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Mamaili Mamaila




Myself. I am curious about myself more than anything else, as we all should be about ourselves. I find it really unfair that the only time I get to see myself is through a reflection or when I am viewing my own images. I often wonder if how I see myself in that state, is how everyone else sees me. Don’t you ever wonder?



Male Sankaraists. The late Thomas Sankara is undoubtedly one of the best leaders to have served the African continent. Which is why a lot of our Pan African leaders look to him for inspiration. I am however, curious about how they can praise the man for all that he has done, and still flip flop around the issue of him being pro-feminism like that is not one of the things that defined his Presidency in Burkina Faso.



Our Junk Status. I am curious about how it is going to affect the average South African, especially the youth. Our leaders claim that it is part of their radical economic transformation agenda, which would be awesome actually. I hope that one day we will all wake up to find that we are as economically free as they are. If this is one of those unpopular choices that they had to make to lead us in that direction, then I am all for it. A very big IF, at that!



Romantic Relationships. In my early twenties, should I be fully committed to a man? I have already had my fair share of embarrassments in that department and I am starting to think that it is just not for me. I mean, I have friends who have been in the same relationships for the past four or more years and some who have already settled down. I am lucky if I even get through a month! I wonder if they are on the right path or if they will one day be regretful of the decision to wholly give themselves to a man so early on in their lives.



Prostitution. I am curious as to why it has not been made legal yet. When I was in matric, I remember arguing that sex work should be made legal at a debate competition. How is it that we prostitute ourselves daily in different ways but it only becomes a problem when women do it in the form of sex for money? I think we just don’t want to come to terms with how taboo most societies have made sex to be and, it really should not be the case. It should be viewed in the same light as the relationship that most of you have with your employers. You are essentially giving them something for financial gains and within that space, you have rights and a certain level of protection. I strongly feel that our lawmakers should also allow it to be the same in this case.

Mamaili Mamaila is a Toastmaster (CC, CL), writer and photographer. She used to feature here (Just Curious) as a contributor. She has since launched her own blog, mamailionline.blogspot.com with a lot of interesting features. Catch up with her on Twitter and Instagram: @mamaili_m

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  1. For the longest of time,always envied people w/ these kinds of ‘flowing’ names. My 2nd name w/ work with a surname:-(

    A bit confused by 1-4 but #4,your 20s are for self-development and growth.

    Been wondering for the longest of time who was the blogger that had ‘Women hold the other half of the sky’ as their email signature.

    All the best @Enigma! Go kill it! Look good and be confident!

  2. I’m curious to know when bloggers say Kgosi Lesego is talking about “shim” ‘s friends like does he tweet , who does he tell , how do you know he’s dishing out their news ?

  3. I finally saw this Mihlali she really is pretty….I see Mrs Modiba’ s insta is open again….

  4. DJ Zinhle’s boyfriend Brendan Naidoo who has been arrested for alleged fraud running into millions of rands lived a life of luxury at the height of his alleged scam.

    Naidoo, whose relationship with the popular DJ became known in September 2016, appeared in the Alexandra Magistrate’s Court in Wynberg yesterday. Among others, Naidoo allegedly paid R2 000 refund payment in July from his apparent ill-gotten riches.

    He was arrested for fraud on Saturday. Sunday World reported two weeks ago that Naidoo had made about R15-million from investors, who included retired teachers, as he claimed he was going to invest their cash in forex trade.

    “I wanted them to invest their money wisely and Naidoo used to send me bank statements and proof of payments from his bank, and trading account showing the profit he made,” Thapelo Tshepe, one of the complainants, told the paper. He allegedly paid pumped R3-million into Naidoo’s account in 2014. after he recruited some investors.

    Yesterday Naidoo’s case which was attended by his family, was postponed to next week for a bail application. He was then transferred to Johannesburg Central prison where he will stay until his next court date.

    He stands accused of swindling several people of their money after they had allegedly invested into his business. Yesterday, the state had not established how much he had allegedly taken from his victims.

    Sowetan has seen Oracle’s bank statements dating from December 2014 to September 2016 which show how Naidoo seemingly lived the high life. into his business.

    Prosecutor Jimmy Shongwe confirmed that Naidoo’s bank statements would form part of their evidence in court.

    The 227-page document showed that at least R3.4-million was allegedly deposited into the account in various amounts from different investors. From it Naidoo apparently diverted more than R1-million into his personal bank account.

    He then allegedly used the company’s bank card to make several trips to Durban, Cape Town and one in Miami last year.

    In a visit to Durban he allegedly bought clothes from Street Gear and AcaJoe worth R2 900, hired luxury vehicles for R22 620 in December 2014.

    He also allegedly bought himself Louis Vuitton wear for R17200 a few months later.

    In celebrating 2015 New Year’s, the he allegedly splashed R5000 on booze at Norman Goodfellows bottle store in Rivonia. Two weeks later he splurged R3 000 at The Bank nightclub in Rosebank. A month later he travelled to the luxurious Fairmont Zimbali Resort in KwaZulu-Natal where his stay allegedly cost him R14 308 with an additional bill of R1 300.

    In April 2015 Naidoo allegedly booked himself into the Oyster Box Hotel in Durban where he paid R10 154 for his accommodation and spent R1 760 at the hotel’s bar.

    He then returned to Johannesburg and spent R4 500 at The Bank Bar on 29 April and then another R2 000 the following day.

    In two transactions in June 17, 2016, he allegedly spent allegedly R17 082 on booze at Hilbrow Liquor store. He also apparently bought airtime worth R5 800 in 25 transactions while making several transfers to his family. Naidoo also splurged on florists and Uber last year. Zinhle was directly linked to one transaction of R2 000 captured as “zinhle refund” he paid to her on July 21 last year.

    Zinhle had not replied to questions sent to her after she initially asked for them to be emailed.

    Im actually laughing at “Zinhle refund”This is bad.

  5. Yhooooooooo! @Nzalama Zinhle 🙁 it’s human nature to do want to major human upgrade after a hectic heartbreak and Zinhle was none the wiser. Sounds like an episode of American Greed.

    This is too sad, naye this guy,was he hoping his shady Forex business will expand if he is associated w/ Kairo’s mum? All it did was to draw attention and a few bombs from JC’s bloggers & now he has been arrested.

  6. Congratulations @BlackStallion…patience and following up really do pay off.

    Happy Birthday to Pravin Gordhan!!

  7. If any of the bloggers have encountered or has any tea on koko matshela, pls share. Im curious…

  8. Thaz-thaz don’t be shady now! PG and JZ share a birthday.
    I’ve been meaning to ask @Cutie were you comfortable around white people at the march carrying bananas and placards with monkeys?
    Im joining today’s march, it speaks to me.

  9. I’m just thinking that the dog indeed is part of the engagement package I meant where was it all along?
    Regarding your fav house DJ uyashela amadoda,azale bamgile, when is she gonna learn
    Pearl M must just apt,contract,Del were those two gay people in her life are concerned nalo Tanzy is not innocent at all. She must not have any friends in the industry.
    Anyone around Durban nilithenga kephi ibovu ma eh?

  10. What on earth does this thief drink!? Madi a kana kana on booze. I guess he needed an Uber after getting that drunk. I wonder though, what exactly was his plan with the money he was given, did he actually get returns on the investments or did he just want to ball for a while and move on to the next fools?

  11. @Mamonger how you going to toyi toyi in this rain? Ayihambi yodwa.

    Have a great day bloggers.

    Everything in me tells something I have Been saying & writing is coming to Pass.

  12. hahahahahahhahahahaha usuqalile Blackhalls…IT ALL A COINCIDENCE….@2Fresh: at Durban Station nase makethe (the market)

  13. @Momager – I was part of that rally but I DIDN’T see a poster with bananas. There was a poster with JZ with ears/amaphondo kuphela.
    @BlackStallion – halalala to you man. Go and get that R5m mansion you posted here. Don’t let this money change you hey. These yellow-bones should doom your marriage.
    @Mathaz – you could be pregnant mommy….yes there is a chance of falling preggies even if the tubes are tied…they untie themselves you see….Looking forward to our JC new baby. Hehehehee…so the cub could have scored already….kanene you said he is fit and all…mmhhhh

  14. @Blackhalls – Yhazi Zuma’s inyanga is strong, but it will stop. Ive been meaning to ask you, did you have pictures of your ex-bae on social networks? Have you removed them if you had?

  15. @ToFresh03

    Anyone around Durban nilithenga kephi ibovu ma eh?

    Emakethe, opposite u Cambridge, liyatholakala komama abahlala lapho.

  16. @Yellow. I know someone very close to him. I just can’t tell who cause they are my daily source of boiling tea LOL! He likes to name drop and will go as far showing you conversations on his phone and who he is working with on what and who said what.. He can go on shame!! He loves this celeb life! LOL!

  17. That’s is HECTIC!! They have his statements!! “Zinhle Refund” ???
    I have so many questions!!!!!!! Yhuuuuuuuuu!!

  18. @Muntukatrey LOL! Pulling Sibaya things on protesters.

    @Cutie no,I don’t have any pics of me on any social networks. Why do you ask?

  19. I mean, I have friends who have been in the same relationships for the past four or more years and some who have already settled down. I am lucky if I even get through a month! I wonder if they are on the right path or if they will one day be regretful of the decision to wholly give themselves to a man so early on in their lives.
    This lady is contradicting herself here…..YOU are the one who is not on the right path, not THEM. A good relationship doesn’t have to end in marriage but ONE month and you feel lucky if it goes beyond that can’t be healthy.

  20. @Blackhalls – Yhaz I asked because of the scrutiny people get over social media PDAs. Once someone stops posting pics they start questioning. I think it adds more pain to the wound. Its a good thing you didn’t have to deal with media queries……

  21. But the posters were depicting a devil, with horns and the bananas for banana republic. Let’s not extrapolate this to what it’s not.
    @Mathaz….yesterday you made a comment that ‘If a man marries with a pre-nup or ANC that’s a red flag’. I’d say not in all circumstances. Some circumstances warrant it. For eg. if a guy is the firstborn of the family and has taken over the family business as the parents are getting old etc, in that case it would be unfair of him to get married like that as the fam business is not all his. I wouldn’t want my brother to get married in community of property under those circumstances, simply because all of that would fall into his estate should shit hit the fan.

  22. I’m trying to figure out what happened with Ntlami. She was looking all bubbly and happy just last week. So sad

  23. @ Phetolo :

    It is with great sadness to inform you of the passing of our first lady, Ontlametse Ntlami Phalatse. She experienced breathing difficulties yesterday and was rushed to Hebron Clinic, then was referred to Dr George Mkhari. The doctors did everything possible to save her but unfortunately she passed on. She was surrounded by her mother, brother, family members and friends.
    The Phalatse family and Ontlametse Phalatse Trust would like to thank the nurses at Hebron Clinic and the Staff at Dr George Mkhari for their compassion and their effort in trying to save her.
    Our hearts are filled with pain and sadness but Ontlametse as we know her would want us to carry on with her courageous spirit. We will miss you sorely, Tsontso, our first lady. May you find eternal peace among the angels. Rest in Peace Ntlami
    Funeral arrangements will be communicated during the course of the week.

  24. @Mathaz. At least she lived till 18. I saw TT Mbha threw her a party some weeks back in Sandton. I’m happy she was celebrated and got to fulfil some of her dreams.

  25. I never thought the death of someone, whom I hardly knew would touch me this much. RIP Ontlametse

  26. May Ntlami’s soul rest in peace.

    Who else is going to Joyous Celebration Launch this weekend?

  27. Tshotsho @Impostor! LMAO! Better than the meme of a black brother making the sing Sister Bettina! Since 1652 they still not fluent in our languages?

    My best post ’94 struggle song,is the remixed version of #FeesMustFall national anthem. Let me find it on YouTube. Sent chills down my spine and I wanted to stop wearing weaves.

    Alale ngoxolo uOmphemetse.JZ hosted her recently not sure if she got a home as well.

    @Res.q.me Toastmasters is a public speaking club. Worth joining if you would like to improve your public and presentation skills.

    @Cutie I suppose especially having 1m followers. Uzobastrong uDj.

  28. I also wonder what Brandan Naidoo did with all the money he got. Surely he must have put it somewhere invested or something. I mean he got 3mil from 1 individual.

    & pple please if this was Aka noone would be saying separate the two ie Bonang from Aka. She’d be getting just as much heat for something she didnt do. So y is Zinhle so special in this instance.

    Anywho. Where was it written that Lunga & Bathabile are lovers?

    I must say i went out not too long ago & saw Lunga with his friends & wat was weird was Rosette came with a very tall model friend & i kid u not they didn’t chill in the same space. Weird. I actually ended up thinking it wasnt her.

  29. @blackhalls, love the mzabalazo/african choral type of singing. So beautiful
    Am i the only one who does not like Joyous Celebration, i feel like they are too loud?

  30. Marrying out of COP is not a red flag, it’s very wise. You guys are imagining scenarios where its the man who brings something to the table. Sat you’re both business people, if one is insolvent, you’re both insolvent. If one is being sequestrated, kuthathwa konke. And that could affect positions such as directorships, among other things

  31. Lol @imposter sebeyabakaza shem ongamula.
    I am really curious about our country’s state right now. What is the truth. I can’t believe number one – and his advisors can be that stupid, even if he was a grade 2 pupil. The Lord Renwick story was added a “by the way” on the news. There are always 3 sides of any story his side their side and the truth. Whis side is the media? it’s definitely not on the truth side. Should we start applying for American visas? Siyoba o-nanny? Siyobizwa ngama-zay zay in neighbouring countries – tables are turning, sizozithola sisenjeni and it’s all our fault.

  32. RIP Ontlametse

    I love struggle songs and PAC/PASMA has the most passionate ones about Azania. Their songs are just filled with love and pride for Azania and blackness. PAC/PASMA comrades are the most consistent ideologically .

    During ANC’s January 8 celebrations they tried to be revolutionary and sang the original Nkosi Sikelela without the clutter of Die Stem but they did this after singing the current anthem. The EFF has been consistent about the removal of Die Stem from the national anthem.

  33. RIP Ontlametse
    she was so lovable I am so sad but she did defy death for a while and lived her dream.

    Wow @momager I am so proud of you! I would also join today’s march if I was in GP.

  34. Yho……I love that version of our National Anthem @Blackhalls. Have it on my phone from those #feesmustfall mzabalazo’s.

  35. Guys ihamba njani indaba ye followers on Instagram… I mean Natasha Tahane has reached One million when even the likes of Black Coffe hvnt!?

    The list goes like this:-

    -Pearl Tutsi
    -Dj Zinhle
    -Amanda Du Pint
    -Nandi Mngoma
    -Pearl Mod.
    -Natasha Tahane

    And Sibahle Mpisana have morethan half a million followers Wow!

  36. O, most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel,
    Fruit of the Vine, splendorous of Heaven.
    Blessed Mother of the Son of God,
    Immaculate Virgin,
    assist me in this my necessity.
    O, Star of the Sea, help me
    and show herein you are my mother.
    O, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and earth,
    I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart
    to succour me in my necessity.
    There are none that can withstand your power,
    O, show me here you are my mother.
    O, Mary, conceived without sin,
    pray for us who have recourse to Thee.
    Sweet Mother, I place this cause in your hands.
    Thank you Mary. Enkosi. Ngiyabonga. Ndolivhuwa.

  37. Can those in the know pls help, would the Court grant UDM the secret ballot? What does the law say?

  38. amberjc they buy followers and likes.. its good for business and your brand…. its a really daft idea! but yeah Your queen also bought. Dont come for me.. its true

  39. @Impostor That’s Joy. She died! She was the biggest pimp. She was getting paid by arabs and Naija’s. They loved her!! Yhooo and I guess she loved them back!

  40. BATHONG!! I’ve been refreshing forever… I clearly need a life! LOOOOOLL I was starting to think my comment bought bad luck, cause after I spoke about death it shut down!! Hahahahahhhhahah!!

  41. Bahlali please assist, a while ago a fellow blogger shared a link of tertiary/university books.

    If anyone has that link, ncedani.


  42. @nelley…..how do you buy followers on IG? I know it was possible on twitter because of the bogus users that existed then. Cause people used to be followed by eggs that had no twitter activity.

  43. @Mathaz

    Did you read the latest press release on Mbalula twitter handle, regarding Gen. Ntlemeza? I noticed that the police ministry now has a new spokesman: Vuyo Mhaga, so where does that leave Esethu? Is he now the new Chief of staff. Saps spokesperson is Sally de Beer and she has been there for like nearly 20 years, so much confusion amongst these bloody clueless ANC ministers!

  44. Impostor
    Apr 12, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    RE: Joy white
    How did she die? Who or killed her?

    No one killed her, she was sick and it was brief…
    Are you looking to take over her business maybe???

  45. @Impostor She got sick. I CAN NOT confirm what killed her but some say she contracted hiv. She died in 2015. She was a known call girl, and pretty too, she really didn’t care what people thought of her. She frequented Dubai and Naija a lot. He pimp list was hecticly strong! But yah life….

  46. Joy White : Its Obvious…Ama gama amathathu

    Anyone knows what happened to her friend Avis O Optional?

  47. @blackdiahm
    Ha ha ha ha ha

    I don’t have that kind of liver, especially when it comes to Nigerians. I’m just flabbergasted at how brave some of these SA women are. Are people not afraid of being trafficked.?

  48. Only Cebooooo is left holding the baton of hoerism 101

    Who is blessing Nisa Moseki…im getting serious chest pains..like Where do these girls meet these men. I used to be a sandton city rat. But never got so lucky…

  49. South Africa is a movie!
    The Estate Agency Affairs Board of South Africa – says RBA Homes did not have an operating licence meaning it was a fly by night operator all along.
    The big question now is how was a company which was operating illegally able list on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.
    During the listing, Old Mutual invested R55 million in RBA Homes; money which analysts say has now gone down the drain.

  50. so while the site was down i started searching my explorer on instagram i was never ready for this drama! Read comments on this picture! These are the same sisters that were talked about on Naija Gist *claps hands They also mentioned oMelody etc its horrific what the internet can do people hide behind empty accounts and just dish


  51. @Impostor did he not withdraw the application to appeal Ntlemeza’s illegal appointment? Really Esethu is still young for police ministry.I hope he remained at Sports but these political appointments once your boss is gone you are toast. I saw Mbalula in matching suits with Phahlane hahahaha

  52. nelley
    Apr 12, 2017 at 11:11 am
    amberjc they buy followers and likes.. its good for business and your brand…. its a really daft idea! but yeah Your queen also bought. Dont come for me.. its true
    ___________________________________________________How do they do it Nelly ?. My friends say the same about Bonang. Same goes for Kefiboo and Uyanda_m. They all supposedly buy followers and likes. I feel dumb for believing one can that many followers in a matter of weeks or months.

  53. there was a time where the system had a glitch *instagram i mean and lolest all those that bought followers and likes their accounts reverted to their original legit followers and your queen was also among the people who was exposed. Im not sure which year it was but people still do the buying thing try it if you want especially if you have a business.. Even youtube has fake hits and subscriptions, its all about your money boo

  54. @Nelley Those sisters though!! Their drama is crazy!!! These girls just don’t know how to lay low when they know exactly that they are doing! And then they want to play victim!! Aaaarrrrggghgg!!

  55. Can’t even quote bible scriptures today but SB was ‘write ‘ ‘Black (wo)man you are on your own’ no wonder I was killing myself with this #FeesMustFall national anthem. Kunzima ukuba nsundu ku corporate. They don’t even use Vaseline *in Juju’s voice*

    I like the earlier versions of Joyous from 1-8,I am still a sucker for difela /old hymns not crazy about these new age church hymns.That version yombhedesho that they like playing on Metro. I love it! Can someone send it to me?

    Had a good laugh when my mum told me my dad,yigosa, are walking around doing Methodist things on the streets…LOL

  56. EHEHEHEHE @paidoff_doll apparently Lolo was deported! She is now based here. I really really like her sister Pam she is such a doll! Cute too hey

  57. @ Nelly

    How did Lolo get the papers to be here??? and what exactly is her connection to Melody?

    Aaaagh I guess Im gonna have 2 keep doing the Lord’s work and report her to Immigration, oh but this big burden of being the Lord’s child sigh…LOL

  58. @Nelley those Canadian girls beat them at their own game and now what must we do? She didn’t tell us when they were being friends over hooking each other up with each other’s men! Now they want to clear their names using other people!! Whatever maaaan! Hahahahhahahhahahahahahaha!

  59. @Nelley
    I also like pam, but come on…these girls are repentant hoes and its no secret, before they were friends with the famous Canadian twins, they had friendships with 2 sisters selling weaves in Nigeria, even with serwaa, or is it the guy toba who alegedly pimps them
    .Lolo has admitted to it that she was a kept woman years ago, a politicians side chick, i hate when they go righteous i mean we all have a past, but when others are being condemned shut the fuck up and maintain your lane, was pam not with drake a while ago? or rather part of his “tour publicity personnel” i like her personality, her body and dress sense but she should SHUT UP….

  60. Pam has had surgery and she doesnt even hide it.. see your life ooo Lolo doing it for the gram.

  61. When can Kenny Kunene was asked to say two or 3words about his Joyce he said

    “Joyce was a very stylish gal with a good taste of designer brands, she was always the first to recognise my designer clothes”

    Hahahaha @ Nelly Bonang is actually not my Queen…. I love Minnie and K.Naomi morethan her.

    So it’s a jump case that all instagram “it” gals bought their followers mkmkmkmk

  62. Somizi just said that u Casper got 30 million for his Ciroc partnership ..iwhooooo i will wait for ciroc to disclose such info …30 million!!!!!! amen ndinako ukukrokra

  63. Lihle Faas and Mimi Mvakali party like there’s no tmr but i like them for being educated and working….. who are they dating???

  64. Guys. Does anyone know where I can do my hair in Midrand for a reasonable price? I want to braid but R600? Yerrrr I can’t

  65. Offramp nyana please suggest beautiful places that bae and I could go to for a weekend except WC and EC

  66. Niyahleba ka JC *clap hands* izindaba zabantu ezingaka! – I guess it is a gossip blog afterall!

  67. CapeTown people help me. There’s a job offer that’s promising in Brackenfell but I have to relocate. How are living expenses there? what salary range must I negotiate for? im a recent graduate with just over 1 year’s experience. TIA

  68. Am I the only one who doesn’t know these people bloggers are talking about? Clearly I live under a rock

  69. BeyonceTwin at least for accommodation budget for around R6000 for a 2 bedroom apartment unless you want to share. If u share u can pay between R2500-R3000. There are a alot of flats in Brackenfell central.

  70. @Ralph Angel

    You not the only one, especially this cabal who are allegedly doing runs with nigerians. I guess bloggers run in the same circle as these scamers lol

  71. omuhle gela’s profile picture on twitter is so scary bathong. i saw her with make up that actually matches her skin on that new etv sopie (broken vows) i almost forgot she’s actually that pretty

  72. Avis had cancer.Joy white was dating the ugly governor from Nigeria the one who later married a beautiful woman from those small island.

  73. @BlackHalls, do not start with me.she is nice..
    @Mathaz, thank you.. @Cutie, thank you very much. It is way to soon to start spending on family let alone Yellow-bones. first things first; revenue, net profit, breakeven, sound balance sheet.. operating cost must be realized without cringing…. then I can ball…

  74. i see bloggers going on and on about uyathandekas ugly feet but have y’all seen how huge and ugly sithelos feet are? phil is very adamant when it comes to his taste in women

  75. Luella you are right bothUyathandeka and Sithelo have ugly feet, sithelos are worse they have marks.

  76. Luella says:

    i see bloggers going on and on about uyathandekas ugly feet but have y’all seen how huge and ugly sithelos feet are? phil is very adamant when it comes to his taste in women

    Posted on April 12th, 2017


  77. JC bloggers are life shame… I remember last year when some blogger mentioned that naked dj is engaged with one of Minnie Dlamini’s Best friend @nanagp .

    What does @nanagp do for a living?

  78. But how do our people in business operate? For the longest of time been looking for the ‘We are coming for everything’ cap,send the closest stockist a whatsapp message and get blue ticked! WTH! Oksalayo I will own one or two.

    LOL @Luella I know those UPS triangle via JC. He is even adamant with the names. Such beautiful names. Uyathandeka. Sithelo.

  79. Ralph Angel
    Apr 12, 2017 at 5:32 pm
    Am I the only one who doesn’t know these people bloggers are talking about? Clearly I live under a rock

    Not so long ago I was in the same boat as you @RalphAngel, hang around JC long enough and you’ll be sharing the inside scoop on these non-entities lol as @Chase calls them.

    Muhle uSithelo, uYaThandeka akaliboni elidlalayo.

    Eyangane kaSithelo yona, ungathi unodoli

    Please don’t ignore ngelink where I can download tertiary books bahlali ngiyanicela tu.

  80. lolo and Pam ne..know they were in primary school with Pokello at some point in time..lolo is aesthetically challenged but lovable….Pam is the cutest and i love how she is proud of her Ndebele culture..and funny thing about them is they seem to enjoy entertaining trolls by responding to everything, they do it on IG(which is how i personally first started following them,…for the drama lol) and they used to do it too on naijagist. hear their mother is/was also quite the hot headed

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