’s also sweet how he woke up to Ips’ calling.”

    That was my highlight from yesterday’s episode. It reminded me of season 1, how Ips would yell at Thato and the next thing they are arguing about nothing. It was like even on the brink of death, Ipeleng’s yelling brought him back to life.

  43. @KingBeyonce, she very petite, and un-tall. I do not call people short anymore because it is politically incorrect. She was wearing heels but she was still roughly the same height as me but, I was wearing flats and no one can ever describe me as tall.

    I am such a Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie stan, because of the Boots make-up interview, I seriously considered wearing make-up, in fact on my birthday my girlfriend put on lipstick on me and some eyeliner. I felt like I was in drag. So nje, maybe next of next year nge make-up.

  44. Hahhahahhaah @Nomi hahahaha rhaaa usengxakini anonymous i mean uhlalele ntoni ungachami krkrkrkkrkk hahah yeh bathong…

  45. YONKE wena @Momager. I crop top YONKE! Angeke shlobo. Trying too hard is too much sometimes however the ceremony compensated for the lack of WOW.

    Noma doesn’t have to lose anything, it hasn’t been a week and she’s being ridiculed about her weight and body type. Uright wena Nomisto.

    Zeeba the day Khaya Mthethwa ‘comes out’, that’s if he ever has to, should be the same day if not before Akhumzi Jezile does. Leave Khaya alone toe.

  46. @Nomi anichamisi kaloku. Nini aba who fail at making things that make climaxes happen. Plus your egos are too fragile to take direction. So nje women have to perform scenes from imaginary climaxes. Mna I only had an orgasm with my third boyfriend who turned into hubby, the first two were just unable to reach landawo kum. The Xhosa PE one was worse, his thingy was huge, but useless, it seemed his mission was only to give cystitis by the constant pounding.

  47. Re:Idols, i wasn’t routing for anyone but i love Noma’s single. All the best to her and Thami.

  48. kea e bona crop top, the side of the dress also looked ill fitting on all the pictures posted. Mara why Sinazo?

  49. A long time ago there was a female sexologist on Oprah who suggested that mothers buy their daughter dildos, that a girl’s first sexual partner should be with herself. I think I agree. When women explore their bodies, when they learn what makes the cum, they are less likely to tolerate six years of NO crescendo, and they would be more likely to let Mr Man know when he is being clueless. I do not put the responsibility on the guy alone though, she must take her climax into her own hands, put her mouth where her orgasm is and tell him, “jonga bhuti andityiwa kanje, ndityiwa this way” then ke amkhwele ambonise.

  50. Yaz I was not commenting from a place of ridicule. Noma is FAT. That’s a fact.She’s like how old? 22? Aowa hleng. I hope she does something about it. He confidence level will also soar.

  51. That’s hectic @Phila, has your family tried to intervene?What are your brother’s intentions?

  52. @Nomi – lol…why do you think JC Bloggers azichami? Kodwa I’m sure abadliwa abayi 6 nabo zange bachame…la Chase seem like a type ekhwela without a foreplay, ichame iqgibe ijonge phaya kude, no hugs.
    I can never not chama yhaz. Nje like how?

  53. heheheh, So i heard in AKA’s second song, lyrics going like
    “Even my Ex call me the / your biggest fan” ….. hehehe Slayer is slaying alles … 3 songs already about her

  54. GPS to this crop top of Sinazo Masina? Who is she and why is she famous? I saw wedding pics on Normas IG and they looked gorgeous so far so i need to see the crop top?

    Unathi is like that rich ugly girl who everyone allows to get away with stuff just because of her money, shes very basic in everything, her looks, her presenting, hell even her singing really sucks and i dont know why noone in her circles tells her this!! STOP singing Unathi.

    AKA’s new song is awesome.

    I wanted Thami to win shame he really put his all into it, Noma is just bleh. But this whole Idols thing is stale.

    Did people see the video Tshepi and Naomi posted on twitter addressing ‘the dumb broads who were talking BS about her and Naomi’? I still dont understand how the story was concocted, sugarsmax is married why would these Beautiful Socialites want to fight for him? and in public too? I mean they can have anyone they surely well want in JHB.

  55. HAHAHAHA Lolo though. But 6 years???Yhu!Amatye nini shem.
    I get worried when I make the things that make cham(ing) khen to heppen.
    Yiva ithi le ntokazi: “hay wethu, uyenza lonto yakhe, ayikhuphe ayifane, kube kuphelele apho…” uyava kwaTone uba seyiqhelile lendlala. Yi-cham(ing) abuse phela le.Krkrkrkr

  56. Can anyone who has Hlomu the wife book forward it to me , please leave your email tswe tswe

  57. @Nomi chamisani eziny’iyngane. Please.
    Yazi my Zulu girlfriend is so bossy in bed, I am not sure how I feel about that. Being commanded by a kid. I cum in self-defense sometimes cause she will not let up till I do, for real.

  58. Kodwa uyadika uVumVum kula it’s complicated, yintoni khona ethi makabhampe?yhuu hay! That Nqobi is something else, I hope into kaThato noNtando doesn’t make it to lobola,that Ntando deserve laNqobi..

    Lol at ukungachami for 6 years, some people don’t even know that there are orgasms kwisekisi so Nomi don’t be surprised, my 27 year old friend climaxed for the very first time kulonyaka with her 11th boyfriend, true story.

    Kokolet sekutheni wasindwa zizidudla mntase?lol yho!

    Shame bamthathile abangancancisiyo utakaLoadshedding,ngxee Priska

  59. LOL @Nomi akumandi uChama that time,worse la Orgasm ufune uphuma nge Window yimincile.I feel for anonymous shem

  60. Philasande when you talk to your brother, what are his reasons for causing his wife so much pain?

  61. @HBIC Dr Tumi is a qualified medical doctor. A great guy!

    Sorry to sound ignorant what’s Sinazo’s claim to fame?

  62. girliegal Nov 28, 2016 at 10:52 am
    “Yaz I was not commenting from a place of ridicule. Noma is FAT. That’s a fact.She’s like how old? 22? Aowa hleng. I hope she does something about it. He confidence level will also soar.”

    Ingathi fat runs through that family. Bonke bayinqwaba nje. That time she is such a pretty face! That kinda weight can’t be good for anyone, she could do with dropping 2 or 3 dress sizes. The entertainment industry is rough, unfortunately looks do count. She doesn’t need to be Matema’s size, she can be a warm and fuzzy 34/36 and she will still be team thick.

  63. @Annalise…mum only helped with introducing the child last year, and she forgave him. Wathe its a mistake and they are not seeing each other anymore bahlanganiser yingane. A few weeks back we found out ukuthi he sent elders to the wife to tell her ukuthi he wants to take her as second wife. She said no, but he has not told her himself. I think he got the answer from the elders ukuthi the wife said no, wangasasho lutho yena. The rest of us did not know about this, even mom , ngoba my bro knew ukuthi she would tell him shit. Unfortunately, he needs the wife’s permission to do so, so he has to stick to sneaking around. My mum is gonna speak to him this coming weekend after the funeral. I doubt he’ll listen, he’s in too deep. Also, the wife says he is not himself. He’s acting very strange.

  64. @St Nori: nisentweni shem.
    @Priska: ndiyayazi laNkcamo uduz’bone sewusithi “nditshate, ndingeje, ndiyakuthanda…” … kodwa wazi kamhlophe uba “hay’bo this is just a client moss, ndizofebenza apha,u-life aqhubekele…nothing more nothing less…”

    No wonder there are so many engagement but dololo mendo, kuqhume ii-break ups. Kukuchama wenze izithembiso.

  65. @Jayonce, my bro is way older than i am, i don’t think that it is my place to do so. Ngiyamhlonipha as my older bro so im not brave enough to confront him. My mum will find out his side of the story.

  66. Hay Manosh noMqhele lento niyenzayo is wrong, uDudu works hard ukubhala ezancwadi & the only thing you can do is buy incwadi zakhe. They are available in mots book stores.

    Philasande I salute your mom for supporting umakoti kabhuti wakho, amanye amadoda ngosathane inene.

  67. Hahahaha @Nomi yila Orgasm le iTownisayo mhimhi. ba uske ufune Uva obabu shushu bomChamo kanti inja is knocking you up

    AKA’s new track is godly “World is yours”, is it available for downloads.?

  68. Express please tell us the bookstores i have searched shame i want the Naledi book. & @ Spring : Sinazo is the Mayor of Ekurhuleni’s wife.

  69. @King Beyonce You basically are the type that read to have to be humble sometimes and appreciate the education. You cannot mistake than for then in a sentence, thats no spelling error lala. Moving right alone, AKA knows and loves his craft, he is perfection

  70. @Philasande maybe your brother fell out of love with his wife, it happens, he must just let her go angadlali ngaye. Unless she is TEAM ANDIYINDAWO/BAZOTHINI ABANTU

  71. @Nori yes, probably. But i am angry at him, how can he fo this to her kodwa. She came into his life when he had 2 kids that were abandoned by their mum, she helped him raise those kids and made his house a home. Everytime she tries to start something(Business) he stops her the minute abona ngathi its working out, uthi he feels like she’s neglecting the kids. Now that she depends on him , how can she just walk away. Imagine you last worked 10yrs ago, where do you even start looking for work? She has been nothing but good to him….what must she do now?

  72. So no one knows what happened with Pearl M? JC investigators?
    Andile is with Sbahle?! But he was with Naomi not long ago. He sure knows how to pick them. Who’s next?

  73. Manosh I don’t care whether you care or not, so brikka besenditsho that the only way to appreciate her hard work engalali writing those books is by buying incwadi zakhe than distributing for free.

    @Nelley incwadi zise Adams & exclusive, but i suggest you call the nearest & ask zithengwa fast or follow “The Hlomu series books by Dudu Busane” page kuFacebook she updates almost daily nge availability kwi bookshops all over.

  74. tjo Philasande! i feel for your sister in law hey. But it does seem the guy is staying purely out of guilt for those main reasons that you stated. The sooner she the wife accepts that there is no marriage the better. its either he can accept this other woman as second wife or remove herself from this situation. does she have kids with your brother? and this small house, how old is this child.

  75. I have exhausted all means trying to get a bookshop that sells the the other two books after hlomu the wife.. I have them on PDF but they are not complete #Molweni

  76. @Mono ukuthi she loves her husband and family and also, she has to start ALL over. He’s a lawyer and bashade out of community of property. Ngithe ke because of the above, she must fight, do whatever she needs to do to sort this out…dhe chose to fast and pray….so we wait! 🙁

  77. Zizi your favourite bought his parents a mansion! Oh man that Sthe is hard working hey! Inspiration on the daily!

  78. Ey Philasande that’s sad, I hope your sister in law will finally gather strength & walk away. You can’t force someone to love you nokba sekutheni & will continue nenyatsi so kuyafana, mna shame I would walk away.

  79. The outside one turned 1 this year. And shem that girl wont let go. She and her family are well taken care of now…so why would you let go of that?

  80. sudlala ngam wena Nori….

    Philasande, yes your brother is selfish.. why cant he sit his wife down. Its such a sad situation and its not going to end well. and blaming external forces wont change anything. Your sister in law must love herself first. Such a fucked up situation though

  81. “everytime she tries to start something(Business) he stops her the minute abona ngathi its working out, uthi he feels like she’s neglecting the kids. …” #MAT #MenAreTrack

    Yhu angade. Indoda engafuniyo uba inkosikazi yayo ibe-financially independant yingozi. And unfortunately, abafazi abayiboni iyinto erongo leyo since kusemnandi emendweni.
    They want you to be the bekezeling type forever and ever amen.

  82. @Momeger, nam i said she must start something , and this time angamvumeli amyekise. So that she can walk away ayazi that she’ll be fine….

    I have such a soft spots for my sisters in law, all three of them are good people shem. They deserve nothing but happiness.

  83. @Momager “Mxelele afumane indoda yakhe” tltltl tltlt it’s not that easy…..the irony with these men is that they come back home to wives after realising the grass is not that green on the other side. I am sad she quit her dreams and work because @philasande your brother discouraged her….after all these years, if she leaves, she’ll have to start from scratch…..I understand why she is holding on….she is solely dependent on this man…..she needs time to figure things out, first, find a source of income, this might take months or a few years. As long as the guy is not abusive and still supports her and the kids financially, she must stay until she can support herself, then make a decision.

  84. Yabuhlungu indaba ka Squeeza wakho @Phila.

    I have noticed into yoba most of the time xa umakoti ethandwa yi family, indoda ayikho lapho. Indoda ihamba ne pipi yayo iyojola, umntu ashiyeke ethuthuzelwa ngo squeeza no mamazala. I wonder yenziwa yintoni lonto!

  85. i agree with Posh.. she needs to work on herself first even if she stays in that house she must fight for her independence.

    Hoookay Nori 🙂

  86. I’m joining. Sis @Momeger on her #NongendiCorner mntakadad.make your own money ube yiTroll uphole eMedulla. marriage nguMgowisho big time

  87. @Impish and its strange hey. But ke naye uBrothers angimUnderstandi. Not long ago she was out till late aseSontweni. Wafona 50times and when she got back uthole isilent treatment ngoba ubuye endlini late. Ufunani kahle kahle? Weeeeeeeh!

  88. Impish Nov 28, 2016 at 12:21 pm

    Yabuhlungu indaba ka Squeeza wakho @Phila.

    I have noticed into yoba most of the time xa umakoti ethandwa yi family, indoda ayikho lapho. Indoda ihamba ne pipi yayo iyojola, umntu ashiyeke ethuthuzelwa ngo squeeza no mamazala. I wonder yenziwa yintoni lonto!


  89. And bayabaqhata ooskwiza @Impish babe besithi nyamezela uzobuya indoda ibe ingasekho apho,yhuu kunzima

  90. St Nori-Itu Khune is my Nana Nov 28, 2016 at 12:29 pm

    Chomi yam nobukrwada…”Indoda ihamba nepipi yayo” @Nelly khange uye emtshatweni kaSnazzy nompopi
    unfortunately no i couldnt go shame, busy sorting out some family mess. Bae went cos we had accepted.
    ubephi uLunga uRosette ahambe yedwa angathi yiside chick ne lokwe lakhe elihle.

  91. @Theo,I bought Naledi at Adams in Heerengracht Street Cape Town (but you must first place an order,then within 5days you get your book).

  92. @nelley give us an update on your cousin and the car theft.
    Lol @Nori yiza neendaba kaloku. Uneeside chicks uMr Nciza? Who is chowing/chowed by the yummy Leslie Sedibe?

  93. @Solo you are a lucky little hoe. I love her so much. Enjoy her. She is super-talented. I will buy her latest stuff after Americannah. To be quite honest Americannah is the only book of hers that I have read from cover to cover. I like uChimamanda in her personal capacity as a female human earthling. She is lit. I watch every interview she does.

  94. hahahahaah Nori: ndanixelela nje uba ndandidyojwa ngesirhama ndinganyanga. Phofu kwakungekho neso sirhama kwasekuqaleni. I realised that some sick people would do anything to keep a partner. Mna ke ndiyakhawuleza uzikhupha ekreleni: by the time I ask for advise or tell my story, I have already made a provisional decision and stamped it kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih.
    My sanity comes first.

    Tyhini ulale nomntu namhlanje, next week sebioka isisu.

  95. Lol @Momager I think he’s the one who’s gonna break up with me hey,kaloku the’re some people(girls) who’ve been sending Faku Voice Notes zoba,he’s not the father my baby ukhulisa ilahle.kwenye iVN. Some guy uthi faku might be the father kodwa naye unayo indlebe kulantwana they told him about my history with Lwando that I’ve been seeing him (which is is true phof ).lamaCherri are laughing sana kumandi and the noise kwezi VNs ingathi they at a club.So nje yiMess.ufuna ndibuye I won’t shem

  96. @King Beyonce, it is very deep. You have to sort of give yourself permission to cum. I have a gay friend, she is in her early thirties, by her own admission she spent her late teens and ALL her twenties being a hoe. She fucked every single female that she found desirable, and she found a whole lot of people desirable. But she says she has never ever cum with another, not even once. But she can make herself come on 2 minutes flat. So clearly the lack of orgasm has very little to do with her sexual partners, she just refuses to give away that much control. At one point we flirted heavily when she was still working in Asia, when she came back home, we had a date, when she had told me she had never cum, I stopped trying to bed her, Because I have a reputation with women. I was not willing to mess with my impressive record shem. I have made non-squirters squirt.

  97. Zisa inumber zakho @momager I will hook you up no Lesley easy prey lona. I had to report it so we had a family meeting. My mother and her sisters are disappointed in me. She is ashamed because i have failed my cousin.. I am meeting with a lawyer the cousin and the car buyer today

  98. Yhuuu Nomi !!!! Yintoni undibulala ngentsini (dyojwa ngesirhama).inguwe noNori ngase ni-comment(e) oko.

  99. @Nori ndicingba ubaenqenerha ebetyela ebhedini ka @Momager ashiye icrumbs zimtswebe xa elala,yonela xa kulapho intomb’enkulu

  100. The #greysweatpantschallenge on Twitter iyandisinda bawo. Amelikans have pipi for days YHU!

  101. @Theo,I bought Naledi at Adams in Heerengracht Street Cape Town (but you must first place an order,then within 5days you get your book).
    Thanks Babe… I shall!!!

  102. hahahaha Kubi kubi maqela. Andazi nihlekani yazi,iyalilisa le ndaba. Girl tracked down my high school best friend and cried. Akathethi sonke ke i-story, yabazi moss ooTshidilele ngamaqhinga *crocodile tears*
    Blocked her on facepage and on thsaph’thsap.

    I hardly post pics on insta. and I never blocked her there, but uyalibala unkabi aPoste ii-pics. Akho kwanto ineSisu esithe qhutsu and its been over a year now. Tyhini #AyalimazaAmabhinqa xa eDespreth.

  103. Wenam Nomi inoba “ushushu” ekamereni,….otherwise uZodwa wouldn’t be chasing you like that.
    @Momager – uTK Nciza was once in the Sunday tabloits about chowing one of Nhlahla’s dancers. As usual, they “laughted about it”.
    @Nelly – Is Lesley dating anyone at the momen? Any reasons for so many divorces? I have a crush on him *side eyes Momager*

  104. Impish says:

    Yabuhlungu indaba ka Squeeza wakho @Phila.

    I have noticed into yoba most of the time xa umakoti ethandwa yi family, indoda ayikho lapho. Indoda ihamba ne pipi yayo iyojola, umntu ashiyeke ethuthuzelwa ngo squeeza no mamazala. I wonder yenziwa yintoni lonto!

    Posted on November 28th, 2016


  105. Indoda elixelegu ayikho seksi Nori,baninzi abantu abane great seksi wethu apha phandle

  106. @Impish icebo koMolokazana kukuthini na shem,ingathi kunzima kwamendo. Imbi nyaan indaba kaSkwiza

  107. I can’t believe Snazo’s dress, although I’ve been in her shoes where a designer destroys your dream dress. I ended up hiring a dress only a week before my wedding because the initial hand made dress was unsalvageable. Which leads me to believe Snazo has no taste. She could’ve gotten another dress even on the morning of her wedding if she wanted. She chose that dress. Her décor was everything though.

  108. Rosette acts like a married bachelorette shem. Lunga, dololo! All the damn time!
    Just visited Tolah (after reading Bhugati), but no thanks. Its like, argh…never mind. Someone says I had a great weekend, the rest say okay whatsapp pics, then they start commenting on that whatsapped pic. Like?!
    So Somizi ran with Pabi Moloi’s woo shem and people forgot the originator? Hahaha, even that radio show of his #WhoseShowIsItAnyways has JC written all over. Selandini. Lol!

  109. I can’t imagine being in a relationship or marriage with someone who is there simply because of guilt, family pressure or batho ba tla re eng. I can’t shame!

    That s**t is hella painful. It’s like you are signing up for a life of constant fasting and praying, constant hoping, sadness and tears, walking on eggshells because you don’t want upset him and drive him back to the sidechick, feeling like you are not enough. Tjo! Ngeke bahlali, that can miss me. Let’s not forget the possibility of STIs and being a bodyguard to a grown man. If it can be helped, your family Phila Sande should not force your brother to stay in this. There’s no joy down that road for anyone.

    No one can guilt anyone to stop being a whore

  110. Monochrome Nov 28, 2016 at 1:22 pm
    @Nori ndicingba ubaenqenerha ebetyela ebhedini ka @Momager ashiye icrumbs zimtswebe xa elala,yonela xa kulapho intomb’enkulu


    Yes Sego she is on IG and matured AF

  111. Rosette and Lunga appear to be a strange couple nyani. They are hardly seen together and when they are, he seems so uninterested and as a result akho chemistry.
    But ke maybe looks are deceiving. For all we know #lovelivesthere.
    I put it to you, Rosie chose stability over chemistry. Yi chemistry etheni in anycase? Does chemistry buy a house on a cliff withAatlantic views? Nope. Does it pay private school fees? No. It doesn’t even buy big cars and internatioanal holidays either. So its for what kanene? Just for IG.
    Besides, Rosie has chemistry with her gay friends and that’s enough.

  112. @thecurator someone needs to tell the Tolah ladies that there’s whatsapp for desktop.

  113. He hake @nelliswa haibo sisi

    This dude on Twitter is advertising his services of Moufing yiR300 per session uthi wenza iimilingo with his tongue.
    Mk! uWoah Hamba Demokhrasi.uTarTar wayenga thethi lento bethuna.

    Shaka Sisulu is so Bae la ntetshe ye Surname privilege turns me on shwem

  114. @Akunzima so they’d rather open a desktop whatsapp group? Lol!
    @JustNje congrats on your wedding boo. Have fun and slay the shnizzle out of that dress #Halalaness. We hope umendo will soften your “balls”

  115. Momager Nov 28, 2016 at 2:17 pm
    UZuma usindile ezembeni nangoku?
    Linamandla ixhwele likaZuma, ndiyalifuna shame.

  116. QueenTee and MrsM. I was saying before the comments starting making the things that makes the commenting not to be done…

    U VumVum u ya dika nyani, but at least he’s beginning to put #Nelisiwe in her place. I see now gore Ips and Thato needed to break up. Ips and her stupid rules and plans really were driving her crazy and making her behave childishly. But I really would want to see them together.

    Mandi no Thabang are another case. It’s sad how Thabang doesn’t want to acknowledge that he was abused as a child, a thi he’s a man. It’s sad

  117. But Pearl has been wearing pants in that relationship. Everything done by bae in private was repeated in public so as to showcase for everyone to see. Like to prove a point mhlambi?

  118. wena @belley dont let your family bully you into not doing the right thing. when your cousin took you car and decided to sell it, did she not think “hey, this isnt my car”. no she went right ahead. wooooo shem they must fall back

  119. Yesterday I went to Meat Lounge and I was accidentally acquainted with this crew that laughed at anything and this other girl kept boasting to this maguqa guy who seemed to be running the show (but the owner) about how she was supposed to have been at that wedding but she is over weddings.
    and they also discussed Zwai’s suit and said its ugly. Haters will never fade

  120. I am so busy today kodwa everyone is here 🙁
    I still want to get married mna shame guys even though ndibona ku tough, oMomager no Pinks no Sithelo ndizo deala nabo phambili Kiiiiiiii

  121. @Impish – yiya sisi kwa Marriage…its not that bad yhaz. There are many happy marriages just like there are bad ones. Just speak your mind to your man. Never ever let him get away with coming home at 12 midnight…12 will turn into 2/3/4 in the morning. Set your expectations upfront….I DON’T HAVE A MANUAL I’m just voicing my opinions.
    There was a time when my husband bored the hell out of me for not having friends and ALWAYS in the house on weekends. what bored me was the fact that mina it was difficult to leave him in the house when I wanted to be with my friends. Although he never objected but the guilt of leaving someone at home was a bit too much. But I thank God for that now. These Tshisanyama’s/News Café’s cause misery in many marriages. P.S My marriage is far from perfect but atleast I don’t have to wonder about his whereabouts on weekends.

  122. i knew that relationship wouldn’t last,they were moving waaaaaaay too fast! Showing off.sorry Pearl Moody if vele it’s over but you deserve better

  123. Guys nimbonile u sam_Sekgota (Mabala Noise Shareholder ) , hey he’s living large with wifey base!!

  124. Pinkhorseface has been kicked to the curb hahahahahhahah girls married men seldom leave their wives put that in ur stupid skull before u think u can ghudluza madam

  125. Lola tell us more…
    It’s embarrassing that I’m this interested in this P/V/Z saga. She must learn, parading another woman’s husband like that. Butyou know what would be great, if Zintle left that douche a few months from now and met a loving, rich guy and lived happily ever after.he doesn’t deserve her.

  126. @lolakarabs how do you know…I’m happy for Mrs Modiba shame,yiko lokho abekukhulekela.

  127. @Lolakarabs Please tell us more…this sounds juicy.hehehehehe

    so Mrs Modiba’s prayers worked #HalalaThings LOL

  128. Lol @Mamonger Z has ‘Aphendule aphundule’ song on full blast.

    @Lola he! What happened?

  129. ewu every celebrity is now a sangoma…nonpractising sangoma. why heed the call? sacrifice your bed for a grass mat for months, forsake furniture, hot water and shoes…for what really? anyways “sisenkwalini, ai kunezangoma”

    mhhhhh uZinhle bakithi, nobody knows where the shoe pinches except her. akunzima…

    @Priska I drank fenugreek/methie seeds I’m now a 34C from a B. it will give you gallons of milk too.

    sad about Pearl she was so happy, that is if the rumors are true. I make sure nothing about my bae or family gets online.

    @Philasande tell your Skoni to email me! we shall Rica your brother and fast and pray after lol! I kid

    @Lolo I have a confession to make…now that baeSgora has tried you. me and a certain blogger we were sitting in a tidal pool eMargate drinking uqekeqe and discussing your pretty self. so I suggested actually she suggested, yazini ne? I don’t remember who suggested we save your pic and use a makeup app to bedazzle you. haibo bewumubi kanjani! we then decided ukuthi you’re a beautiful woman with beautiful teeth sans makeup.

  130. @Cutie: he is blessed umyeni wakho for not worrying too much about istrato.Nyani bahle abantu phandl’apha and umntu othand’umgruvo uhendeka Lula phantsi kweeMpembelelo and amadoda give in to peer pressure yho.

    Try be his best friend and introduce new things(Movies,or if uthandiBhola, find a nice public space apho nzojikela khona nobabini around abantu). Even if it means having a schedule.But don’t give up on your individual social life.Nawe yibanoboni ngaphandle nje uncokole neeGirls uke umkhumbule ulibale kancinci ngezekhaya.

  131. angazi @Ari I didnt gain weight but I have a muffin top. losing fat in the midsection after 30 kunzima Haibo.

  132. Eish @Zama, I’ll take the risk and try it anyway. Have you ever tried Apple cider vinegar and grapefruit juice? It works well for belly fat, I’m bikini ready all thanks to it 🙂

  133. V is not stupid. He was waiting for the right moment. You cant just shut down a heavly pregnant woman who is carring your son.i wonder whats happening. Give us more juicy details.

  134. @St Nori-Itu Khune is my Nana, ekhaya kodwa.. eMeat Lounge I hooked up with this girl but girl and she was game but she ordered three drinks of champagne and when I allowed it she called two of her hot friends and that kind of created same spectacle from other patrons. I settled the bill and left, I had an early Monday morning and Nomvandedwa.

  135. I don’t doubt V has left P….Z would have posted a look at God kinda message already

    P is all about business lately hey. Herbal Life is mostly what she posts about. I wonder how much these people make from it….

  136. @Zamokuhle krkrkr I do look like a drag queen with make up shem. So lark, ben’thetha ngam. Krkrkrkr.

  137. One of Mrs Modiba’s captions says she survived the worst. Note the past tense. Halalaness to her if it’s true. V is still stupid though:)

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