Thirteen Venue and Bar, in Braamfontein was abuzz with the #CastleLiteUnlocks announcement party. Whether you are a beer drinker or not, you probably know that Castle Lite comes across as the coolest brand with innovation and good brand positioning as well as extraordinary experiences on their concerts. If you’ve attended any of their concerts you might be doing a double no right now because they go very big and bring SA some of the best international stars for us to enjoy.
For this year’s concert the main acts will be Bryson Tiller and Travis Scott, you are definitely allowed to go to Youtube and stream their music if you’ve never heard of them before!

Here are some of the people we spotted…

The host for the evening, Nomuzi Mabena

DJ Vigilante

Kat Sinivasan

Omuhle Gela, Montsoe Pout and a friend

Ntando and Thando Duma


Tumi Vorster

Greed & Desire actress Buhle and Nkanyezi Kubheka

Nick Nkuna

Merica Monamodi

Ama – gents

Fred and Dineo Moeketsi

Big Star Johnson with abo brothers. An ExtraColdCastleLite moment.

He was clearly having a good time

Marc RSA

All chilled and lovely vibes!

DJ Speedsta did the most!


Bryson Tiller and Travis Scott will be performing live on the 15th and 16th June in Johannesburg and Polokwane. Tickets are available for sale and the price for JHB ranges between R490 for golden circle and R250 for general access while PLK tickets range from R390 golden circle and R190 for general access.

SA are you ready for Bryson Tiller and Travis Scott? Are you happy with the choice of artists?

Pictures supplied by: DNA Brand Architects

By Zintle Daraza



  1. Are Omuhle Gela and that Kat what what dating ? Omuhle neh sthandwa pls take it easy on the filters on your insta,you’re a very beautiful brown chocolate skinned girl angaz why you keep on sabotaging your pics ngeziFilters that make your make-up look hideous zikwenza ube mbi kanti umhle unjena!!

  2. For some reason I thought Kat was gay? don’t know why and I used to find him so hot

    Is Merica still a yotv presenter I THINK way back when no CC and Selae le bo Carly never attended such events ,cause kiddies program and and and?

    I like that Greed and Desire actress Buhle , is that beer lime flavoured? Again my sight could be failing me nje cause Mina no beer ,yi no no the bitterness

    Let me go back to @Titis comment

    Your friend that has a kid says kids dont excite her? I’m wondering what she saying and how she was consoling you when you lost your babies back then? Abangani sometimes, imagine 2003 THIZA…but myeke, you have a kid and hubby ,myeeeeke wene unomooooona in *Kenneth aka Mziwa2six voice*

    If you see grammatical errors, ayeke, we all have stress

    RIP Ahmed Kathrada

  3. I think Omuhle and Kat are bffs, I also think Kat is gay.

    Njengawe_ says:
    Why is Tumi Vorster wearing pockets?
    Hahahaha why is she wearing that khunqu belt? In fact why did she leave home like that vele?

  4. Kat and Omuhle are bbf’s.
    Omuhle dont date small fish, LMAO. Ndiyadlala

    Kat is going out with Thabiso Makhubela both bff’s to Omuhle.

  5. Njengawe, Kat was and still is gay. Not that yoou get a chance to change (think Khaya Mthethwa).

    My homo friends, are red sneakers an in thing? I want a per after Dr Tumi rocked his in Cape Town this past weekend.

    Zinhle uvelaphi sweetie?

    Zeeba, I miss you big bro.

  6. I knew the lemon is never late! Re: Tumi Voster

    This Merica is very cute.

    Lol @Teddy so much shade on Kaya & Dr Tumi.

    Omuhle is a beautiful,brown girl. If she can’t see this,we can’t help her.

    LOL @Exiled I just know 1 Bryson Tiller *song* in fact it’s an explicit version of Trey Songz’s Love faces. For the 1st time no Castle Lite FOMO.

  7. Nomuzi’s legs! I need to be serious about life at the gym.

    Yeah @Titi phuma kuloyo mngani wakho.That’s not even someone you can call a friend. She knows your baby struggles and you expected her to be happy for you.

    Have not been so alive in a looooooooong time. Kanti ilife imnandi so maBloggers???

    RIP to Ahmad K.

  8. Hi Zeebs, when I said number I actually meant the song (as in namba). She did not. Do you have it? Do you still have my digits? Please send if you do. *kisses*

  9. Yho this cool kids fashion shame man something yang’ confu(ZA) like how do you wear a figure belt on top of a tshirt 😀

  10. Omuhle neh.. She is beautiful…
    She dated Lulo Cafe ryt and Lunga shabalala. Who Else? Oh that monied Nigerian Guy… Mhhhhm
    So Linda Mtoba got married nomlungu wakhe..U Linda is an official yellow bone yeeerr. I’m sure her allowance uthola boma 10k…I can only dream

  11. I must say I was initially excited that Travis Scott and Bryson Tiller are coming but I just know at most 2 of their hit songs. Last year I attended the J Cole concert and it was rough!!! Standing and jumping from 7pm till 1am was too much for me #JC27. Plus these artists come right at the end, and some of the SA acts leave a lot to be desired. Nasty C killed his set though, like he is up there with international acts, very talented.

  12. Yaz’ @AvoAddict I have been sleeping on Nasty C! Saw him at the Kiddies’ Fest! Energy! He was performing for tweens, toddlers and infants but brought his A game!

    Lol #JC27 I attended an event at Constitution Hill,11pm my favorite Dj,Kenzhero ended his set and people went home! LMAO!

    Even got hit on by a cub…cute yellow bone thing that thought I am 25. Nc nc nc…I am not ready to buy two set of Danones.

  13. Teddy, be okay ngobu gay bakho baba uyeke abanye. My opinion is its gay men like u that struggle with accepting themselves abahlalela ukukhomba abanye on some “Ngigay mara noKhaya noTumi bagay just bayasaba” Get on with the business of being who YOU are and leave other people out of it.

  14. Senzangakgona ngicela ukungasukelwa, where in that comment did I say Khaya and Tumisang are gay?

    I have accepted my sexuality (for your information).

  15. JR was never married, he’s with Tshepi Vundla now…smh.

    Kat is definitely gay. He was saying Dumi Gwebu.

    Omuhle is a lost soul. When will she ever be relevant? Where is her apartment that she got for V-Day?

    Merica is no longer on yotv.

    What other questions do you have?

  16. My brain works Teddie, akhomuntu okusukelayo Lana. Yekani uku accusa abanye abantu ngobugay, yini kuqala enibheka ukuba gay as something bad that u don’t want to be in alone hence the constant “outing” other people. Self acceptance honey, when you’re okay with u, the world will be okay with u. U are sort of out right? Give other people the freedom to stay in, be sort of out or be completely out if that’s what they want.

  17. I love how people with the real tea always just drop it like it’s nothing. No threats just juice.

  18. @Joanne Prada yep!! And then they leave us like they never said anything juicy!!! hahahahahahahah!!

  19. @Blackhalls says:
    eah @Titi phuma kuloyo mngani wakho.That’s not even someone you can call a friend. She knows your baby struggles and you expected her to be happy for you.

    Are you talking to me cc?im even afraid to answer I’m not sure if this was for me

  20. @Blackhalls .14 years of friendship I never knew she was a bitch I even send an sms appologising if maybe I did something wrong and she didn’t even respond i guess is time to move on.

  21. Ikr Shaka! Luv u Nelly girl but you are definitely part of the gossip threats gang. I think Tshepi is less than smart. In fact, this whole set up is foolish. How many baby mamas does JR have? He looks like the type with many. If so, fret not Tshepi you can still turn this into a CiaraxRussell thing. Good luck.

  22. Oh but Tshepi whhyyyy??? And yazi I thought I saw little bump behind that white suit she was wearing last night – I hope it’s not true

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