I always think BIG,think CRAZY, think SUCCESS.


  1. Eish this unemployment thing is stressing me out….yohhh. I completed my degree last year, have good overall marks (10distinctions) but I’m still struggling to get an internship. been applying since last year…I’ve even applied to volunteer but dololo. Eish this life neh. I apply online and via mail. I hardly get responses, and get rejected.

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  3. Its 5am and I’m only going to bed now, I have a bunch of assignments due today. Yoh but unisa is not for me hey, I don’t have the self-discipline for it

  4. @Ralph Angel This rain came out of nowhere! And it seems like the type that will not stop. Got a call from a staunch ANC member,telling me the bones of Tambo were not going to allow SAn to sell the country again…LOL. Favours from Benin and the islands were called in,this is not normal rain!

    To anyone going through a rough patch,things do eventually get better and as hard as it might not seem that way,they eventually do.Don’t lose faith or hope.

  5. Nxamalala! Msholozi!
    UZuma owase Nkandla phela…lemvula izoyidliva i weekend yonke!

  6. Slept so beautifully with the sound of rain drops…I really love rain.Plus my kids are away; can enjoy my sleep without them jumping on my bed forcing me to wake up to cook oats for them and listen to stories to their endless stories.I am such a quiet person but God blessed me with opinionated and talkative kids.

  7. @Blackhalls: hahahahahahaha fair is foul and foul is fair.LOL the 3 witches will meet again once the battle is done.

  8. Hello BlckHalls I saw your comment izolo, uyakhula umntwana wam and is such a sweet child, it’s also out four months now and the sleepless nights are a thing of the past. I am enjoying every minute with them and even contemplating taking the year off work just to be with them.

  9. bad idea Hamilton…Lord knows i love Method with all my being but people have just took it foregranted that i decided to be a stay at home mother. I am tired of being at home.. when ever i get to say i am going for drinks or lunch with my friends, i am expected to go with her and if i refuse i am met with judgemental stares! he eh .. i repeat being a stay at home mother by choice can be depressing..

  10. That’s lovely @Hamilton. LOL. Not sure about spending 24/7 with kids. I am also kule corner ka @Mathaz…

    @Muntukatrey ya neh. Skhumba killed me,says uBaba *side eye @Nemo* kade abusy kuma primus stove nengubo. Magoba udealer nge weather focus. LOL

  11. My AG is that am now 40weeks 4days pregnant and still not getting any labour,so I called my doctor to tell her that am now worried and she adviced and said usually first time pregnant 30 year olds can go up until 42weeks and shouldn’t worry.But I just can’t stop worrying because I feel like the baby’s movements are becoming faint each and everyday as much as I’m scared of giving birth naturally,was adviced its the best so opted for it. now since the baby is taking forever to come am wondering which other options are bearable besides c-section.. Please advice mothers as I’m going to see the doctor.

  12. Morning

    It’s raining, will the People’sMarch be effective though with this rain pouring like this??

  13. @Toya learn to trust your insticts or uzozisola. By saying Dr,not sure if you mean gynecologist or GP,either or,consult another reputable gynecologist because the mere fact you feel that something is off,it is off.

  14. Toya Wright baby girl you can request to be induced although its normal for the movements to be slight because the baby is getting bigger so there is no space to move about anymore! Your doctor is a jerk there is no reason why your pregnancy must be different from other younger women smh!

  15. Who is your Dr @Toya? I don’t have a medical degree but circumstances differ and natural/C-section is not better than the other. It solEly depends on the risk you and the baby are in and if there is no risk a person can opt for natural or ‘come a lady,leave a lady’ birth. You need a second opinion.

  16. Yaz’ @Nelly I am puzzled. There are birth inducing medical stuff that can be used.

  17. Nelley no BlackHalls don’t say that! But I also don’t want to rush it, I am going back to work soon and I will decide after 3 months whether I quit work or stay. Nelley hayi bo nanny must give you a break you can’t be expected to travel nomntana njalo, but mina I would not mind if I were you, with those fancy strollers of yours ( tongue out). Mina my little one is almost four months but he has never been anywhere outside except at the Dr’s appointments. I always leave her behind with the nanny and she is old school she believes that the child is still too small to go outside.

  18. I had such good sleep with ben 10 bae. But guys this kid has fallen head over heels in love but we both know we have to end this at some point. (Age difference things).

    What should i do guys **inserts crying imoji**

  19. on that Brandon Naidoo tip….anyone who has been duped by Profit Traiding…Myles Ntokozo Ndlovu is another name that needs attention like Brandon. …Who knows other victims of that trading platform? kuyakhalwa izimali aziphumi

  20. ewe Hamilton method is just a few weeks ahead of your little one. almost 5 months. It seems because i stay at home all the damn time i must be expected to take control over the baby. i cant everyone just wants to hold her and i would hate to be rude. My mum is in and out of here like its her home nje she pops in whenever she wants and if im sleeping and the nanny is with the baby its an issue.. My husband walks in and im watching tv and not with the baby its an issue! If i breast feed (which i dont like btw) burp the baby we cuddle for a few minutes and then someone wants to snatch her from my arms even before im done burping, the nanny, the sisters or the brothers! And then it so happens my mum in law or her son or even my mother walks in then! I am asked when i spend time with Method like really! i tell them when will i do that because there is so much traffic in this house i cant even breast feed her in peace.

    Last week i had a breakfast date, i expressed milk because i am never short of volunteers but no…………. my mother wouldnt hear of it! Take the baby with you this is your private moment with her! I tell her NO its MY private moment to be away from everyone and God how i yearn for a glass of wine!

  21. Toya wright Consult your Gynae immediately didnt you see that Fufu chick from the Tolah stokvel lost her unborn baby by doubting her instinct

  22. Morning. Guys I want to start selling forever but still skeptical. I see lots of people going to Dubai hei. By the way do the products work, who buy these product and it looks like you move up by recruiting. And I haven’t seen any whites on these forever posts (well apart from the chairman’s or big bosses)

  23. Nelly welcome to motherhood where everyone has a say on how you must do things lol,

    you sound soo cute though

  24. I just get so annoyed with these ‘forex’ trading things. My people are always being had 🙁 You know this lady that I work with is considering quiting her job and pinning her hopes on a MMM – come – forex typa idiocy. Proper educated smart woman. Abo Brendan nabo Cashflow are still going to prosper shame.

  25. @Exiled that is the saddest part..the most educated and “elite” types are the ones investing a lot into these schemes..you would think they are the ones who are more “WOKE”. I think its the temptation of wanting to make a quick cash and maintain this posh life that people wont know uyithathaphi lemali. Coz when they get burnt they keep quite out of embarrasment

  26. @TashaFierce Attend one of their presentations near you, then you’ll get to see how it all works. I’m in the business myself and will definitely be going to Dubai next year. I see Whites at presentations but who cares!

  27. i am so embarrassed, that was a real rant. @Bompy.

    @momager did you happen to see Gigi Rantie went and bought herself a wig from Chrissy Bales! A whole 950 pounds wig! I like spending but issa lot ! Almost R17K for a wig i thought my R9K wassa lot but eh im too black hey. She seems to be gaining weight. What happened to herbalife? Kefi too was selling herbalife.. Kusele eziway oPinks bodumo!

  28. I’m in my takkies and jeans. I’m part of the rally. I’m tired of complaining from the chair. #Zumamustfall

  29. All the Gautrains from all parts of jhb are full. People are marching. It’s a pity I didn’t do a card.Our God is bigger than Zuma’s Nyanga. The weather has cleared. We are tired.

  30. if only we voted for the EFF in 2013 ngoba kuyafana all we see is more corruption for the ZANC

  31. @Toya wright it seems like 2017 babies are stubborn i know 2 ladies who gave birth at 42 weeks, mybe they are scared of Zuma lol

  32. I had the best sekhisi last night. Broke guys really know how to lay the pipe hey. This is the first time reaching Orga you guys. I’m so happy

  33. Yhu guys I think I have a crush. Met this guy couple years ago at a party, we chatted and then I left. Bumped into him at a race track last year, I was there with friends. turns out he’s a biker and such a MotoGP fanatic, he was with the Habashwe Racing Team. Saw him ka Feb at these Saturday races but I was with people so I just said hi and left. He’s so my type! O fit. I only have a twitter account and I checked his profile but he doesn’t tweet much. His name is Kabelo Thobejane, but I heard people calling him King at that party Where I met him. You guys know people. Is he married? With children? He looks like he’s in his late 20s, early 30s. I need the tea so I know whether to sondeza myself there or let the crush fizzle out. His body though??! I want him to do things to me **hides**

  34. Nelley mna I banned my mom from coming with the second one, she was so demanding with my first, just like your mom she was telling me what to do and what not to do with the baby. She was just too much and I had to remind her all the time that the baby is mine not OURS. I felt a bit bad for banning her but it was so peaceful without her. At two months we took the baby to her house and spent a weekend there but akezi la.

    Dr Lebelo is such a sweetheart she was in the delivery room when I had my first born.

  35. Chantal please tell us what pissed Ntsiki off so early dragging AKA like that.

    It was said here that AKA is well endowed mos, now Ntsiki says unencanca encinci. Ai

  36. Nice to see whites full of streets and these other bluddy agents, can they after this go to our poor townships and march for service delivery? Let’s not be fooled.

  37. @pettylabelle
    Enjoy the sex but don’t let him near your money, be very vigilant around broke men!

  38. Listening to Metro FM and the shade Dineo has been throwing at queen we ego? Uyalayeka queen kwa msoon yamanga. I am glad they’re changing the show and rebranding.

    Humble yourself misalignment yani manje?

  39. Just took a stroll to Church Square. It’s happening y’all. Perfect weather for marching. Pity I have to be back in the office because deadlines.

  40. I’m scared seems like MK Veterans are itching to go to war…be safe Cutie …Happy Friday bloggers #ZumaMustFall

  41. I guess The only way to make your show popular is to mention Bonang. Clearly ama ladies awazithembi. Let’s hope that Bonang’s name will up ratings and that one day they will come up with fresh topics.

  42. Impostor
    Apr 7, 2017 at 11:46 am
    Enjoy the sex but don’t let him near your money, be very vigilant around broke men!

  43. @Ms Z … So is that how the show will be popularized … by mentioning B*’s ego … Dineo is a very BRILLIANT radio host, she doesnt need that to gain popularity … how long will that last .
    Have you never resigned from the company because its no longer serves you the purpose?
    B* was TFR show host, she came up with a lot of things there including the ame and AskAMan … the whole show was aligned to her brand … She knows her worth and if she feels she is not getting what she wants, let her be

    …. Let them do their thing, there is no need to accelarate via shade

  44. No one mentioned Bonlie Just Nje, if anything they’re trying to get rid of any trace of her.

    Truth is cherrie ka AKA works hard, kills autocue and has impeccable fashion sense. She’s however not a team player,felt disrespected by Metro, thought she would throw them under the bus but was never ready to find out that they’re the road owners. Metro’s listenership was not increased by Bonang, people only tuned in for the AskAMan feature, in essence her leaving is not a loss to the station. Her tactic was to resign, thought Metro would beg and give in to her demands, that backfired as they replaced her with someone more talented than her. Her “brand” is the loser here as it is now losing the everyday exposure to +3 million reach. The numbers haven’t changed since she left in fact we’re noticing a significant increase and no none of the sponsors left, in fact more sponsors want to align with the new show hence they asked for a rebrand.

  45. Flavoured don’t be like your idol and lie blatantly, the feature has been existing since Azania’s days, remember AAA? How is it her concept then?

    She was an employee at Metro not the station manager or the Marketing & Comms person, though companies encourage ideas and innovations but implementation and ownership remains with the company. I digress point is she owned nothing, brought no sponsor and life goes on and even better things are in store!

  46. @Ms Z … but you actually dont have to lie with such confidence … There hasnt been an signficant increase YET …

    ALSO … The rebrand has been INITIATED because TFR is associated to B* and Metro doesnt want that anymore.
    If her leaving isnt a lose why are you then hyperventilating and keep mentioning her … why cant you guys keep it moving.
    Fact is TFR was the show with most revenue on Metro after the Tbo Toch slot …. This will remain like this as long as people keep attracted to the show/timeslot. You need a month or more to determine whether there is increase or decrease … Dineo has only been in a show for 8hrs

  47. Favoured says:

    @Ms Z … So is that how the show will be popularized … by mentioning B*’s ego … Dineo is a very BRILLIANT radio host, she doesnt need that to gain popularity … how long will that last .

    I am really disappointed with Dineo! Such pettiness! She is BRILLIANT in being a radio host and doesn’t have to be shading people for that.

    Dineo don’t let the devil use you or be influenced by LKG who is forever addressing haters. She needs to do the shading,been looking like B’s fan since 1999.

  48. @Mrs messi it’s seems like @justVuyi is a problem . She had a fall out with @fauxhipster (Pam) as well. She is two faced that girl.

  49. @Ms Z … See you are the One not knowing … actual lying with confidence ..

    Azania’s AAA – was an agony aunt type show, FOR everyone , AskAMan was for ladies with man issues …. those are TWO different concepts …. gerrrrit … i hope so.
    I will not speak to your emotionally self … calm down then lets engage … No one said she was a station manager or marketing % Comms person … If you dont know how sponsors or advertisers work … rather learn, then come back and lets engage. Then learn about the revenues created on different slots on Metro.
    Why do you think B* only worked on working days and not holidays, why do you think Metro allowed her to take all those holidays to push her other interest relating to her brand stuff?…. Learn , it actual doesnt hurt.
    People’s contracts are not the same even though they have the same title and work for the same company

  50. Actual … This is similar to Touch’s … Touchdown 3-6 … same as Fresh breakfst (compared to 1st avenue) … It depends on how you negotiate dear

  51. Even at JC awards, DIneo was busy throwing shades at Bonang who wasn’t even there. Ms what what, you have been pushing this Bonang Dineo metro eish since Wednesday and people have been ignoring you. You keep saying “we” and you sound like an insider at Metro. So she left and lost us.. why are you mad?

  52. These stans give their queen too much credit. arguing with them is a waste of time Miss Z.

  53. No one mentioned Bonlie Just Nje, if anything they’re trying to get rid of any trace of her ((are they going to delete all her podcasts, then they are really hurt)
    . The numbers haven’t changed since she left in fact we’re (LOL, are we are.. so why are you mad) noticing a significant increase and no none of the sponsors left, in fact more sponsors want to align with the new show hence they asked for a rebrand. We are happy for them.

    So are you going to tell us why bo Unathi just left? Glen? And whoever left because they are not happy with the current arrangements or only Bonang is worthy? Funny thing you expect us to cheer you on or not say anything positive about Bonang.

  54. Shaka , noted, they believe the lies and hype their queen has been feeding them. So she made the feature for ladies only though there had been male callers I see. You think you know the workings at the SABC don’t you at Favoured?

    how many times must it be proven that Bonang is a liar? Talking about her father refusing for her to leave late but the father is ok with her cohabiting with a man. What a time to be alive!

    Just think about this, if indeed she was the one who brought the sponsors, why are they not sponsoring everything else she’s aligned to? Do you know that SABC employs people to get advertisers for their mediums, did she double up as that?
    Love your queen but don’t come lie about things you have no knowledge of.

    As for Glen and Unathi, they are not relevant in fact we forgot they exist the day they left, good riddance!

  55. @Ms Z …. Get this … slowly this time … When you create a concept, it doesnt guarantee that everyone will follow it to the T … thats why you present it and say what it stands for … so was AskAMan … this however didnt stop man from asking, the concept was however for ladies, asking question they would like man to answer.
    Hope this time around you get it.
    I dont think i know the workings of the SABC, you CLAIMED to know even used “We” as if you are SABC … but your information is quarter baked …. so i provided community service to you and corrected your misinformation … thats all.

    Were you there … you KNOW he didnt refuse, ACTUALLY why does it even bother you … where do you fit in the equation? How is everything that she does with her life, her family and her man bother you so much.
    Why would you have your “If indeed’s ” if you are in the KNOW as you CLAIM? really … just re-read that paragraph again, you will find the answer ….
    But why B* bothers you this much, you can easiy forget about people who have been with SABC for decades but CANT forget someone who has been there not even half-a decade … hhayini

  56. Glen and Unathi have outgrown Metro; even Fresh…I am seriously judging #JC38 and over 40 who listen and still work at this station.

  57. My ag. So by the grace of the most High I graduated again yesterday. God is so good, u guys, the look on my mom’s face… priceless. I love making her proud when i can, it makes me so happy. Slowly but surely i see that things are working out as planned. Happy weekend to all, oh… thank God weed is legal, now i can peacefully smoke lol

  58. Miss Z they think Khwin is just hyped and overrated, she get hired because of her social networks followings not because she performs miracles. It’s all about the followings. Your Khwin ain’t shit stans that’s why Metro got rid of her ka style. hehehe

  59. Miss Z their Khwin is just hyped and overrated, she get hired because of her social networks followings not because she performs miracles. It’s all about the followings. Your Khwin ain’t shit stans that’s why Metro got rid of her ka style. hehehe

  60. HR people please help. Are temporary employees paid their leave balances at the end of the contract? Say the contract was for 10 months

  61. Kiki I tried to drag these stans out of SV but dololo. I wanted AG to reach 500 comments like good old days.

  62. Roselina you are supposed to get paid whatever leave days due to you. Permanent or not.

    We wouldnt be talking about Bonang if you didnt bring her up. She left Metro big deal.. thank God im not #JC38 or anywhere close to it. I read here on Jc that unathi left because she was going to be paired with Khanyi? Good for her for leaving before the first show. This Bonang issue always sound personal more than anything else

  63. I do believe Bonang was told about the pair-up an hour before the show, only because she had evaded her bosses meeting requests for so long. LKG le Dineo bona they dragged the shade for too long.

    AG: Mood = self-isolation. I am so tired.

  64. As for Glen and Unathi, they are not relevant in fact we forgot they exist the day they left, good riddance

    So they Queen is relevant… so are you revamping all the radio shows or just the front row #BonangPower

    By the way, you are so upset she. I keep seeing one of the comments you made on the 3rd.. it got lost someone under one of the pictures (not an article) atleast you finally getting some attention. Anything new you want to tell us about this new show format.. you can do better. Whoever you are. I don’t think it’s Zinhle..

  65. Yes Chantal … People are Hyperventilating because B* left, they were hyperventilatting because she was there and they are hyperventillating because we like her …. really?
    Why so much energy for person you dont even like, that doesnt add any value

  66. Good afternoon bahlali,

    Just popped in to say hi! Ngiyanikhumbula bahlali.

    UPDATE: I am still single and lovinnnnnnnnng it, I have realized that if I don’t love me know one else will.

    I now love me more. . .I no longer hide behind weaves to hide who I am. I am rocking my natural hair with my Rihanna 5 head (issokay) and it feels so good.

    Anyone with a link to download BMJ S4.

    I see you Blackhall, Sifelani . . . .

    Please listen to HAPPY by Kirk Franklin!

  67. Why do people hate *Bonang so much *side eyes* that blogger whos’ last username consists of the last letter of the alphabets.

    Wanenzani uBonang, if you are this hateful to a person you do not know, I shudder to think how you are like to people closest to you.

    Hate is hate, whether online or in person. Bese nithi nithanda uNkulunkulu kanjani, when you hate your fellow mzalwane (in this case Bonang).

    Slay them wena Queen B*

  68. Happy friday to you all. Enjoy whats left of it and the rest of the weekend.

  69. Oh..I don’t know why aka and Ntsiki are beefing ka pipi. But he recently bought Glanmy a house.. gogo is officially a celebrity and has fans. Lol..

  70. Browning check _bonga or @bonga_ Instagram page.. so many memes and pictures from the PISSFULL march.. @mizanne and chatlas. Others are private but I. Dead…

    I’m so moody this days.. people just annoy me. My cousins are around and I just feel like telling them to go.. sigh! I even refused to go with them to the shops..

  71. AG: I welcomed everyone in my house for the weekend. My cousin’s luggage seems very large, smelling a potential of over staying. That time I feel like being with my family busking in our usual routine. Mxm, Ndazendza

  72. Thanks Shaka & Favoured!!!
    @BlackStallion family & friends bayadika with overstaying. Yazi i had a friend who visited for a week, she didnt even contribute with Bread atleast. This girl had money in her wallet but i had to buy everything. Visitors should never overstay their welcome & not visit if they wont contribute, groceries r too expensive

  73. My AG:
    1. Does kefilwe mabote gets hand me downs from Carol Bouwer? Since she doesnt have a legitimate job to afford those designer labels?

    2. Carol Bouwer strikes me as an insecure person, who thrives on association. Im glad Connie furguson distanced herself from her after she ignored her after she got married and moved up social class. CF uses to adore her and reference her in her intvws back in the early 2000s and CB dololo.

    3. These are my unqualified social media observations

  74. Johanna mukoki is another one who needs a stylist fast plus a hairdresser to cut off those dreads, they do nothing for her already horrendous sense of fashion. Can her groupies pls pass the msg. She blocked me both she and CB

    Is it me or what? Thembisa never genuinely complements the brides, ever!

  75. Lol Ratanang…
    I’ve always wondered why Khonny Figasin isn’t in Kerol Bawa’s circle *type like Nomi*
    I used to think they were friends.

    But ke uma Khonana seems down to earth ngwana batho , not so much about the glits & glam & bubbles kind life.

    Nokho I love Kerol , andikho sho ngala weight loss.

  76. Kat Sinivasin is flourishing in Hollywood . yazi I’ve been single for so long I always wonder xa couples are apart for sometime do y’all get anxious , do you think about your person throughout the day?

    I ask because a buddy of mine is so in love , so much so they drop their partner’s names in every sentence , all day errrday ..they are cities apart & see each other mostly on weekends .

    I dream to be so inLOVE *SIGH*
    Sips on Heineken.

  77. MR Anti-Chauvinism since you know and understand American Mzabalazo is Trump trying to start a world war,And ama Russians angenaphi 🙁

  78. yhooooo guys! This Sithelo of yours came back to insta for a reason! She is live 24/7! I don’t even know her. I only knew here from here but yhooooo! LOL!!

  79. I believe the instruction to rid the show of any traces of Bonang came from the Station Manager, all the on air talent that had problems at Metro had issues with her, including Maraw, Bonang, Glen, Unathi, Touch, Paul & even the Eddie Zondi.

  80. @YellowBerry: if you don’t mind me asking: what is the name of the highest qualification that you have?Why did you choose to be an unemployed graduate instead of being a postgraduate student hustling for work at the same time?
    Why ole dom kop so?Le degree yakho ayikufundisanga ukuPlena nokucinga outside of your course content?Hay’maan sudika.

    Please e-mail me your CV,I will highlight the parts that make it impossible for potential employers to take you seriously enough to invite you for an interview.Let’s work on getting you that interview s’thandwa saam #Masincedane #uRhulumenteMakaqhube

    @Nelly: you are such an annoying pushover yazi.Undenza naar.Have some backbone in your life and stand up to the nonsense that is being thrown at you by your so called nasty family.You are not a teenage mom for Qamata’s sake! ungumfazi,unekwakho ,why uphethwe kwakho nje?No one will respect you if you allow anyone to tell you what to do, when and how.Rhaaa kunganyiwa kum!

    The nanny should do her job and you deserve to take a break after that 9 months nonsense that you went through uzama ukuzisa lo mphefumlo emhlabeni.Rhaaaa women go through a lot,they deserve all the time out they can get.Nxah,hay nfi fies kak’bi.
    And,please give your mother umthetho.Tell her that you do not appreciate her coming to your house unannounced.If you don’t know how to say it,ask someone they trust to get the message across her mind.Tyhini Thiza,Siphi na apha?ETshatshalazeni?

  81. LOL finally saw the pic of Mmusi and his bullet vest. LMAO! Seems like a man that will tell you to check what’s happening outside when the dogs start barking. I never took Mmusi seriously but this takes the cake…

  82. Lol @Shaka …uNomi came guns blazing azelanga uzo tshatshalaza apha .

    Wena Nomi oko ndakucela undi ncede nge yam i See Vee ngoku uzo offarisha your services to ubitso wam uYellowBerry awunyi perhaps ???. Tsek.

    watched an episode of mathunzi-seli last night , and it got me thinking but I forgot about what ???

  83. Lol.Yellow.Did you email me though?I am not going to type my email address every Friday shame if you have not emailed me.And I charge now.But I will do a quote after seeing your CV and you will advise if I have to continue servicing you or not 😛

  84. Wow guys! I’m so bored haven’t left my house all day. Watching everything on Catch Up. Has anyone seen the new Telenova by BOMB production called Isithembiso- it’s so good guys! Chichi Letsoalo is on it- she’s been gone for a while! Yhu!

  85. Bahlali ke kopela di links of the books that were mentioned here at home few months ago. I’ve read Being Tokwe and now want Hlomu the wife and others.TIA

  86. Which app / filter is Sne Zikhali is using phela ugirl is OMuhle Gela/Knaomi kinda shade lapho she’s a yellow bone on IG I want to prosper bahlali

  87. @Aziza yaz sometimes its the phone/ camera itself…I’m knaomi s complexion but I appear lighter on phones

  88. Hi guys, quick question. Is stylecafe legit? Wanna buy shoes from there but i guess im not “modern enough” 4 online shopping… scared of getting scammed. Their web address is “www.stylecafesa.co.za” & also how do we spot scammers & legit online stores? I know spree & runway something is legit…


  89. Why are people asking others why they don’t have headboards on their insta live thing? I swear it’s one of the bloggers!! Hahahhahaahhaahahahahahahahahha!!!!

  90. @Favoured that article just popped up on my MSN newsfeed. I take my hat off bloggers! Damn! Poor Zinhle.Babes we Fraud ne Forex.

    I am giving up my love for Flying Fish and sweet fruity beer and coctails. I need to start drinking izinto zabo Mbeki @BlackStallion Jesu Christ!


  91. Brandon dodged a bullet here. He’s lucky that uBabes Wokumitha didn’t trap him.

  92. Aowa Justnje …. I feel sorry for her … since the article it seems all she have to do is heal

  93. I wonder is DJ Zinhle will do other tatoos for pain… accept interviews for this … ku bird …

  94. Is Euphonik still with Auriela? Just curious.

    If DJ zinhle force the situation and continue to date that Brendon, she will cry. She will have to give him cash everytime. And keep up with his lies. I know corn man.
    Did she moved with him? If yes whose house is it between them?

  95. Sometimes I honestly feel pity for these celebs Thixo! Why is celeb gossip so enjoyable ? Like I salivate when I hear some good tea but then in the midst of enjoying that tea I feel a bit of guilt because my intention isn’t to enjoy seeing another person go through hardships.

    I really hope Zinhle survives this scandal and her image is unscathed from the Brendan/Forex debacle. Lol and that Sithelo girl is hilarious, she thrives on the attention we give her but I honestly feel for the wife. She lacks respect for the wife and the hubby seems to lack tact and the scruples to deal with this situation accordingly.

  96. You’re right! Premature public declarations of love seem to always lead to dismal outcomes, but mara you know when you’re in love, you feel invincible and a bravado compared to none other and you emboldened to thrust your lover in all your haters faces.

    If Nomzamo and Maps were to split, we wouldn’t even know. Their displays of affection are subtle yet evident and the public isn’t privy to their intimate details. These grandiose displays and declarations work against you and ultimately expose you to ridicule

  97. Dj Zinhle indeed took to the streets waaay too soon with her man. It just seemed off. Moving on so quick after that AKA meltdown… & shade towards B for months… All of a sudden she’s madly in love please #stagedlove

    She must just post her open letter to us explain Mr Naidoo & keep it moving like she did with Bonang & Aka.

  98. Heh @Nzalama that’s what I picked up from that Sunday Times article, I mean how do you tell your live in lover to leave when Lunga comes over

  99. The same bloggers who are saying Zinhle was wrong to display her relationship wnf blah blah blah are the same bloggers who said she was lying when she said she have a boyfriend who wear suits. Too fast my left paralysed foot, it was after a year. You know what was too fast? Your queen of sferbs jumping from Dbanj’s dick to AKA’s. mxxxm niyanyanyisa marn.

  100. Shaka….my issue wasnt that she moved on…rather that she became too public with a new rels. She could have waited a bit whils conducting serious Due Due diligence on the guys. Even B will face similar public scruitity if she breaks of with AKA. That whole threesome issa mess nje!!!

  101. This! I knew Lunga was cheating but with Bathabile? So that wedding was paid for through the relationship. Yoh you yoh!

  102. @Sebzy WOW! Now this is shockingly hilarious !!! ???? so Rosseta’s hubby was in a relationship with Bathabile ?!?! This is the kinda tea I wish I could unsip ! Amanye amadoda anesibindi yaz

  103. Bathong imagine Rosy feeling insecure cause of a Bathabile!!

    These young men of today love money but want it quick! So what’s the difference between a girl living the TTT life and them! Aaaarrrgg man!

  104. Fundi and Melody’s friendship gives me chesties yaz!! Just like that?!
    I liked them together!

  105. Hahahah the feminist in me is somewhat proud to know men are dabbling in this TTT lifestyle. ???

  106. Avo.Its hillirious come to think of it!

    And there’s a lot of these men these days doing the extreme to keep their lives on rich mode.. I’ve heard a lot of stories about men who deal with the public sectors flourishing in their undercover TTT life with these ministers. For starters Nomvulas beneficiaries are plenty! And aba beche aba beche!! Hahahahaahhahahhaahaha!

  107. I feel bad for doubting the stamina and sex drive of these middle aged women.Lol it’s clear that money and power are strong aphrodisiacs. Seems like they are just as thirsty and ravenous in the bedroom as the male middle aged blessers, Bathabile is doing her damn thang #slay wena gal !!!

  108. So uLunga uyafebenza naye Lool I’m reminded of when Mama action said “we ,the youth “…Tweeps said “you are what you eat or what eats you”

  109. I will never forget someone here saying-Rosette is living a “single married life” LOL!! Hahahahhahahha!

  110. So was the Ruralpedi queen referring to Justvuyi when she said people are witches who pretend to wish everyone well but in their hearts are not. I am asking because another blogger raised this.

  111. Mara abo Rosette bayashada shame. That man has a sour face. One tweet says uphakamile yet he makes his money by shagging the minister.

  112. PaidOff doll are they no longer friends uFundi no MelMo ? …
    But why heeee these girls were really squad goals years ago maybe bayehlanganiswe udyola naboo DJ ..

    As for Lunga & Bathabile *gags* .

  113. @yellow I don’t know really.. I just see Melmo hanging with the Waterkloof wives all days everyday! Even their comments on each other’s posts don’t have “that thing anymore!

  114. Rossette must just be careful. HIV is here to stay until further notice. We are living in a dangerous world. Even if you can tell yourself that you can live a healthy life, drink pills etc but it can be complicated. Your liver can be affected with cancer and some blood doesnt react posetively on ARVS. Ku rough. Yes we are all going to die but lets prevent what we can.

  115. Nomi_Super_Star I’m hardly on jc…I can’t find your email address on past posts. Please send it to me pls pls pls

  116. Lol namnyela uDJ Zinhle, so there is ano acceptable time frame that one has to follow before they move on or show their new bf?aninyi? The only unfortunate thing here is Zinhle fell in love with an alleged fraudster and that’s really on Brandon.

  117. Morning guys…

    A couple things on my gossipy mind…

    1-Poor Rossete!!! Shame babe!!

    2-Guys. Jimmy Tau. What’ a shame. Like he is about to loose it all. Kesono. Rhats why he disappeared! How did he get here? From paying R200k lobola to this. How long does these contracts last if these boys shine for a year then disappear into finically castatrophe!!!!??!!

    3-It’s Kefis birthday today. Hope she gets those balloon number things so we can all move on from her age thing.. I wonder if she will get her inta age or real age! Kidding! LOL!

    Anyway!! Happy Monday Bahlali!!!

  118. Its not a time frame thing even. U broke off with ur baby daddy publically and invited the world to ur breakup through ur blog with all the details…then again invited the world to ur new rels publically to introduce Bond……surely….surely…u want the public to know about ur “private life” so u and ur faves must not catch feelings when the public comments on the breakup and the fraudster… Personally, im very sceptical of “business men” who cant actually tell u what they do. There are tons of articles written about these so called forex traders…

  119. Lunga Ncwana and Bethabile Dlamin? I was never ready, i thought Lunga washiyelwa mali ezitshisiweyo nguBrett Kebble kanti uyafumana nakuBathabile #claps

  120. @125dd I totally concur. I honestly detest this Forex Trading mumbo jumbo!!!! Like my 21 yr old sister has a kid with a guy 11 years her senior. This guy would rather pump money into training to be a Forex Trader instead of paying for my sisters studies at UNISA, instead I’m left having to pay her fees while I wait for my late father’s estate settlement.

    For a person who is over 30 years treating Forex trading as their last hope is so disheartening. I’m JC27 and I know Forex trading is just sophisticated gambling

  121. @Paidoff_doll pls balance me about Kefiboo as blogers like Nelly like to say ufeba nge direction…

    1.Does she have a house, car and a business under her name except advertising clothes for instagram(jhb small street) boutiques?

    2. Does she have a stable blesser?

    Who owns those cars she drives on her insta videos??

    Gal is stylish AF but she’s not beautiful…

  122. I`m here for Bathabs and Lunga, haahahaaaahhaaaa, kwaaaahaaaa!! I cannot stop chuckling about this one, I never saw it coming but, I am not shocked. Lunga and the boys did a lot of things – Brett Kebble – for their money.
    Money is the devil guys, the devil!

  123. amberjc
    Apr 10, 2017 at 9:59 am
    @Paidoff_doll pls balance me about Kefiboo as blogers like Nelly like to say ufeba nge direction…

    hahahah did i really say that 🙁

    All i know is Kefi is now sponsored by all these luxurious brands and they pay for her appearances and she is now hailed a “brand influencer” It does look off that she has been taken under the wing of all these “rich stepford wives” Almost like Litha and Johan Rothschild! One wonders what exactly goes on there but ke…….. it does not pay my bills!

  124. Our Ministers really have a fetish for young boys but who can blame them when comrades their age marry young girls.I am not judging Bathabile she is not married moes; besides cubs have that thing!

  125. TheBridge with AskAman = Bonang 2.0( no -1.0) …..NEXT

    u LKG why is she now all of a sudden wanting to vacay with zintle ..iwhooo hai ezi friendships built of a mission never last ke yaz

  126. JC Bloggers…..kea le tlhompha!!!! I remember reading here about Lunga and the SASSA connection with Bathabile. Imagine a fly girl like Rosette vs Minister Bathabile……kwaaaaa! Life e jwang mara?

  127. AvoAdd… i recently met a woman who is a “forex trader” and she is trying to persuade me and my friend to join her scheme which is a classic ponzi scheme. Needless to say i asked her about which currencies she trades but she could tell me. She has a dodgy whatsapp chat group where people share how much money they got from thier investments in one week (50%).

    Its sad that people are so desperate they fa for this…

  128. The mental image of Lunga and Bathabile being imitate!! Lawd!! Imali kodwa nguSathana!!

  129. The way B* makes all these people shiver…. most of these so called besties in entertainment happened because of B*…. i can imagine they have these deep conversation when they meet…like how bong stole my job, man, contract etc…

  130. I am giving up my love for Flying Fish and sweet fruity beer and coctails. I need to start drinking izinto zabo Mbeki @BlackStallion Jesu Christ!
    Do not give up on what you love .. nothing stops you from drinking COCtails and izinto zabo Mbeki at the sametime.

    2-Guys. Jimmy Tau. What’ a shame. Like he is about to loose it all. Kesono. Rhats why he disappeared! How did he get here? From paying R200k lobola to this. How long does these contracts last if these boys shine for a year then disappear into finically castatrophe!!!!??!!

    He will bounce back. Only if he does not try to still live the high flyer life. Money is nice when you chow in silence diversify projects and take care of your insiders and their families and in turn they will baby sit your future. Power and greed can be the end of you.

  131. Rossette uzokwenza iparty abize ichomi zakhe zase CPUT kuselwe utywala ngemali ye mpundu zo myeni wakhe

  132. hahahahaaaaaaaa!! this has made my week. Damnit! this is serious juice , I wonder how they got it together in the first place. how did Lunga shela this woman?? ithini incoko yabo?? and then when it comes to the bedroom??? so many questions.
    the way he looks nje of late, so dry, these things they do literally suck the oil and flavor out of their bodies. how do you even enjoy this money bantu, food must be tasteless.
    yhuuuuu! poor Rosette.

  133. I hear u Nelly usuke kude usisi Kefiboo- from being a wife,to being a herbal life doll, Best Body skin ambassador and kefi models. Vergara said she will be featured on Top billing

    What happened between her friendship with Sikalala sisters, Lizelle, Neo and Litha Yaya?

    Who is blessing her new friend Michelle ( posh_24)?

  134. @Blackstallion….Jimmy is one of Nomvula’s exes. He got toppled by Reggie I think. Shem, Rosette guys. Dealing with a cheating man is humiliating enough, but one that cheats with an older woman like mme Bathabile when the wife is so superhot?

    This DJZinhle and Brendon story makes me sad. And people were hoping that B* and Aka would be dunzo by now

  135. nelley says:

    Andile Ncube is probably saying LOOK AT GOD lmao!

    I’m sure even Lungas X is singing “My God is Gooodo!” After Roro snatched him so carelessly!!! Hahahahahaah!

  136. Am also interested to know why these female celebrities allow themselves to be used by gays- indaba zobo are all over bcz they befriend gays. Like that Kgosi guy/gay he is friends with Pearl M, K Naomi, Ayanda Thabethe and the list goes on

    Now we know that Pearl is back with Nkululelo cz of him- I thought Pearl is better than that yhazi, taking Nkululeko back yhooo!!!

  137. @125dd this Forex Trading will be death of our inheritances, all my younger siblings are waiting for the my father’s estate settlement so they can all trade forex. And my 21 yr old sister will most likely be finding her 32 yr baby daddy to trade currencies on her behalf.

    When my mom had her divorce settlement in 2010, she squandered all her money on Forex trading and training. She didn’t even understand the fundamentals of trading currencies. These young boys come with money making rheoteric, and make R10k in 10 minutes. It’s honestly a frustrating position to be in…

  138. Who is blessing her new friend Michelle ( posh_24)?

    hehehe amber i am always wondering who sponsors Michelle!

    I noticed Nonhle ndala has a new bff… who is that woman?

    hahahahah as for Roro, she was so sure but she must have known what Lunga was up to! I mean we always saw it a mile away! They are always grumpy together ! But nam i wouldnt mind being miserable in a R65M mansion in Fresnaye….

  139. Shame, i wonder if this is also why she drinks so much. i mean how long has the affair been going on and then he married Rozette. Shame man.
    i don’t even want to talk about Zinhle, she needs to be cleansed ayikho le

  140. But guys bathi Lunga has been at it and iwas also with Ngcakula before also mos… I wonder how far true is that?

  141. I actually meant Johan Rupert *hangsheadinshame!

    I have always wondered if maybe Kefi joins these women in their swinging parties etc LMAO *iamjoking *screams

  142. “Lunga is not cheating with the Minister uyasebenza..”
    Thank you @BlackStallion,as long his kids banesinkwa/borotho ekhaya.#Doublestandardsmustfall #
    How did the JC-gossip ladies miss this bombshell?I’m even doubting if its true at all because almost every scandal involving Politicians and Businessmen reported in media i have already read it here first many moons before.

  143. yaz’ Paidoff_doll i actually also assumed that maybe Lunga was also bisexual considering that Brett Keble drama but this ! hahahahahaaha

  144. Spot on @Blackstallion, and Rosette is enjoy the nice life there in the Bishops Court mansion bought with SASSA money.
    Re 2006 “It seems that the late Kebble had a particular interest in young people. He gave one Lunga Ncwana, of the ANC Youth League, a tidy R14m and the league itself R6m”
    Kumnandi Hurray!
    So has Jimmy cancelled his engagement to Sizakele Manonga? or is it hard to get into her family business.

  145. Michelle was Juju’s full time side! I don’t know my instincts tell me she is still with him. She used to be big friends with Rene too. But we all know what happened when Rene is involved…

  146. “ithini incoko yabo?? and then when it comes to the bedroom??? so many questions”
    Hehehehehe spoken like a “cheese girl” Lol,only if you knew what poverty or fear of returning to poverty can do to your thinking/creative abilities @Sofia.

  147. amberjc says:

    What happened between her friendship with Sikalala sisters, Lizelle, Neo and Litha Yaya?

    Has anyone seen the Zikalala sisters lately????? Wow guys life!!! Will show you!! LOL!

  148. Paidoffdoll i see she’s a TTT of note that one. She’s close with Lizelleon IG… gals don’t give a F***k about shanging the same guy.

    I swear we are living in the last days couples swinging infront of everyone to see yhoooo…..

    By the way Lizelle and Mihlani Ndamase are the most beautiful instagram models…

    I like how Mihlali dresses for her age (1995)- I just wonder if she made a wise decision by being engaged with Major league twin

  149. they are really in love hey and those boys are the most respectful kids you will ever meet. I swear when you meet them you will understand what i mean @amberjc

  150. @phetolo
    Yes Jimmy was on of Nimvulas ben10… @Chantal shame he is really going through a bad patch. He even wanted to sell his house to help finance a business. I wonder why he couldn’t fix things with Siza cause getting into that family would have gotten him far after shagging Nomvula didn’t last…

  151. Paidoff_doll I love it tea soo much but i always get hurt when u talk about K- Naomi the way i thought she’s innocent, maybe it’s bcz i love her

    U remind me of my gayish ex bf – he used to tell me that Minnie Dlamini is not as innocent as i think she’s dating sugar daddies…. I would freak out whenever he mentions that cz i love Minnie with all of my heart….

    Anyway who is the dj he sleeping with ko Metro FM, think it’s Zeeba that has inside infor about that..!?

  152. this Lunga Ncwana has been chowing the money since the Kebble days.. i cant belive Bathabile actually went to his wedding to Rossette…maybe Rossette was informed she knows all about this “arrangement” .

  153. Amber, easy with your investigations
    you wonder if mihlali made the right decision by being engaged to a boy that’s young ambitious and successful,
    If she were to be a TTT or a politicians side, its still people like you that will bring the mgosi here asking for details of her blesser…

  154. @Nelly that’s great get…. love is beautiful

    Is Fezokuhle serious about her TV career or she doesn’t really care about it, i mean her looks, body and a good PR team can take her far even if she’s not talented *Side eyes Ayanda Thabethe, Boity & Minnie*

  155. amberjc says:

    Am also interested to know why these female celebrities allow themselves to be used by gays- indaba zobo are all over bcz they befriend gays. Like that Kgosi guy/gay he is friends with Pearl M, K Naomi, Ayanda Thabethe and the list goes on

    I’ve been saying that Kgosi guy has the juice for all of 011! I’ve been saying.. I don’t know why these girls are friends with him! He used to work for a Hilton Weiner where he would take clients contact (other people’s men) info and contact them outside the store and claim to wan to style them and then he would pimp out these girls!!! They must continue being friends with him so we can get hot tea!! I don’t mind!Ahhahahahahhahhahah!!

  156. BD i didn’t mean it in a bad way hun, was just asking sins u know djs and women throwing themselves kubo…..

  157. Kgosi has done nothing ngala ma girls athanda izonto who always want to associate themselves with gays ,akhonto ihleba njenge ntombazana iyhoooo lonto

  158. Mjenqeka
    You’re talking there yaz… Remeber how Roro used to like posting Bathabile. When she even came to their house for dinner and stuff before their wedding. I remeber at one point she wished her happy birthday on insta kante she is busy chowing him!! But life! Hahahahhahahhahahahahahaha!

  159. The internet has poor Kefiboo so shook she’s hardly saying anything about her birthday. She used to have multiple posts about it all day over the years until she announced her age. The worst was when they said she got the balloon numbers wrong last year. I feel sad for her


  160. Dololo Mzansi News 🙁
    Eish hayi kunzima Roro and Bathabs sharing a man ???
    That Kgosi is also friends with Lorna, eish I fear for my Queens mgosi …These gays aint loyal
    I saw on Pearl’s insta story a man with a wedding band, are they married now ?

  161. nelley Apr 10, 2017 at 11:37 am :they are really in love hey and those boys are the most respectful kids you will ever meet. I swear when you meet them you will understand what i mean @amberjc
    Nelly stop breaking my heart. uMihlali atswebe nje kancinci, one weekend.. I will never tell anyone. ndingalimunca elakhozo and andithethi nge pipe ingatshisa bhe!

  162. Have you guys seen Banele’s baby mama? (Mihlali’s boyfriend) she is also very very pretty. If you think Mihlali is beautiful you obviously have to see Ande! She is gorgeous!

  163. Didn’t they say they coming up with a new show na ?Askaman still there , finance monday still there confused

    Paid off I also had chesties on behalf of Fundi, Melody flourishing with other rich wives….

  164. Malema is very consistent in his taste shame. Light, petite and yellow bone
    I think he has had the most beautiful picks.
    From Lizelle to Now Mantwa/and Michelle
    But Lizelle still takes the cup lol

  165. @Tsholo- Kefi is probably doing a photo shoot somewhere as we speak to “show” us her birthday! Borrow clothes from her boutique friends and say she got this and that for her birthday… hahhahahahhahha!!

  166. Impo Michelle is far from being beautiful uyafana no Lego

    Nelly what’s Ande’s instagram handle ndimbone lol

  167. HAYIBO BD Lizelle dated Malema when she was 21yrs back in 2011 (when she was new and fresh kwi modelling)even 2015 bebekhe bazama….

  168. I meant to say ufana noKefi…. she’s not pretty at all

    Bloggers i wanna connect dots where does Amanda Du Pont,Namhla (generations) & Bonang blesser live apha eJozi…. I don’t want to mention his name ngoba bathi he can trace anything kwi net *fearsForherLife*??

  169. amberjc mos no one knew Lizelle until she went to Mauritius with Juju! Juju made her famous LOL

  170. I once saw a post on Rosette IG (not sure if it has since been deleted)she was referring to Bathabile as a relative , an aunt /grandma .. something to that effect.
    What’s wrong with these ANC female ministers and their love for Boys Ben10’s? Didn’t they learn anything from the Dina Pule saga? Can you be that dickmatized that you risk loosing everything for a Ben10 who will later turn around and marry a younger woman?

  171. @nelley I knew Lizelle before Juju!!! Remeber that Mike guy she used to date, the one who bout her that Cirocco car and she ran away with it? And got arrested? ? Hahahahah! That guy was also with Joyce Malamu..

  172. hahaha…nithi Rosette is just a “front” (read lace curtain). But guys if Bheki Cele’s wives etc can do it, why can’t Lunga do it na? uRosette ain’t as innocent. Isn’t she the one that cheated on Andile Ncube with Razmatzz na? The whole Minsiter….she has always loved things wethu. What do they think these guys do to get the money they have? Dreams of being millionaire housewives have nightmares….
    I’m sure Mam Bathabile gives a good Blow Job…..

  173. What does Ande do with her life?
    @amberjc i want to know who he is coz clearly imali yakhe indeeee

  174. Kuthwa women can fake orgasm…but after reading about Lunga and Bathabs, I realized that men probably fake it too……or the imagination yee millions can lead to it?

  175. Cutie says:
    I’m sure Mam Bathabile gives a good Blow Job…..
    WHY? WHY?? Hahahahhahahhahahahahahaha!!! Please just go away and never come back!!! Hahahahhahahhahahahahahaha!! I’m done!

  176. @Mathaz – uBathabile wears a ring on her wedding finger….or could that be another front?

  177. nelley muhle Ande, very pretty and she has theee most beautiful heart ever. she never speaks about what happened to her friendship with Gee. @Maurizio1 she worked at transnet now works at MSC maritime studies.

  178. as for imagining mam Bathabile giving a blow job lmao! Ande was at Transnet im not sure where she is now. She is based in Cpt

  179. @amberjc she was not friends with Aurelia but friends with gee. and gee is friends no Aurelie. can Gee get a job bakithi or go study, she is too young to be dreaming of being a house girlfriend to Junior..

  180. Paidoffdoll u meant George moss not Mike that bought Lizelle that car infact it was two cars…. he dumped her after he found out about her affair with Malaga….

    Heeee do u guys know a guy by the name of Mike that passed on 2015 bcz of (Isifo esingenachiza),well she bought Yenzeka an apartment in JHB north before asishiye emhlabeni. Gal is stylish with a stunning body but she ain’t pretty…. what does she do for a living ????

    Her instagram handle is @Yenzi

  181. Guys… who is Vanessa Masilo with these days.. I saw her driving a Bentley the other day…. keyamang? I missed the registration! LOL!!

  182. Mathaz where are you Lol

    Kuthwa Collins Letsoalo is Dipuo Peters allegedly nton nton
    I’m confused because It’s alleged Tiyane Rikhotso was her main B10? That’s why he got rewarded by being appointed to prasa board?

  183. Yenzeka doesn’t do anything for a living. She was dating one of those Nelspruit boys by the name of Robert. But he was cheating with her and it ended just like that, when his baby mama found out…

  184. @ Zizi okay boo….. HAYIBO Gee is a house gf *shocked*, i mean on her captions she likes to say something about dreams and working hard???

    What made her to gain a lot of following on instragam when her friend that’s dating the Nonke dj hasn’t reached even 100k??

  185. Kwaaaaa Cutie, usile yazi.
    If Rosette didn’t know about this affair it just just how far out there it is, truly baffling. I have no issue with older women getting it on with younger guys but, she really doesn’t fit the profile, the woman waddles bakithi.
    its not like Lindiwe Sisulu you know, like I doubt Bathabs has had any relations with a treadmill in the past few decades. so ke, I just wonder, how, how on earth this has worked physically speaking.
    may I never have this kind of hunger that drives me to geriatric affairs.

  186. Thank God Terry Pheto and Pual Mashatile situationship ended! Yherrr Terry has a liver for days, who is she fucking now?

    After God we must respect women shame ngekhe sbali

  187. What made her to gain a lot of following on instragam when her friend that’s dating the Nonke dj hasn’t reached even 100k??

    @amberjc its because she is pretty when she is not smiling. MRS Nonke blocks people and has alot of tantrums on insta

  188. @paidoff_doll are you talking about Robert Gumede’s son ??? ! Tjo niyazazi indaba zabantu! Like if it’s that boy then girls are brave he is an acquired taste

  189. Terry has a real boyfriend now. Young black exec guy. She was travelling with him in December. She really wants to settle down now. Hope it works out for her now that she left Paul.

  190. Hahahaha lol Zizi yhuuu… “it’s bcz she’s beautiful when she’s not smilling ”

    Robert Gumede son was dating Zoe Thabethe and Zoe and Yenzi are friends…..well that’s what I know

  191. Probably Rossette knew about the relo between Bathabile and Lunga , just as long she got lavish life and beautiful wedding
    People will do anything for Insta likes , so sad

  192. @nelly- no not Simphiwe! Another guy, he is friends with that crew yabo prince and mj!!

  193. @Impostor our Ministers deserve love and affection…let them flourish with their cubs.

  194. What does @ Siyabunny do for a living, i see she’s close with the Queen?

    She bricked @ lushthoba ku Tshali(ANC cpt com.) after that Lush wajola with Uyanda Mbuli East London suger daddy- Wonga

    Yhooo Ntshali used to hit @Lush Toba and give her 10k in the morning to buy make-up azofihla iscars.

    The same Lush dated Mike same time with Yenzeka but she only gt money while Yenzeka scored herself an apartment…

    Shame after that Lush took a seat belt from the TTT life

  195. Ice cube says:

    Probably Rossette knew about the relo between Bathabile and Lunga , just as long she got lavish life and beautiful wedding
    People will do anything for Insta likes , so sad
    So true and so sad!!

  196. Senzangakhona
    I bought two at Zara this past weekend and another at h&m. Topshop and Forever New has those metallic colors:)

  197. So much tea, Wonga is not a sugar daddy yini guy has not even riched 50, I think Mrs Nonke has moved in with Mr Nonke they are trying so hard to keep everything discrete. Is Gee not a student?

  198. @amberjc Siyabunny is a web content editor or something like that for CosmoMag in Joburg. She’s from Mdantsane, dated Xolisa Dyeshana back in the day. She’s besties with Loot since back when they were at a community radio station together in PE. I love Siya. She’s genuinely the sweetest ever, no wonder Queen lovea her!

  199. But guys! Lunga doesn’t treat Roro nicely though! He has been kicking her out monthly since they got married! She is always drinking and I don’t blame her! She always come to the Melrose apartment when he kicks her out and when they work things out she is back in CT!! Maybe that’s the time he uses to be with Bathabile! Hahahahhahahhahahahahahaha!

  200. @imposter, not true about collins.i know this for SURE. Favoured aka Bonang pls update us on DJ zinhle fraudster… Does bonang ever wonder why she is the least liked personality?

  201. I like the gossip but I sense that some if who are dropping your own names- coz now all we ever talk about are insta girls- to elevate your names to maybe B list celebrity status lol

  202. I like the gossip but I sense that some of you are dropping your own names- coz now all we ever talk about are insta girls- to elevate your names to maybe B list celebrity status lol

  203. @Luella- She is engaged to the guy who owns Batsumi Claims his surname is Madungandana or something…

  204. @PaidOF_doll No hun, Rossete and Lush are history. Friendship ended when Siya Bunny came to the picture. Worse Lush was one of the bridemaids at her wedding

    Yes Wonga was not a sugar daddy ku Uyanda Mbuli, he was ku Lush Toba she’s a 1991 born

  205. I think when B* gets home she just pops a bottle wine and drink herself,
    1 she is with a man she doesnt really like or imagined she’d b wit
    2 she cant keep girlfriends bcs she is too competitive
    3 cant work well with others
    4 she is insecure…the list is endless

  206. @Sebzy.He is engaged to Tshego his baby mama.. He has really calmed down since the days of hanging out with Junior and them.. He seems to be a little but focused now…

    Do those Gumede kids work though? Or they are just chowing daddies money? Gumede’s wife though! She is living but she is a strong one too!! Yhoooooo!! She follows all these side chicks on insta! I wonder why??? LOL!!

  207. Wasn’t Siyabunny with that PLAYBOY: Xolisa dyeshana? What do girls see in these guys especially Khaya Dhlanga? It’s not as if they are rich or good looking? I can understand the fuss about Sizwe and Trevor but the other 2 friends haai

  208. @amberjc they are still friends uLush and Rosette. they have been hanging out a lot lately.

  209. Nonogal so u assuming that am Mihlali Ndamase, Yenzi, Zoe, SiyaBunny and Lush Toba cz am the one that asked about them…..stop acting like a kid pls

    Rossete and Siya Bunny friendship happened bcz they dating friends, that’s if Siya is still dating Ntshali……it was sooo heart breaking to Lush cz washiywa ngu Siya.

    Rossete is not loyal maan

  210. Siyabunny uyabonakala nje ukuthi usweet, a lot of people are no longer close with their bridesmaids look at Mrs Gigabyte it’s as if she hired them. I’m sure when Miss SA handed over her crown she was like AF now I can go drink and party.

  211. Impostor says:

    Wasn’t Siyabunny with that PLAYBOY: Xolisa dyeshana? What do girls see in these guys especially Khaya Dhlanga?

    I will never ever get it!!! And the way these two talk smack about the girls they have been with! Never have anything to say about their x’s!! There is absolutely nothing there!! Nothing at all….

  212. When u get close to xolisa ull realize 2 things
    He is down to earth and a people’s person
    He might be batting for the “other team”

    But ull have to be extremely in close proximity to him to realize former…

  213. Uxolo nge singesi esi bholileyo, i mean u have to be too close to realize the latter!

  214. I also noticed that Miss SA. As son as she was done he whole profile changed!!! She is living life freely!! Love it!

    Speaking of Miss SA – I hear Proverb is sending elders to pay lobola for Lisle* and they are moving into a new home soonest! Must be very nice..

  215. Uxolo nge singesi esi bholileyo, i meant u have to be too close to realize the latter!

  216. All Rosettes bridesmaids. So what happens when she post a tbt?! Does she tag them or just let it slide? Hahahaaahhahahaa!!Where is Dorah even?

  217. Ye Ratanang sana your bona diagnoses is it factual or you are assuming ? if you are assuming sana am worried ngawe …LOL

  218. Ye Ratanang sana your bonang diagnoses is it factual or you are assuming ? if you are assuming sana am worried ngawe …LOL

  219. are you guys reffering to Patrick Ntshalintshali? *claps hands! Xolisa is extremely nice. He also owns the chicken licken on Rivonia road if im not mistaken so he is not exactly poor. He might not be collecting paper like Patrick but he does hold his own.

  220. Paidoff_ doll lol hahahaha maybe she tags them like every other gal on instagram …..once they hv a fallout that do upload tbts…

    I think Fundi Kumalo is a sweetheart yhazi she re-United with that gal who has a set personality – Tumi Foster

    And we can’t say the same about Melody- mubi naye lomntana yhazi but she’s got style

  221. Now how on earth could Lunga chase Rosette out? Is that not her home too? Yeyi people live different if this is true. You’d have to physically lift me out of my house. And before that, you’d have to find me first because I would run and hide all over that mansion. Angiphumi. Roro next time just lock yourself in one of the many guest loos and let him try find you.

  222. do you think you’re liked
    do you deceive yourself that your man (if you have any) or even keep any can actually like you
    do you think you’re even good enough to be competitive with your mates??
    how do we know the man you have even thought he would end up with you…
    Just asking…

    Apr 10, 2017 at 1:35 pm
    I think when B* gets home she just pops a bottle wine and drink herself,
    1 she is with a man she doesnt really like or imagined she’d b wit
    2 she cant keep girlfriends bcs she is too competitive
    3 cant work well with others
    4 she is insecure…the list is endless

  223. Nigerian Mfundisi based in PE, Prophet Omotoso akabatyi abantwana beYouth at his church, pastors & members are resigning. What a disgrace… a whooole prophet. Apparently he bhebhas them then “blesses” them nge-shopping/hair/groceries. Most church members baxhapha amagwebu defending this disgrace & threatening the people that exposed him. Apparently hes been doing this for years… but ke abazalwane feel like it shouldve been “solved” internally ? Kuthwa i-youth uyigqibile ecaweni ? The stametta sala-tata

  224. “Its not a time frame thing even. U broke off with ur baby daddy publically and invited the world to ur breakup through ur blog with all the details…then again invited the world to ur new rels publically to introduce Bond……surely….surely…u want the public to know about ur “private life” so u and ur faves must not catch feelings when the public comments on the breakup and the fraudster… Personally, im very sceptical of “business men” who cant actually tell u what they do. There are tons of articles written about these so called forex traders…”

    THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything!!. Your faves likes playing victim!!! No who does she want to blame?

  225. Paidoff, I wonder if you were laughing at Rosette’s being thrown out every time she and her husband fight? Maybe umazela okuningi, hlampe uchwentsa abantu but personally I could never laugh at that. That’s cruelty he’s showing her, ufana nalamadoda athatha whatever they have bought for you manixabana. What a cheap price we’ve set for our souls and dignity, LIKES & “OMG your life is goals” nonsense.. How sad for us

  226. @Akunzima Agreed!!! I’m also that girl!! I ain’t going nowhere!!! Not never!! Hahahahahhahah!

  227. Is Fundi & Melody still Friends with Fezokuhle? She hasn’t been on IG in a while even twitter. I noticed they don’t even twit each other.

  228. To the blogger who said Siyabunny was a brideamaid at Roros wedding, ha ah. You’re mistaking her for somwone else, they weren’t even that close then. I dont wanna divulge anymore info. Don’t wanna expose myself.

  229. The Fezokuhle situation is so confusing to me. She was with that Dj Sphe right? And the next thing he has a new born baby in the mist of it all.. Then she disappeared with her hair journey too. or am I the one that’s lost?

  230. Akunzima and Paid off, nithini nizobambelela ngezinto while he’s dragging you out? LMAO! Mina ngiyabonga shem, ngingavalelisa kahle and never come back. I value respect too much

  231. @Rosette

    Wise up baby, get yourself a very hot Ben10 while chowing that’s idiots money. Learn from the likes of Janet Jackson
    Kuthwa Janet Jackson terms of her prenuptial agreement is that she will get $500 million payout after 5 years. Fast forward to 2017, a son and 5 years and 2 months into the marraige she files for divorce… now that is some iconic Caucasian proper scam lol

  232. @ Dololo read careful no one said that, i even mentioned that their friendship started after the wedding….

    May God rescue Nicole Nyaba’s soul..

  233. Gee is doing her Honours in Psychology
    Her friend Nokuthula(Noxy_r) is such a sweetheart

  234. @Imposter
    iconic Caucasian proper scam!!!
    I also love the scammer in Janet Jackson!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!

  235. Senzangakhona angiyi ndawo! Imma spread my legs wide open by the door, use my legs on each door frame as anchors! You will push and push uncame! If you manage to get me out the door, you’ll chase me around the whole yard. I’ll sommer jump into the swimming pool futhi. Angiyi ndawo!

  236. I think Fezo was dating Tibz 2010 and 2011. Then 2012-2014 she dated Siphe

    Early 2015 she was with Casper washiywa ngu Boity…. i don’t know if they re-United after that and she doesn’t have a child

  237. @Senzangakhona LISTEN! If I have to pretend to be a new statue portrait in that mansion! I will!! I ain’t leaving!! The man must go!! Not me doll!! Hahahahahahahah!

  238. Am laughing so hard imagining your tenacity! Lmao! My friend used to tell me I will never make it in marriage cos I’m too proud, I guess I agree with her now. Uzongihlonipha kanjani futhi angibonele lokho pho? Women have livers stru

  239. Didn’t Sphe have a baby with another lady while with Fezo? Or was it after they broke up?

  240. I like @Nozipho_Zulu and @ Faith_Nketsi aka Queen twerk. Bafeba nge direction, they have businesses under their names even if Nozipho is selling knocks-off but atleast they will have something to fall back on when their bodies are no longer bringing in the money….. everything has its expiry date *Side eyes zikalala sisters*

    As for Nicole a good pastor needs to lay his hands on her head and deliver that kid. I liked her when she was with tamkhulu Kennedy…she blessed her hayi into zodlala. NOW all she does is to Blowjob men in clubs abantu bejongile Wow

  241. HAI HAI some of you guys are these insta girls uqobo……the “so and so (tHYU_22 OR something like that ) is a sweet mount blah blah ..yall dropping your insta handles on purpose …promote your pages nina asimanga phambi kwenu

  242. Hahahahah Home uthi unokuthula uyazi promoter and also defended her friend Gee when Zizi said she’s a house gf lol…..

  243. Nokuthula your page is mediocre for you to have even assumed its worthy be looked at ,the same time we going through the real TTT girls profiles …i will never get back the few seconds i spent on it arggggggggg ..get back to work

  244. Only for a short while @Sebzy the term is coming to an end soon.If the new Minister likes him he may be reappointed but will have to submit his application first.

  245. @amberjc i laughed, but ke abanye bethu we know that she does nothing but tag forever new, suck up to Aurelia, and live for Junior..

  246. Homewrecker, blackdiadem wena favoured waka Bonang andi assume nditheta into endiyi bonayo… Ndicela ischolarship, Ithini icriteria?? Bless me toe
    Wonder awuzuba nho mona xa ulbe gradder? (graduate) cheers.

  247. @paidoffdoll says:

    I will never ever get it!!! And the way these two talk smack about the girls they have been with! Never have anything to say about their x’s!! There is absolutely nothing there!! Nothing at all….

    if an unattractive midget like khaya dhanga has a big ego imagine Sizwe and Trevor Noah’s….

  248. lol but nawe Noxy_r how can you be so obvious. Anyways, here’s a free insta tip: use the same filter / edit your pics the same way to give it a uniformed polished look. Lose the inspirational quotes, they’re cluttering your feed. Your feed iyazama yona. Well done.

  249. Also Noxy_r focus on your theme which I take is lifestyle. Don’t be tempted to post random things just nje (bridesmaids movie cover and music cover). Consistency with your theme is key in maintaining a popping feed.

  250. On a serious note, although I don’t feel completely sorry for Rosette because she married with the aim of being materially comfortable more than anything else, I can never stomach stories about her being abused.
    this guy may be rich via dubious means but, if it is true that he keeps chucking his woman out then he is indeed a very impoverished guy. You can never take the poverty out of a man like that and im sure he hates himself even more because of what he has done to get this money. A man who has searched all his life for his life partner and rib can never make her suffer, its a reflection on his own self esteem and self worth that he treats her so badly.
    having said that, Rosette can get up any day and walk out but, its hard when you base your self worth on the size of your house, so in that sense ke they deserve each other. im sure she is reminded every day that she has nothing and has brought nothing into that marriage, imagine that life. God forbid!!

  251. @Tsholo hahahahhahahhahahahahahaha!! After this she will probably post some jewelry… it’s hard out here doll!!

  252. Mara ratanang are you gong to blatantly ignore the proven fact that she has few close girlfriends to support your imagination hun ? or u wan there to be part of these fake girl friendships these other celebs have ?

    Andimthetheleli u Bonang BUT haisana le girl never catches a break BUT then again she’s the closest thing we south africa have to a megawatt celebrity ,so this kind of behavior is expected from other ppl against her ….qina wena B* and always remember “you know you that bitch when you always cause all this conversation ,stay gracious best revenge is your paper “

  253. Guys… Why is Gee not supposed to be a stay at home gf?? Is there something I’m missing cause Jr is taking care of her? She seems ok with her situation mos.. LOL!

    What happened to Jr G63? Where is Tumi(Lindi Zulus) son? I have so many questions about that crew! Hahahahahaah!!

  254. It’s so sad that many ppl are talking about how unlucky in love Zinhle is. You’d swear they got married to their first loves. Ladies and gentlemen ask yourselves “how many relationships have I had in my life? Is this my 1st or 30th?” If it’s not your 1st, then stop judging Zinhle. Just because she’s a celebrity she also has to be sangoma avumise about ppl’s characters? How many times have we been fooled by ppl whom we loved? That’s why they are exes, they turned out not to be what we thought they were. Andifuni noyingena ke eye race bcz many of us baxakwe by our own black brothers. Con artists and players (like AKA) come in all colours and sizes. Please give her a break.

    Found this on Twitter

  255. South Africa has beautiful women maan

    0. Natasha Tahane
    1. Claire Mawisa
    2. Zizo Beda
    3. Minnie
    4. Nomzamo
    5. Fezokuhle
    6. K.Naomi
    7. Lizelle
    8. Mihlali Ndamase
    9. Omuhle Gela
    10. Nandi Mngoma

    According to me they all fall under woolies?…..atleast I said something nice about abanye abantwana instead of bashing them the whole day lol

  256. @Mathaz – Hey It was so peaceful man…..the police were chilled (unlike the Feesmutfall police mafias). There was unity and anger amongst us towards Zuma. There were a few people on the streets who side eyed us (black people) for being part of that rally. It was good to be part of something I believe in. I feel like I did my part. Nope I’m not joining the Wednesday one. I’m going to give others a chance.

  257. paidoff_doll
    Apr 10, 2017 at 3:41 pm
    Guys… Why is Gee not supposed to be a stay at home gf?? Is there something I’m missing cause Jr is taking care of her? She seems ok with her situation mos.. LOL!

    if you would advise your sister to be a stay at home girlfriend to a man let alon a man like junior than honey akhonto eWrong ngokwakho.

  258. Guys Dipuo can’t be having a Ben 10…lol….the Very same Dipuo obathalazelayo ngathi yi Penguin? hahahahaa….nisile man.

  259. Guys please check out this page @presidential_cartel i swear lo Lord_phil ka Sthelo no Uyathandeka akaphilile ekhanda, he needs to be admitted kwi psychiatric ward usangene stru.

  260. @AmberJC – you forgot to add Gayton McKenzie’s new wife…is she piano/guitar/saxophone???? somewhere there.

  261. To me noxy_r has a boxer stores insta account compared kulama girls bekuthethwa ngawo before she inserted herself into the mix ..it has a relatable feel to it, with the cubicle working class pics that we relate too . Its cute very cute account with a good following for her level (based on pics)…the other girls give us chest pains alok thats what i meant

  262. Zizi I would never survive with a partner like Lordphil, are his friends also monied or ngabothunywa utywala balande igirls and also take photos?

  263. lol Zizi it was said here on this platform that Phil is a skhothane of note.. I am sorry for laughing but Uyathandeka’s feet hahahahahaha in that Gucci shoe LMAO..akunzima!

  264. Cutie
    Apr 10, 2017 at 4:02 pm
    @AmberJC – you forgot to add Gayton McKenzie’s new wife…is she piano/guitar/saxophone???? somewhere there.

    Cutie which new wife? Moloko (the one he cradle snatched) is woolies pretty !she has a striking resemblance to Ciara.

  265. Uyathandeka must take it easy on Gucci her feet are too ugly and she is short she must also invest on heels.Guys kwenzakalani ngo Andile Yogie Nkosi ?Nicole doesn’t have inner peace you could tell she is not happy shame

  266. hahahahaha yhu Akunzima no Paid 0ff you have made my day, andinapicture ….Running around ndibaleka ukhutshwa ngumyeni wam phofu….Leye pool ipart indigqibile , LMAO

  267. Who needs Mzansi w/ bloggers! LMAO!

    @Cutie Haaaaaaa! Haaaaaaaa! Nizosha! And Baths looks like she has false teeth. So nje she has the BJ rule one lock ‘Never involve the teeth’

    @Akunzima me & my wild imagination! Phela I am sure the minister comes nama body guards,they will do the casing while Lunga is busy whispering sweet nothings to Bathabile. I don’t recommended the loo though, women get shot in there.

    Whoever follows Skhumba, I beg,alert him of Bathab’s Ben 10, he will be satisfied that the minister looks like she drinks some G&T kanti Lungs keeps her busy! Go get that eggplant minister!

    LOL @Ratanag I got confused. Yini ngathi you heard this former & latter today *Runs in Roro’ mansion *

  268. @qhamisto Listen here!! We are not going anywhere!! Hahahahhah!! #TeamHereToStay! @akunzima

  269. This Brett Keeble thing isn’t the 1st I have heard. No against M2M action but does money come with so much power that you have done IT all and start pursuing crazy stuff?

    They even raised this topic that men are sleeping with men for business contracts. Bayafebenza. Can’t blame them,what’s being that DMF bachelor for 14 million just for 2 rouds?

    I don’t watch TV but that bachelor on DMF,my gaydar went buck wild!

  270. Janet Jackson done did the Lord’s work.Wait 5 years and few months & leave with oil money. Where is Audi to be shady on this? LOL

  271. The way I liked Nicole Nyaba back in the day, I had a proper girl crush on her yaz that it all went downhill ever since that Mauritius vacay with Cebo and other insta ladies sponsored by oGinimbi and crew.

    Nicole Nyaba I still believe in you girl, you’re the Kimora Lee Simmons of SA, take a year to meditate and center yourself while fasting from D and being a bad bad, then gradually rebuild your brand and work your ass off like oAyanda Thabethe etc

  272. @Impostor He is dating that Mdu Manana… Nice lives they are living with the ANC money those ones! Expensive taste these two!

  273. Nicole Niyaba is one of us , her account was public until an hour ago , y’all are savage HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  274. Istyle or fashion sence ka Palesa Mhlaba (@simplypalesa) and her besty @newhipsterstyle asindichazi shame sorry…. they not far from lady gaga????

  275. @Impostor That’s Cindi, from. I know they were good friends. She has some good contracts too- I don’t think they were shagging, unless if I missed, but I doubt it… But I know for a fact he is with Manana!

  276. That Ayanda Thabete gives me that I have done love thing.. I feel like she is going to leave that skinny guy she is with for a rich man one day. I don’t know! Like pull a Lorna after Top Billing!! Hahahahah!

  277. Any tea about that gal with a stunning body and style Senzi_Ndungane, shes been been to London,Dubai, Thailand, NewYork in a period of 6months?

    She falls under Melody aka Melmo when it comes to her face- Shoprite beauty but make-up+weave+clothes upgraded them to pick&pay beauty lol

  278. @amberjc says:

    Any tea about that gal with a stunning body and style Senzi_Ndungane, shes been been to London,Dubai, Thailand, NewYork in a period of 6months?
    She is linked to Dangote brother. She once posted a picture on a yatch belonging to Dangote and people went in on her cause they could recognize it! She deleted it immediately!! A lot was said about her on that Naija Gist website before it went down…

  279. Yhooo waziwa nase Nigeria…. what happened to Vannesa Madolo, she was very close with Nicole the whole 2015,then beginning last year their friendship disappeared and she stopped posting her photos after May…. when she uploads now it’s the same old clothes and heels…. impundu zakhe azisangenisi imali yhini?

  280. Impostor
    Apr 10, 2017 at 5:47 pm
    So many ” blessed people on IG..


    Lmao…I know this girl…like really know her….hahahahahahahhaahhaahaha
    Indeed there are so many blessed girls girls on Instagram…The hustle is appreciated and recognized…

  281. Ndoyika nothetha who Senzi’s person is! These Nigerian men will trace you! Like they traced those owners of that naija gist! ???! I will email MrsB she will be the one to take the fall for me LOL. I didn’t know Ginimbi sponsored that Mauritius trip! Cebo is hooking these hoes up hey! But now they are no longer talking! Zama yena akayindawo phaya kuTazvi she is stuck on the word love! She is not even hiding him anymore…

  282. According to the Sunday Times article, it was Bathabile’s lover who was kicked out of the house. He was asked to give them space so they could celebrate CPS continuing with iigrant

  283. I’m a DjZintle fan

    Seeing that Brendon was denied bail wondering if she will go to sun city for a besoek????mmm like Kelly Khumalo once did for JubJub.

    I agree with the blogger who said the dj is only human, pity she’s a celebrity..and these things happen, even worse

  284. @nelley
    Haaaai wena!! Don’t talk about being traced.. I heard those Naija men find anyone on the net!! Gaaaawwwwwddd!!! Lol!

  285. Eish the way I enjoyed Naija Gist. They once did this elaborate story on Lizelle! I was never ready yaz! Anyway we are in SA not in Lagos like those 2 Canadian sisters who were busted for running Naija Gist and extorting the elite.

    Lol whenever I see Cebo I think of a madam Defarge of sorts.

  286. Naija Gist was HECTIC!! I was never ready for the scammers in those sisters! Extortion guys!! WOW! Our tea is warm compared to what they use to serve there!! Hahahahahhahahh!

  287. Guys I asked one of my colleagues about this so called tracing thing, Please stop with your fear mongering antics, Issa lie. Those nigerian/Canadian girls were found out because one of their friends rated them out.
    Now please let’s all calm down and allow @Nelly to continue doing the Lord’s work and give us the tea on these nigerians. LOL
    Go on Nelly, we all ears

  288. HHAHAHAHAAAA @Imposter spilling tea is doing the Lords work, Jizas I feel so guilty for enjoying this scorching hot tea !

  289. Hahahha @impostor those Canadian twins were traced via ip to their hotel room! No friend rated them
    Out Nigerian men are mafia ??… But yes he is related to Dangote only the surname is Dantata *prays! I think you guys can google by yourselves now!

  290. Is she dating him only or she also gets pimped with other guys, is the guy married and how is thier relationship….. all those overseas trips am sure udliwa ezimpundu uSenzi ??

  291. google says he is an extremely wealthy man. Private jets and all. She sleeps with him exclusively I don’t know if he does! But demmet that girl is SEKXY ! Something about her.. not even Melody has it infact Melody akasenayo ‘that thing’ she comes across as desperate to be associated with the stepfords. I mean what has she achieved in life for herself?

  292. Yes Kefiboo took Melodies shine, Clothes suits Senzi’s stunning body very well….. she really has that thing usisters.

  293. Nelly u have files for days yhazi i remember u’re the one that dropped Zama Berrie blesser name in these streets….we appreciate u a lot lol

  294. Guys is there an IG person who slays that corporate wear look consistently? I need inspiration for when I start working

  295. Why is Nelly censoring tea…that’s really is old and isn’t as private as you think.. Senzi isn’t sayyus only GF.. He has an harem of exotic women.. Mainly Arabs.. And yes he’s rich AF… There’s a circle he’s also friends with one of the twins sponsors.. Musa Danjuma who is stinkingly rich too… Nigerians have no time to do that if you don’t try to Play smart and extort them, not like they’ll marry you… It’s a stay your lane and prosper kinda thing.. Lool you really should have seen the harem when the presidents daughter got married last year when fiks and tbo attended… Different (specimens)were flown in with private jets….

  296. Deadklaar something is not right about that relationship yazi it’s not even the type of relationship one would want to be in. Malcom umenza object omnye umntana. How does your boyfriend post those kind of lingeri pictures kwi social media it was going to be better if it was a bikini bedelwandle.

  297. yesterday belonged to Nelly…..so much of Tea darling…i’m busy catching up….

  298. @BD is Senzi allowed to post about their relationship or she just chose not to…. the guy is not married right?

  299. @blackdiadem sipping on you tea like hlwi hlwi hlwi!!! Hahahahhahahhahahahahahaha!!

    Who is Sayeb*? I’ve heard his name plenty of times…

  300. mna Blackdiadem i am scared to name drop here because i have a lot to lose should i also find myself in the firing line you see. The internet never forgets, hence i try to be careful. So you know Senzi’s guy and you have said it which is ok. I sometimes know things but because they can be too close to home i chose to ignore.. even though im tempted to say no not like this but exactly this way.. i cannot because it will expose who i am because of the info i am privy to at that specific time so i hope you understand

  301. I just saw on insta. It’s Alikos Dangote’s birthday today… Happy birthday baby! Call me baby! Hahahahhahahhahahahahahaha!!!

  302. Guys that calvin&family guy on insta uyayibaxa hey akambi ngathi yiHippo , Gucci from head to toe…ithini na into yakhe ngubani iside dish yakhe ? surerly akaphelelanga kulamfazi

  303. @ Mak u’re spot on hahahahaha that guy is very funny maan…. yes who is his side dish, i think u should ask on the post above

  304. magatso Calvin and family is a Sangoma kodwa akalaphi abantu and ubhuti has a side dish from newlands east in durban he has a driver whom he sent around to collect his side dish and they meet at the hotels he is a farmboy who knows his story business wise. kodwa that gucci to gucci hhai shem no. he loves his wife but he is not innocent at all so that Sma chick uhleli cause uyazi kuthi udla imali nje phela ubhuti is real loaded hey and ubhuti uyazalisa yhooo ushaya ngama choice assorteds nje.

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