I always think BIG,think CRAZY, think SUCCESS.

Ok, so last night we were sitting at the edges of our seats following the topical issue #CabinetReshuffle. We have a new Minister of Finance and it’s Malusi Gigaba. His debuty is Sfiso Buthelezi. I must say I am one of those that didn’t see the appointment of Malusi Gigaba coming. It seems Julius Malema already had the tea on lock because he tweeted about Malusi an hour before. Juju is special.

Moving right along, my excitement is on 100 because The Heavy Weights International Comedy Show is finally here. Looking at what’s been going on recently I need to laugh guys. My body, soul and ribs need it shem. Our President will drive us to drink stru.

The Heavyweights International Comedy Show is taking place at Carnival City Big top arena tomorrow, the 1st April 2017 (it’s an April fools joke that’s not actually a joke. Lol

The show is headlined by Kansiime Anne from Uganda and AY from Nigeria supported by Trevor Gumbi, Thenjiwe, Nina Hastie and Tol Ass Mo as the MC.

Most of you guys know how much I love my Kansiime. She gives me life and more. This will be her second time performing in SA. I missed her the first time because I was out of the country, this time I am not missing her.

This is my Anything Goes, what’s been going on in your lives? Feel me in. And if you are in the East, lets go watch some comedy and laugh a bit to get away from the current depressing political stuff. The tickets are only R200. 🙂


Have a great weekend.


By @KikiMarli



  1. @MamK JZ likes doing this thing yasebusuku! While people are sleeping he pulls these stunts!


    Let me check the R/$ exchange

    Haai no. SAns we need to do a proper ‘Stay away’ like in the 90s,I was 5,but still remember maize meal falling of trucks/target, being told to go home by COSAS,teargas. This man needs to be shown the door. It is tew mush.

  2. Niyarhona? Nilele? Izwe lithengisiwe and our beloved Nomachule is going to congratulate her #MCM of a husband, TopDeck,for that critical post in SAs economy.

    Kunzima eSatafrica.

    Haai. I am joining EFF now. Sorry Gogo,who was a staunch ANC member and was part of the ANCWL.

  3. Speaking to fellow peers in Afrika and diaspora will wake you up to the reality of what life entails. People we cannot continue relying on our leaders. Wake up! and realise that they don’t have our interest at heart. Afrikan child YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. South Africans unfortunately will learn the hard way indeed. It’s either we regroup and take back our power or check out completely. Sad to say that some of us have emotionally checked out and looking out for what is best for us. Cry my beloved country…

  4. What qualifications do you need to be a minister?

    All eyes on Gigaba now.

    They should have made him minister of Police. He seems to really fix things.

    Curious to see how Mbalula will fare.

  5. hehehehehehe, uthini naa Blackhalls, Mrs Gigabyte is seen with her new Minister of Finance ko di jazzing Cape town after they both attended Gigaba’s daughter Matric dance.

    Off Course Noma can’t wait to throw it all in your faces on Monday. I am sure she is even preparing to change both her and Malusi’s wardrobe nje for Control.

    Where is Mathaz??? Cannot wait to hear their political analysis. Those who are deeply concerned about the state of our country, Vavi and them have organised a peaceful protest somewhere in PTA in solidarity with Pravin and Jonas.

  6. You take a nap and when you wake up you are living in a totally different country. Wow!

  7. BlackHalls before joining the EFF, ask yourself why is Juju frequenting London. Rumour has it that Renwick (sp) is Maimane and Juju’s baas. Maimane was instructed by him not to fire Zille.
    Remember when Juju changed his “land” statement, from “take any land” to “take unused land”???? He was instructed by the Mr.
    Honestly i will not be voting for tge ANC, but i dont know which party to vote for. EFF and DA ziyafana, same boss!

  8. Lol @Aroma! I can already imagine the hashtags! LMAO!

    Vele uphi @Mathaz and the rest of the JC Intellectuals…

    @Mamonger uvelaphi? Thanks Zuma for bringing you back. Bengi emotional. Maimane is is house n***a loyo! The Malema London thing was said by @Chase and someone who is head deep in ANC and doesn’t blog on JC…LOL…mentioned this during a chat.

    @Arab one needs to read The beartful ones are not born to actually see where we are heading. Read an interesting Tweet by some Ncube guy,says his SAn friends often ask him why they let Mugabe f&&^ them over he says ‘it was not an event but a process ‘

    Anyways Zuma you done killed my Friday vibe! Mxcm!

  9. UBae waNoma would make a good minister of finance if he was not captured. Minus his shenanigans,that guy has a good head on his shoulders. If ANC remains in power after Nksz Dlamini-Zuma, he stands a very good chance of being president of the country

  10. I thought it was gonna be Anything Cabinet Reshuffle Goes, but cacile uKiki ngeke umconfirme

  11. @Ndu especially w/ accusations from Buhle that he would have bags of money w/ him and now he is finance minister? Lol bathi Fikile Mbaks is going to take selfies at crime scenes ?

  12. All the ANC voters must shut up, this is what they voted for and will continue to vote for.
    All the EFF supporters must shut up, they too voted for this in the last national elections. They make act clever and/or radical but deep down inside they are nothing but ANC members
    South Africa is where it is today because people take important decision while wearing the “slayage, I want a new D, I also want a curb, PVZ saga, Bonang v Pearl” mentality.

  13. @blackhalls that was not the first time he was accused of misusing imali yethu. He once bought flowers for x-wife after he was caught cheating. Maybe I just like his personality. Ungumuntu wabantu.

  14. Indians are no better than Whites with racism. In fact they have committed some of the worst racial crimes which are undocumented. They still treat Blacks like shit if not worse.
    Kathrada lived in Lenasia where all Blacks working for Indians are called Jabulani, Sipho, Moses, Maria etc. He’s never said anything about his fellow Indians forcing Black workers to wear like Muslims.
    Now that he’s dead he fought for us? We must call him uncle Kathy? Fcuk man, fcuk this shit. These people must go back to India. Till today I’m yet to see a black man called Indian just like how we call them South Africans.

  15. Ziyawa for sure e Saxonwold namhlanje ngazeganovalo, ubaba can finally seal the Nuclear deal….I know EFF is far from perfection but bango babes bama files, without them many South Africans would not be aware kwenzakalani e South Africa,i hope they get more votes in 2019

  16. “BlackHalls before joining the EFF, ask yourself why is Juju frequenting London. Rumour has it that Renwick (sp) is Maimane and Juju’s baas”
    Hehehehehehe South Africans and their love for conspiracies.This Lord Renwick allegation is a very old and expired gossip started by Andile and repeated by Manyi,ANN7 and the rest of paid-twitter,up until today it has never been proven.Zweli Mkhize also met with Lord Fenwick many time during fundraising in London and there are many photos of them all over the internet.

  17. Mr Right, I think Malema visits London to check which land we are gonna seize there.
    Just like how Jan van Riebeck and his team did when they visited SA.

  18. Gigaba just got lucky, NDZ had already put things in place. he just had to implement and flourish. His new deputy is the one to watch, former economic advisor to Zuma.
    I love South Africa and its seemingly transparent political landscape, i wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world!
    *Shots of tequila for everyone*

  19. Malema visited London on an invitation by some public dialogue group and to do fundraising like all political leaders do,he even had to squeeze in more speaking engagents due to popular demand.Zweli Mkhize was there early this year as well on behalf of ANC,Mmusi was there sometime last year and so on and so forth and stuff like that

  20. Bathabile Dlamini went all out for a foreign, white capital company so it can continue to profit from our taxes.Brian Molefe went all out for foreign Indians and ensured they get 3 mines at a huge discount, the Gupta’s betrayed him and sold one of those lucrative mines to a foreign, white company and he was left in tears.Bathabile was rewarded with retaining her post and Brian was rewarded with a seat in Partly,no noise from anti-white monopoly capital paid-twitter,no noise from ANC,no marches nor outrage about this shameful conduct by the so-called revolutionaries, instead we are bored with old,stale conspiracies

  21. What a time to be alive!!

    I had just about resigned myself to our fate when I eventually dozed off around 4am, only to wake up to your Uncle Gweezy distancing the Top Six from this reshuffle, saying they only discussed PG and Jonas, the list came from elsewhere not inside the ANC. And the loyalists still believe he who is first is in charge *RME*

    …and the Retweet gang and non-voters are marching to Church Square and Parley at 10:00. Whatever, man. Whatever

  22. Still tired and sleepy from being on Country Duty…This signals the end of the last stages of the ruling ANC.Why are you guys concerned about Malema going to London when he is not even leading the country? Focus; the thief is the ANC and they are allowing an individual to loot.Malusi guys; noting that academic qualifications are not a requirement to be a Minister but I’m not sure if he can trust him with the public purse; sure he ensured there were ICT systems in place but how can we compare that with the Finance Ministry? Lest we forget he roped in SSA to pay Buhle and had them threaten her life…is this the Minister we are looking for? Again Treasury is about having an assertive; law abiding DG as the person who ensures submissions for the approval by DM and Minister are above board.

    May I also remind you the Jonas’ Ministry offer by the Gupta’s was to fire Lungisa as the gatekeeper.When Sfiso was sworn in as an MP the writing was on the wall that he was destined for the Finance Ministry.Whom he appoints as DG is key.Zuma did not make an overnight decision to get rid of PG and Mcebisi…subsequently Lungisa.

  23. Morning ba hlalali

    Is Tlangi still one of Gigaba ( New Mr of finance), side chicks?. I wonder if Julius is going to spill the details of the affair seeing that he is great friends with Tlangi. More skeletons will sure be coming out, now that the cloves are off.

    And what about Mzandile Masina and Lorna, and that other pretty light skinned girls , aai how can we be lead by such immoral people kodwa nxa

  24. Mr Anti-chauvinism was there a company that could have handled grant payments better than cps?

  25. “Mr Anti-chauvinism was there a company that could have handled grant payments better than cps?”
    Yes there are plenty companies outhere.

  26. Traditionally we discuss reshuffle this time around they informed. What is the SG going to do now and who is THEY”????

    Unathi and Glen left the Metro FM and Somizi will take over the first avenue, helang!!!!! Another turmoil inside the Metro, whats going on bathong ba modimo!!!!!

  27. The friends I have ‘Dick prison is when a man treats you so badly but you cant leave because of their man toy. Therefore being in a dick prison’ LMAO!

    Who of you is in dick prison?

  28. It’s a light hearted but factual account of what actually happened. Not sure I can accurately capture the mood and more importantly what was NOT said.

    We’ve been tasked to go read and connect the dots and do the right thing, whatever that might be. Lots of subs. Lots of innuendo. Lots of food for thought. And the mockery that was that unintelligent intelligence report.

    My highlight was when PG asked if ANN7 was in the room and asked if they had anything to ask since they always have a lot of untruths to report about him and MJ. He went in a bit, to my glee. While on #CountryDuty last night, I tuned in for the first time to ANN7 since they were the only ones running with the ‘outcome’ of the Top6 meeting. I am still reeling from the drivel I endured for those 5 min before grabbing my remote and channel surfing.

    Sound bites and quotes won’t do justice to this, do find a (is it called podcast if it’s from TV? from eNCA. Worth the 90mins plus (you can skip Pityana at the end). At least Vavi, opportunistic as he also was) said things that if I was an employee at Treasury right now, I’d have loved to hear. I think you @Mathaz are with the Treasury or one of its agencies, so you might appreciate the words of encouragement

  29. I never comment about my employer; past or present @Sifelani…and I have mentioned Treasury a thousand times here; so no I have never worked there.

    @Treasury employees must adapt to the change.Not sure what Mayi will do cause the last time I checked Treasury does not have a DDG: Communication.I can’t imagine the Chief Director of Comms reporting to Mayi.See what happens when you elevate people before their time? Now he risks being left behind or they must create a post for him and DDGs are not political appointments.

  30. Thanks Mathaz.Do you still follow American politics @Sifelani?Kusinda kwehlela Ku bab’ Trump Lol.

  31. I know serious matters are being discussed here but I would just like to say Mcebisi Jonas can acquire it, from any angle he desires, ALL NIGHT! That smile! Moer!

  32. @Senzangakhona, my sentiments exactly. Like i was watching TV wt my legs open. Jonasi is so baeble.

  33. He’s so clean. I can caress that belly kamnandi kanjani, while engixoxela ukuthi uZuma umenzeni bese I make him feel better..

  34. I don’t think Mayi will go treasury unless, Gigaba pulls the same stunt that Dipuo Peters pulled for her Ben10’s, appointing them as spokespersons but paying them at a DDG or COO level, and what the hell even appointing them to sit on Boards. Treasury is a whole different game ball. Anyway there aren’t any vacant senior positions, and majority of senior posts are occupied by Indians, whites and coloureds.

  35. You see @Sifelani @Impostor works at Treasury…she knows more…tell us is Lungisa planning to leave as well?

    If Mayi knows what’s good for him he should stay at Home Affairs and build himself there.Treasury is really not for him; not now.And we are not saying this out of spite…just that he is not ready for that role.

  36. Really this reshuffle deprived me of sleep and I haven’t been home in a couple of days…my eyes are red. Can’t afford for my kids to see me like this…what can I drink/ eat to freshen my face except for coffee?

  37. I was a bit taken aback by the blacks singing praises to Pravin. I mean with the exception of the DG and and some irrelevant senior positions, majority are occupied by whites, Indians, and coloureds. The whites there are less racist than the Indians and coloureds. My boss resigned last year and is now at SARB, hopefully I will soon be joining him or Gigaba might be bringing in with him some much needed transformation, but I highly doubt it, the senior management is going to fustrate the hell out of him, I don’t think he will be able to cope

  38. Mxm, my comment disappeared. Anywho, what a long day of press briefings. My CiC just finished, Barbara Hogan next at 16:00. Being on #CountryDuty is full time work. The bar is open weMathaz, just don’t drink any red wine

  39. @Mathaz, Angelo seems to have a concise summary of the PG briefing on his TL, @acfick72

    @Mr Right, I lost track. Trump’s administration is busier than Noord. I’d actually chosen him as a subject of my assignment on transactional leadership, but u baba kaNemo provided much more exciting content so I switched. Busy collecting material, should be interesting reading over the next two weeks. Please feel free to share some links

    Yes, that Jonas can get some!

  40. @Impostor.. WAIT!!!!

    Lorna and Mzwandile?? I heard someone bought the franchise for her.. could it be him? Heeeeeeeeeyyiiiii!!

  41. Thaz-thaz i am not mad at Malema frequenting London, i was just highlighting that he aint no saint. All these three parties are selling the country to these guys, DA & EFF to Lord Redwick. ANC to the Guptas hence kunje.
    Its cute how you guys believe all the crap Malema says. The one and only MALEMA JULIUS SELLO. *claps*
    All these 3 parties are the same.
    My vote will go to UDM 🙂

  42. How was transformation under Nhlanhla Nene @Imposter?
    Remember I told you that the American Parliament is going to cut Trump down to size and sll his theatrics and bravado will be confined to Twitter @Sifelani?

  43. @Mr chauvinist

    The current status quo was entrenched by Trevor Manuel, civil servants were already appointed and there’s very little Nene could do. Also bear in mind that panels are chaired by either CD and D and majority are W, I, and C, the current political office bears merely rubber stamps the recommendations made by the panel.

  44. Thanks @Sifelani for guarding the coubtry.#CountryDuty is not for the faint hearted.

    @Momanger for as long as the CIC reduces the ANC number of seats in the legislature; he will have my support.Please be reminded that JZ paid back the money due to EFF…they told him he will account and he has paid it.Whether Malema goes to London to seek for funding; which I doubt is neither here nor there.Fact is the ANC is showing they care little for the poor and the country and for that I will support the EFF until it becomes the official opposition.

    @Impostor is Lungisa leaving or not?

  45. I was shocked to learn the other day that Esethu is a Chief Director….oh well let me quit hating.

  46. And Norma must deacticate her IG if she wants her husband to succeed.Keeping a low profile will help Gigaba in the long run considering he is on his way to become ANC president.Can you believe them as the first family? Yhuu I would rather have Mantoa and Malema.

  47. “The current status quo was entrenched by Trevor Manuel, civil servants were already appointed and there’s very little Nene could do”
    Then why single out Pravin for not doing anything about transformation @Imposter?

  48. Once upon a time Fikile was Nathi Mthethwa’s Deputy.They were in the police ministry.It is believed Fikile was not comfortable with the post as he was more senior to Nathi in terms of ANC structures…I think it was that time Fikile was top 10 in the NEC list…he was very popular…think Malema ANCYL era.Anyway he was more visible than Nathi and seemed to over step his Deputy role and was then moved.

    If there is a role Fikile begged from the Gupta’s is this current one JZ rewarded him with.I believe he must have been consulted before the announcement.

  49. So the question is why was Brian quickly parachuted to the National Assembly? Is he just learning for 2019?

    Let me leave y’all to eat your youth since I’m alone here.

  50. @ Mathaz wow and he is only like 25 or 27 and got that position at like the age of 22, meanwhile there are experinced civil servants with like more than 10 experience who can’t even get a mere director posts! But I guess a someone said yesterday favor is not fare.

  51. Ey abo man!that time snazzydoll resigned to support him. Her farewell was yesterday.

  52. I think Mr Gigaba +his team deserve to be given a chance to prove themselves to us,however ANC shame is in need of Leaders ….Gwede ,Cyril,Jackson,Pravin are pulling one side the president and his friends are also pulling their own direction.It kanda sad to watch

  53. Good Sunday all

    Hey what has been happening in our beloved SA has made me so emotional. And to think of its going to affect the poor, it is so sad. Reading JC politics and listening to radio for political analysis has opened my mind.

    There is a person who has been costing me my mind and happiness since Friday 24 until today. Hayi usisi uyiqashile ingqondo yam. There was a thing I was depending on her for. Last Friday I called a friend to be on standby. I hate people who don’t understand other people’s panicking but suddenly we must understand them.

    Thanks to JC for make up tips. I looked beautiful. Bendingasemhle everyone had to take a second look to make sure it’s me. Lol I also didn’t believe this is me. I can’t get over my pictures. Thank you ZamaOkuhle for the under achiever make up tips.

    Lastly my Bff hasn’t congratulated me. Jah neh I’ll see them when they have money problems on whatsap.

    Have a great Sunday and prosperous week.

  54. @Teddy and @Qhamisto can I have your emails or can you please email me at kumkakum(@)gmail.khom.

    It’s about things you have blogged about.

  55. Uyathandeka is such a strong woman! Angeke ngayimela le engiyibona on sthelo’s insta…..

  56. Yhooooo!!!
    @Jayonce you know I saw that and for a moment I lost my breath!! I don’t know how she does it….. Inzima le! Issssoooo hard!!!

  57. I think JCers are the ones troubled by this set up. That family has reached some agreement on this whole thing. Deal bahlali.

  58. Lol paidoff waphuma eyaliwe ekhaya kwathiwa umendo ubanjwa ushisa unjalo…..if I were to be her,I would be civil with the baby mama(s) and tag along whenever and wherever they meet just to control my blood pressure:)

  59. Itjoo Sithelo!!!!!!!! Banna!!! Oh well let me sit my ads down I also have a baby by a married man… well divorce now but none the less I should not judge sithelo

  60. That pic ya sithelo… oh batho am having major chest pains on behalf of Uyathandeka kore I am speechless wow

  61. She came back to insta for a reason!! You see people who things to show people. All along she’s been gone cause wife was happily posting… I see the wife deleted all the pics from the July….

    I’m also not perfect but haaaiiii angi vumi!!!! Not even a little bit!! She out for blood that one!!!

  62. Heheheheh guys!!! Instanstory and everything!!!! A whole video of the baby daddy saying a speech!!! I would like to say say A WHOLE AMEN!!

    @Ralph how old is your baby now? How was it for you… Maybe I need to understand a little bit. I’ve been a side, but a baby! I don’t know how I would have dealt with it.. I don’t know. I’m not judging at all doll 🙂 My life is not perfecto at all!

  63. I really don’t see anything inappropriate about what’s happening here. That man with the belly is Baby Ms father and should be at the party. At no point in the story is there a picture of them kissing or hugging. It looks very much so like a healthy co-parenting situation. In other news that set up looked very opw’ish but then again you guys did say that the girl doesn’t have a headboard.

  64. Joanne Prada says

    . In other news that set up looked very opw’ish but then again you guys did say that the girl doesn’t have a headboard.

    Never ever forget!!!!! Hahahahahhahahahahahahahha!!!!!!!

    Posted on April 2nd, 2017

  65. @Joanne Prada Hay nam I see nothing wrong with that pic.
    Uyathandeka accepted all this the minute she decided to stay with the big bellied guy. She must just make peace with it, if she hasn’t already.

  66. Hahaahaha. I’m sure seyenayo ngok i headboard. I’m so glad she’s back. Please dont block us Sithelo wethu

  67. I need advice from those in the know, guys I need to get a CISSP certification asap, which institutions would you recommend? Tried googling, but hay andikho sure

  68. Sithelo is back at least we probably get to 200
    comments tomorrow if theees no new post!!! LOL!!!

  69. Bahlali, if you have a PC next to you please check if you can access the JC desktop version? It’s not the usual one but wanna know if you can access this temporary one.

    Let me know. Thank you 🙂

  70. Uyalayeka u Zinhle. No one would have known about this had she not been in such a hurry to show the whole ukuthi naye she has moved on, uyafunwa, Aka is npt the wnd all and be all. If she kept this con artist to herselfand chowed him in peace, she would be dealing with this fallout all on her lonesome ngoba ngabe asimazi nokumazi lomuntu wakhe. I only hope she didn’t invest any of her own money into his schemes.

  71. Sithelo’s is every sidechicks’ “GOALS” right now! Lmao! This situasie is a damn foolery, uyaThandako probably has baked loaf feet nje ngokugida ubusuku bonke,,egidela ukuthi uPhil eyeke uSithelo! ???

  72. Yebo Kiki. It’s working. Thank you for fixing it. Re: The Dj, I hope she doesn’t lose her bread endorsement over that con man.

  73. But u sithelo uyadelela.. the pic where it’s all three of them. Looking like a cute lil family.. I’d die yoooh

  74. Poor Uyathandeka, she will probably post some new Gucci tomorrow for the pain. Again I say, I see nothing wrong with other that picture. Everyone in that equation consented and there is no harm done to he who has consented.

  75. I remember when dj started showing this man off some of the ppl.here said he was in some illohal money scheme wow!!
    I saw zinhle trying to ppst pictures like she’s not bothered and bussy responding to her her followers i was like since when?she only respond to ppl.if she’s lashing out . Hahahah today she’s chatting like normal kunzima sure.

  76. I don’t trust any forex trading company owner……I don’t understand why Zinhle has to be concerned about anything,she is not a frauster,Brandon is.I doubt she was not aware where he gets his money from,so this probably doesn’t change anything between them usthanda sinjalolo isgelekeqe esfocused.

  77. The pic of Sithelo’s baby in the delivery room, reminds me of the night I gave birth to my baby boy, it was on the 27th of February this year. That was the night I understood the reason why mother’s are so overprotective of their children… I mean that pain is nie pap en vleis nie.

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