There are a lot of things that are happening in Hollywood I cannot even keep up. So let’s get into it.

Have you heard that Chris Brown will be guest starring in this season’s Black-Ish. I am not sure how they picked Breezy (and his reputation) to guest star in a family programme, because as Tyson Beckford said in a recent interview he isa druggie of note but then again he might also be still twarring with Breezy over Karrueche and yeah that beef is 4 years old, stinky!

Speaking of beef, Trey Songz has been out promoting his new thirst trapper of a song, ANIMAL and he is revisiting that Nicki Beef. Remember he got mixed in the Remy/Nicki beef and Nicki basically disrespected him and he is still touched so much that he wont take Nicki claiming that she put him on because in his words Nicki wasn’t ish before Bottoms Up. I do not know if it’s me but Nicki is coming out as very unlikeable in all this beef business. I miss how do you come at Remy with two dudes and go in on her “money or lack thereof in comparison to yourself?” – tacky, weak.

I cannot believe this particular beef that is said to be happening on the set of Empire. Apparently co-stars Taraji P. Henson and our beloved Nia Long aren’t getting along. Reports say that Nia has been rude and mean to the wardrobe and make-up staff so much that they have even filed a complaint against her and you know Ms. Cookie aint having any mess on her set. However a show runner has rubbished the rumours so now I am confused, is it just a ploy to get people to tune into Empire as we all know their numbers are not as great as they used to be so they might need all the help they can get, controversial or not. What do you think?

T.I’s Tiny however is staying out of any beef with anybody especially with her husband’s reported side chick Bernice. There were a lot of people who were commenting on her IG page alerting her of how Bernice is thirst trapping T.I and also commenting and liking his picture which doesn’t help since rumours of their cheating have been swirling. Tiny isn’t bothered ( or at least is pretending not to be) she hit her followers with a message saying that she is not here for Bernice or T.I or nor does she care but blessings to both of them. Gaddam either she is done or she is about to pop off major – you know what they say about the calm before the storm.

Congrats to Jay-Z, who keeps on moguling it up. He recently won the rights and a deal with the Weinstein Company to produce a mini-docu series on the life of slain teenager Trayvon Martin. I like that he is using his power and influence to affect change and bring awareness and congrats to him and all other celebrities who are doing the same in their different capacities and fields.

Keeping it in the family, congrats to Kelly Rowland for new gig as a coach on The Voice Australia. Kelly just joined the new season and she is bringing her chocolate highness and style to the show. This chick stays working though. I like that she is committing to this bob hairstyle, it might be her trademark soon however I like the natural bob better than the wig.

Congrats to OITNB star Samira Wiley and here writer girlfriend, Lauren Morelli. I am loving their wedding images and this image is stunning. I am glad that this is a different narrative on what being lesbian is meant to look like. They are both feminine, we all know how straight people have a certain way or expectation when it comes to how homosexual couples should look or present themselves.

How’s your life? How’s your week?



  1. Beautiful pics of the bride and bride.

    I need a new man- think this same sex relationship might be what I need

  2. So tired of beef, ain’t they serving nandos ngale? Kelly Kelly my superwoman of note!

  3. Nothing makes my morning’s like taxi maths. It kills me all the damn time, especially umntu ongakwazi ukubala. LMAO

  4. Chris brown is one of the most talented artists ever and greatest entertainers when I think of him I think Beyoncé and Usher,they can do it all perfectly,he is just lazy or not taking his work seriously I don’t understand how he is running around with drugs instead of building an empire,that’s why he’s only worth $30mil

    Nicki screwed up big time when she treated safaree like trash the only Man who genuinely Loved her,I guess fame went straight into her pretty skull I can’t imagine seeing your girl kissing other men and giving abo drake ama lap dance after 13yrs of having her back

    So this Bernice wanna be a step mom to 7kids tjo but where there’s Guap there is a way poor Tiny

  5. Jayonce

    Nicki screwed up big time when she treated safaree like trash the only Man who genuinely Loved her,I guess fame went straight into her pretty skull I can’t imagine seeing your girl kissing other men and giving abo drake ama lap dance after 13yrs of having her back

    Nicki is doing for a millions of women around the world…dala sibusy ngamaProject or kanjani ladies?

  6. JC is not the same anymore shame. Is the ship sinking or nah? Phone blogging is depressing. Anyway as we were.

  7. Chris Brown needs to deal with there anyone in here who has bipolar disorder? Yaz this thing is just a death trap and sadly most black people know none about it

  8. Nice article Audio.
    Lol taZeeBar,taxi Maths Literacy will kill you shem.Mna ndicela ndithi “abantu mababhatale ngokweRow bachaze uba itshintshi yabo yimalini xa hedlulisa imali.”lol when the change ishota,I take no blame shame.It has worked several times for me.I ain’t gonna flex about getting 76%in my Form4 maths and how many FET N certificate ates I have yhu!!!

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