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Retail giant, Edgars, celebrated the ‘cloth of music,’ with its adventurous Edgars Denim Experience. In celebrating denim’s flexibility and knack to be all things to all people, the local fashion retailer went on an unforgettable joy ride, this past weekend, starting in the inner city of Johannesburg with a celebrity shoot and climaxing at the exclusive Edgars Denim Experience Lounge at Black Coffee’s Block Party in Soweto

The campaign featured actor and presenter Kay Sibiya; actress and presenter Mbali Nkosi; actor Nkuli Tshirumbula; founder and Editor-in-Chief of According to Jerri, Jerri Mokgofe; actress Duma Ntando as well as presenter and model K Naomi – who took part in a scrumptious shoot styled by Jerri Mokgofe and photographer Philly Mohlala, against the cultural heart of Newtown Precinct. The dynamic denim squad then wrapped the day up with a build-up party for the Black Coffee Block Party at the popular Great Dane Bar in Braamfontein.

“The stories people tell with their denim bring them to life! Denim is a canvas for customization that not only celebrates our similarities but also our individuality – and I guess you can say the same about music,” said Letso Phiri, Managing Executive for Brand and Product Marketing at Edgars


Our celebrity guests graced the exclusive Edgars Denim Experience VIP Lounge with their fans to share their personal denim stories of character, adventure, weekend fun, hanging in the city and forging of new paths on the Edgars Denim Experience Wall while the nation’s hottest artists took to the Black Coffee Block Party stage – entertaining crowds and etching great denim stories with hit after hit.

Starting this week, it’s time to dial up your festive season outfits with a pair of fashionable denim from Edgars:

img_2451The crazy and beautiful Duma Ntando with Kay Sibiya.

img_2460The hot Nkuli Tshirumbula.

img_2481Them cool kids.

img_2512mmmmmhhhh uhlelo fifteen on fleek.

img_2532Jonga sana Mbali is serving on a platter.


img_2540see what I  mean.

img_2500Jerri Mokgofe from According to Jerri.

img_2469K-Naomi could serve me anytime in this pair of denims and those sandals.

img_2472playful Kay Sibiya.img_2549

Let’s eat!

img_2496The big table.

I definitely wouldn’t mind any of these guys denims yazi maybe Edgars stores will be one of my stops this festive.


See anything you could rock?

Supplied Images & Content by DNA Architects

Zeeba (c)

@ Zolanimasombuka



  1. I can wear KNaomi jeggings.

    ave singangichazi istayela sokuveza amaqakala emadodeni. kodwa mhlampe it’s because I’m old.

    Morning blockers

  2. Northie says:

    Minnie Dlamini vs Pumza Nohashe (her former manager);

    F I R E W O R K
    4h4 hours ago
    F I R E W O R K ?@AinaRaizaKweyo
    yoooh @PumzaNohashe everyone that you had or manage is “IT”. @MinnieDlamini @bonang_m @NomzamoMbatha. your work is amazing. carry on ma ???
    Minenhle Dlamini
    Minenhle Dlamini – Verified account ?@MinnieDlamini

    @AinaRaizaKweyo No my dear I am much better off without her. My life couldn’t be better ?
    7:43 AM – 18 Dec 2016

  3. Morning all…
    I saw a pic of Sarah Langa at her wedding and I got chesties. New years resolution: I’m having a white wedding next year 🙂

    In other news my Croccies is walking and calling people names. Weird names 🙁 she calls me Dudu that sometimes sounds like Juju BUT she can say Koko just fine… whyyyyyyy

  4. Lol @Northie I saw the tweet. Minnie is very spicy. Finally her fiancé has been revealed. I saw a tweet that the twitter NEC decided to keep Minnie fiancé a top secret as long as BONANG aka babeswestena is still alive.

    Ayalimazaamadoda…so a friend of a friend husband just walked out on her. Guy stopped eating supper, sex and talking to ugirl for like 2 weeks and girl was like arg I’m not even going to bother maybe he’s just going through a phase or something. Come end of the month and ubrothers doesn’t contribute towards bond repayment and ugirl asks why he hasn’t contributed and his response was it’s because I’m paying rent for my new place. As we speak brothers packed all his clothes and left ugirl….Ayalimaza!!! So girl is relocating to Cape Town this December to start a fresh new life. Note that she doesn’t have a job in cpt she’s risking it all and has saved about 100k for the white wedding so she’s going to use all that money to survive until she gets a job.

  5. @mommy was Croc. Sarah langas wedding took me out of silentville. I’m curious though,bo boity,bonang,that celeb dentist and a bunch of other celebrities were there.Is she friends with them or she just wanted a star studded wedding?I can’t imagine inviting my dentist who cleaned my teeth once and filled in one tooth to my wedding

  6. Ewu ayalimaza nyhani amadoda. I wish this lady wouldn’t leave her job yhazi @Credit.
    That response by Minnie seems a bit unnecessary for me.
    In other news: I was going through the pics of eyadini, hay depression just engulfed me coz I am always home or at work. I want to ask the people that go out all of the time even though they have kids, how they manage 🙁 I am so sad.

  7. @Credit yuuuuuu, that’s sad, strength to your frnd’s frnd, God will provide her with a new job #MenAreTrash

  8. Mmateboho,to me it was an OK wedding I was expecting more….konje when did they start dating? Early this year neh. Even yesterday’s wedding was a wow wedding.

    Croc o stroya next year. Wena you hot this life thing right.

  9. @Gwen…..I also asked myself that question yazi? Are they friends….friends, or acquaintances? If they are friends, then it’s all good. Minnie stays being angry…..ayi man! What an unnecessary tweet

  10. Dumelang….
    #Menaretrash nyani,@Credit my heart breaks for your friend and every woman that is going through a heArtbreak especially now ka festive.Men can be disrespectful.
    On other news,I am still in hospital,I am feeling better but the scars from my operation,tjo,they need 5 oils or else I will never wear crop tops.

  11. I feel like Minnie shouldn’t have responded to that tweet. Ai.
    @Credit that’s hectic. Strength to your friend.

    I had a dream where I had packed all my stuff and was moving. I woke up happy and anxious coz vele I need to move so I’m really praying for some good news. Keep me in your prayers bazalwane, I need this break!

  12. That first pic ya Mbali is so cute. Love it!

    @mommywacroc your baby sounds so nunus bathong 🙂

  13. Bathong umshado ka Sarah Langa wamuhle stru.

    So I had a dream ngi hambise my cousin to go give birth at the hospital, next thing I’m the one who gave birth yena bayamjikisa bathi it’s not time yet. I was so happy in the dream, my daughter was so cute and I named her Mphoentle. I don’t know what it means, but bengijabule Kakhulu.

    I hope it’s a sign I’m gonna receive good news, Modimo wa itsi mara.

  14. Someone here on JC said marriage favours men, thats just so true. I also know of a woman who’s husband just walked out on her and the kids. Worse, his family was in full support of this. These people had a white wedding 12months ago. Its really heartbreaking. I reckon being single is the way to go.

  15. my top 5 photo edit apps

    1. Aviary
    3. snapseed
    4. afterlight
    5. picsart

    they’re ios and android user friendly. plz stop using instagram filters. to get most from aviary, sign up for the Adobe ID. it also backs up your pictures ALL OF THEM

  16. Happy Holidays beautiful people.

    Sarah’s wedding was absolutely beautiful and people were dressed to the nines. Bonang was one of my best dressed yena le my ‘future self’ Kefilwe Mabote.

    I don’t think Minnie’s tweet was unnecessary just petty. Clearly she wants people to know that she was ill treated and natural that’s how most of us would have reacted. I heard that Minnie has left Jarred Doyle and is now with CapacityRelations the same agency as Pearl Thusi meaning that there might be something brewing in 2017. All the best Minnie ntombi.

  17. Poor Minnie…. I also think she should not have responded but then again we all react differently. I can only imagine the level of fakeness amoungst all the celeb invitees at SL’s wedding. Fake kisses and friendships etc. But the wedding was stunning. SL and Kefiboo are just so stunning…

  18. Molweni.
    Hayini ninani yithani niyadlala?So amadoda just decide to up and leave their marriages: no explanation, nikisi nje!At least umuntu kumele akhulume asho usethandana nomunye umuntu akasakufuni,yhini na zinkosi.No balls nje?

  19. Did you guys see how basic Bonang looked next to Kefiboo @Sarah’s wedding

    why is khune so hurt bathong you’d swear Sbahle didn’t happen

  20. Minnie will heal when it’s time for her, new management, new fiancee, things are lining up for her.
    Weddings and funerals bring people together, call it whatever you want, she invited people that meant a lot to her on her big days and they honoured her with their presence,fake kisses fake hugs etc, you see what you want to see.. Sprinkle some love on yourself, it’s Christmas..

  21. So we got lobola’d on Friday and then he decided to voetsek to Marituis on Saturday morning with his kids and God knows who else leaving me with umntana ongaphuma nanini na – I think he will be back after Christmas. This will be our first Christmas apart.

    Ebesa lobolela ntoni na bahlali?
    Mnxim – ingathi ngeyijikiswa nalomali or better yet i’ll use it for my holiday next year with my son.

  22. I am not sure why I am at work…its going to be a long day
    GPS to Sarah’s wedding please

  23. Thank you Zama. I never knew all these apps now we can all be great these big days hahaha.

    Yes sprinkle some love on urself Mrs messi. Bonang and co all looked lovely.(Basic where?)

  24. There’s a guy on Instagram who goes by the name ‘teeenice’ labhuti is yummy. Any info? Uyenza amawololo.

    @Nomi_Super Banjalo ke amadoda nhonho they will chew the sugary life out of you and then spit you out once the tastelessness of life has bored them and they want to feel ‘young’ again. Been tend to live a double life and that’s really devilish shem to do that to someone.

    @Teddie Are you in CPT? If so then enjoy baby.

  25. Hello Bahlali. It’s good to see there’s still some activity on here. Some of us are still kwa Baas Jan till the end of the week. I saw Your Queen next to Kefi. I thought maybe she did her own make up on that day :(. The wedding was stunning Shem. And they looked so happy. #halalaness to them. I’m so tempted to discuss the happenings za kwa PVZ but I shall refrain.

  26. @Messi if thats how bonang looks when she’s basic ,haisana i don want to know how she looks like when she slays mos ….si high standard sakho se basicness my love yhooo LOL

  27. @HBIC you sound like you want to verify something about teeenice *inserts eye emoji*
    Sarah looked beautiful, Jehan is baeable yazi. I didnt like Bonangs jumpsuit. everyone looked beautiful

  28. @Diphetogo, tlo ka tsona nnake. Ke ko ga Baas, just to mark the register. I have all the time to catch up on JC…

    Anywho, I’m only catching up on Friday AG’s. Tjo so may heartbreaks !!!

    1. chantal Dec 16, 2016 at 6:46 am
    Brokenfleur, my colleague (widow) says he gives her son who is about 7/8 food on tray but not the girl who is 13… that’s where most problems start. She was looking for a new tray for him yesterday.
    Tjo ! What the Faque is with your friend @Chantal? Did her inlaws put her up to this ? Or is she mentally unstable after the hubby’s death ?

    @Sweetcakes, your ex is enjoying of having Two Sweetcakes wena le current. You are just a side plate ya go jewa fela.

    @Mmadikgang, nna I did disclose with both my pregnancies. I was on contract and both companies gave me 6 weeks for maternity leave. The first time, I was 7 months and second time, I was 2 months.

    @ReturnSoldier, bo Mme ba Lesotho ba jwalo Ausi. The Sooner you make peace that they might not come back, Jan/ Easter or June Holidays. But don’t lose hope or take your Nunuberrie to crèche. You will find one that is right tsatsi le leng. I eventually got a good one after changing them every 2 months. #AboNannyBaYaLimaza. Let me know if you need a referral or Go to Facebook page (Mara ke eng ka Nanny e). It has loads of referrals and stories tsa bo #Ausi/Nanny/Mme/Mmane

  29. LOL @MsChoc you’re too shady ma’am. I really find him baeable in the same way you find Jehan akhonto wethu… Mmmmhm even more so that he takes care of himself is an absolute A++.

    Nadia Nakai wore the same Jumpsuit Bonang wore and she looked basic AF whereas Bonang gave us subliminal Hollywood Glam. What made her outfit were the earrings and the belt as well as the wig either than that she wasn’t short of ‘basic’ but she looked beautiful.

  30. Guys im not bashing ne, but Bonang didnt look like her pictures in real life 🙁 ! Maybe she does sometimes but errm: Zama those are the most random apps from google! Lol the best editing app is PIC, TAP & GO…. and most celebrities never use those instagram filters because it shows on the pic

  31. Nkuli Tshirumbula(sp) is just as yummy, konje he’s Venda? *inserts eggplant emoji* LMAO! AH Nkuli ndovhuwa?!

  32. Im also curious if it was just a star studded wedding, unless all those people are friends . Melodys dress gave me eastern mosaic vibes, Lali ubemhle

  33. HBIC Dec 19, 2016 at 11:18 am
    Nkuli Tshirumbula(sp) is just as yummy, konje he’s Venda? *inserts eggplant emoji* LMAO! AH Nkuli ndovhuwa?!
    LOL LOL LOL You just had to go there!!! *dead* I wasn’t ready shemm

  34. @homeWreker yini le eyifakile vele umcwebecwebe mani I dont like it shame , imbi Lol Kefi is the one shame

  35. as much as Minnie changes teams and jobs its a pity that she cant present to save her life. Ntombi yomZulu needs to stick to coming soon photoshoots. If we had a penny every time your fave posted about something ‘coming soon’ we’d be rich. I see Lorna no longer hangs with Norma and Mpumipops but the Kefi Boos now

  36. @MsChos AHAHAHAHAHA i am so done with you , uthi she must stick to the “coming soon’ photo shoots…lets hope the wedding will not end koma “coming soon” archives

  37. Guys the word Basic should never be used in a sentence with Bonang Matheba ,lets not ever downplay her when it comes to fashion …she played the hell out of that jumpsuit .actually the girls stayed all round shame ..even Boity looked cute fashion wise

  38. @Diphetogo musa ukuba so hawu…woza nazo.
    @Nelley I was talking about that with a friend just this weekend. Bonang just has a really good face for make up. and she airbrushes her pics well. But in person she’s like so normal

  39. Kefi Boo is a beauty, love her style too. @Nelly yep its not Bonang’s best look, the lighting or the filters failed her. but I also find these nude lipstick colours don’t come out nicely on pics

  40. @mrs messi Jehan is Farah’s ex husband. This is his third marriage, he divorced his ex wife who he has a son with late 2014.

  41. Anyways,,,to the blogger with nanny drama, I feel you. My nanny is leaving tomorrow, and she’s leaving for good cause I told her I would not be needing her next year. So the past few days nje umuntu uya actor lapha kwami, yazi nannies are cut from some cheap garment shemm.

  42. @Homewrecker I beg to differ Re: Boity. That dress overwhelmed her and she ended up looking like a hanger. She’s a constant reminder of the phrase: “When bad clothes happen to good people.” Prime example. Even Daphney Phasha(sp) wore the hell out of that dress and she’s twice as old as Boity. Ladies you need to invest in a good seamstress that can alter your clothes to your body shape, even if it is your size, certain things just don’t sit well.

    Was Mevrou Gigabyte daar? Phela she’s a roach that one LOL.

  43. MsChoc…..Lorna won’t hang with Mrs Gigs, because Mayor of Ekurhuleni happened and Mrs Gigs had to intervene and pick a side

  44. “Me,I really love and enjoy my husband,but Dear God,I don’t like marriage. Marriage is for men,HOW we were duped into believing its for us and being chosen to be a wife is an honor,I don’t know”
    Is this the real Sister-Act?Hehehehe Adonbilivit.

  45. #AyalimazaAmadoda I guess it’s human nature to want to belong and be loved. Because, in my interactions with the majority of men, I’ve concluded that, women are having it hard out there. Most of these men are just not well groomed to be in relationships, let alone marriages

    But because of our need to be loved and belong, we marry these men knowing deep down all is not well. There is no way that a man just walked out like that after a year! there must have been issues that the lady decided to ignore or hope/pray they will go away….

  46. Thanks @125ddd. It’s a lovely pic. I also think Kefiboo looks better than Bonang here #myopinion

  47. @Posh
    Or, we actually haven’t heard the full/true story… Do these things happen.. Hell yes…
    But a man loving you one minute, y’all get yourselves married and the next minute he packs up and leave without anything happening.. Nah fam…

  48. I just so amused at how touched these men are about being called trash, like they havent been calling us names all our lives.
    If you arent trash, then dont take it personally,
    RE: Men being trash, a nyaope boy raped my friends grandmother last month. Men dont even trust each other and somehow we are supposed to trust them. So tired.

  49. @Mr lungile, its me. I love my husband,I don’t love marriage,I feel its the greatest lie a patriachal society spun on women.In fact I firmly believe that patriachy is kept alive by marriage. Men will be f@*cked the day women decided “actually,no thanks to the instituation,let’s hang out for 50 years”. I don’t enjoy it,I don’t believe in it,I don’t even want it anymore. I just want the man. Need anymore clarity? Feel free to ask.

  50. @P-wO. He left you to go on holiday day after lobola! Hawu nkosiyam and you are heavily pregnant! Like WTF! Things that some men do will leave you perplexed.

  51. I am going to be very controverial and state “Matter of Factly” that Kefiboo looks better than Bonang any day. Bonang is one of my faves…probably second after Terry Pheto… but in my oponion Kefilwe is the gorgiest between the her and out girl B*…

  52. #AyalimazaAmadoda a friend was telling me about this girl, dated a guy for 5 years. on the 3rd year, guy weza kubo girl wazocela, about some time last year guy lost his job, girl provided for him and even put him on her medical aid. the were not staying together during this 5years, u girl stayed at home u guy has his own place, but she goes there whenever and spends most time there. A couple of weeks ago girl starts receiving abo “leave my husband bitch”. then last week girl goes to boyfriend’s place as normal and find wife there. wife pulls a marriage certificate as proof. u girl asks u boyfriend ukuthi so how did you do this for 5 years, I’ve never seen anything that shows ukuthi khona umuntu ohlala naye la? Guy’s response “mina ngiyakwazi ukudlala ama cards ami” Yoh!!

  53. How did this get into who’s prettier between Kefiboo and Bonang nkosi yam ? yam woman confuse me sometimes, always complaining about having it hard, being pinned against each other blah blah blah BUT the funny thing is that every chance they get most woman will pin the woman against each other …if the pic had to man on it woman where going to be drooling and stuff …ladies y’all can do better than that ..

  54. @homewrecker lol, and there is the rate a celeb beauty, checkers, woolies. #Amalabels Ayalimaza … someone has to BEST the other always…

  55. “only you know your wife and your marriage. How do they have a point point by telling you to risk your marriage to a woman they don’t love nor know?@Blackstallion,you’re a good man,there’s no weekness in that. It takes strength of character to be a Blackstallion in a world full of Mr lungiles. We appreciate you,we strive to raise boys like you”
    You seem to be in 2 minds(confused) about this marriage institution Sister-Act,mara why vele vele?

  56. Bonang is very pretty. Kefikwe mabote is also very pretty. Between them… i prefer Kefikwe’s overall look and style.

  57. @Homewrecker
    what/who else can generate comments on JC..ku dry lekhaya…
    I loved kefi’s shoes and her whole ensemble….she’s definitely no more an IG model who snaps with expensive cars, whatever she has i hope she quickly harnesses it and flourishes, associating with (Lorna and B*) will only do her good.
    Have you always seen Kefiboo like that or its just a recent occurence..

    Speaking of besties, I see kefi no longer hangs with @fashionistaCT who actually stunned me when she celebrated her 22nd birthday…

  58. @Icon Farah tweeted that “this man hasn’t divorced his wife n is getting married in Dec” ,so she was referring to him kanti,then how did he marry uSarah if he’s not divorced

    Zeeba is Nkuli gay?

    Who here said Tshepi is dating Jr,because i have too much time on my hands(lol) I went thru Jr’s likes on twitter ,I think the blocka is right ,is Jr monied?if not wasn’t that one of the reasons she broke up with Tibz

    I don’t know what Kefiboo does for a living but she’s the Beyonce of her industry

  59. @mrs messi most of then can marry you without any signature at home affairs or any legal documentation. Stupid girls because they re wearing white gown and the man is monied, they dont ask any questions.

  60. So no word about @teeenice? Phela I’m waiting in anticipation while salivating.

    @mrsmessi Faith Nketsi aka Queen Twerk is the Beyoncé of Kefi Boo’s industry the only difference is that one is classier than another and the other actually has proper businesses (nail salon and chisanyama) and prosperity in her name and a car she bought herself at the age of 21 while the other… Well let’s just say IG rich nje.

  61. “I am here for the Mayor of
    Ekhuruleni tea”
    The is a BIG possibility that he might be booted out of the Mayor’s office in early next year,shem poor new wife.

  62. Oh?am I? Show me how. Step by step please,I must be slow.@Mr lungile.
    Unless of course you’re suggesting *MY* feelings and beliefs about marriage mean I should condone the suggested disrespect of @blackstallion’s wife?(Woman,the human being,not marriage the instituation) But…nah,you wouldn’t.

  63. @Mrs Messi, muslim men are allowed to take more than one wife and the muslim marriage is still not legally recognised in SA.

    Reg the Tshepi and JR, bayajola!!!

  64. so this guy owes me money, the way he is living it up just makes me so mad!!! I feel so disrespected nje

  65. @P-w0 are you sure he is leaving with his kids only. I think he is leaving a double life. The kids you are talking about are they yours with him or from his previous relationship?

  66. tjo amethyst that is hectic like he is really heartless then. amadoda ayalimaza. Maghuve has resigned… why did he have to humiliate himself like that honestly?

  67. @Mrs mess I also don’t understand why khune is catching feelings like really now he treated her like trash enjalo nje.
    My Gaad Sarah’s weddin ws stunning her bae is goals. I hv nothing against B & boity but I didn’t like their outfit, Kefiboo killed it 4 me. I thought Melody was the most stylish IG IT gal but hell no Kefiboo takes the cake?

  68. In fact @Mr lungile,I called Blackstallion’s union by its proper name. Marriage. I’m not against coupledom,I’m not against relationships,like I said I actually want,love and enjoy my man. Whatever label he has in my life. Unfortunately,its husband. Its silly for you to think my disdain for “marriage” means I don’t care about the collapse of relationships,or the disrespect of those in them. Whatever their labels. Blackstallion is married,hence he has a wife and a marriage. Those are their actual titles.

  69. Afternoon, where can I fix my phones screen (it fell and cracked) around midrand or centurion. My indian guy fixes it for 600 in braam just that he doesn’t have the screen currently so anything around that price would do

  70. Sarah looked happy. I also want Bonang at my wedding #levels

    Can the PZV tea be spilled already. I saw Zinhle kotizaring in lebowakgomo. She even posed next to the Porsche

  71. @Sister-Act If you were against the so-called disrespect of Black-stallion’s wife then why did you advise him against risking his MARRIAGE?You don’t enjoy it,you don’t want it anymore but Black-Stallion mustn’t risk his…wow.

  72. Tjooooo @Amethyst. Wow wow wow! Some men mara?!
    @P-w0 so this guy planned a holiday in Mauritius and didn’t tell you? Or did you know about him jetting off straight after lobola? Phela you don’t just decide on a whim ukuthi you are flying to Mauritius. Balance us mtase

  73. Will you pour that tea already bakithi…we wanna know about Z kotizing in Limpompo? Was it perhaps a “welcoming of the new makoti ceremony”?? the new makoti being P? #JustAsking #StillTeamFriendsOfZinhle

  74. #AmadodaAyalimaza
    Went to umembeso over the weekend. This guy umbesa u 2nd wife and the 1st wife doesn’t know about it. So the wife was chilling at home thinking hubby is away with the boys meanwhile uyambesa right here in Jhb. Anogada amadoda enu webantu!

  75. My friend thinks u guy no wife were in on this together. They were milking u girl’s money. Wife was not working and they used u Girl to maintain them. Apparently u guy got a new job like recently and now wife surfaces. OOh AyalimazaThixo!!

  76. Minnies fiancé aka Squinzo is handsome & very matured, but how did he afford that rock? If he’s broke as jc bloggers claim hm to be. That ring is gorgeous

  77. Oh My Word Lukho!! Thixo AyalimazaJeso!! So vele they go out as if baya espaza kanti umuntu uyombesa!! Msindisi!! But men are trash shemm. Sacela uNkulunkulu abaqoqe bonke manje ababuyisele lapho abathatha khona. sekwanele!!

  78. Amethyst says:

    Will you pour that tea already bakithi…we wanna know about Z kotizing in Limpompo? Was it
    perhaps a “welcoming of the new makoti ceremony”?? the new makoti being P? #JustAsking

    Amethyst,You know if that was the case,Pinky Pinky would have splashed the pics all over instagram.hehehehe

  79. There is a lady who is married to Isaac Mophatlane and is always fetched here on these streets,well she is having the last laugh thanks to hubby’s connections…
    Johannesburg – Telkom granted R1bn in financial assistance to its information and communications technology subsidiary Business Connexion (BCX) for working capital and debt commitments, it announced on Monday.
    “The board of directors of the company have adopted a resolution granting financial assistance to Business to provide for working capital requirements, settle certain debt commitments, as well as to provide funding for future expansion,” Telkom said in a statement.
    “This is aligned with our announced strategy of integrating our enterprise business with BCX as our go to market entity providing a truly converged business offering end to end solutions to our enterprise customers,”
    The financial assistance was approved at the annual general meeting of the company held on 24 August 2016.The Telkom board confirmed that after providing the financial assistance, BCX would be able to pay its debts as they became due in the ordinary course of business for a period of 12 months after following the granting of the financial assistance.
    In 2014, BCX shareholder voted overwhelmingly in favour of Telkom’s acquisition of the company and in 2015 the Competition Tribunal of South Africa green-lit the R2.6bn merger deal.

  80. I agree with Posh, the signs are always there , most women just chose to ignore them. How can you not know that someone is married for 5 WHOLE years? nah fam.

  81. It was unneccessary of Minnie to say such things to Pumza. I mean SA entertainment is quite small, the toes that you are stepping so harshly today may be connected to the ass you might want to lick tomorrow. Its good to be vocal, but some things remains just that. Vergara, you always bring out the kind of goss I like lol.

    Sarah Langa’s wedding was another Wowza. I thought Luyanda’s wedding was the wedding of the year till I saw Sarah’s.

    B* , Kefilwe and abo Sarah knows each other through Brand Architects I suppose. I remember Sarah was one of the girls Bee invited for her high tea and was featured on Top Billing sometime last year.I was not surprised to see her amongst the wedding guests at all.

    I like the Jumpsuit and how she styled it. It was so Bonang. Good to see, she is back with Lorna as Bff.

    Arethur, Mpumi Mops got married over the weekend and her new hubby is rumoured to have a child in Limpopo with their domestic worker TJO!!!!!

    Mr. Lungile, whats happening with Mzwandile’s mayorship??? Is it Erkhruleni vs Matatiele thing???

  82. so why cant i see Tshego’s picture! 🙁 but i told you earlier this year that the situation is not good at all! and Tshego blogs here too!

  83. We will never win these battles with la madoda mos…men will fforever be a step ahead of us nyani… Amethyst your story sounds kinda farmiliar…I think I’ve read similar stories la kuJC. #AyalimazaNgempela.

  84. Noma is starting claw her way into Carol Bouwer, she’s forever commenting #WeSeeYouNorma

  85. uGlammy now follows Queen B, Ipanema and Revlon on IG, haai maan ntho tsa Suid Afrika!!!!

    Where is Just Nje??? Is she retired from these streets, preparing for her wedding or is she blocked. If anyone happens to bump into her. Please tell her Aroma and some on these streets would gladly love to have her back.

  86. Looooool!!@Mrlungile,o felletswe papa,really,you don’t know what to say anymore. The NAME of his UNION is MARRIAGE. Whichever way you look at it,even if I said “don’t risk your relationship” I’d still be referring to his marriage,because (bare with me)that’s the lawfully,societal,lingustic,common-sensical,name of his relationship,marriage! Why pretend otherwise?

    I DON’T want my marriage,I want my relationship though. I have fought for my marriage,as much as I don’t want it,as an institution,because it comes with my best friend. I can’t pretend its not still a marriage. Until the day I figure out how to reverse this foolishness I fell into without sacrificing the core,and much wanted relationship,it will still be a marriage,and I would still fight for the man(I just don’t want him to be my husband ).

  87. “The NAME of his UNION is MARRIAGE”
    Yes the one you have no business being concerned about unless you believe in marriage,rather advise against risking “breaking up his home,breaking up his relationship,losing her” etc.Don’t mention the word “marriage” if you don’t want it and don’t believe in it anymore,then you will be taken seriously.

  88. Aroma, what does Mpumi have to do with Arethur and Brian Molefe?

    Mr Lungile you are being extra; Sinazo has been with Mzwandile before he was MInister bakithi.. *poorwife*

  89. @Aroma, and Pumza is a ruthless woman.
    Lol, Glammy has probably met B. She’s been to the Bryanston house several times and I don’t think she only goes there when B isn’t home

  90. Been stalking these Lesotho boys on Twitter on the weekend ,Mosensei,and as much as I think they low key hate women but I like their view on life in general and I even listened to The Dojo. They remind me of @Chase. Raw. Ruthless. Knowledgeable. I had a good laugh when one of them said another buys at PnP or Makro for clothes. Oh and I love their taste in music!

    I give up on men. These stories are just not getting any better. I think I am ready to eat other children’s father’s monies.

  91. Asimusasekela sinazo kuba sati wamayor shem

    @nelly what do u mean azisamhambeli kakhle izinto,is it ito business or?

  92. @khayamthethwa I rebuke that spirit of following all IG hotties n liking all their pics ?

  93. Mr Lungile you are being extra; Sinazo has been with Mzwandile before he was MInister bakithi.. *poorwife*……. she had him when she was still married…

  94. Offramp… my older sister is the most selfish self-obsessed person i know of..I cant deal with her right now. And my mom is so bossy and controlling i just want to cut my holiday short here at home and go to my townhouse already.

  95. lol Blackstallion… i refrained from saying the rest! Anyway blackdiadem did you see that Fikile Mbaks was at the wedding of Dbanj’s (Presido)girlfriend’s brother? He couldnt even write the surnames properly 🙁 ; imagine being hosted and you dont know your host’s surname 🙁 . The brother was marrying the daughter of the president of Nigeria

  96. *But wasn’t it confirmed here on JC that Jehan was never married to Farah? i’m confused who is Farah’s ex hubby kanti? where are JC detectives to clarify this info

  97. I know hey @MissAN…him and @Owaflopo are amongst my favourites.Was even tempted to go to Royal…they are so fun!

  98. lol Blackstallion… i refrained from saying the rest! omitting is good sometimes.

  99. Yes Nelley…i Followed that wedding,
    Private Jets everywhere…This life, really its only fitting when the Rich Marry The Rich..I mean what was @Presido thinking when dating dbanj, your father owns 3 oil wells for crying out loud, a private refinery, you’re inlaws with a former president, Current President and Africa’s richest man (Dangote) I see he attended with Tbo Touch…

  100. @MsChoc, Jehan yi ex husband ka Farah bethuna. She is always tweeting about her rude wealthy ex. They have a daughter, named Laila, who is still using the “Mackay” surname.

  101. Was ex-Sinazo loaded/connected as well @Black-Stallion? last time I saw him he was driving the latest Carrera’s 911 with his son. however, I see him a lot in his M4… Every-time dressed to the nines, ephete umntwana oYellow… However, I do not know the length of his pocket though.

  102. Did anyone see Pinks story on IG? She was in the bathroom playing with foam. It looked like she was sending a message

    I think Zintle gets along with V’s family, usathandwa but ke its been established that there’s a negative correlation between being likes by your husband and being liked by his family

  103. Carrera 911?Yhoooo Sinazo must hope and pray she wont regret leaving him,it looks like it will be all tears and wailing for new hubby in the coming new year.#AyalimazaAmapolitiki

  104. Victor and Zintle are finally following each other on instagram.A little birdie told me that those two are in the process of fixing

  105. @Mr lungile,I will mention marriage as many times as I want to. Understand? I really hope so,I hate arguing with you.

  106. “@Mr lungile,I will mention marriage as many times as I want to. Understand? I really hope so,I hate arguing with you”
    You have been consistent in contradicting yourself,i would be surprised if you stop LOL

  107. So there’s a slight chance (Highly Unlikely) that Hillary might be the President of the United States, depending on how the electoral college votes tonight.

  108. @Mr lungile.You seem to WANT dictate how I should go about believing in what I believe. You can’t darling. You want me to be and say how you in your mind believe it should be,which is tricky because your mind…isn’t as stunning as you think it is. Your understanding of 123 has NOTHING to do with me. I will do and say and believe in what I want,how I want,always.

    The sooner you accept that I will not be Mr lungile’s feminist/woman/writer/blogger/rebel/conformist,the faster we can resume our loving union.

  109. Lol @sisteract. I even have an image what you look like.

    LMAO@negative correlation.

    @Mathaz I am sure they already tweeting ‘di NY1 tsa JC ba bua ka rona. Masepa. ‘

  110. Heyi bahlali kudala indilimaza lendoda qha bekusolokwe kusithwa ndim ne-hormones zam.
    He first “forgot” my birthday then promised a gift to follow – ndisalinde nangoku.

    Then our relationship just went sour nje out of the blue, the suspicions of cheating have been there but ke again – hormones.

    He told me that he had plans to go away ngoDecember to which I responded what about the baby – no answer. We never spoke about it again, I assumed ebeyekile considering I am 8 and a half months pregnant and all *rolls eyes*

    Lobola was paid on Fri brought by his uncles then Sat morning when I called to find out ukuba uleli njani – wathi use-airport and uyahamba – he will not be roaming so sothetha Ubuya kwakhe.

    My heart sank – just like iTitanic. Azange sana. Umphefumlo wam wophukile.

    Maybe yi-double life andazi, I’m just trying to keep composed for the sake of the life inside me.

  111. Ay ay ay! P-wo uthi he will not be roaming, nothetha mhla ebuya? Akazokwaziswa noma sekufika umntana? Obona esebuya? Waze wakusanganela!

  112. I was never ready for Zahara fetching true love like that …serves those desperados right..bathuke wena Zahara

  113. @P-w0…. Im going to tell you something that might hurt a little… That man needs to be investigated. Put him under survailance, get “veikekers” or a telescope, recruit the FBI, metro police, CIA, Hawks the works if u must . I have not heard of a man who lobolas today and goes on holiday the next day (without his new makoti) and on top of that he has the nerve to tell u he will NOT be roaming. Like….shouldnt this be a time when he is super excited about spending time with new fiance???… the nutshell of this is that you and your unborn child are not his immediate priority.Im just saying.

    @Sisteract… i tend to understand where you are going with this “love hubby but dont love the idea of marriage”… makes sense to me.

  114. Our loving Union?Hmmmmm Are you always so kinky @SisterAct?Name the place and time,I’m always ready…

  115. @P-wO, im so aggrieved by your situation you swear I know you personally. Mara why are some men like this. Strength to you gal, that baby needs you to keep it together, he is almost here.

  116. “I will do and say and believe in what I want,how I want,always”
    Nothing wrong with speaking your mind,even better if you consistent.

  117. Pinksomhle sending a message to people/JC People…This girl has too much time on her hands.

  118. @blakesley
    Yazi, I just saw that and I almost puked. Like bitch.. We know your business, you fucked a married man, got pregnant, had a baby and made the man’s wife shook thereby giving us many captions with the New Testament. Who wants to pull a Minnie dlamini on everyone. Who pinks the herbalife couch!!!! Who will be the Quinton?? Victor Modiba the sleaze???

  119. Am so traumatized by Pinks latest post. She checked in Limpopo Airport and that’s Vic’s home province, don’t tell me the family accepts her:( plus Z was there this past weekend. Could it be an official sthembu situation forming!?! Kanti uphi na uJehova bethunana!

  120. PinksOmbi is just having chest pains over the REAL Mrs Modiba going to Lebowakgomo with Victor…hehehe pinky,if you are reading this,o tlaba strong…

  121. Nerlee…PinksOmbi is from Polokwane too…so she might be heading home…her mother’s house. *chuckles* I want to see a pic of her at Victor’s house then I will shut up…

  122. Oh P-wo my heart goes out to you angel. ???? Yabo le obhekane nayo is truth that your man is up to no good, you can see, but the heart just won’t be convinced because Love. Eish phephisa mtakadad. Focus on the coming healthy bundle for now though, unga stressi ngaleyo ndoda uze wethuse umtwana. I’ll pray for you as I sleep.

  123. There are people who are driven by other people’s pain. Pinkis is one of them. I don’t get how such pathetic acts make her happy honestly. Koda ukhona u Karma!

  124. Yeyi guys – this life thing is hard that’s all I’m saying. I’m still at my parents place uze uqonde because he is supposed to take me to his father’s place after Lobola kanti ndoda phesheya sana.

    Ingathi ndishungquke indawo but I wanted the baby – I just didn’t know it came with so much baggage. My son is all that matters to me right now.

    He has kids from previous marriage – that’s who he has taken with on holidays and God knows who else.

    Andifuni ukum-investigata tuu. I’m too terrified of what I might find.

  125. i really need to find my chill. Some dude bumped into my car and i lost it. Now bfriend is all cold, writing me essays on whatsapp, morning my behaviour. No hug. No sorry. Just lectures. Ok.i even left earlier, took a cab to avoid his so called straight talk, ke utlwa ambhora , like dude: I knoooooow

  126. @P-wo lomntu wakho kade aba nezitayela. He is leading a double life. I remember usithi he did not want the baby. You fell pregnant nalapho akakaze abesupportive ncam. Wayengafuni kwalomntana. What I gathered ukuthi unemali and you are staying in one of his properties in EL. Idla imali yakhe ubeke le yelobolo/ntlawulo. Clearly unomunye unfazi laye nayeMauritius
    Nxesi sesi but the signs were there all along

  127. P-w0 says:

    After 5 years in a relationship, hayini bethuna inditshata nini lendoda?

    1. We are in long distance – I am fully committed to this guy, meaning noba ndishelwa kangaka nani, noba ndilonely kanfaka nani I refuse to cheat on him – id rather just madturbate when the craving becomes too much.

    2. 2 years into the relationship he bought a house lapho mna ndihlala khona so as to not have to book hotels everytime he is in town which mna I thought was a step forward towards the big M kanti dololo.

    3. For our 4th yr anniversary he bought me a car cash and put it in my name as his token of love for me. Dololo mtshato. I got preggies late last year and thought maybe he’d make an “honest” woman of me then (not to be read – I trapped him vele ndiyanazi) but I unfortunately lost the baby – dololo mtshato.

    I have met the in laws, I have been to his lalis but never to his house in the other province. I believe that this man loves me, all I feel is love when we are together and the sex is absolutely out of this world but dololo mtshato. Im 28, I have no kids, he has three. I want to get married so badly to this man, I want to wear amadaki nescarf when visiting his family, I get so shy now indoda endala izisa inkazane kowayo and kunzima noziqhatsa kuMama wakhe for fear of uhletywa.

    I want isidima somfazi and if it so happens that I fall pregnant again, I want my kid ibengumntana wasemtshatweni not wenkazana. Id rather be umfazi wakhe than umama womntana. Hayini bahlali am I asking for too much from the universe when I ask for this man to marry me. 5 years bathong???

    Posted on March 26th, 2016

  128. @P-wo yitya iimali yalondoda. Enjoy imoto nendlu. Soze ndibe nestress kunemali mna

  129. Guys pinkhorseface ke Segafi(dilutions nje) those r the last kicks of a dying horse (pun intended ) otlaba strong cos that punk vic is not divorcing anytime soon

  130. Piwo: it seems like the more ixesha lihamba,the more you get to lose yourself in this situationship. The man’s family will not tell you the truth,ndiyakuvela. Don’t be umama kaSiphesihle (Generations ),take charge of your life. Choose to stay for benefits as well or demand answers from this man(which you won’t get until you investigate) or choose to leave. All options are not easy,but you actually are too emotionally involved now,you’ll be cornered to choose at some point.

  131. Guys I don’t have inside info. I just wanted to say Z is kotising in an apron and the side chick is thirst trapping on IG.
    And now we think she is single and she wants to pull a Minnie on us?? You are a very funny girl Pinks. And I want to know who is this enemy that you want to confuse? Huh?

    Her mom’s place is in Mokopane. I don’t know what she’s doing in PlK. I hope that moron didn’t book them a hotel, cuz I don’t think she would leave the baby at home, he’s too young. I cannot imagine the chesties when Zintle posted the mama I law’s hat.

  132. Pwo your man is seeing someone else. So if you hadn’t called he was just going to up and leave without saying good bye to his brand new fiancé? And not roam? I smell a big Alex rat there. You are as good as single Shem. We are not surprised though because #amadodaayalimaza. Be strong for that lil boy and prepare to raise him alone.

  133. P-wo
    With all these I’m reading, you actually were aware of all these and entered has a child changed a man, in what planet or universe??? Where when and how…
    Strength to you sisi as you paddle this canoe… I would write something about #AyalimazaAmadoda but I’m not about that life… That hashtag is reserved for victims not participants…

  134. @P-w0 dont investigate after the baby demand sex with a condom. I guess he took one of the baby mama to mauritius thats explain tagging the kids along.

    Atleast now you know, reserve a space for dissapointment.dont involve him on your future plans. Rise on woman, you can win this battle. A lobola to a man is nothing, he can give a girl 30 000 to shop in sandton anyday. What is lobola, man dont respect that anymore.

  135. @blackdiadem bendingazelanga mali kulendoda ndize ndinothando for yena, ndinayo imali there is no need to abuse eyakhe.

    @Nomi – thanks mntase. Akhonto wethu, umthetho wam ndiphosa emva ndibheke phambili.

    The point of having umntana was what I wanted. It was not to change him. It was purely for me. What upsets me is that I had thought he was serious (paying lobola) kanti uyazazi ukuba usadlala upuca ngetliziyo yam.


  136. @P-w0..the universe is talking to you gal… LISTEN…. Imagine u decide now to stay with this guy only for this situation to get even worse in the future… think of all the time u would have wasted further to the 5 years that i are crying about now. This man has three kids…(whom are likely to give u hell)… you havebt been to where he lives in the other province as u say…please dont be so desperate for marriage that u start loosing urself. Find ur inner super woman and never be so emotionally dependent on a man. I would still investigate him proper if i were u so that u can make an informed decision…i.e. if u choose to stay, know exactly what u are getting yourself into and make peace with it. I know of women who where in a simalar situation before marriage but they decided to proceed in any event…. lets just say that they ended up looking like they spent thier lives in a pit toilet due to stress… Ive also been there before….

  137. P-wo you can still find a man who will adore you and your son! You are still young! Have your baby… as much as it’s not easy! Slay you single motherhood phase! Love your child and concentrate on your super snap back! The rest will prove itself … kuzovela; don’t even call him too.. the pain is worse more so because you are currently pregnant but it shall pass. After heartbreak trust me you won’t need to settle for just anything Good luck

  138. JC blockers have this archive thing on lock yerrr! Haha. How do you guys do it vele? I am looking for an article where books were discussed. There are some books that I want and I remember there was a lot of authors and titles thrown around. I know books were discussed in 2 or 3 articles, how do I search for those articles?

    @P-w0 judging by this old comment you really love the guy. Clearly he’s upto no good but whether you investigate or not is up to you. All the best skat. Don’t stress too much kaloku coz you are about to pop now and you don’t wanna put strain on the baby.

    @MissAN & @Mathaz Yaz I find those guys rude. I don’t follow them but their tweets are always RTd on my TL.

  139. @P-wo askiesi dear…yooh that’s shattering yazi. That vark-hond doesn’t deserve you.
    I hope this is a lesson to the ladies out there (side-eyes the blogger whom the boyfie wanted a baby before he buys her a house) Ladies khuzekani tog. There’s nothing as liberating as spending your own moola.
    To this day Lolo’s teaching still echoes in my head. “But honestly Nimithelani? Kunamabhubesi at the entrance of imitholampilo yangakini.
    #Cwangcisani #Qhomfani #Thengani’izindlu #fundani.
    I hope we won’t be dissecting such scenario’s in 2017. A smart woman uses her brain more than her heart. Stay woke!!!

  140. On a lighter note: Ladies I wanna know, what was the most expensive gift you ever got from your partner & did you get to keep the gift after the break-up?

  141. P-wo, to me it sounds like your man blogs here. It was probably never his intention to lobola or marry you but since unemali and he’s heartless, he decided to do it after having read your comment just out of spite.

    Askies girl. I was dumped by a profile picture one morning, I’m still looking for revenge nangoku

  142. P-Wo sana, it was once said here on JC that men and women get into marriage for different reasons. It looks like you and this guy are on two different planets. Guys these days have become very nonchalant about about what should be an extremely serious commitment. This gentleman could be marrying you purely for the sake of he knows how much you want it. So ukunika lento uyifunayo. Either way I agree with the people who are saying if you have the resources then get someone to find out exactly what this guy’s situation is so that you can make all of your decisions based on full information. All the best sthandwa sam with your bundle of joy.
    Nelley, how is my baby doing?
    Guys, I have lost all contact with my friends and I have become so lonely 🙁 its going to be a sad Christmas.

  143. P-wo strength to you sana. What’s done is done ntombi. Your priority right now is your baby’s health. Do take care of you. That man won’t be what you expect of him. Love yourself sana and put you and your baby first!

  144. vbecks is this what you are looking for? I saved it so maybe also save it somewhere

    I see you, yazi when they discuss books here, i’m always quiet most times but i absolutely love African literature, you should also sample this
    Chimeka Garricks – Why tomorrow died yesterday (Hes the Male Chimamanda)
    You should sample Cyprian Ekewensi
    Triumps of the waterlily – Ify Osammor (Please find this and read, then CRY)
    Buchi Emechets – Second Class Citizen/ Joys of Motherhood
    Ayi kweh Armah – beautiful ones are not yet born
    Manzoor Moghal – Idi Amin Lion of Africa (it tells its own story from the name. Dictatorship.)
    Ken Saro-Wiwa’s “On a Darkling plain: An account of the Nigerian Civil War” and “Genocide in Nigeria: The Ogoni Tragedy”
    You Must Set Forth at Dawn, Wole Soyinka
    “in the castle of my skin”..
    Also sample Auto BIOGRAPHIES
    Kenneth Kaunda- Zambia shall be free &Non Fictional Novels
    I’ll recommend, Guns Germs and Steel

    Other African books:
    Bessie Head : “Maru”, “A Woman Alone”, “The Lovers”.
    Ngugi wa Thiong’o: “Weep not child”, “A grain of wheat”
    Chinua Achebe: “Arrow of God”
    Zakes Mda: “Ways of Dying”, “The Madonna of Excelsior”

    “Who moved my cheese?” by Spencer Johnson and if you want to learn about riches and wealth read “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George Clason.

    Ayi kweh Armah: beautiful ones are not yet born
    You Must Set Forth at Dawn, Wole Soyinka”
    “Guns Germs and Steel” Epic books!
    I think I’ve read most of Buchi’s books. She is amazing.
    You are a woman after my heart. Thank you for this list. I will read every book here. Especially the ones zaKenneth Kaunda and Idi Amin. I also want to read a book about Julius Nyerere.
    Another nice book was Nervous conditions,forgot the name of the author but Tsitsi something.
    There is a book I once saw years ago,the cover was a black angelic figure wearing a white robe,the story line was about two people that fell in love but one of them was half human or a spiritual being and had to leave and go to live in the mountain. The author was a black SA female,I think. Does anyone know the name of this book?
    Another SAn book I enjoyed is Es’Kia Mphahle Down 4th Avenue. I laughed till I cried reading that book.
    I need to start reading again. I loved it.

    Exiled Method is growing; just the sleepless nights are hard 🙁 but im sure we will be fine

  145. Ya neh. Deep sigh. @P-wo le idinga @Lolo @Just Nje and the @R-squad they will be ruthless..wena,you just wanted to get hitched,nothing wrong with that but this man was not about that life. Look after your kid and being a single mum whether baby daddy is present or not,is not an ideal situation. All the best and your gut has always warned you about your situation. Listen to it, however hard it.

    I am starting to wonder if is it just men being canines or the trauma they putting women through is a spiritual thing. Like are men that damaged and they just hurt and decieve women nje.

    @V.B they are an acquired taste but they give an honest male perspective. Men don’t view things the way we see them. Hope your dream will manifest in the physical.

  146. The only JC baby with a cute name is Nodoli. Croc and Method?!? That time they are girls

    P-Wo what’s your child’s JC name. Take your mind off his dad

  147. One day we must talk about how hard it is being a parent (even with a present and supportive partner )
    Or ndim orongo?
    I just feel like society sells dreams about kids. Yes they’re a blessing but lets not lie about it. It’s not easy. Maybe if we start being honest about it, young women will stop glamourising pregnancy as if it’s something that “completes” one.

  148. Akunzima i agree with you being a parent is difficult, i dont think i want another baby im okay with just one

  149. U Bonang will loose her Ciroc deals if she doe snot watch out….nanko AKA emfaka kwamaphoto of him promoting cruz vodka ,thats brand ambassadorship rule number 1 DO NOT BE SEEN WITH THE COMPETITION ….

  150. @homewrecker I saw and I cringed, so unlike Bonang ,she must tell him to take it down before “haters” screengrab and tag

  151. @Homewrecker Ciroc has displayed itself as unprofessional in reference with how their ambassadors portray themselves i.e. The likes of DaLes and David Tlale have gone unnoticed the past few months if not years so surely Bonang is going to do the exact same thing if the brand overheads don’t see to it that their brand is being represented accordingly. Side note: who are they going to turn to after Bonang’s dismissal?

  152. I need help anyone who lives in Nahoon Valley? Please my father is ready to buy some property there and what kind of area is it. I told him it was an isolated area and they wont enjoy it especially adults 61 & 51, i have been to one to those houses there but now i told them they need a decent suburb but not isolated from their age mates.. Ndiwrong or?

  153. P-wo just focus on you & the baby, don’t call him thula tu & enjoy your Xmas with your family & focus on your unborn child. Some men become moody xa umithi iboy, kodwa things falls back into place after.

    I see him as a responsible man mna & that uyakuthanda, try and voice out your feelings in a polite way after sele ubelekile. Don’t stress ngoku, asicingi ngokufana.

  154. @P-wo Sorry you are hurting but you know deep down your man has a wife/woman and kids he stays with (5 years, never visited his place). Never trust in-laws, our parents are the ones who convince us to stay with cheating men because men are like that. The possibility is that he told them he wanted a second wife but doesn’t know how to tell both of you, his other woman and you.

    We know how our brothers and male cousins would bring different girlfriends at home, do we ever tell the girls about others. You keep quiet uthi bazozibona!

  155. @Homewrecker AN ambassodor is someone who represents aand promotes a brand (products belonging to that brand) WITHIN their network /reach WITH the objective of increasing awareness.
    B* is allowed to be AWARE of other brands as long as she doesnt PROMOTE them. In that pic, AKA is the one there with CRUZ Vodka, B* In the pool.
    Same thing, B* tags along AKA to CIROC campaigns and he takes pics with Ciroc in the table AS LONG AS at that Moment He is not the ONE to POST ABOUT Ciroc, Hence B* is not posting about the CRUZ Vodka. Thats where the difference is.

  156. P-wo; CONSIDER yourself LUCKY that you havent SET the wedding date and communicated that to certain people that you are BOOKING for THE WEDDING that Will NEVER OCCUR – I went this far.
    Im alive my son is alive 5 years old and happy chappy. Life Goes On, The sooner you move on, the better. Cry, Whale, Hallucinate whatever … Do it until you let it go, BUT dont give that bastard satisfaction THAT YOU CANT BE WITHOUT HIM. I broke things off when i was pregnant …. baruti, everybody couldnt change my mind.
    It has to always be more about happiness that Mrs status

  157. @posh yaz I am not that person, no one be it my guys friends, my friends, my brothers or cousins would bring a girl ene ntombi to hang with me ndithule :/ I am not that person, on more than one occasion I have asked people to leave my house/ my moms house coz its not a place of disrespect. akudlalelwa kwam, you want to disrespect your person? go do it estratweni how do we want the poor girlfriend to feel? & my personality doesn’t allow me to smile at different people & play the “my boy loves you” game. Am not the target market shem

  158. @Favored hun you do not have to explain to ME what a brand ambassador is trust me i know since i ma in the marketing/branding industry ..SO now let me school you about brands and brand ambassadors

    if you are a company and you choose to associate urself with a certain individual with purposes of penetrating their “network/reach” as you put it ..there a brand strategy that you need to follow as that person …so in this scenario Bonang is more like the face of Ciroc,Ciroc saw Bonang as someone their product can be associated with ,the masses seeing Bonang ASSOCIATED with Ciroc plays in their decision making process meaning that they will satisfy their PSYCOLOGICAL NEEDS …If “they”MAKE THE PURCHASE ,it will make them feel good, even important , Ciroc now conveys a social status to a certain network due to its association with a certain BRAND/ is less about quenching their thirst and more about being associated with a product that is associated with Bonang or someone of a certain calibre which will make the consumer FEEL like they are also part of that calibre and that is what is called a brand partnership , hence most companies pay TOO MUCH MONEY TO THESE CELEBS only for that association

    So that picture of AKA with the Cruz strategically positioned with TWO SHOT GLASSES not1 but TWO and bonang posing seductively in the background implies that she is also drinking the bottle …it actually looks like a billboard to say the least for CRUZ vodka and that my friend will give cruz free publicity from bonangs reach …Bonang can pose next to MOET or Savanna cause they are not direct completion BUT belvedere and skyy and cruz are direct competitors of ciroc and thats not good ..same as Revlon she can never be seen in a pic with Terry Pheto applying her Loreal infallible lip gloss in a bathroom somewhere …#Branding101

  159. My lil brother has a kid with his high school sweet heart they’ve been together for 7 years I think. So this one time they weren’t cool so brothers thought he can play the field (its before my niece was conceived) so he was busy with some pretty lil girl & my mom was busy being confused. I got home to find this girl sitting on my mom’s couches etya ieat sum more nge coke with my mom’s gold platted glass O_o like the glass for guests (my brother thou) I walk in & girl gets up big smile on her face on some “hello aus …” my brother doesn’t even call me aus that time, I asked her who she was & she is on some “kenna … your brother’s gf :)” I laughed & told her my brother hasn’t told any of us that he broke up with his long term gf & once he does that & he is sure he wants to introduce another girl he will do so yena she mustn’t be forward coz my moms house is not a play ground, I walked her to the gate yaz & told her bazojolela pha phandle until he does the right thing u brothers … The gf we know was back in his life a month later like the pretty girl never happened, I cant play that game mna shem.

  160. Im Curious about Pam Madlala’s Age. she’s living thou hey.
    I’m enjoying these PZV updates.
    Lol Women can be through the most sometimes its sad.

  161. @Home wrecker …please get yourself to Branding 301 (this includes contract, terms and conditions that you actual put your signature on)a nd lets talk … i wont waitse my time further. or stay with your branding 101.
    B* HAS Been the ambassodor for sometime AND knows WHAT She CAN or CANT do when it comes to her being the ambassodor

  162. Just came across this. Interesting read.

    Rebuilding The Black Male Child: Being A Black Man

    by Vus Ngxande

    To talk about rebuilding the black male child is a process of understanding what being black is and what being a man is. But more fundamentally, it is a process of unlearning and ‘unteaching’. First and foremost, you are not black. You are an ever-changing landscape of brown tones and tan palms. The concept of blackness is a definition that has nothing to do with you. The definition of your blackness was conceived in order to describe you as darkness. The truth is that never will your blackness be reflected in the mirror. Your blackness is what you will see reflected in those unnerved glances and forced smiles in public, the ones that avoid eye contact but glare in contempt. Your blackness is reflected in the tone with which you are questioned about your there-had-to-be-more-to-life-beyond-just-getting-by ambitions by your own family. Blackness is what constantly read on the news headlines. Blackness is the hero you never see when film credits roll. Blackness is your pain being currency in entertainment.

    Blackness is taught. In being taught your blackness, you will be told that you knew the devil before you knew God. The God made who was created in their image. Not yours. With a nail through your left palm, you will be taught lack and that hunger is your lot. A nail through your right palm and you will be ridiculed for not speaking a language foreign to you as if your mother tongue didn’t recite the poem that brought you into being. The third nail pierces the soles of your feet and the land that raised you now pains you. A crown of hateful thorns is rested on your head; your pride and dignity bleed down your scorned flesh. Don’t waste your cries; they say your father has forsaken you. Blackness is taught.

    As you grow up, you will be told that boys don’t cry. This may be true but while boys don’t cry, the night has seen men weep. As a black man, the night will see you mourn manhood you’ve never met but the disdained whispers of your forefathers who died for your throne will haunt the sleep of every man that you know who are now slaves toiling their own land, reaping broken promises and unable to feed for their families.

    Even in broad daylight, during smiles and normality, a man’s spirit can midnight, his insecurities curled behind his ribcage. So what happens when a man lets his spirit sink into the abyss? Well,

    In your image, a man who looks like you will ball up his fears into a fist that lands a woman into a woman’s rib,

    In honour of your patriarchy, a man will rob a woman of her soul because he couldn’t afford her heart,

    In your name, men who look like you will take turns on a woman because they found her beauty offensive,

    In defence of your culture, men who look like you will seek to hollow out a woman’s body of her dignity, her mind of her wisdom.

    But this is not a yoke you can unburden yourself of. The actions of those who look like you cling to your skin as though they were sewn into the fabric of what we were taught about being a man. This is what happens when we embrace blackness as darkness. And in the morning, when the son rises, his light will only expose your neatly packed sins. You must be able to look him in the eye, even as the burden of his presence scotches your hands, your knees buckle and you want to look away, to run away, to avoid being blinded by the truth of your own actions, you must. You must. You can’t let that boy down. You must raise him up to the very threshold of your strength. But you can’t do much while you are clutching on so desperately to your father’s sins. LET GO!.

    So that when the son sets, when the time for dreaming comes and your heart gives birth to your little Moon, when she tells you that she is scared of the world because she has seen men who look like you do to women who look like her, it is your duty to remind her that even in the darkness, she is light and she must never hide. When it gets too much for her she must know that you will be there for her, counting the stars as they sparkle in the black of her eyes, the stars that are all those who have come before you and all those who are yet to come. That, is being a black man

  163. Hash tag’s angicisha ci # WhatViolinWantsViolinGets he he he besekuba #It_is_what_it_is hahaha ayi bandla

  164. #2016LessonsfromJC never ever stay in an unhappy relationship. Don’t ignore the signs because it doesn’t get better. Only worse.. and when a man is enough he will walk and you will be left to pick up the pieces..

  165. Yes thanks @nelley. There was another list of European authors I think. Toni Morrison was mentioned (if I remember). I will save this.
    I wanted to search for the articles coz when I type the key word in the search box it shows two articles from 2010 and 2013 and I know it was discussed this year sometime. Where’s @Annalise with her expertise?!

    Tjo guys I have this thing of being impatient with everyone lately. Like I don’t have patience with anybody! 🙁 I hate it. I’m constantly annoyed and irritated

  166. Branding 30 what #Sigh ….stans when they attempt to divert from facts let me enjoy my leave sana

  167. HBIC why are you pushing this teenice guy down our throats #senzeni na#…that time he aint even close to good looking…ok if its actually you then sorry but hayi awukho hot nothing to dlela there…but isokhey…. beauty..eyes..wat wat…to each his/her own

  168. Lol @Zale I will tell you who is hot! Ongeziwe Lupuwana. That’s heat for days.

    @Annalise very deep hey.Black Men need to really go for mass therapy or the cycle will continue.

  169. @Zile I’ve been asking myself the same question and I thought maybe this teenice character is here disguised as HBIC trying to be noticed…yet hes not even hot shem.

  170. They way couples fight come holiday time it’s actually funny sometimes. Goes to show the general lack of communication skills. Suddenly being stuck with your partner 24/7 becomes a living nightmare!!!
    A friend was so furious with hubby cause he’s been neglecting the general house maintenance. Guy promised to sort things out during holidays and now dololo. I advised her to tell hubby to hire a maintenance guy and pay him or she will hire one and pay him ‘in kind’. I shall wait for the verdict *as I paint my nails*

  171. JEHOVAH! @MissAN This man is mighty fine yazi and the fact that he dresses well is just an A+ for mna. Thank you sthandwa for the reference.

  172. @Joanne Prada anyone can check for you especilly those who works for municipality traffic department. Its simple to check via number plate. It will pick up adress and all the vehicles owned or registored under that individual.

  173. Nzalama huddah and zari are friends I think! There was a time Zari used to host huddah in SA I think..

  174. @nelley yes they were friends until huddah sleeps with diamond. You dont know that story? It was all over celeb news. You can even check the comment on huddah s post. They are no longer friends.

  175. 2 kids later Diamond better not do Zari like that….but kahle kahle i don’t get this huddah chic..she seems to be living large is she making that much from the lip thing and club appearances?

  176. @Nelly wow apparently this is what Huddah wrote:

  177. It’s a publicity Stunt I guess, Huddah Knows better not to do Zari dirty like that, Zari is RATCHET AF…She knows people, who can do people…Huddah knows this, whatever Buzz they are trying to create with this, Zari must be involved.

  178. You know I have been reading the comments on this post for these past 3 days. I was just tired of the brazenness of the black man until I read the first two lines of @MissAn’s post…then I got mad. Black men are trash because they are and have been brutalised socially. BUT get this, they then made and continue to make themselves feel better by shifting all over black women. Question, for how long though?

    Goes back to try understand these shit-heads by reading MissAn’s post.

    Sorry bo-Love who have had damaged people (read black men) try to damage you. Ganang ka lona ne boBabesBaMelanin. Mpwah! Kissing all your nose tips.

  179. @MK, it is a thing to have a boob job. Word is they go from mid R50k. I see one on my future. Mind you I’m a D-cup but a full DD wouldn’t hurt. I luuuurve boobies.

  180. Miss manche… why she let herself go.

    Bonang looks just fine next to kefi . She is not light in complexion kefi is

  181. I saw a picture with Bonang, posted by Uyanda on Insta…Bonang looks like that girl in person. Not the yellow bone, perfect skin we see on her pictures.

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