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You must know your event is relatable when people go out of their way to ensure they slay at it, when people ask for tickets way before the event. I’m talking about Cga’s All White Tropical Party that took place this past weekend in Alexandra township at Altrec Sports Ground. This was the third time I attend this dooh and quite frankly I find it fun, relaxed and amusing so I asked Thuli to be my date so we can both let our hair down .  Despite the rain that Johannesburg is been experiencing Saturday was rather good and sunny when we got to the event.

Cga’s All White Tropical Party is a nice outdoor event, it has beautiful people from all walks. Food stalls for the hungry and food lovers as well as alcohol.


People were enjoying themselves, not as packed as the previous year (because of their rain I think) but it was a fun chilled environment .

20161112_17580520161112_182104delicious cocktail courtesy of Jozi Cocktail Bar.

20161112_184120Mpho is serving long legs…

20161112_19561220161112_195606Party owner and organiser Cga Bopha with Linda Moeketsi.



20161112_212637Ishmael was there and performed his then hits,  Posing with Njabulo Buthelezi (left) and Nokuthula Nunge  (right).

20161112_205017Ishmael with the Can Do!

20161112_204906You can see the cool and famous writer Percy Bonga , Akhumzi Jezile and Thuli having a good time.

20161112_20471620161112_204713Fun was had shem, Ishmael took his performance to the people and people danced.

20161112_201627Angel and Boity looking good.

20161112_201346Actor, Clement Maosa.

20161112_195740It was about Squad Goals.

20161112_202024Ngcebo with Pule.

20161112_201548This cute guy right here Boitumelo Matjani is alleged to be involved in some s*x scandal with Cga’s best friend…


20161112_195420Our Bujy was there looking chilled.

20161112_19003520161112_190027How cute is Actor /Presenter/Singer Nick Soul?

20161112_18532820161112_185319And then there was love displayed, Thabang Lesotho with Njabulo Buthelezi… Goals?

20161112_184648More Squad goals.

20161112_184358DNA Brand architect’s peepol: Marcus Modimokwane, Sam Mabaso and Vincent Shisana.


Hamilton Ngubo (left) Cga’s best friend, the very same one alleged to have been caught in the bathroom aka toilet doing the despicable here posing with Katz Seremane (right).


20161112_180223Mokgadi looking lovely.

20161112_175951DNA Brand Architect’s brought their flying fish to add more flavour to the party.

20161112_175515Nokuthula Nunge (whom was all over the show enjoying herself ) with Njabulo Buthelezi .

Thank you Cga for the invite and may the All White Tropical Party Grow to even bigger heights.


Zeeba (c)

@ Zolanimasombuka




  1. hehehe…..why did Cga videorise them na? Is he going to post them on social networks too?

    The ladies that were hoping to bang these hot men here shame had no chance at all. They are all not available by the look of things…….
    Cga’s boyfriend is cute. What is Cga doing now? This looks like a well sponsored event

  2. I can’t deal, the lady with Boitumelo bathong TJO…. What is she wearing???? Looks like people had fun.

  3. Bathi the person opened a rape case. I am almost sure it was consentual encounter but since bebhaqiwe wenza ingathi ebedlwengulwa. but ke andithethi lonto

  4. NgoooCga baphi name guys aba? Sicela photo zee celebrities, siyacela soya domboza.
    Lonto sojola nabani kanti thina?

  5. Nokuthula Shange is a beauty!! I see her all the time ku IG wakho Zeeba.
    Uba uyi blogger Nokuthula, Hi umhle sisi!!!

  6. Thatha Mzibhana: ndikuthandela umgosi onomsoco omane usithela thsuphe wona!
    I read a couple of tweets about the sex-capades that occurred but bekumnyama kum- it wasn’t clear where it happened and who were the parties involved. So who claimed that they were raped?

    Either way: most people were beautiful. The way I don’t like my ndabas to be all over the lali, I would probably miss these parties.

  7. I cant believe this guy was engaged to Kiki,,, why did he propose if he is gay??? Kiki is strong shem

  8. @BabyGirl: amahlakani kaZibha ebethe “just because you don’t stand on top of table mountain and shout ‘hey y’all, I sleep with other men/women when I feel like it’ doesn’t mean that you are in the closet.”
    Mna I’m still curious though: was nomKikana aware of this and was she just enjoying the union with the guy and/or did she discover later on in the relationship?Or was there a relationship at all, to begin with?Or it was just a close friendship with benefits (minus the bedroom benefits of course)?Boma PR-nyana things kaso.
    Ayimininzi imibuzo yam, khome ndisel’amanzi.

  9. LMFAO….He proposed @QueenBrandy?????

    @Nomi, I am writing a book wethu. It will all be in there. Don’t take away my content shem. 🙂

    @Zeeba, we need a new camera mtase. *hides*

  10. If Cga was loving, caring, a good listener and great company, then it makes sense why Kiki was with him. He probably gave good sex too even though he was thinking about another man during the deed. That is better than what many straight guys are offering out here.

  11. Uxolo Kiki if he didnt, I thought you guys were engaged at some point 🙂 Uxolo vah? ha ha ha

  12. @Nomi – lol@imibuzo yakho. Wabona nethuba le publicly ubhut Cga lo coz we didn’t know him until he was introduced in these streets by JC

  13. haahahahahaha @Kiki though. I guess I’ll be the first one to buy it. 😛
    Sometimes siyakuhleba thinking that you are busy in the office. Phela we have all the time in the world as front office managers, khawubebhizi in some board meeting wethu krkrkrkr.

  14. @Cutie, it wasn’t me yaz? I met him on these streets through Lebza’s articles. He brought him here.

    @Nomi, I am working on a smaller nyana News post for you so I am here till 1pm. You can gossip afterwards. Lol

    ROTFLMFAO @JustNje.

  15. I’m sure akho nenye intombi ewiniweyo ngalamadoda alapha,aku gay akugay inene…

    Looking forward to the book Kiks.

    Zaze zacream iimpahla zabanye abantwana..#AllCreamParty #JcCamFailedDismally

  16. Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @ this >>> #AllCreamParty

    Let’s blame Zeeba and his camera. I was invited but I thought it was this coming Saturday so I really missed out. Sigh!!

  17. Zeeba yho waze wabavundula abanye abantwana lol ….. uthi bebenzani e toilet? lmao lol…. will the sex tape be released?

  18. Why do i feel after going through Mr DJ Zinhles Insta , the guy is in it for a come up ? for his use/investment nton nton profile …oh well good for mama ka Kairo

  19. Thixo I can picture Anele and Kiki’s tell all interview:
    Anele: “Oh I remember when you guys started dating I had just met Alakhe’s dad.”
    “I remember when there were rumors that you guys separated, I was planning my pregnancy (Alakhe).”
    “…knowing you, you wouldn’t stay in a relationship where you know that your fiance will want a MFM three some.”

  20. Hahahaha Anele! She is telling Rebecca what happened to her mother! *dies
    Rebecca: I was asking myself where my mother was…..
    Anele (instead of asking what happened she tells her): Because your mother left, she fled because your father was beating her.
    Can someone please tell Janez nton nton that we are enough now

  21. Lol khaniyeke ezinye ingane zidlalele, I see butibae uphephisile this time krkrkrkrkr cameras for who? Anyway these pictures are few.

  22. “Rebecca: I was asking myself where my mother was…..
    Anele (instead of asking what happened she tells her): Because your mother left, she fled because your father was beating her.”

    LOL no way! I’m gonna watch that episode tonight.

  23. Zitabane galore kulomcimbi.
    I hope mama kaKairo will also write a memo when things don’t go well with Mr Bond, I don’t trust this guy I’m with the blogger that says he is with her for his come up. Handsome yena ubhutiza

  24. @Miss opininionated , your comment about Anele is doing the rounds on Twitter …JCAdmin screengrabbed and posted.

  25. But Brandon is a Millionaire bussines man mos, how could he be wanting a start up career with Zee?? Brandon and his family are loaded

  26. @Queenbrandy he might have all those alleged millions , BUT his not well known and ppl in investment LOVE being know so that they can diversify their portfolios , get exposed to more and a larger variety of investors …asithi ba thats the case but its not so far fetched

  27. Abantabangaka!!!! *nge voice kaMelody wama Idols* Umuntu ubeuolala edlile shem la. Zeeba why ungashongo wethu!!

  28. This anele thing is so funny here but hella annoying when I’m watching the show.
    Zumas daughter is funny and it was so awkward when she corrected anele godamn

  29. “@Miss opininionated , your comment about Anele is doing the rounds on Twitter …JCAdmin screengrabbed and posted”

    Its a good thing maybe now she will reflect, when Ntsiki highlighted it, it was as if she is hating. We only want her to improve yazi

  30. Yaz i cant get Hamilton Ngubo out of my mind ever since i saw the sex video with u boitumelo ka Cga , who has details about him ? like phone number , di email address hle ..i crush i just developed for yena ..wors ei have seen this guy once or twice kwama party but now all of a sudden ngiyamfuna

  31. Guys apparently there is a video from this party going around? can someone send it to me? !@Home wrecker

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