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Yeah-yah! New feature people we ask our Celebs anything and everything under 15 seconds  (I know the title says 7 Seconds). Sis’ Penny Lebyane is our Guinea-pig and she was hell of an amazing spot at it!JC: How are you finding or how did you find the transition from radio to TV?

PL:  Uhhm, It was natural.

JC: Okay. Who are you seeing now?

PL: *giggles* I’m looking at myself (continued to giggles)…

JC: …As in boyfriend or girlfriend?

PL: It’s for me to know and for you to find out…

JC: Okay, Were you ever? Just clear this. 

PL: … I don’t kiss and tell actually.

JC: uhhmm Can I ask you something, were you ever involved with Fresh, Deejay Fresh. I know it’s old.

PL: Of-course I did date that cutie *giggles*

JC: Thank you very much your 7 seconds is up!


(video clip of the interview)

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  1. So was Penny involved with Fresh before he was with the wife Or beka uMakhwapeni we DJ ?

  2. Dj fresh is/was a ladies man.. Thabiso is a strong woman.. he was sleeping with someone i know when he used ti play at vacca matta

  3. Who is this business_malcom_x on IG and his woman “violin” on IG. Nigga is in love shm ,the violin looks 15 though yena mkhulu ?

  4. So Kenny knew Whitney was the one when she was only 18 and he 42? Tjo! Anyway, congrats to the Kunenes.

    Ausi Penny didn’t tell us anything mos.

  5. JC doesn love us anymore she. This feature ha dintshe nix! Wouldve probably been better if we could listen to the recording. I think Kiki should consider taking bloggers up on their offers to write for the blog. Im sure they have fresh ideas. Cause mo we just getting posts for the sake of it nje

  6. I’m a bit uneasy with this malcom x guy loving his niece so much, considering he likes young one(read violin)

  7. Malcom X looks like someone owaye sisishumane, ndiyayibulela la love yakhe for Violin ayilothando yindzondo mntaka bhuti. Violin is so cute kodwa but the constant taking of pictures and videos jhuuu ndingafa.

  8. Malcom looks old hle, ex hubby kinda old. Violin looks like she marticulated lastyr.
    Mkhulu sounds obsessed, haaaaai Lenna those pictures wil kill me softly, I mean iyoooo

    I love my niece n nephews n will buy them whtvr thy need as long reasonable n reasoned fr but le niece ya Malcolm ke niece vele or they did mazwi and smanga situation. From following them out of FOMO I learned he doesn’t want violin to cook or clean, more like a trophy to her.

    She is his achievement shm ,if it was possible he was gnr shit on her behalf. I mean I wonder who he dated bfr n were they trophiphied like tht?

  9. Kenny is a paedophile, I don’t care who says what. If he knew that this young girl was the one at 20 then chances are he met her when she was still a teen.

    Re: DJ Fresh & Thabiso. But guys remember that interview Thabiso had, I think it was with True Love where she said that they are open about infidelity in their relationship and in her own words they have “a realistic marriage”.

  10. Weh Deadklaar im wondering when does he work busy shutharing Violin nkosyami in a day umshutha kangaki ? enne vele what does he do for a living uMalcom lona ?
    Iloluthando okuthiwa luhle lubi kumele uqaphele mawukulona lolu lendoda ngathi is obsessed with V or ugcwalisela iEx yakhe lol

  11. His Ex doesn’t give a sh!t. He dated a girl named Angelina for years. Shes a little older than me. He was just as obsessed. Girl took his money, got herself a degree and dumped his behind after graduation.
    That’s when he started this thing with teenagers. First it was Spanish guitar then Violin came alone. He made them wear matching crop tops, slept with them in the same bed then Spanish guitar left. He got another one and called her saxophone. She ran when she heard the terms and conditions. Violin is there because she likes things. Worse her mom is aware, she even does the X pose with the crossed fingers. I’m no saint but even my drunk aunt was not privy to my shenanigans. Violins mom is worse than a pimp.
    Malcolm got that kid to wear braces so he can auction her to rich men who are into kids. She doesnt get the money. The overseas trips are actually business trips. An old man pays,. Malcolm accompanies her and the money made for services rendered is used to buy her sneakers and to stock up her res fridge.

  12. Mommy services meaning lalilale?

    So Malcolm pimps the musical instruments, bathong. I thought so, no love like tht. U can seethe violin is a kid, manje the IG love us a front or real haaaaike

  13. No Mommy Wa Croc stop what does Malcolm do for a living? I’m finding it hard to believe this poor Violin, so Violin is not her real name uwhoaah death by music instruments so inoba useza no drums.

  14. Penny Lebyane was DJ Fresh’s main for a while. Then he broke her heart and married Thato. Penny must be grateful that she’s not the one who got married to Fresh.

  15. Cutie are you forgetting that Moshidi was the main after Penny and she was the one who was replaced by Thabi

  16. That Dj Fresh also dated Florence Letoaba,broke her heart as well not sure if that was before or after Penny.

  17. I don’t know her real name. The one who ran away who was named saxophone her real name is Olwethu Msomi.

    I must attend a JC love conference of iets. You guys see people holding hands = love. Remember my friend who opened legs for the goalie? Y’all called that dating. It’s just thumb between pointing and middle fingers. Nothing more nothing less. It will be interesting to hear the definition of a “relationship” according to bloggers

  18. Tjo poor Violin , their relationship always worries me nje u can tell ukuba khona into ewrongo maan mmmmmmhhhhh soze akhuluphale mos umtana wabantu

  19. titi_nana says:

    Vele vele what happened to moshidi motshegwa?

    she’s a producer

  20. @Goldy: when parents can no longer afford to pay for their kids’ education,they have a responsibility to inform the school immediately.They can produce a letter from their employer stating reasons for losing a job: if there was nothing that the parent did to lose their job,I don’t see why the kids should suffer…

    Sounds unfair to me to even kick the kids immediately,so where are they supposed to find a school in the middle of the year?Phela it can take 2 years to find a suitable school,get your kids’ names on the list and then get them accepted.The processes are long,especially in private schools ,but as long as there are no alternatives for the kids to find a no fee school that is at a similar standard and/ or quality,when compared to the current school,then the kids are not supposed to be kicked out.
    Maybe the mother deserves a warning letter for now,but not to have her kids kicked out.

    For now,she must make a plan: start applying to other schools and in the mean time,must also consult the nearest department of education branch immediately.This to me sound unfair,umuntu did not resign or leave their job by choice,uphelile umsebenzi (retrenched?Contract ended?).
    Law experts(Human Rights),sizani boh,Human Rights activists sizani,we can’t be stuck,not after the fees must fall shandisi.

    @Chase you were so rude to the lady who has self esteem and body issues!Not wena otyisa abantwana babantu iiBhega iMpela-veki yonke hahahaha!Ubucing’ba zijikel’emqolo sanqa,azizubatyebisa???

    @Fluffy: if you are not happy as an individual,there is no way you are gonna make another person happy. Do something about what you need to change in your life: be open to your partner about your fears- let him support you.Go see a counselling/clinical psychologist in public clinics,no need to spend too much money for this.Take charge of your life,start doing a few KM walks alone and listen to you nice music,the come back to shower and nap and see how it feels thereafter.Also drink too much water and different kinds of fruit.Sometimes you can choose to replace a meal by fruit salad and coffee by Rooibos tea and or water.Do this for about a week.And let me know how it goes!
    From there on, think about jogging early in the morning when people have not woken up.I just saw a guy job at 4am this morning,no one was walking in the street except me,so no one will be looking at your Afrikan arse!

    There are levels to this being a thicky or big mama neh: some are a bit big but have nice shapes,so it makes it less stressful when one has a nice shape.E.g. I would date Relebogile Mabotja,Lebo Mashile,Thandiswa Mazwai, and Slindile Nodangala (minus the mkhaya situation)..
    All these peeps are big,but have nice Afro shaped bodies.
    But aboBujy, Selbeyonce,Nkanyiso Bhengu and and and …have different shapes,so they would be treated differently. So sad but it’s true.

    Can Akhumzi J do something ngok kuseEarly tu!I like him and I so find him cute and he can geeerit!

  21. Penny once auctioned her furniture to pay for her rent. In an interview she mentioned that after her divorce she moved out of their home with a small child. She went to stay with her parents. @Barbie – I hope you can see that people do bounce back

  22. I have a hectic crush on this guy. I dream about him. When I’m next to him I want to hug and kiss him. But I can never be with him. I just wish I could find out if he feels the same….

  23. @Nomi – lol….why do you compare men’s shapes to women. We are built differently nje naturally. Lol!

    If I were to date a chubby celeb, Robert Marawa would be the one.

  24. @Cutie, Robert is getting chubbier though…did you see his video where Pearl threw him a surprise party? That belly needs work. Fast

  25. He dated Spanish Guitar before Violin. But then there was a time he dated them both and they wore matching outfits, which was creepy.
    I guess Violin is the winner here.

  26. What does Malcom do for a living vele? He does look like someone you should not befriend though, there is just something about him. 1st I thought the pics of Violin were cute but hayi, why doesn’t that child ever smile. The things we do for money though.

    Friends of Dineo Moloisane (sp), the one who just gave birth. Please tell her to calm down kancane tu.

  27. Yoh! @mamacroc, wowza!
    I hope Violin is still pushing her studies at UJ.
    Because i was wondering why she doesnt live with Malcom, i mean it makes sense if they are really in a “relationship”. You are right, all those photos is him pimpimg/selling her. Hardly any lovey dovey photos

  28. Lol Cutie: I seriously don’t like picking on women and their bodies,hence I chose not to mention any woman who has a body that is out of shape or order.You guys are harsh.I know But et al. are strong and went even care about what I say,hence I am picking up on them.On there other hand,aboPabi Moloi really take it hard when we comment on their bodies shem lol

  29. Actually @Cuticura: let me give you a list;
    Matlakala (the Gospel artist)
    Hlengiwe Land (Gospel artist,isidudla saseThekwnlin)…
    The list goes on…eda ke nawe those peeps from Joyous Celebration kiiiiiiih

  30. @Nomi, I wasn’t making fun of her weight but was just stating what we guys normally say in our private conversations.
    These are the same bloggers who are always saying some women have a liver by sleeping with Lvovo, Heavy K, DJ Sphectacular etc.
    Would you prefer a nudes from Malusi Gigaba or Heavy K?

  31. Hahaha! Nomi let me add my neighbour on your list I think she is a size 32 on arms and legs bese une vasplank,and big belly lapho she has the prettiest face.

  32. @Bars I’ll tell you this. Malcolm is a nice guy. Super nice. He doesn’t force anyone to do things they don’t want hence I say Violin likes things.You can send him a WhatsApp and tell him you need money for this and that. He’s well connected and he makes things happen fast fast. That’s what he does.

    Since he started parading Violin and selling dreams on IG he has a long list of girls on his books. Akere everybody wants the “goals” lifestyle. He’s discreet yena because the guys who pay him for girls are not small timers so chances of people ever finding out about you extramural activities are slim to none. His DM must be lit!

  33. Lol that Piano is missing in this orchestra ka Malcom.

    Lol @Nomi you are fat shaming abo Nkanyiso.

    I crack up each time I read a comment about the burgers. LMAO!

    @BB I checked that thick

  34. Haahahaha Blacklist.
    George Cutie: only if he had a round and visible ass.
    But again,I would expecklt to get a dikh puck from a guy,so both win.
    Mal-oozy must he damn lekker hey.No wonder behlanya abo Boo-slay

  35. @Dollface did you see his caption to that video though? He loves Pearl shem. Maybe he is your typical hard-core Zulu guy who doesn’t like PDA.

  36. Hahahaha Chase,ngikutholile ke.
    BTW: are you still supplying guests kadi BuhleBentuthuko burgers?
    Phela,I don’t imagine you moving from supplying iBhega to a Salad or Primi-Piyati pasta.Do you eat it at the shop or you do take away for home?

  37. Malcolm X and Khanyi Mbau were very close back in the day kudala waba yi pimp unondoda.

    is Forex legit I have someone who wants to teach me but I don’t want to risk ndilahlekelwe zi cent zam ingekho emva mtaka bawo.

    Please help how do I go about getting into petrol filling station business I know there is a course one does but ndi clueless where to start and which brand to go with, I know you people know EVERYTHING please GPS abeg

  38. @mommywacroc Yes X dated the Olwetu girl briefly..What is her story? met her sometime ago, girl is beautiful

  39. Matebza, in all you’ve pointed out, I don’t think there’s a problem here.. I mean violin is of age… And was legal before her shenanigans with malcom
    You just confirmed he’s super nice.. So I want to believe she’s not been abused (sexually and physically) and she’s of sound mind while been pimped… The only problem will be if she’s not adequately paid by Malcolm which doesn’t seem to be the case… I mean he looks likes he’s really into her, maybe when they marry everyone won’t have that cringing feeling…

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  41. Why do parents send kids to private schools? Is there a significant difference between paying government schools and private schools? There are good government schools such a Randpark Ridge high which grant you a relief if your financial circumstances change. If you are going to send your child to a private school at least have a proper plan yokukhokha amafees noma kuphela umsebenzi.

  42. @kokolet that was a weird “friendship”. Khanyi was sleeping with Malcolm and telling people she has shares ko FTV ya Brooklyn. Malcolm was doing the same job as Litha at FTV. Khanyi was an unpaid hostess it was just messy. Malcolm dropped her because no one wanted to “buy” her services fearing to appear in the papers. This is after the Theunis saga.

  43. Whaaat Kenny and Zinhle Mabena? Am I seeing this? Saw Uyathandeka she seems to be trying to compete with fellow friend… the girl who is with Simphiwe Gumede Tshego I think her surname is Masemola ! I mean the girl is married to proper money! When I see her pics (Thandeka) I just want to scream no girl unnecessary!!!! The gram don’t need to see this!

  44. Hi @kokolet. Forex is real & one can make a lot of money from trading. I would advise you work on learning todo it yourself so you don’t get robbed by others. The risks are there, but you can profit a lot more. Take Your time, get a demo & learn those Japanese candlesticks. Avoid investing with individuals, because that is where most lose their monies. Its not for everyone. Like hubby could write books, but am still waiting for him make just one trade.

  45. *hubby could write books with all the knowledge he has learnt over the years, but dololo imali from trading.

  46. Really hahahah I thought it’s enough because the bank can’t give such interest anyway I have withdrawnit with my 30.0000 of corse do i ddnt get robbed .besides my friend has been investing with them for two years and she’s has been payina her fees with that money .

  47. @mommywacrock there I was thinking bayathandana.
    @nelley instagram can be complex for some, iyaboyisa abanye. This “goals business” izosodida kakbi.

  48. @blackdiem Violin is not aware how much money is exchanging hands for her. Shes happy with Malcolm paying for things yet it’s her money. Phela it’s her cookie getting ruptured. Maybe she also likes feeling like he’s “into her” but nna I’d rather handle my own money than be taken to Trump’s for IG likes
    I also don’t think there’s any abuse there. All I’m saying is shes not very savvy. Malcolm took her to some island, came back and bought a Lexus CASH! She got groceries, a weave and sneakers and a month’s supply of purity.

  49. I use Fxpro go to their website. Also follow boCashflow and possibly attend these free seminars, you will get more info there, but don’t do business with them or pay those exorbitant amounts they charge for training. Just get sone info qha.

  50. thanks @Mojito @titi502 let’s do this babe incinci 9k in 3 months lol let’s and prosper.

    Now I’m waiting for someone who will help me ngendaba ye petrol station.

  51. Ok, it makes sense now. Lol
    Theyve been to Dubai three times last year, and they went to Hong Kong, Seychelles. I assume that Dubai is clearly for repeat clients? Wowza

  52. This post is so un interesting…even 7 seconds with penny PENNY would’ve made a better read…
    Comments r lit though.brewing a pot for all the tea.ive always wondered what the deal was with malcom x and his instruments

  53. @majit
    U just got excited now I want to learn but I don’t want to pay an one to teach me can I leave my email and you tell me what I need to do

  54. LOL No Lukho I’m not saying it’s wrong I think his Zulu like that nami, and he posted the video so it’s cute still, I think I wanted him to kiss and hug her hahhahahahhaha I love Pearl shame

  55. “I would date Relebogile Mabotja,Lebo Mashile,Thandiswa Mazwai, and Slindile Nodangala (minus the mkhaya situation)..All these peeps are big,but have nice Afro shaped bodies”
    Why are you promoting unhealthy lifestyles choices @Nomi?

  56. Hayi ndidanile shame, so Malcom usebenzisa uViolin to get cash. Zinkulu izinto ezenziwa eGoli shame. I hope he is not grooming his niece they way an Thanda ngayo you can never put that past him after all of this.

  57. I have always wondered how did Malcolm do it, dating two girls who got along like best friends. It just did not make sense at all why they dressed up in the same clothes like twins.

    So Lukho are Zulu brothers less affectionate? If I date this Zulu man who’s courting me, that means I will not get any pda??

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  59. Wasn’t Malcom rumoured to be sick na? The girl is so pretty and I wonder if this is all worth it.

  60. No @Mgosi. Its not that they are not affectionate, MOST of them prefer not to show it in public. Thing is our Zulu bros can be asseholes and stuff mabethanda, like uNtabakayikhonjwa laphaya but when they love, bazokuthanda okwangempela. Most of them just show it differently from our other bros.

  61. This #7second thing e shota gravy nyana….maybe the next celebrity’s will be better, not this dry bathong.

  62. Titinana I love Sma her hubby though! He looks like a LordPhil! Not the cheating part but the skhothani part!

  63. @titi you can start by attending free beginner seminar, there you will get a lot of information. It’s important to give yourself time to learn. And its not for everyone. My daily target is $200 four days a week. Sometimes life happens and I don’t trade for a whole week.
    @masga I think he is just one of those people who like to study and research. nam andazi he knows alot for him not to trade.

  64. @Mathaz – so far in my understanding PRASA Board had not done any wrongdoing in so far as Collins is concerned. Prasa has been a messed up institution but the Minister never reacted. So why now after Collins? I’m still saying that the Ministers get way too involved than they should in the entities operation! If Dipuo had nothing nor no direct involvement with Collins, this wouldn’t have happened. The Board of Prasa has its own incompetences but they served Collins very well.

  65. The Board should have rejected his secondment from the onset…not victimise and ill-treat him.The Board failed to carry out its fudiciary duty the minute it resolved that Collins directly liaises with the HR Executive re his remuneration.Please read his appointment letter.

  66. Ave nibazi aban2. Sesizondla loViolin no Malcom_X nsukuzonke.

    Saze savelelwa. Ngathi bekungcono I debate yama intellectuals ngo MamBathabile.

    @Kiki please bring back the spiritual corner, some of us would rather camp there.

    Ngaze ngayithanda I essay ka Nomi. . .great advice.

    Morning jogs are theeeee best. . .

    Where’s @ZamaOkuhle?

  67. Debate Yama intellectuals? That’s rich coming from one who types in mxit shorthand. Tell us ye spiritual one… How much time did you save by typing “aban2”? #rhetorical
    Good Night

  68. Kenny K is not dating Zinhle mabena hes dating a lady called Nonkululeko Mhlanga and yes she is 22/23 lol. About Malcom hmmm i personally think Violin is a dumbass for not cashing in on the situation i guess she thinks only short term. Every week weave this weave that smh.

  69. Kwaaa Mateboho…u can give as much as u get neh Sisi?!! Wa tla wa ipha Nemo…hihihihi. I live for this mgosi mna…bring it on. Spiritual khona for who? Wa where?

  70. Oh and is it me or do Dbn girls look alike Long weave, big lips, and trying too hard to be different … thinking ….

  71. Malcom X is around late 40s early 50s I think( he was in his late 30’s at wits in 2001). He was at wits university for 10years changing degrees and failing. He threatened to commit suicide one year early 2000 and stood on top of the concourse building at wits. The commotions Jesus!! Paramedics, izicima mlilio, police everything! He was part of the student council and ANC youth what what at wits hence he could manipulate the system and not get kicked out for failing and changing degrees to stay. Anyway back to him trying to jump off the building, he’s demands were they call Winnie Mandela to talk him down, not sure if she came but in the end he did not jump. He has no natural teeth,awekho wonke ama false teeth. He has a son with someone From wits The son is probably 10 or so looks like him but he has nothing to do with him, I heard they were taking him to the maintenance court. He’s always been a paedophile shame, wits days he waited for all the first years every year to take advantage of them! I don’t know what they saw in him because even then he’s false teeth threatened to fall out whenever he spoke. But it seems like he used the young girls for his rich friends in sandton. He doesn’t seem all together ekhanda to be honest but he’s a nice guy in a weird sort of way. He used to help a lot of people out with Nafsas and that sort of thing at wits. What is up with Violing/piano/gitari and all these girls I suspect you guys are right about him using them. He fancies himself a Hugh Hefner, pimp sort of guy it seems. That’s all the tea I have on this.

  72. I saw Collins appointment letter. So many irregularities. The Chairman signed the letter on 07 July 2016. His salary letter was only signed in October. What was he earning in between? Why is his acting salary not included as per the agreement? It looks like both DOt and Prasa failed. If indeed the R1.3m with 12% acting allowance was not agreed upon, Collins had a right to dem the R5.9m. The appointment letter states that he had to discuss his salary with HR exec. CEO salary should never have been in those terms.

  73. I thought a secondment was temporary, which ever department/company you come from is still responsible for your salary?

  74. I’m not surprised… Everytime they appoint a black CEO they dig up dirt on them and use propaganda and media to discredit them until they are fired or removed from the post … Maybe angaz but that has never happened if a non black CEO is appointed…. Transformation will never happen for black people in South Africa because they always stear people to turn against each other or something like that using media, which is white owned… I don’t know… Maybe we lack logic…. Most of these occurrences are a fight between black and white, they are just masked in a different way… White people are also very corrupt but no one investigates or challenge them, that’s why they move up faster than us in corporate (where the money is) or do less work but get paid better than us… Even white people who have no background of wealth do way better than normal black people

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