It’s so good to be back, I know we haven’t had a Hollywood update in a long time and you probably know most of the stories but let’s catch up with those who might not.

Let’s kick it off with a Brit-Hollywood divorce. After 10 years of marriage and a daughter, Spice Girl, Mel B has filed for divorce from her hubby Stephen Belafonte citing irreconcilable differences. She is also asking for joint custody for their daughter and no expectation for child maintenance and alimony. I am kinda sad that these two are parting ways mainly because we all know how many stories about them have been out over the years, from them divorcing every two months to him using her as a punching bag. This sort of validates some of those age old rumours. However I am excited to see who Mel dates next and if she will be having another baby, we all know that she is fertile, remember that Eddie Murphy ooohpsie?

Another confirmed break-up is that of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. These two first of all confuse the heck out of me because we have seen this all before and we’ve definitely heard it all before (cues Sunshine Anderson). We hear that she is fighting for full custody of baby Dream and that so far Rob only has supervised visits but didn’t we tell Rob that this was a trap? Anyway, Chyna is on the latest cover of Cosmopolitan SA and she is looking good (in Chyna & Amber Rose standards)

Remember Mike Epps filed for divorce from his high school sweetheart wife, Mechelle last year? Well they are finalising the divorce and she is asking for almost $120K per month to cover her expenses and her daughters’ schooling, “expensive braiding”, her mother’s Mercedes Benz and nanny duties. She says she is not able to work because she has been unemployed for a long time and now she is too old, she is 36 years old by the way. When did 36 become too old? I still need to know why these two broke up though, they seemed like they had their ducks in a row but then again everything is never what it seems.

I do not know what you are watching if you are not watching Big Little Lies, I am utterly obsessed with this new TV Show. Stellar, Hollywood A- List cast including, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman & Zoe Kravitz. The story revolves around a prestigious community of a coastal town, their young children, secrets and lies and how looks can be deceiving. It is brilliant and I was surprised to hear that Nicole Kidman was once engaged to Lenny Kravitz, I knew they dated after Tom Cruise but I didn’t think it was that serious. During the promo interviews Nicole mentioned that she and Zoe get along very well and they have always had since she was engaged to Lenny. Get it Nicole!

Selena Gomez is out here snatching Bella Hadid’s dreams with a baby smile on her face. We all know that she has been dating the singer, The Weeknd who is Bella’s ex. I thought Bella dumped him but from some of her interviews it looks like he called it quits because she keeps on hopping on the how it has been so hard on her (girl you’re 20 you will get over it). Now Selena just nabbed her first American Vogue cover, we all know that an American Vogue cover solidifies a modelling career, or just a career in general and Selena once again has beat Bella to this. I know it’s rich girls problems but I wonder how the dynamics are for the Taylor Squad now with Selena being the second (from Taylor) one in charge and Gigi and Bella also being part of the clique.

Have we found out Beyonce’s snapchat name?

Speaking of Beyonce, the Beyhive has reached a new level of crazy. Beyonce recently posted a picture of herself wearing earrings from the 2009 music video for If I Were A Boy and the hive has deciphered this to be a subliminal hint of Bey having twin boys. You would swear the hive gets paid with all their obsession and investment in this woman. However this might not also be far off we all know that the Queen is the mother of subtle hints and stirring up interest and controversy.

What’s Good?


  1. I have always liked Selena, from the “Wizards of Waverly Place” show on Disney channel. Such a pretty girl

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  3. Clearly Mike’s wife reads JC…36 is way too old according to JC standards.She must get what is due to her.

  4. Well she isn’t to old to work or learn a skill but I do believe she should get alimony how much it should be is another issue.

  5. My heart goes out to child Sesethu.

    Parents guard your young girls.

    That kid is most probably going through things or was previously abused.

    I hope whoever was around her yesterday realized that protected and saved her from doing any harm to herself.

  6. Lol. But I honestly didn’t see Rob & Chyna making it into sitting on the porch in their twilight years. Chyna was a stripper & Rob has diebetes…LOL

    #JC36 mybe she had to put away her dreams and ambitions to supports her husband’s and probably pack his bag & make sure enough condoms were in his toiletry bag…so go get that cash baby girl.

    Beyonce looking so damn amazing.

  7. I love Big Little Lies Audi. I’m obsessed. Nicole’s storyline is kinda sad though…but hey, so much truth to it!

  8. But sketts, Beyonce’s skin looks like her mothers Tina. And I think Tina is mixed.

    Are we back for good or?

  9. I think people’s complexion changes according to their money. Bonang’ complexion has also changed. Back in 2009 she was darker but manje she’s quarter to being a yellow bone.?

  10. The math is throwing me, or maybe ke sejathapi. Mike Epps’s high school sweetheart is 36, and he is 46/7. What does this mean, did he go to high school late or his grown ass started dating Mechelle while she was a child in high school?

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