I always think BIG,think CRAZY, think SUCCESS.

Apologies bahlali for the site/server issues neh? Slowly slowly it’s gonna be ok. *fingers crossed*


I hope you have been doing well and catching up at work where needed. Apparently we are a distraction, I’m not complaining at all – it’s good to have you here. Hehehehe

We didn’t get a chance to send our condolences about the legendary Joe Mafela who passed away in a car accident this past weekend. We send love and comfort to his family, friends, colleagues and fans. May his soul rest in peace. Did you guys watch his memorial yesterday?


Have a great weekend guys. I’m sure you have a lot to share, so please give us that tea. It’s Anything Goes….. 🙂



By @KikiMarli




  1. RIP mkhulu Mafela, you have beeeen entertaining us!! Kante who decides if someone gets a state funeral?

  2. As for GBC (Grace abibble Church) charging the Mbungulu Family R89K for a memorial meeting yhu!Sebete sa kgomo!
    Dumelang bomme le bo ntate.Kgotaong bagolo: siqale ngoMs Lolo,Ms Just Nje,Mangwane Priska,neminye imiququbelana endibgasayikhumbuliyo ngamagama…It’s been so long wethu to remember y’all!!!!

    Hey Teddelex and Rra Chase wamaTaxiRank Burger.
    I am happy to be alive and will not vent at all.Hosting a tlayent this weekend whooooooop kusezobamnandi.And it’s Mrholo day for me and Lolo.Asambe siye kwaKheyEfSi lavie,sumamfuze amagwinya aneFrench nesibindi.

    @BlackBeauty: ndiyakurhorhozela kuInsta,umhle nomdade.Ndidikwe zizimbo zokumane utshixa uvula kwakho bride Ndingakwazi nokuhlola iPage when I want to.BTW:could you please recommend a good Labour Law Expert oseKapa who wouldn’t mind taking a strong case that I have against my employer …?It’s a big organisation and it will do us good to take it down…After winning,we will celebrate ngomSuwisho omkhulu for pain and suffering that they have been causing me.I got a strong case and some sort of a basic file of facts that I have created,but cannot handle it alone.Any Kaaptoniyani who might help is welcome to leave their e-mail here.

  3. My AG. Yhuuu i was so traumatized when i couldnt log on JC the past couple of days. I went as far as emailing Kiki & when she didnt reply, I downloaded twitter to check updates on the JC page, was so relieved when i saw jc was on this morning. The good thing is I focused on work for once lol & i was able to study lol so… silver linings. Uzungas’phindi wethu Kiks, a little heads up next time vah?.
    Have a lovely weekend everyone.

  4. My anything goes when are you too old to receive an allowance from your parents or be taken care of by your parents? I am doing fairly well for myself but I still get all the extras from my parents like cars, traveling and an allowance.

  5. Molweni bahlali

    Since we use this platform to vent and vent and cry and cry, I’m gonna use it again to say thank you guys for not ignoring the cries….For your words of encouragement always.

    2-3 months after graduation I was frustrated with unemployment, rejection emails and no callbacks! I’m glad to announce I got a job and I’m starting soon.

    Praise God!

  6. Morning bahlali… Ayanda Thabethe on top billing.. OK!!!!

    Anyway please suggest a body cream / moisturiser i can use. My skin is dry and cracks.. i have tried your five oils yehlule .. i have tried the skin doctor.. iyala.. camphor with glycerine nayo ayisizi… please help ngikhathele yikumbasha !!

  7. Halala!!! @SoFleeking.
    @ItsAllTemp. Try Eucerin original crème. Also check the soap you use, these hygiene soaps are not good for dry skin. Try washing with aquas crème or dove. Also watch your bath water temperature.
    Sakhina (SAFM) was calling entertainment industry people hypocrites. For saluting Mkhul’ Joe now that he has passed on, but they treated him badly when he was alive – she was sobbing like little baby. Anybody knows what she was referring to? TrI’d Googling the story; dololo.

  8. South Africa is really tiring, ngempela! Ayanda Thabethe? Well atleast she will stop acting now, I hope.

  9. Hey Nomi. Please respect Just Nje and call her Mrs.

    Mme Cynthia touched me kula memorial service. Their struggle is the same as ours in construction. She competed in Ms World? Kusho ukuthi wayebaba uMaKaNonhle

  10. Things that make us go tjoo: Ayanda joining Top Billing. Although I have never actually seen her in action, so I have no idea if she is good or not.

    Thanks Kiki and team for being back, tjoo life without the bloggers is unbearable. Guys ngibone uJub jub efake indandatho. When did he get married, who is he married to??? I know you guys know. Izani zano

  11. Congrats @SoFleeking!

    Can JC not go offline again please.. Phela this site keeps most of us sane.

  12. Never ever in my life imagined my self unemployed.
    The worst part is when the offers I’m getting are almost 50% less than my previous employer salary. I’m slowly sliding into depression. But trying to keep strong for the sake of my boy.
    I’m contemplating opening a vintage shop it won’t give me much but it surely will keep me going!

  13. @nontombi how long have you been unemployed? What qualifications do you have maybe one of the jc can help you

  14. Molweni. @Nontombi uxolo girl kuzolunga.
    Naze nasenza JC for a whole 2 weeks without access. Kodwa ke I must say I was very productive work wise.

    Nomi ndicela your email wethu.

  15. @Nontombi, maybe take the 50% offers and also open that vintage shop. The 2 can support you.

  16. Masechaba (Lekalake) Ndlovu resigns on Power with emmidiate effect.

    Do you guys remember that tweet?

  17. Masechaba (Lekalake) Ndlovu resigns on Power with immediate effect.

    Do you guys remember that tweet?

  18. Sorry guys I’m phone blogging I will respond without mentioning names,
    Its only been a month of unemployed however I started working when I was studying. So I’ve been moving from one job to another without struggling.

    I have two qualifications related to cosmetics industry, I’m currently working toward completing my BA of which I’m completing next year. Most of my experience is from retail sector.
    To the one who said I must take 50.%, im now considering that. Having a pride won’t pay the bills.

  19. Ayanda and her annoying voice on Top Billing. I cringe whenever watching BET Alist. Uthetha ingath shes gonna breakout into a song

  20. Teddie says:

    Masechaba (Lekalake) Ndlovu resigns on Power with immediate effect.

    Do you guys remember that tweet?

    Posted on March 24th, 2017

    She once did a live consultation for herself before listners could do the same,that guy did say she is going to leave Power FM

    How sick are those car wash employees including a WOMAN! Before the news broke out,it was suspect that all these sexual violations happened around JHB south.

    So their modus operandi was,they would use taxis that were left by drivers/owners to be washed during off peak hours and then this filth of human beings,would then pretend to be taxi drivers with passengers and pounce on unspecting women.

    I truth taxi drivers to get the word out where these guys will be imprisoned. They should drop them off at Noord taxi rank before taking them into the holding cells.

  21. The man I have been calling my bf is an irresponsible jerk.He doesn’t have transport money for work next week and expect me to help him out…asked him what happened to his money and he says “I don’t really budget…I go with the flow ” ?
    DON’T BUDGET?RHAAAA…phambene..Not getting a cent from me

  22. The man I have been calling my bf is an irresponsible jerk.He doesn’t have transport money for work next week and expect me to help him out…asked him what happened to his money and he says “I don’t really budget…I go with the flow ” ?
    DON’T BUDGET?RHAAAA…phambene..Not getting a cent from me

  23. @BlackHalls kante the rapists are imposters? People are just filthy out there yaz.
    Lol at dropping them off ko Noord, phela bazofa lapha.

    Tjo wow guys not even 50 comments on an AG post?! Yhu! It’s the 2-week offline business, it’s a problem.
    My AG is I want a boyfriend. Tired of the single life. I want hugs and cuddles. Can the universe drop a hot,rich, humble, sweet somebody in my path??

  24. “I go with the flow” hahahahahahah! How old is this guy @XhosaGirl? My 18-year-old nephew would say such.

    Is there something wrong with the desktop version? Phone blogging is so annoying sometimes

  25. @xhosagirl I’d rather be single! @VBecks my single friends are complaining, looks like the dating scene is dry currently.

  26. I have the sweetest and responsible boyfriend and he wants to marry me, but our relationship is soo boring. he never tries out new things,he doesn’t even like going out (total opposite of me). I don’t know what to do, agree to marry him and be bored the rest of my life or break free from him. sigh

  27. Hello my AG is that I’m 38weeks pregnant and any day from now might go into Labour. The way am so scared, I worry about if I will be a good mother and so many other things Labour baby’s health just to mention a few. Instead of being excited am so terrified and feeling like I’m not ready for the baby, is it normal to feel this way?

  28. Mmna guys this JC break forced me get off the couch and go make actual friends 🙂 kodwa haai shem the first week was horrible. Also got a lot of work done

  29. Kimmo don’t you have a social media page or website. Wanna get a glimpse of what you’re offering

  30. One last thing Nomi. With Bricks and Cleo’s recent reunion, does it mean uBricks ugqibele evumile utyeka? Lmao!!!!

  31. Bricks and Cleo back together, yay! I love their music together!!
    In other news, I’m changing jobs next month. Onward and upward in 2017

  32. The thirst is real outchea! Anywho…Halalaness to you Ayanda. The sceptics said Queen B* wasn’t Top Billing material but look at her now…still flourishing! Do you Boo. I’ll be cheering for you every Thursday (“,)

  33. Even if they were dating; it still does not excuse his behaviour.There is no justification for racism and it is not a joke.

  34. We went out last night and some girl brought it up the guys were saying he’s missing black pvssy and laughing. I didn’t ask where they read it. They were even saying a different guy was being harassed coz he looks like the guy in the spur video

  35. @V.Becks I am so tired of being single but I am even more tired of being taken for a ride. The next one must ensure that he wants marriage otherwise he must leave me alone. I am so tired!

    @Xhosagirl how old is your boyfriend??? You are in trouble. Do not give him a cent. Usile shem

  36. My best friend I’ve known since 2003 has turned on me. This has been eating for so long .she started acting up right after I gave birth. When I gave birth my child stayed in hospital for two months during thst time I was not myself sometimes I would call her judt for comfort but she was very cold.the other day she told me kids don’t excites her to think she would be happy for me after I had been pregnant for four times with no baby and when I finally have a baby I lost a friend .I don’t know why I’m still in to her maybe is because she’s been part of my life for so long .I stoped following her on social network I couldn’t bear it.I’m too proud and angry to make a phone call .my problem is what if I run in to her at the mall her child knows me very I was her Godmother .I find myself thinking about her all the time it’s driving me crazy.I don’t know what to do. I’m maried and she’s a single mother. I told someone about our situation they think she’s jeleous but I don’t understand this woman has every thing can affo

  37. @Titi: your friend is a witch!Stop it already,for all we know,she might be the reason for your failed attempted baby making situations.

    Please make your Ozband your best friend.Try out new things and focus on your family.Yoyr baby is your priority right now,don’t lose focus.Stake woke!

  38. @Teddy: I think that Teddy and I are made for each other and I stopped being in denial.I hope he will realise that too.I am ready to settle now,but ndibanjwe nguye.Heeeee,I don’t know why he is pulling a Ngqumeni on us,but it is what it is.
    On Brickz izitena and Cleo,bayatyana wethu.Kudala berhalelana,but be in denial.Love quarrel yamasimba…

  39. Nami I am so tired of being single,its been a year and half…..but I think the occasional sex with the ex is why my blessings are blocked.

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