I always think BIG,think CRAZY, think SUCCESS.

On Friday morning we made made our way to Ten Bompas Boutique Hotel in Hyde Park to join the White Star Super maize Meal team for breakfast.

White Star’s Instant Porridge won a Product of the year Award in the Breakfast category last week, so it was time to celebrate with them – over breakfast of course. Y’all know I am a lover of White Star so I had to be there. ๐Ÿ™‚

It was a full house.

Eclipse PR’s Tumi welcomed us.

The man himself – Marketing Manager for White Star, Mokhele Makhothi.

We listened to the short speeches…..

And it was time for us to prepare our own breakfast porridge. White Star provided all ingredients and their Instant Porridge. The porride is available in four flavours – Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate and the Original flavour.

I made my own using the Original flavour which happens to be my favorite. I love the original because I don’t like sweet stuff, so the original allows me to control my sugar intake. ๐Ÿ™‚

We listened to the soul sounds of Wanda Baloyi

Yesssssssss, the award winning star with an angelic voice.

After chowing our porridge, we were given more food.

Breakfast thangs

White Star Chef Lucia Mthiyane was also there to give us a few pointers. She made a smoothie using the White Star Strawberry Instant Porridge. Yummmy

Ziright igirls

Wanda Baloyi with the White Star Team; Marketing Manager Mokhele Makhothi and Brand Manager Ayanda Dubazana.

Close up

Blogger Lindokuhle Ndaba with Nosipho Mhlanga

Mokhele with Comedian Skhumba

The beauty that is Kundi Thai

She’s so gorgeous

Yummy mummy, Mrs Nyokong – Mapaseka nee Koetle.


Actress Thandy Matlaila

Thandy is so short bandla….

Thato Thulo was also there

Channel Africa Radio’s Nhlanhla Mahlangu came through to celebrate with White Star.

Tumi Baikgaki giving us the White Star smile

Wanda posing with Mix FM’s Elvis Tshiluka. Elvis is holding White Star’s POY Award.

Skhumba doesn’t have to open his mouth hey….his facial expressions are enough to make one laugh. Look at how he’s looking at Greed and Desire’s Buhle Moletsane.

Buhle with Lucia

It was good to see Penny Lebyane. This is one person that is always full of life.

Forever smiling and ready to pose for us.

It was time to toast to White Star’s win and then bounce to carry on with the rest of the day.

Congrats to White Star on winning the POY Award. Thank you for inviting us to celebrate with you. We ate, we drank and we had a great time.


By @KikiMarli


  1. Off ramp: where can l get plates..cutlery and other utensils in Jhb?.. For catering and decor purposes.. Has to be stylish kaloku nje ngam’
    TIA.. Hope everyone is well..

  2. off ramp: I am living with speech impediments disorder. may i ask where can i get a medical certificate without paying for it, I need it to apply for jobs so they are aware of my condition. I have been struggling to find a a job for the past 8 years because I fail at interviews. please do not ignore. TIA

  3. Thandi Matlaila bakithi *throwshandsintheair* clearly she lives in her own hontshi world! I am so obsessed with Lucia Mthiyane.. I absolutely love her heart! Kundi looks nice.. Buhle Moletsane when good people are sabotaged by the camera. She is actually really pretty.


    OSG: good to cyber see you! Wish I could help. Have you seen Nonhle Ndala’s glow up! She opened her profile saw her on my explore page yessses! Even I can’t fault that! She is deep in the inner circle now! Lol! That Nonhle… soon Andile will be a thing of the past! Like who wants to play with small boys when there is bigger fish to fry out there

  4. When i see Wanda Baloyi always remember how her family use to own a small fruits/vegetable spaza shop in Braamfontein about 15yrs ago.her most handsome and hummy brother was in charge.

    AG-MY brother will be moving from his section to the other by a promotional position in the same company on the 1st March.His current team members haven’t organised anything for him to bid him farewell(which was ok really) but yesterday they asked him to come join them for lunch on the 1st(after he has already left) for a farewell.I feel like the whole thing is just an afterthought,they were probably forced by outsiders’pressure to do so.I advised him to turn down the invitation,am I overreacting?

  5. Off ramp: Is Amanda Du Pont still dating her bf (forget his name)…. I noticed last year around September that she no longer upload their photos or talk about him – soon after that she started hanging with the Jozi top Gold digger Kefiboo like never before. Maybe she’s back to TTT life *insert Peter*

  6. Ow wow I went to varsity with Ayanda Dubazana. She was a worship team leader e His People Westville Campus.

    Good to see this young woman doing well for herself.

  7. Thandy bathong! Maybe she doesn’t wanna have a TV or smart phone or anything that connects her to the outside world so now she doesn’t know how people dress in 2017 ๐Ÿ™ otherwise, she doesn’t make sense

  8. Hayi Thandi bantu yi sad case:-(.

    @kim k try bara if you in gauteng.

    @My YR yes you are. we do those all the time kuba at the time the person is leaving we have other pressing matters that take priority. I am planning one for a person who left last week, I couldn’t get it then besi busy

  9. Kim K please leave your email address I might know someone at DSD who can advise you with your challenge.

  10. Trevor umntaka Noah getting gauped in the US. Nikka baught a $10m penthouse, reports say.

    Congratulations to him.

  11. Hai people khani jonge itakkie zika Tumi zimdaka njani hai ninani!!. Wanda Baloyi naye unxibentoni kodwa hai maan!

  12. Kim K… Go to Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital in Parktown just next door Wits medical school! Get there open a file then ask to see a doctor at ENT..

    Nelly.. Nellysto..mNelele.. Re:Mzwakhe Mbuli Lol ngiright babes just busy lately andithi l have a soul to feed ngoku! uTatakhe ulengisile qha akhonto okuyindoda yazi mxxxxxxm

  13. Well done Trevor. It’s a gorgeous penthouse. The view is to die for. Yes, we CAN!!!

  14. This is sad only 19comments…Nelly, Zizi, Kokolet, Khloemoney pls save this blog with some hot gossip lol

    And the two bloggers who revealed indaba eziningi on the 30th Jan, i think it’s paid_off_doll and dirtondirt

    Momager, Hamilton and Tshiamo nincedise

  15. Hahahahahaha Trevor I mean you are Trevor Noah!!!!*P.T voice*

    Offramp: Justin Timberlake ne a jele e bjang cocaine on Ocars night bathong?SAD!

  16. I still can’t believe that Zeeba snacks on 4 pieces of sausage and two buttered rolls. I have known snack as something that you nibble on in between “meals”

  17. i take my hat off for the DA, they have mastered the art of keeping their dirty laundry away from the media can poor ANC learn something from them

  18. @Mathaz – I’m glad Collins was fired by the board. He abused his powers while his salary was agreed upon upfront. He also fired that HR person who questioned his actions. Prasa is a mess as is and that guy showed them early that he’s a monster who was going to further take the organization down. I don’t mind him negotiating a higher acting allowance but he must follow protocol (sounding like a politician). *waiting for Mrs M to defend his fellow black dude*

  19. Morning, I need help with 2 things.
    1stly, my mom will be retiring soon she is under government so she is confused as whether to settle for the government annuity and the little lupmsum or take her huge lupmsum and invest elsewhere (private company) and receive an annuity.
    2ndnly if any one knows of any boilermaker positions for someone with 5years experience please email me curvyz44@gmail.com.. TIA

  20. Well done @Trevor… The penthouse is gorgeous.

    Instant porridge is a NO from me.

    Thandi Matlaila bathong! ๐Ÿ™

    Mapaseka looks nice. I can’t help but see her character(Dintle)whenever I see her pics. Dintle wa mpolaya.

    Only watched the MMAs last night.
    *Mshoza’s performance *sigh*
    *Lvovo sdudla sa o jaiva monate, couldn’t help but smile while watching him.
    *Was happy to see Khanyi Mbau & Kelly K so cool with eachother since slaps were exchanged at some point, allegedly

    *The Humpty Dumpty song was playing in my head while watching Bujy and partner going on n on. Lol

    *Amon ena….. *Thank Gawd For PVR*

    Comments on Zeeba’s stew vors finished me! Lmao.

  21. The cost of Trevor Noah’s house in rands sounds ridiculous! R130 000 000! For a 3 bedroomed apartment in Manhattan!
    He has made it!!

  22. Collins has always been a law unto himself,its not the first time he defied Dipuo Peters.I realised now that he did exactly the same thing done by Hlaudi and I wonder how prevalent this practise is…#Animalfarmthings

  23. Thandi shame I’m sure naye she’s tired or not being tired of dressing so badly but styling team dololo

  24. Kim K try Joburg Gen, Bara book your self a speech therapy assessment they will make a report for you and a letter that you can always attach to your CV stating your speech disorder and the severity and or prognosis. They will charge according to your income

  25. *waiting for Mrs M to defend his fellow black dude
    She probably wouldn’t even know who Collins Letsoalo is ,what he has been accused of nor knows about PFMA or how SOE’s works but…

  26. @CurvyZ whatever your mum does she must not listen to insurance brokers that advise people to take the lump sum! She should take the 1/3 *I think* and leave the rest with the GEPF and get paid monthly. If she does not have medical aid please make sure that she applies for it ASAP to ensure that the state can subsidise her.

    My parent’s colleagues who took their whole lump sum *they were all going to invest RME *within 5 years money is finished and insurance brokers nowhere to been*

  27. Same here @bompy I cook porridge for over an hour anything instant I shy away from.

    @Cutie I don’t think the Board is telling us the truth re Collins…in most cases people who come from outside earn more than internal candidates…the % increase is not the same…why did he even negotiate his salary using an internal policy when he was not even an employee then? Surely they provided him with an offer letter which stated his salary; Collins is from the public sector and is aware of approval level he could not have approved it himself.

    I think the Board hated the fact that the Minister by passed them and seconded him to Prasa; a duty reserved for the Board to appoint a CEO even in an acting capacity.

  28. I think it’s not entirely true that the media is focusing on black people and sensationalising their incompetence. It just happens that due to the very same Transformation that we fought for , most SOC CEOs are black ( which is good). Public entities are funded mostly by tax payers money and have a direct impact on us as the public. Re-black vs white media – there was a Hattech CEO who got fired over racist remarks on social media. There was also that Standard Bank Chris Hart who was suspended under the same circumstances.
    In 2015 Barclays also fired their white CEO citing a need for new skills set. I guess the difference between public and private companies is that public tends to tolerate more nonsense than private companies.

  29. Wow Trevor Noah…halala. His Gf *Gorgeous* …Pearl Thus must leave Mr ChizCurl and get a rich husby orikante…I feel like only the Yellowbone type gets to flourish phesheya. When will your fave? Ndiyadlala

  30. A smaller lumpsum followed by annuities makes more sense and is easy to control. One huge lumpsum carries risks. And when its finished, its finished. At least she’ll be able to take care of her needs on an annuity.
    I know of a lady who took an early retirement, kanti a man with evil intentions was targeting her. This man sold her dreams, convinced her to take a lumpsum and took off with her money. Imagine. This lady had kids who still had to go to university

  31. @Mathaz – it was reported that it was the Minister herself who “recommended” that he keeps his R1.3 million package and only get a 12% acting allowance. He got to know how much Montana earned and got greedy.

  32. In addition to that @Mathaz, no organization would move ones salary from R1.3m to R5.9…..

  33. Didn’t he also forge a letter from the board approving the salary increase, Popo Molefe says they have never approved such.

  34. I am trying to search for any legilsation that mandates that she appoints and approves the salary increase of Prasa CEO @Cutie to no avail…please share if you know of such a document…

    So you also believe in black cheap labour…if they had the budget to pay Montana 5.9 then they could have hiked his salary a bit more…his duties from Transport and as a Group CE are totally different…he had taken additional duties with more risk…the higher the risk the more money one is entitled to…But I understand that 5.9 is a starting salary scalefor Prasa CEO…you start negotiating from 5.9 not below; does not matter how much you earned.

    Pay people their worth…I support Collins on this one.

  35. @Mathaz – I have said he could’ve negotiated his salary or acting allowance to be a bit more than what he got. But he didn’t instead forced his way into that increase. Unfortunately that’s not how it works. Consultation with the remuneration committee was critical to approve what he wants. Secondly that R5.9 m is not necessarily the starting salary there. There is a whole of attributes to arrive at such. But in terms of the labour law he was entitled to what Montana earned. He should have just followed the right process.

  36. Mathaz, its one thing to pay people their worth, but why didnt he address this without resolving to underhanded tactics. that the problem not the pay, but his conduct

  37. The 5.9 Million is not a going rate for PRASA CEO,Lucky Montana forged the motivation letter for his increase lR5.9)and connived with the previous board to approve it hence both the Minister and board were clear about his remuneration in his contract,if he feels underpaid he could have followed protocol instead of lying about approval letter from the board.Given his history of cutting corners I wouldn’t defend him at all.

  38. Re- involvement of the Minister in the appointment. The shareholder is responsible for the appointment of the CEO but with the Boards consultation. Prasa’s shareholder is DPE and the minister is Dipuo. That appointment was with the Boards consultation and agreement

  39. Isn’t PRASA’s parent department Transport? I always thought the Board approves the appointment of the CEO…the Minister only appoints the Board Chair as per PRASA’s legislative mandate.

  40. Prasa’s Board spokesperson on PowerBreakfast confirmed that Collins has a letter stipulating the R5.9 but apparently it was a standard letter for whoever is appointed CEO..it was presented to him just to “show” how much he would earn if he were Group CE…I will only believe that he agreed to the 12% if they produce a letter signed by Collins agreeing to such.I don’t believe the Prasa Board…as to why the Minister would approve a recommendation from the Board is baffling.The shareholder really does not have such delegations; especially for R1.3 ..we have witnessed it on the SABC inquiry…the Board has the final say.

  41. @Mathaz – the board doesn’t recommend. The minister’s office does and the board agrees

  42. So what are the duties of the Board if the Minister carry out tasks she is not supposed to? What is the role of the Accounting Authority then? The Board appoints @Cutie not the other way round.

  43. @bompy me and you sikanje *insert meme* I also think it’s the ruralness in me.
    Bloggers you know Google has nothing on JCers. Lol. Please help ne, where can I get wedding invitations and reception programmes designed and printed in Jozi? I’m looking for a traditional design. TIA

  44. The CEO at Eskom before Molefe (Brian Dames) earned R22million per annum. Molefe was sitting at about R9.4million. I think Dame was earning a lot before he joined Eskom

  45. I think that 5.9 was fair considering that it was what Lucky was getting paid. I’m however not in agreement with how he went about getting the package.

  46. Corporate governance has to apply even in the public sector. Pity he was fired and not just reprimanded. Also, can PRASA trains also get the same amount of police officers as the Gautrain which by the way carries a lesser risk to commuters’ personal safety. Can the ANC start looking after black people. I beg.

  47. Things i am curious about.

    1) Why Thandi dresses the way she does considering she is in the entertainment industry. I would’ve thought there is a need to look up to date.

    2) Is Tshepi V still dating JR after it was said here she found out he was cheating on Valentines. Also shes put on alot of weight in comparison to her Tibz days.

    3) Friends of Zamaberrie what is the arrangement there. Is she officially a 2nd wife? She surely behaves like it. Im also curious to know how Tazvi Makas wife feels.

    4) What has the outgoing Miss SA done for SA. Nthando K.

    5) Friends of Mayihlome is he going through a phase? That pic of him with Zizo where she looked amazing in a silver dress & he looked rather rough why.

    6) Do people think SA will end up like Zimbabwe with all thats going on?

    That Rupert wedding looked amazing! What a stunning bride!Litha did well my goodness. Sidenote i dnt/wnt believe he is gay ๐Ÿ™

    Lastly whats happening with the website online.

  48. Popo Molefe denies existence of such a letter Mathaz.I also was under the impression that SOE boards does all the work together with executives and Minister approves or rejects.

  49. Spring: re you number 6) what is going on in the country? Maybe you listen to 702 a lot and reading times and news24. But let me tell you, a lot of things are going wrong in the country and a lot of things are going right as well. Remember we are a young democracy and there are some necessary pains that we must endure. Pity the ANC bends over backwards trying to please people who give no isht about them at the expense of the people who vote for them. It’s not all doom and gloom. We don’t have the same president who was on the seat in 1997 for example and that is a good thing. @amberjc people don’t like phone blogging

  50. I refuse to believe that Collins was not provided with an acting letter stating his salary.He was promised the R5.9…Popo is no saint…any CEO who is “friendly” towards the Board will never last.

    SOEs are accountable to the Executive Authority…the shareholder just tracks performance progress; budget etx…that is even dependable on how involved the shareholder is…mainly the shareholder is a link between Treasury and the Executive Authority…so if an entity contravenes legislation it is the Portfolio Committees who are not doing their part.

  51. I work in one of the SOEs and when appointing a CEO, the board recommend and the Minister approves appointment.

  52. This phone blogging be annoying! Kiki fix it!. I don’t believe that the CEO can increase his own salary, this must be approved by the board. Even the increase of all employees and bonuses are approved by the board with management recommendations

  53. Well it depends on the delegations of authority but since he is an Executive he was not supposed to making it illegal. Governance and operational structures would not have allowed him to make a such a determination. If Prasa is so adamant then they should open a case of fraud against him.

  54. @spring….lol at your questions.i will just sit here and wait to hear the responses too coz mina answers dololo on all of the above

  55. @Mathaz and Mr Lungile – King III and other governance bodies have always been recommending that the CEO be appointed by the Board of Directors. Unfortunately not all SOCs follow this. In the company that I work for KPMG was always emphasizing the importance of giving the board the power it should have regarding the CEO and chairperson appointment. The shareholder unfortunately is still very much in control. I’m not surprised by Dipuos involvement in Collins salary.

  56. That was my impression too @Bereka,Ministers plays a “check and balance” of sorts same with President when Judges or heads of Chapter 9 institutions are appointed.I suspect that Collins is upset because he is punished for doing something that is prevalent in Public Sector even though illegal.

  57. Thank you so much for all your responses. Unfortunately I forgot to mention I am based in Durban. However I will try gov hospitals around here. Thanks a lot guys.

    @Hamilton my email address is emihleazania at gmail dot com looking forward to chatting to you.

  58. It is not a legislative mandate for the Ministers to appoint the CEO…it is a practice a bad one for that matter.It only becomes a duty of the Minister if the founding Act of the entity prescribes so; which I doubt…thw Accounting Authority has all the powers to apppoint the CEO…not recommend to the Minister even.

  59. @Mathaz – so true. I can already tell you that the SOC Boards are controlled and are not as independent as they should. Political parties are highly involved in the appointment. The Board is there just in the name.

  60. How I understand it, it starts with Legislation or scheduling. The shareholder (minister) appoints the board of directors to oversee the activities of Executive. A subcommittee of board Remuneration Committee is established to monitor pay levels of the organization. The delegation of authority will stipulate decision making power i.e. REMCO recommends pay and bonuses to the main board for consideration or board is merely informed as the accounting authority.

    Popo Molefe as the chairperson should write to the minister, informing the minister of his decision to increase or decrease pay of the executive. A job a evaluation exercise must have been undertaken to benchmark the pay scale of executive of SOEs within the same scheduling.

    Popo Molefe and his board are incompetent to have such practices being conducted under their watch. Informed or not.. significant internal processes of the organization must be known to them… Audit and Remuneration committee chairpersons must account

  61. @BlackStallion – my understanding of this matter is that the board was not fully aware of Collins actions. Remember the Board is not involved in the day-to-day running of the entity. They would usually meet quarterly or when there is a need. Remco had approved the 12% acting allowance. His “new” 350% was abuse of power from his side.that is why when this came out he got fired

  62. The Minister’s responsibility is to receive Board applications on behalf of the Executive Authority…forward recommended names to Parliament which then approves.The Minister at her discretion has the right to appoint the Board Chair; only the Chair.

    But we are abusing black executives…1.3 is too little for an entity such as Prasa; some other Executives where even earning more than him moes…why did they not appoint an internal.candidate?

  63. Things I Am Interested About:

    1) What makes a ”great presenter”?
    2) How does one get into radio. Is it about the voice, looks, popularity?
    3) How do record labels ”buy” awards?
    4) Why is Bonang called the Queen (of the entertainment industry)?

  64. Kim K get your GP to write you a referral letter Addington/RK KHAN ETC Most government hospitals have a Speech Therapy Department that’s where you can start or if you have money private therapists can assess and do a report for around R1500.

  65. Mathaz you’re correct the Chef Executives are underpaid. However, executive members through their job evaluation committees must submit to the board via their subcommittees benchmarked income levels and their desired market related income levels.. I once wrote a proposal for salary increases for an Exco to submit to their board and subcommittee and they were very timid… needless to say that they did submit and their salaries for some couple of years have been hovering between 5%-7% inflationary adjusted salaries..

    Cutie: please follow the link and read page 13&15..


  66. Offramp please, my best friend is getting married and was wondering if you know of any Instagram handle/website that I can check out traditional attire/designs for the bride and bridesmaids. Thanks in advance

  67. No girliegal she is probably bloated that time of the month or stopped smoking or just fat

  68. @BlackStallion – thanks for the link. Page 16 states that the executive authority should appoint a CEO with the Boards consultation. Executive Authority is your cabinet/ministers etc.
    The Board doesn’t seem to have much say in the appointment of a CEO.

  69. The traffic caused by the truck drivers towards Pretoria could be a nuisance but I support their cause. Most of these Independent Power producers are white and that would push our black entrepreneurs backwards.

  70. The Minister does not appoint the CEO @Cutie but you are free to believe otherwise; also read any Annual Report of an entity of your choice to understand reporting lines…anyway Collins was on JJ’s show last night and produced his appointment letter stating the actual salary of 5.9….he must take them to court.

  71. Valid and interesting viewpoints on the appointment of SOE CEO’s and the general worth of CEOs. May I contribute a delayed, but important tidbit?

    Collins was SECONDED to Prasa, not appointed. His secondment letter (as do ALL such letters) clearly stated he remains an employee of the DoT, his salary grade would not change but would get a 12% Acting Allowance. When the real GCEO is appointed, he would revert to his old job (minus the Acting Allowance) and stay with his R1.3m salary and grade.

    As such, he is (or at least should be, I haven’t checked) at his old job at Transport after being fired from ACTING in Prasa…rolling on his R1.3m

    I hold the view that after agreeing to the 12% allowance, he should have applied for appointment to the post (note: it is already advertised) where he would be subjected to the same as other applicants and if successful, negotiate a market-related salary that is commensurate with his own skills and experience – which could be less or even more than what Montana earned based on his skillset and negotiation skills.

  72. Molweni wethu at the JC Towers. Kiki kalok wawuthe uzibha uzoza neTea yeMetros & its wednesday iiMetros bezii 4days ago. Just a friendly reminder.
    Audi bendicela iInternational news. Azi hottt iindawa ovasi & u havent posted ngala beef ka nicki & remy i just downloaded shether yhuuu remy is petty.
    Ok sho, back to politics.

  73. Oh whos the dark skinned politician that is or used to be the deputy mayor of tshwane? Hes in the anc ngutata omdala & he wears glasses. Heee imagine him offering me 5grand to sleep with him, akamdala, i mean i like money but even my generous vagina has standards *bheqululas amehlo am a-cute*

  74. Oh, generally the Board appoints (and fires) the CEO…unless the founding legislation says otherwise. For example, the Broadcasting Act provides so hence the gorgeous lawyer who is the Minister of Communications appointed Mr. Cloudy (read Hlauidi), following the Board’s recommendation. Some companies state in their Articles how they appoint.

  75. “i like money but even my generous vagina has standards ” kanti what is the going rate @Sis Bae bedliwa mahhala abantu phandl’apha?

  76. @Sis Bae kutheni ingathi uthetha ngo Conrad nje…andimazi ukuba uyintoni kwi ANC but idescription ifana naye…lisela le mpundu ke elo. Baleka ngenyawo zombili…sevela kundicela oku kwam uyayithanda kelonto i5k…uhamba nge posh eblakhi…uhlalela ama students rumuor has it ikhondom akayisebenzisi. Baleka nana baleka….

  77. We hear you Sifelani. I so wish that the process was as fair as it should. In entities where there are lucrative procurement deals it’s very tough. The candidate is “known” and deliberated upon way before the advert is placed. I wish there was uniformity in the process. Unfortunately I can’t divulge much as this could compromise my anonymity. In the legal councils/judge appointments the Ministers don’t care much. But where there is a potential for lucrative deals it’s a different matter altogether.

  78. Sis Bae and Lovely doll, Question: this person of yours is is interested in what kind of people and where does he hang out? I really could do with 5000, I’m so broke

  79. Lmao Exile…I’m short light skin…bodywise think Queen Twerk…I have seen him with skinny chicks…akanatype utya kwanto…he owns ama flat e-Visagies and Andries…ngekhe umdike phaya ngemonthend…or Topflo or House 22…zi ex zika Phuthi Khomo or naye wayeyo collecta i5k yakhe angazi.

  80. Thanks lovely doll isishwapa sam nomkhaba will not let me prosper. The only criteria I come close to fitting there is light skinned (also very questionable) let me walk on by

  81. All is fair in love and war, @Mathaz. Anything money related is war mntase. If singaphika no fair, ngabe imali yami (read tax, including SIN tax) does not support murderes and rapists in jail, nor babies conceived nilly willy – bedlana bodwa but kukhokhe mina and a range of other things I wouldn’t pay for if I had the choice… it is excrutiatingly subjective.

  82. Yazi this Collins-Prasa drama reads like the soapie at the SABC towers, different cast, same story.

  83. Watching the SCOPA hearing @Sebzy…to think that Aguma once worked at the AG…but the wasteful expenditure under hos watch is worrisome.

    @Sifelani is Bathabile seeking an extension or not?

  84. @Cutie:Renewable energy is not a black against whites fight. there are a lot of black entrepreneurs who also want to break into the industry. sewage recycling and solar energy, that is the future. unions need to update themselves with information and evolve. theyre just like the taxi industry which is holding on to a model that continues to abuse black people and goes unchecked

  85. Cutie that is how the world really works.. If DA was to be in power, you will experience the same paradigm shift of power. More especially in those procurement processes…

  86. Yazi it really bothers me when, as a country, we consider someone with a GROSS salary of R1.5m per annum (R125, 000 BEFORE tax) as rich. So rich, they should sommer handover about half of that just nje. Sure, someone who has no or little income (through no doing of the said individual) may think this is huge, but it is NOT.

    Ironically, the govt that helps itself to this hard earned cash is doing such a poor job of providing basic services that the person has no choice but to use /pay for private security, health care and education for their family.

    Am concerned that our bar is too low if we think that someone who takes home about R65K pm is RICH. Better off, maybe. Most likely worked their ass off, sacrificing a lot along the way to get there (yes, sleeping ones way to the top is also hard work; as is defending the indefensible Msholozi).

    Plus, we don’t know the actual living expenses…A R20k bond, R15k Q5, R5k pm per child (use avg 3 kids), R3,5k Helper plus groceries, DSTV, extra curricular activities, transport for everyone, utilities quickly deplete that R65K.

    Even if uhlala at a paid 4 roomed house elokishini, driving your paid up car with no children etc. This entitlement to others’ hard earned cash bothers me. We’d all like to be rich, and work damn hard and sacrifice an awful lot to get there. Cut the black child some slack (yes, I just played the race card)

  87. @Mathaz, she is playing her (blank) cards very close to her chest. CEO says no plan B for 1 April, Bathabile says no worries, ikhona iplan. Nothing filed with my Bae (read ConCourt) yet.

    In order for no problems to occur come 1 April, SASSA has to 1) appoint a provider – with no tender out, this seems unlikely in 4 weeks, or 2) extend the CPS contract, which they cant do without Treasury and ConCourt’s express approval – NT has said only if ConCourt agrees, ConCourt cant risk setting a precedent nor be held to ransom (theirs is law making or compliance, not so much welfare, although they consider this) or 3) use internal capabilities – which do not exist.

    All we can do is speculate, but am wary of doing such in these here streets. Context is often forgotten during future fetch’ation so nje my answer is simply, angazi

  88. Lol the generous vagina part was a joke. As per my ag a while back i have a baeballer & baebroke who is my side because his sex is so bomb. Im in a very committed relationship though just that bae literally has limited time for us (business) & i think i hate not being made a priority.
    Re:old man. Yes lovelydoll think thats him. I was like nah… i mean i cant be sleeping with daddies esp for money, bae takes care of me & my little stipend is enough. I was just a bit offended to be offered money for sex. I met him at a hotel, bae was in the room & i was going downstairs for something, we met in the lobby & he was with some younger guys & ladies, they invited me to join them & i was like, ok gimme a sec ill ask bae lol

  89. I see the personal tax increase has got you pressed hahahahahaha @Sifelani…we are a welfare state strue.The government cannot carry the social welfare bill anymore…it’s too much.

  90. @LolaRhymes – I’m not familiar with the Energy industry. I heard them (Transport) complaining at a certain forum recently post the SONA and they made the impression that the industry is white dominated and the barrier to entry is steep.

  91. Interesting debate. My take is that many of the people earning R1,5m are not necessarily relying on their salaries alone. They have other income streams, hence the new tax bracket. But it’s still a lot of money to be going into tax bakithi

  92. Not just the personal tax, the company tax also went up, plus they introduced some nonsense about Dividend tax on top of that. Those combined come to around 38% of profits…And when one wants to drown their sorrows, well, there’s Sin tax on whisky AND sugar tax on the Appetiser yokudesha

    Nywe, nywe entrepreneurship is the way to go, nywe, nywe grow your business…so we can have 40% of your profit to loot as we please, then another 45% of your salary on top of that. Accounting is about to be veeerry creative now. Brown envelopes and suitcases will be the order of the day. Greed WILL shrink the taxpool. Bese kuthiwa Moyane under-collected by some R30bn kanti abantu bakhathele.

  93. In addition to the increased tax threshold the interest rate, petrol, e-tolls etc haven’t stopped increasing. Phew!

  94. I knew it was only a matter of time before JC-bloggers in the 45% tax-bracket started posting their fury about the increase,one even brushed me off with her manufactured modesty on sunday Lol.Go on silalele…

  95. Lmao mara Thandi guys, she makes me want to cry. Why ale so? Yaz I went to the same high school as her and she has not changed one bit. Ayi, wa pala

  96. Yazi I had a retort Mr. Right, then remembered where we are. Focus, hle. Am trying to catch up on news, what are all the skeletons I hear are tumbling out of Brian Mokefe’s and Jimmy Manyi’s closets???? Allegedly, some FNB bank teller has been suspended for forging Brian Molefe’s ANC membership ‘deposit slip’ krkrkr. He also got a 41% discount on his mansion? And Jimmy Manyi (or is it the PPF?) Being funded by the same Eskom and Transnet that Brian led?? Somebody update us, please

  97. ANC membership forms forgery is an old tradition countrywide,its curious that only FNB seem to be always implicated.PFP and Bathabile were suppose to have their respective press conferences today but lutho,Brian had a very interesting property transaction and he refuses to respond,the black excellence,transformation warrior mask seem to be coming off Brian’s face,ngathi he is corrupt after all.Back to your tax increase fury,have you considered those offshore tax havens Sifelani?Phela your millions can’t be wasted on R100 pens and paying off abo Buhle Mkhize

  98. Its about time SA increased its taxation levels. The income gap between the have and have-nots needs some narrowing. As welcome as this decision was, its been long overdue. The next move government needs to be ballsy enough to make, is to increase social spending to include an unemployment benefit for those who are neither pensioners or disabled. For as long as the current economic and social barriers exist,for those who are able bodied but unable to find gainful employment through disadvantages not of their making, society must pay a toll for that until the playing field is equal. I don’t know how we can find it acceptable to know that millions of SA’ans go to bed hungry because of a mere accident of their birth.

  99. @Enigma, surely it is not my doing that the next person cannot find gainful employment. I just billed for 17hours today. Surely, the person olele while i slave away T my laptop is not my responsibility, right??

  100. The next ballsy move that would be welcome is to curb corruption and reduce reckless spending. If the money we all contribute whether via VAT or sin tax or PAYE or whatever was spent correctly, there’d be a fiscal surplus. Surely society can’t expect others to dig deeper in their pockets to fund the status quo? Surely not

  101. Illicit outflows are also a problem in our country. If only all these big companies were not avoiding and evading tax individuals wouldn’t be over burdened

  102. Yhaz as things stand I would welcome legalising prostitution and imposing tax on the “workers”. Some of them claim to make between 3k – 10k a day. During busy seasons (read SONA/Rallies) they triple this figure. That would make a huge difference. It’s totally unfair for “high” income earners to carry this burden alone

  103. If Cyril Ramaphosa were to be a president, don’t you think that he will be clouded by conflict of interest in many transactions with government? Some interests are very minor but with his vast wealth in many companies, won’t this cause problems?

  104. The same govt that is taxing the life out of abo Sifelani is to blame for the illicit outflow @Vesa,years ago they relaxed the “foreign exchange control” policy whereby individuals and corporations were now allowed to ship out more money than before out of the country and it became a free for all.Wealthy individuals and companies found loopholes in this policy and even when caught they just had to pay a fine,chickens are coming home to roast.
    Hands off ladies of the night @Cutie,they face enough humiliation to still be taxed Lol

  105. Do any of you know where I can go for a quick loan besides banks and the likes cause am not working but have a steady income

  106. @Mr Right- that’s better. The ones I knew about was McDonalds. I was under the impression that he still has shares at Bidcvest and standard bank Let’s give him a chance despite the Marikana saga. He’s still better than Nkosazana re-proxy.

  107. There’s a quote ethi “No man can be wise on an empty stomach”…..Cyril’s is not that empty, unlike Zuma. He’ll probably make a better president.

  108. MorongwaReloaded says:

    Do any of you know where I can go for a quick loan besides banks and the likes cause am not working but have a steady income

    Posted on March 2nd, 2017

    Try Charles Kunutu, he’s very credible.

  109. @Mr Right- re-humiliation of the ladies of the night. Kaloku like any other profession, an ombudsman will need to be in place and a lot of regulations regarding their rights. People abuse them because they have nowhere to go.

  110. Mara we don’t complain when u guys have a monotonous Vuzu discussion @bae…702 discussion kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  111. Mr Anti andithi we come here to get away from such heavy discussions now instead of talking about Pinks, the Metros, the Oscars, sidechick drama, etc, we are being reminded that we are gonna pay more tax, how corruption is screwing us over

  112. Come back ngomso ke @bae,I do that too when PVZ telenovela goes on for days

  113. It hurts to think about the tax issue, the harder you work, the more you earn, the more you get taxed.I wouldn’t have a problem if I knew my money was being used for good and not falling into the hands of dirty corrupt politicians and tenderpreneurs.

    Someone please break down this SASSA saga for me in 5 points. End off with why and how the minister has not been fired yet

  114. @Morongwa. . How much you want? There’s a limit to what we borrow people… do u have proof of income? Give me your email address

  115. @Sofia – krkrkrkr….let me try

    1. Sassa has contract with CPS for the grants payments
    2. The contract expires on 31 of March 2017 and the tender for a new service provider has not been issued yet (it’s now too late)
    3. In the absence of an appointment new service provider, the grant beneficiaries risk not getting paid.
    4. SAssa and its minister promised that they have a backup plan I.e paying the beneficiaries directly into their bank accounts or negotiating an extension of the contract with National Treasury
    5. Based on the merits of this case, there is no justification to extend this contract. Amongst many things is that this is not a completion of a project that has already started.
    6. SASSA had already spoken to CPS way before about the extension which raised further questions

  116. Thank you Cutie.

    Any explanation on why there wasn’t a process to find a new contractor? Why was it just left until the crisis?? I find it hard to fathom that they just sat back and made no attempts to start a tender process. Gross misconduct of the highest order on the part of the minister. Unbelievable actually

  117. You see this SASSA saga is not new in the construction space. Extensions are the order of the day, where Law firms, departments and contractors collude. A contractor does not finish a job, then govern takes it back through litigation and now the law firm has the contract on behalf of their client and a new contract will take over the project without tendering. Because the project was not completed. Now a new understanding will be crafted, the understanding that the margins will be split between the departments officials, the initial contractor and the law firm… confusing web I know

  118. The process of finding a new service provider is stuff made for reality shows @Sofia.After the CPS contract was declared illegal in 2014 SASSA was ordered to embark on that process of finding a new service provider asap and report every step to the Concourt.What Bathabile did was to delay,postpone,delay and eventually cancelled the tender somewhere in 2015 and reported to Concourt that SASSA would now take over the grants payments(insource).Then suddenly in December 2016 SASSA re-advertised the tender because insourcing wont be possible due to capacity and gave yhe deadline for February 2017(truly shpcking),then suddenly SASSA complained that bidders didn’t meet their standard and they have no choice but to extend CPS’s contract.In summary Bathabile his been playing ping-pong games with Concourt and Parly for 4 years and now they acting like victims using the plight of the poor as blackmail.

  119. Can someone please assist with Nomi Superstaโ€™s contact details please ITโ€™S URGENT

  120. I had no idea this was happening until it blew up in the media.
    And their best solution is to pay people cash, our mothers are going to be robbed ? what a disaster

  121. In some parts of our country, many people have been receiving their grant money cash. A practice that’s been done for many years, especially in the rural villages. The cash vans are always accompanied by the police. It seems that many people are not aware of this

  122. That’s why they keep changing their minds about approaching Concourt because they will have to explain why they never implemented the court’s directive and worse of all they don’t have plan b because even that truck delivery option needs to be advertised.If it was Helen Zille doing this to black people there would be fury and insults by now.The way ANC leaders hate black people is truly amazing indeed.

  123. @Vesa- In the Eastern Cape they used to pay people cash until they robbed the cars carrying the cash including the beneficiaries. The card system is much safer. It was mostly an inside job

  124. What still shocks me about SASSA is that the grants is their core function if not the only function. How do you fail at what you get paid to do? Who benefits from this service provider whose tender was regarded as invalid?

  125. “Who benefits from this service provider whose tender was regarded as invalid?”
    One of them is Lunga Ncwana who is always discussed here and was accused of looking like a butch lesbian Lol

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